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Reader, writer, arithmeticer. Proprietor of Newsome.Org, a tech, music and life blog.
The Correct Dimensions for Images on Different Social Networks
Game Over: Atari and E.T.
Pasting Plain Text with TextExpander
For a Little While, but It Ain’t the Same -
For a Little While, but It Ain't the Same
Review: Philips Hue Tap reimagines the light switch
20 Useful iMovie Tricks To Beef Up Your iMovie Skills
Sanitize or Quarantine Your Hotel Room's TV Remote Before Using It
Like Most Things It Comes Down to Money -
This amusement park 'ride' simply drops you from a 100-foot tower
The Majority Of Today’s App Businesses Are Not Sustainable
The Presentations Field Guide is Now Shipping
An Ode to Stupid Jargon -
An Ode to Stupid Jargon
Right, Left, Blind Side
Right, Left, Blind Side -
When the Web was Cool -
GoodSongs: The Stray Birds -
What Is A Man-In-The-Middle Attack? Security Jargon Explained
Automatic, Not for the People -
Awesome read: Down With America's Kid-Competition Complex
The Most Iconic Soft Drink in Each State
How to access the chapter menu on the Apple TV
100 Episodes: The Andy Griffith Show built North Carolina on the backlot
Drunken Woman Rides Horse to Rob Store
Hey Baby, It's the 4th of July
Hey Baby, It’s the 4th of July -
Chumby's smart alarm clock relaunches with 1,000 apps
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