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Keith Coleman
Ebay - Microsoft Office Oultook 2007, Full Version -
From the description: "It's brand new and never been opened. My boss bought it right before I moved the whole company over to Google Apps." - Keith Coleman
Nice! - Kevin Fox
Here's what you get when you move to the Google Apps cloud! ¶ * Lengthy downtimes when your internet connection breaks down or Google's server has a bug. ¶ * The restriction to use RATHER SMALL FILES ONLY (but saved on THEIR computer)! ¶ * The thrill of wondering whether the government recently "backed up" your data to check up on you. ¶ As a bonus, your software may be removed any time that Google decides to end the service! - Philipp Lenssen
PS: Just kidding. I guess :) - Philipp Lenssen
Philipp, that's pretty silly. Google supports offline access and storage for Gmail (with Docs presumably coming soon, or is it out already?) and you could always use your beloved Outlook with Gmail. I'm pretty sure it's more likely that you're going to lose or trash your own computer than Google's going to discontinue the service without notice, but you can keep it both places, just to be safe if you like. Small files? 20mb attachments is larger than most ISPs support, and since the limitation is the smaller of the sender's and recipient's ISP anything larger is usually meaningless. And if you're worried about the government tapping your connection then you should encrypt everything in transit, because the government could probably sniff packets in transit or sitting in a POP/IMAP server no matter whose it is, given a fancy enough looking piece of paper. - Kevin Fox
Kevin, you were thinking of Gmail, but I was thinking of Google Docs (the eBay description I satirized was a take on cloud computing vs desktop computing and did not specifically refer to email or the Outlook product sold -- it referred to "Google Apps"). In Google Docs, I was indeed hitting file limits when preparing a book recently (Google helped out though). As far as Google ending services, it's not as unlikely as you may think -- just take Google Answers, Google Notebook, the Google SOAP API, Google's paid videos, and probably others. That being said, yes, I was making a half-silly point :) For instance, I don't suspect Google Docs ending anytime soon... it is a theoretical point to keep in mind with cloud computing in general, though. - Philipp Lenssen
google notebook's still there, just not the toolbar version for firefox, but i always used a bookmarklet anyway. google pages going away will be annoying though, i liked using it to try random bits of html/css stuff & although i can use opera unite for most of the same stuff now it does require my laptop to stay on+online - immaterial
Kevin, yes, GDocs is offline. It's a godsend. - Brad McCrorey