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Excellent article - Wright Brothers aviation patent wars sound way too familiar to current day tech battles. #IoT
RT @NASA: Our #spacewalk to replace a backup computer outside the #ISS is targeted for April 23:
Infonetics Forecasts VoIP and Unified Communications Services to Grow to $88 Billion Market by 2018. #ucoms
Q4 - skip the vendor feature vs feature rat hole and focus on user-centric strategy framework with direct input from business owners. #ITBiz
Q4 - develop collaboration strategy framework to deliver total collaboration experience tied to strategic business line use cases. #ITBiz
Q3 - Too many skip the 'Why' when seeking to build culture of collaboration. Productivity tools cannot be forced must be 'relevant'. #ItBiz
. @kmurphy8080 agreed. Most still waist too many cycles comparing feature vs feature instead of first focusing on #ux #ITBiz
Q2 - mobile strategy needs to be vendor agnostic focused on the user experience at the center and work out to technology. #ITBiz #ucoms #CDW
Q2 - Organizations need to embrace the very personalized mobile experience while tying into an overall collaboration strategy framework.
Q1 - #TBiz the days of 'one ring to rule them all' closed ecosystem vs closed ecosystem are over in the emerging API economy.
Q1 - #ITBiz delivering a total collaboration experience for business line use cases will require multi-vendor API integrated solutions.
Q1 - #ITBiz the cloud #productivity vendors who have robust & flexible APIs in their DNA are those who will continue to be most successful.
RT @CIOMagazine: Good question RT @RHNilsson: How often does your IT department put out a customer satisfaction survey? #CIO
RT @NASA: As seen on #Cosmos: How does light carry info about stars, galaxies & celestial objects?
RT @kevinrose: My house was protested today by anti-tech folks, they had a large banner saying "Kevin Rose Parasite",…
Office for iPad lack of support for 3rd party cloud storage results in #ux 1 step forward 2 steps back. #openwins #in
Refreshing new vibe from Microsoft focused on cross platform APIs for devs. That's how they will big in #IoT
RT @FlatPlanet: @slac from Google - when we started #webrtc we didn't think of carriers, this is not a telco play this is about innovation in the web
The evolution of email < great updates but MS is still far away from #UX interop outside 'locked-in' ecosystem. #in
AirBulb wants to put a speaker in your lightbulb < fantastic idea! #IoT
Google's Scientific Approach to Work-Life Balance (and Much More) #in
RT @TheRock: Your reactions to this #HERCULESMovie trailer has been f'n crazy! I'm f'n crazy too so its all appropriate;) #Enjoy
RT @msitaram: 4.75M apps and 28B requests on Google Cloud Platform, amazing read:
RT @mattcutts: New, much lower pricing for cloud storage and computing:
RT @google: Get a notification if you’re likely to hit a traffic incident along your drive #GoogleSearch
RT @GoogleAtWork: All new Google Sheets from @googledrive - now faster, works offline and has a number of new features
OneDrive for Business Takes On SharePoint < another recent yet strategically well played move by Microsoft. #in
This Android app will change the way you use your phone < clever! Hope Apple and Google are paying attn to this one!!
. @evernote for iOS updated with deeper @LinkedIn support for business cards and Presentation Mode #in
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