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Leo Laporte
Docs Are Old-School, We Need PageRank for People -
Docs Are Old-School, We Need PageRank for People
"PageRank assigns a reputation score to the URL where content is published. This makes it a great fit for content that stays put in one location. However, evolving content distribution via blogs, RSS, guest columns, and syndication are a challenge for PageRank. Tweets, retweets, micropublishing, ratings, and comments - even bigger problems. The solution lies in associating reputation with the identity of the author - a PageRank for People." - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
Reminds me of "wuffie" where personal reputation replaces monetary wealth in Cory Doctorow's DOWN AND OUT IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM. - Liam Watts
I love that comic. Makes me chukle every time. - Roberto Bonini
Doctors are catching on to this and have slipped a "patient will not post online comments about doctor" clause into their standard forms. You don't even know you've agreed to it unless you read the whole thing, and who does that? - jjjobst
Desirable, but immensely difficult: how do you define a "person" for rank purposes? We are talking here about a huge collection of disparate things. And, what if, contrary to the online reputation, the real reputation sucks? - Nikos Anagnostou
Agree that we need a soltion for this but a Nikos touches upon is need to agree definitions of scope. Others male valid point also some further discussion and thinking required. - Najeeb Mirza
PersonRank tied to (possibly) OpenId anyone? ...Everytime I click „Like“ FF brain is assigning whuffie to the author of a message. - Mindaugas Dagys
Great analogy Liam. Loved that book. - dthree
Doesn't Googles Sentiment Analysis a step in the right direction? It infers sentiment to rank and “service,” “value,” and “general comments.” Aspects are defined in one of Google’s papers on sentiment analysis as “properties of an object that can be rated by a user.” Unfortunately, Google is attempting to Patent this process. - Greg
Yup. This made me think of "Down and out in the Magic Kingdom" too. If you haven't read it, it's worth it. - Chad McCoskey
I would say not desirable - relevance is highly relative when it comes to people, and frankly anything that ranks people by the noise they make online and how many people they can get to claim they are great... will produce the wrong kind of behaviour - Iphigenie
I agree with Joelle, mostly. The exceptions would be for trolls and spammers -- it's too much work to be on a constant lookout for trolling, and I'd really like to have an automatic metric which would enable me to automatically filter out such rubbish. - Nathaniel Thurston
leo: yes indeed, and such a content filter would work well by taking into account the distance through the social graph between the author and each reader, rather than using a fixed measure of the author's reputation for all readers. - Bob Hitching from fftogo
Nathaniel - I might agree for spammers, but "trolls" are a difficult thing. Many game changing people were labelled troublemakers first, today we'd call them trolls... - Iphigenie
Hi Guys - I'm the author of the original article. One thing to keep in mind is that this system could be made topic sensitive. We'd be looking at total contribution/reputation for each person for a specific social graph relating to a specific topic. Is some ways this would be like mapping the Hilltop/HITS algorithms used in algorithmic text search to the social space. The similarity is... more... - Marshall Clark
The problem with any such measure is that some people will take it far too seriously - make it into something authoritative instead of something helpful - and some people will game it. I dont want to have to think about my "score" in any field and have to "work" in the way the score measure in order to be taken seriously - Iphigenie
Interesting post, I was just thinking today when reading about about how Twitter Lists plus this new form of "Track"/search on them can at least partially solve that problem: Just pick a reputable List, one that is large enough to create a thorough but vetted "universe of discourse" (e.g. Scoble's Tech-News-Brands with 500 entries). Then you're searching over that set, and not over the entire freaking Internet. This pretty much bypasses all of Google's PR machinations and their gaming by SEOs. - Alex Schleber
On SocialToo we're assigning a rank to people based on various points assigned by other people they come in contact (via follow, dms, etc). It has the potential to become this. - Jesse Stay
Yep eBay comes to mind A+++++ Quick operator will deal with again!!!!!!!!!111one - Phill Price from iPhone
But isnt the problem then that all you see and hear is from the "big guys" who are already established, as defined by "in" players who by nature will want to be in the "big guys" good books? We're right back in the landscape of television, where the barrier of entry for new players is high, opinion and value is centrally defined... and we get lower quality and service as none of them tries very hard... - Iphigenie
Thomas Hawk
A Big Fake Interview Between Charlie Sheen and President Obama **This is a FAKE Interveiw** It never actually happened. -
A Big Fake Interview Between Charlie Sheen and President Obama **This is a FAKE Interveiw** It never actually happened.
Actor Charlie Sheen gets 20 minutes of President Obama's time and grills him about 9/11 conspiracy theories. Here's the fake interview. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I bet Charlie never gets a second chance for a 20 minute interview with the President. - Thomas Hawk
That's almost embarrassing. - Spencer
LOL... Charlie. Didn't Obama see Malkovich, Malkovich? - Adrian
Oh my. I'll have to read that later but what I did read makes me think that this is 20 of our Presidents time we will never get back. - ChiliMac
Please see CW's comment. This is a fictional transcript. Charlie Sheen has never met with President Obama. When I was reading it, my reaction was that there was zero chance this was an actual transcript of spoken words. - Stephen Mack
NOT REAL! See last line: "didn't actually happen" (EDIT: heh, now I just look shrill -- but two people had comments before this comment, one expressing amazement, the other asking if this was real. Those two comments are now deleted by the commenter.) Thomas, please edit the first comment and/or subject to indicate this is a work of fiction. - Stephen Mack
@Thomas: I'd like to echo what the others have said. Jones posted this as a publicity stunt and didn't even include the "DISCLAIMER: THIS DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN" note until much later today, and even now he buries it in the footer. Frankly it makes me mad that his stunt "worked" .. - Anthony Citrano
I like how there was a graphical ad mid way through that says: "Ammunition supplies are low! Food is next! Click here!" - damn nut jobs.... - Nicķ
this is the site: with such bon mots as: "Three years of a drought in California combined with “tree hugger” politics leave dust fields where crops once grew." - Nicķ
That would have been the last time Charlie Sheen interviews Obama. :) - Louis Gray
FICTION ALERT FICTION ALERT FICTION ALERT! Repeating again, just in case: This is just fiction. Last line of article: "Hasn't happened." Article shows a picture of Charlie Sheen writing (MAKING UP) the transcript. Thomas, please modify subject and first post. (Louis, I'm assuming your use of the subjunctive means you know it's fake.) - Stephen Mack
Fake. Boo. - Matt Cutts
Doh!!!! - ChiliMac
This is a kind of proof that people will readily believe what they WANT to believe. Take what the gov't says with a grain of salt. Take what conspiracy whacko's say with a pound. - John
Reading the comments on that thread -- it may say something about the BS detection skills of some of those who side with the conspiracy theorists, because so many people there seemed to think this was a real transcript. C'mon. Anyone who has ever heard any real interview with a president should be able to detect that the speaking patterns in this "transcript" did not sound natural or real. - Stephen Mack
Stephen - yes, I edited my comment after tweeting and deleting. :) - Louis Gray
hahaha, it's a fake? I had no idea actually. Amazing! - Thomas Hawk
I updated the post above to indicate that it's bogus. - Thomas Hawk
Thanks, Thomas, although I don't know if "apparently" is strong enough since the author has indicated it's 100% fictional. - Stephen Mack
ok, removed the apparently part. :) - Thomas Hawk
Thanks Thomas :) Now, now everyone knows this is fake, we can begin a 1200+ comment discussion about the merits or lack thereof of Charlie's arguments. - Stephen Mack
Perhaps those digging for “truth” about 9-11 could use one more revelation: “with friends like Alex Jones, we don't need enemies.” The assface crashed an event I was at a few years ago - he's a real class act. - Anthony Citrano
[Also Thomas, your initial comment refers to it as a "transcript" - which it is not.] - Anthony Citrano
Ok, fixed that too. ;) - Thomas Hawk
good script for a never happened conversation! i hope someday sheen can ask these questions directly to the president or maybe even a sign from obama that he read the script and he would take it into consideration would be a good start! (it's too obvious that i'm not an american isn't it?) - maliforever
the bigger conspiracy to me is why there is a character called Bud Fox in my father's copy of Wall Street 2, and yet he isn't officially signed yet for the movie. Charlie makes no secret of his politics, but no conservative takes Alex Jones seriously. it is true however that Sheen is a Troofer and would be right at home in a friendfeed nuthouse. - NoahDavidSimon
Thomas, ha ha ha ha! Love the new description updates :) Thanks for making it clear. - Stephen Mack
Saudi driving lic and Passports were also recovered from Pentagon site. - imran
Robert Scoble
I agree with @irwebreport for the most part the most interesting Twitterers follow fewer than 2,000 people.
I agree as well - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
agree and I am one of them :) - Keith Dsouza
Inaki: There are never 100% of your followers Tweeting at the same time. I'd guess that for me, I get like 50% of them on during peak hours. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
I'd think the most interesting Twitter users follow less than 500 folks, or even LT 250. Why? Coz interacting with too many people is plain impossible when you've actual (interesting, geeky, worth discussing ...) work to do. - Sebastian
I have noticed most of the Twitter people I consider that add little or no value and or spam have high follower counts. - cheapsuits from iPhone
Atul Arora
Official Google Blog: Finding great stuff to read with Google Reader -
Official Google Blog: Finding great stuff to read with Google Reader
"What blogs do tech, foodie and fashion bloggers read? Visit to explore and subscribe to any of their reading lists, or to any individual items that they recommend." - Atul Arora from Bookmarklet
Robert Scoble
#gnomedex "badge sex" photos:
photo 2.jpg
photo 3.jpg
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Annother cool innovation at Gnomedex: everyone has a little card. You drop it on the Microsoft Surface table. Then you can drag your contact info to other people's cards. It is badge sex. A lot more fun than business cards. - Robert Scoble from email
Yes that is Pirillo. I am off to get a beer. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
definitely a lot better than just a business card. cool innovation. - rama mamuaya
So this is it? You guys are shmoozing at #gnomedex right now? - Marilyn Jansen Lopes
wicked cool. i'm excited and i'm so not a geek. - Trish Haley
Is that using the microsoft tags? - Dave Blankenship
Dave: no. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You have a *title*, Robert? Whoah. Just sorta seems all old school for some reason. - Ken Sheppardson
How many people have you mated with? I mean your card. With other cards. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
A few, I don't know and I need sleep. See ya tomorrow. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
That's innovative, but badge sex! The outcome is a reproduction of information so I guess it works. For the life of me I can't come up with something so catchy and memorable :) - James Stratford
Robert Scoble
I'm in trouble @sarahcuda is in my bed. No photos. :-) So is @paulcarr. Oh boy. What a wild London night!
Hah! No explaining at all. So is @rocmanusa and Blonde 2.0. - Robert Scoble
Lol Robert is having all the fun, you didn't mention what they are doing there :P you now 3 or some - Keith Dsouza
I would prefer you finish our Scrabulous game on FB... - Wayne Porter
Robert's always up past 2am, and they're all geeks. They're all probably just fiddling with their iPhones Twittering and FriendFeeding right now ;-) - Jesse Stay
Heheh. is in my bed too. I'm so lucky and @maryamie is gonna call soon and ask "wtf?" - Robert Scoble
Jesse: you know us too well. - Robert Scoble
Jesse, lol, Hi Robert, u b nice now! - Myrna
rolling eyes and shaking head in amusement - Kim Landwehr
I've been to too many of those "gatherings" :-) - Jesse Stay
Must be cuz you are a cheerleader. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Funny thing is some of them have been virtual - Jesse Stay
Jesse: shhhhhh. - Robert Scoble
*blank stare* - Mo Kargas
Mo: you know Paul and Sarah are hot, right? - Robert Scoble
Sounds like my normal Saturday night. And Paul and Sarah are hot, but not as hot as Ayelet! - sean percival
Sean: Ayelet was in my bed too, but I figured you wouldn't believe that! :-) - Robert Scoble
Who wants to call Scoble's room? - Mark Drapeau
Mark: it's 204 but everyone just left. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
You might actually have to sleep. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: sleep? What's that? - Robert Scoble
I think there's a wikipedia page that explains it. It's awesome. Not as good as FriendFeed, but sleep is a close second. - Bruce Lewis
Who says geeks and nerds are boring? - George Hall (Australia)
George: not me! - Robert Scoble
Hey Robert!!!!!!! - Myrna
You're cheating. You said you were going to sleep. - Myrna
How many convos do you have to close now? - Myrna
Louis Gray
Seems everyone within 30 miles is getting their oil changed today.
photo 2.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 4.jpg
Jiffy Lube hasn't even given us a work order yet. The twins made it clear they needed to be bribed with food in order to behave. - Louis Gray from email
Awwww. :-) - Joanmarie
Hmm fascinating. I'm getting my oil changed right now. Pretty crowded too. Maybe I should change the wipers. - Jose Alvear from iPhone
I know I was at Jiffy Lube earlier today :) - Justin Levy
Behavior and bribery seem to go hand in hand at critical times in life; such as hanging out at your local Jiffy Lube. ;) - Mark Evans
matthew grabs a quart of 10w40 so lube his feet for the next hallway race - Allen Stern
Ozer Wrzl (EN)
WANT: the kitten :O - Praveen Vasudev
I said, "AWWWWWW" all the way down the row. - BEX
Smilin now :) - Janice
the dog pic is some 10 years old. I had it when I was using a syrix CPU. - Dallas Cao
get ready to say "aaaw" about two dozen times.... - Stephanie Segel
kawaii - 老巫
Robert Scoble
CNN: you should be ashamed. Horrid news judgment today. Absolutely horrid.
Totally agree. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have no idea what was going on in Iran. - Derek Coward
about what? Iran? I've been at a car wash for my daughter all day - andywergedal
Do elaborate - Bryce Roney
I can't believe how bad CNN is. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, ridiculous indeed. - Soso Sazesh
People actually watch CNN? - Jim Hague
I read conflicting reports that Mousavi has been arrested? Is this true or not? - Carlton Prest
From what I've heard on the news updates- he has been taken into custody. This is not good. - Jim Hague
CNN has been terrible forever. I follow them on twitter simply to see how much less informed I feel with every post. - zzzz
Is there a link to the article or video? - Ron Hixson
I gave up on CNN years ago. - Steve Lowe
Huff Post has some pretty good coverage - Soso Sazesh
Yes, no coverage of Iran. Larry King is on with stupid motorcycle show. - Robert Scoble
What are we talking about here. Reference plz? - Mitchell Schneider
the most amazing thing was filtering Twitter hashtag and watching the updates come in sometimes hundreds within 10-15 minutes periods. an incredible way to immerse into the real-time interest cloud. - Thom Kennon
Robert, I came to the same conclusion of CNN years ago. - Taylor Marek
I love this tweet from the CNN tweetbot: Tehran on fire"... "Palin vs. Letterman Who's Right?" with panel discussion {priorities: fail;} - BryanSchuetz
We are talking about Iran's election outrage - Soso Sazesh
There is a letter from Mousavi in both Farsi & English circulated for hours. He is under house arrest. There are reports of Ministries on Fire. Twitter has been lit up for hours. - Donald Wilson
One of Australia's sunday morning TV shows wasn't any better, it's lead story was that a bank was introducing muslim-friendly loans - Bryce Roney
The real-time coverage from Tehran today was on Twitter - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Let's agree that most TV news networks decided long ago that they would control the news. Remember swine flu? People blame the fuss about that on Twitter, yet it died everywhere as soon as the MSM stopped making it a big deal. - Carlton Prest
Blogs have been active, but TV networks have been dead. Including CBC in Canada. Unbelievable! - Donald Wilson
Pavan - they did nothing and they should have - Soso Sazesh
A brilliant guy at my gym, a BU professor, refuses to work out to CNN, insists we change the channel. - Halley Suitt Tucker
So hard to believe we have to go to Twitter to stay on top of such important news as the protests in Iran. - AirDye®
That gym prof has the right idea. - zzzz
What the hell's going on with the US media. The unrest resulting from the Iranian election IS IMPORTANT! - Don Whittaker
How great to actually see some WOMEN in the streets! - Halley Suitt Tucker
@don they are too busy working out who would win in a fight between Sarah Palin and David letterman - BryanSchuetz
It's the weekend. There is no one in the newsroom on the weekend. When I worked there, we had to absolutely drag someone in for the Princess Diana accident...the community was going nuts and there we were, with no broadcast news, no confirmation, no nothing. - Karoli
Were the elections free and fair? - David Lloyd
Front page on - Kirk Harnack
Not according to the letter from Mousavi, and from reports coming from Iran. - Donald Wilson
@Mark They were corrupt beyond farcical - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct You can watch France 24, Al Jazeera English, Euronews and Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel. Coverage on all of those - Andrew Leyden
RT @IranRiggedElect More photos from Iran #iranelection - Donald Wilson
I have to say the Nambu search ( searches twitter, friendfeed, one riot, yahoo news) has been great for keeping on top of this, and it's essentially real-time: - BryanSchuetz
So....are you all (we) making MSM obsolete? - Cynthia Chrysler
RT @mistabaka Follow this blog for amazing pics/vid of #IranElection Pls RT. 5 hours ago - Donald Wilson
so far I think the best coverage is here: - and he has more on his facebook page - glfceo
wut's going on folks? - Eric Nakagawa
CNN is a mock news feed. It's a misinformation provider. - troglodyte
It isn't just CNN. If you look at online newspapers and other outlets before going to bed tonight you'd walk away with a different story and all sorts of analysis about how we will continue to deal with the old regime. That still may be the case, but you can tell this was a - Warner Crocker
Go to (a great site, btw) and type the Twitter search terms in. You can watch them come in real time, no refreshing. - Obayoo
con't... we're out of here for the weekend story. - Warner Crocker
CNN does have this on their site: - invariant
We don't bother with broadcast TV, so I can't watch any of the stations, but currently has it listed as the top news story, as does both with firey photos. - David Sky
CNN has access to Twitter and more. So why can't they give the proper attention to this story? - Donald Wilson
It's actually all so called TV news outlets. Internet is a better source of news. To be fair though, sometimes, on duty journalists/editors do not have the last say in what's covered as 'news'. Simple politics and ratings. I usually tune in to UK TV channels than I do US for news, that too very rarely. Sad but true. - Moushumi Kabir
I see more news from my Iranian friends than news TV news outlets. - Moushumi Kabir
Cnn lost. - Stalyn☂
My last thought on this, no matter what happens, US definitely needs to stay out. It's Iran's internal matter just as 2004 re-election of Bush was our internal matter. As shocking as it was to the rest of the world (I still struggle with the fact ppl I know actually voted for him - twice!!), US did vote for Bush the second time. - Moushumi Kabir
For people interested in tracking what is happening regarding the irannian election on Twitter, here is a dashboard: An amazing showcase of how new forms of communication make it much harder for dictatorships to control people! - Edwin Khodabakchian
It's difficult to get a right news even for me who know Persian, Iranian Tv doesn't support anything about street riots at all, Face book and You tube are filtered over there! No SMS! No mobile, even FF is filtered for them ! :| - Shandiz
sucks to live in a country without freedom :( - David Lloyd
Agree w/ Moushumi Kabir!US MUST stay out of this. - Shandiz
"Horrid coverage" -- otherwise known as typical. Shame shame! - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Good "on the ground" coverage over at allvoices - Joel Richman
What did CNN do-so that a word. That's twice in 2 weeks. - politics news
Download Livestation to see more coverage - Eric Haber from Nambu
re: Teriss - comparing to at 10:08 PM Central, CNN has NO MENTION of Iran and twazzup has 3 of 10 Hot Topics about Iran ... looks like CNN is NOT the place to find 'Breaking News'. - Don Strickland
Really strange. - Jim Hague
I really like Don Lemon but he seems to think CNN isn't doing anything wrong, which bugs me. - Shawn Farner
CNN finally pipes up and mentions Facebook pictures inciting violence in Iran - but no update. Oh, yeah, and the fact that access to internet has been cut off. Is that the only news?Now on to the Letterman/Palin fight! I am heading back to online updates. - Liza + = ?
I often find US cable TV insular when it comes to foreign affairs - coverage of Barack Obama's recent speech in Egypt was a case in point. But CNN ignoring the Iranian protests is shameful. - Peter Dowley
I was always kinda of excited about the prospect of a 24 hour news network. Imagine how many more stories or how much more in-depth you could got on a single item. That really didn't happen. Covering stories, particularly any story happening outside NY or LA, is expensive. So we saw CNN put on a bunch of shows with pundits. They leaned to the left, so FOX could come along and lean to... more... - Matthew McCowan
Twitter is susceptible to manipulation by propagandists--for example the protests in Moldavia. In that case it was a legit election that the protesters just didn't like the result of. A flash mob does not a majority make. - Joe Knapp
Joe: good point, but many of us didn't fall for that crap and even then it cleaned itself out pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
CNN died in 2001, when Tom Johnson retired. Quite a few of the top talent left around the same time, not wanting to be part of Jamie Kellner's efforts to be more like FOX. Cable "news" is a ghetto, and I never, ever, ever turn it on. Robert, you'll enjoy this: - John Craft
Looks like CNN is finally picking up the coverage today. Christiane Amanpour is live in Teheran. - Nils Sandin
Just starring to catch up to last nights events. Amazing the lack of big media coverage on Iran. - Robert Wilkins
Been watching CNN International in China for two days and I can't agree with you. The reporting seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter. Saying they should be "ashamed" is a bit invective. - David Geller
"CNN International . . . seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter." - CNN-I is a totally separate production team, and has a totally different business model from CNN-"Domestic." - John Craft
Crowds gather for Ahmadinejad victory rally - David Lloyd - "Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's A Coup" - John Craft
Robert Scoble: three bloggers have been on top of Iran developments: Andrew Sullivan, Juan Cole and Robert Dreyfuss. It seems safe to say now that we have just witnessed a coup in Iran. - Sean McBride
Amazing video from the BBC of the demonstrations. - Joe Wood
What's new? - Kreg Steppe
Yep, "CNN- The Lamest International News Team on Television" - Dean Kakridas
CNN: Cable No News network. - Robert Scoble
interwebz wins again! - stefan
who makes the decisions over there at Cnn? - Denise
All these comments are so stupid and ill-informed. Not a single one of you has ever tried to take a camera crew into a totalitarian country. I have. You don't just walk around. Easy to twitter for one person. Very hard to get pictures! Go and try it, and until then. Shut up! - Prokofy Neva
@Sean, i agree we have witnessed a coup--the sustained fight lasting a week with people in the street every day, making police run away, NYT editorial by Reuel Marc Gerecth has a good analysis of what it means, and AlJazeera has a good analysis. the action on the streets is having a huge effect, not just on Iran but on the Middle East. - Eleanor Wynn
Prokofy Neva, agreed that no new organizations can get in there, but any of the news channels could rebroadcast key videos, photographs and analysis of this very major geopolitical event--it is really disgusting to go through the TV channels and see the dreck that is on when something major is happening--our local news channels will cover a weather event non-stop, why doesn't a major channel cover this/ - Eleanor Wynn
the citizen journalism tells the story in a way noone else could. you are right there in the middle of the crowd with all the changes of pace and direction, the shaky camera itself tells a story and the sounds. it is like actually being there--that is why the twitter and youtube coverage is the real coverage--they don't have to process, package and add a local angle to it that waters down the effect - Eleanor Wynn
Louis Gray
Drew Olanoff may have the coolest iPhone cover and wallpaper. Do you have a better setup than this?
very cool! - Dee @
Julius! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Want!!! - Roberto Bonini
Yes. I don't. Not yet at that would be no. Yes..that's a no. - Bwana ☠
No, but I #blamedrewscancer for not having a better setup! - Curt Mercadante
Wow, that's pretty nice but I tend to change my wallpaper on my iPhone almost every week, but I've been pretty steady lately with a "smokin apple" nice setup. - All Mac All Mike
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