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我的感觉:1.安装 安装很方便,7步选择就完成了系统的安装。不过时区选择好像有问题,我选了上海后,安装程序自作聪明的把机器时钟给加了8个小时,只能安装完再改回去。 2.启动 启动速度很快 3.运行环境 我的是N卡,驱动装完开启高级特效后也很流畅;ADSL输入帐号、口令就可以上网了,连接后信息提示效果不错;用户体验上比8.10要好。 - abe
我是从8.04升级到9.04的,实质上带来的显而易见的好处就是启动速度,其他的楼上和很多文章里说了,总的效果就是用户体验在稳步的提高。 - Kenyth
我也在用8.04,正考虑要不要升级。你们的硬件有没有做过升级? - Paul
我装9.04的机器配的时间不长,不用升级硬件。 - abe
反正我移动硬盘上装的就是904.走到哪儿随便啥电脑插上基本就能完美的用,在这方面确实蛮不错了。台机还是继续gentoo中 - 微笑の迪妮莎
@微笑の迪妮莎 对呀,在移动硬盘上装就好了 - Paul
@微笑の迪妮莎 你这一说也提醒我了,自己还有个移动硬盘呢,平时很少使用都快忘了它的存在了,正好拿它装个ubuntu - abe
Intel集成显卡的驱动有问题,无法开启特效,而且CPU占用率很高。 - banyue
@banyue 这个可能要升级内核。 Linux Kernel 2.6.30下Intel显卡性能有大幅提升! - abe
@aspiregao 你的时钟问题显然是 BIOS 和 Ubuntu 对系统时间的时区设定不一致,一个以为是本地时间,另一个以为是 UTC - 大白猫
把image拷到硬盘上用GRUB引导安装的,安装后vmlinuz-*的内核竟然没有,只能去下载linux-image-xxx-generic, 提取vmlinuz-*后手动拷到安装目标的/boot下,并手动更新menu.lst。感觉notify-osd挺让人失望,基本不用gnome,所有没什么用户体验提升的感觉。倒是把分区换成了ext4,读写速度有了明显提升。 - Ian Yang
@Ian Yang: 如果你使用 image 方式启动的话,vmlinuz 并不需要在 image 里面,因为在需要读取 image 内容的时候,kernel 应该已经启动/运行,读取 image 只是为了加载里面的内核模块或者 initrd;如果你的 /boot 下面还需要 vmlinuz 的话,说明你的启动方式是类似分区启动的方式。 - 大白猫
@topo 我是把光盘copy到同一块硬盘的一个分区里,相当于模拟成CD-ROM。安装完在安装目标的/boot目录上少了这个内核文件,安装了两次,一次32bit在笔记本,一次64bit在台式机,都是同样的问题。 - Ian Yang
ubuntu 9.04 怎么样?速度和nvidia驱动如何?我的机子在8.10下很卡。
我从8.04路过8.10,的确很卡,现在在往9.04的路上折腾,更新源少了两个包,郁闷死我了:( - Kenyth
昨晚装了,nvidia驱动是180版本的,分辨率自动设置为显示器的最佳分辨率;启动速度挺快的,我数了一下大概20多秒就启动起来了。不过我装9.04的机器原先没装过8.10,不知道跟8.10相比到底快了多少。 - abe
kunshou: RT @flypig: 刚刚 @junyu 老师教会了我在 Google Spreadsheet 的单元格里填写 =ImportFeed("") 这个了不起的应用呢! -
这个有意思:)才发现除了ImportFeed还有ImportHTML,ImportXML等等。 - Kenyth
Jigar Mehta
A Brand New Language on Google App Engine! - April Fool -
A Brand New Language on Google App Engine! - April Fool
It's been almost a year since we've launched App Engine with support for Python, and what a year it's been! We've gotten fantastic feedback from developers, and we've released loads of new features! When we launched, we promised support for another runtime language, and indeed this has been among the most requested features from our developers since day one. - Jigar Mehta from Mento
It's just annoying. Too many fake news! - Kenyth
这个愚人节玩笑开大了:D - Kenyth
一位癌症患者,她在还没离开时我就订阅了她的博客,想不到离开已经三年了,但是她的博客还活着... - Kenyth
Robert Scoble
A famous VC told me this week that Facebook is raising another round of funding at about the $6 billion valuation mark. I wish I could invest! Would you?
Can't wait to see how big their round will be... - Daniel Brusilovsky
not sure I'd invest as the upside would now be relatively limited - Shannon Clark
He told me he was considering putting in $25 million. Asked me if I would do that with my money, if I had it. I said "yes." Of course it wasn't my money, but Facebook is the success story. Far bigger than Twitter and thanks to Thursday's announcement I can see a way for them to make a ton of money. - Robert Scoble
I'm still not convinced that they will ever make decent revenue. That being said, if they were public I'd probably pick up a few shares. - Blake
Nope. Too late to make the bib gux - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
No i would invest in twitter. - Mark Overy
Blake: I wonder if we thought about that when the yellow pages first came out when the telephone was very new? - Robert Scoble
Is there information involved in that yes that isn't public? Like what the books look like (how much revenue are they generating anyway?) - What is the burn rate? etc - or just because you think they will "get there"? - Brian Roy
Brian: he didn't give me any other information than this. I'm just going over their growth rate, they are growing a service the size of Twitter every 10 days or so. - Robert Scoble
what is their annual profit value? how much of that money would you be likely to get back in real terms - "potential" doesn't count, I would want a real idea on how much money their business is generating before ever considering investing. (I don't have the cash so it'd be a moot point anyway) - alphaxion
I call Facebook "the velcro of social software services." They have tons of ways to hook you onto the service. Far more sticky than Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Invest in a company that lost $8 billion from its valuation 16 months ago? No thanks. - Mark Frost
alphaxion: in 1991 could you have answered that question for Google? No. That's why VC investing is risky. - Robert Scoble
Robert: 25 million seems small for Facebook, considering their last round was $100M, but of course that is only one VC. Did he tell you how many where in this round? - Daniel Brusilovsky
Mark: every company has lost billions in values in the past 16 months. That attitude toward investing seems pretty stupid. - Robert Scoble
Robert - totally agree with the stick factor. My question is how good is the plan to turn lots of users into actual dollars. If that plan is good (in a non-obvious way) I'd invest. - Brian Roy
Daniel: no, he just told me what he was considering. I'm sure if it's a $6 billion valuation there will be a large pool of folks in there. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Good analogy. I'd like to be optimistic about it, but I just feel in my gut that the whole social networking business model still hasn't been perfected. I definitely agree that Facebook will eventually crush Twitter. - Blake
Brian: you have to read between the lines, but now they are letting brands be full members of the social graph. I see a TON of ways to make money with that. - Robert Scoble
Brian: here's my audio report from the Facebook announcements this week. -- in there I explain a bit about how I think Facebook will make money. - Robert Scoble
No, at least not in long term. - andrei_c
This doesn't seem like a good idea. $6 billion?! Robert, when you say Facebook's announcement last Thursday are you referring to the new page layout for companies? How much money can that bring in? - Nidhi Makhija
Robert - agree. But revenue is about execution. So it isn't just seeing how you might/can do it but being able to get to it effectively. That is Google's genius. I'm guessing they have the team/leadership to do it... which is why I'd invest (once I heard the plan). - Brian Roy
Nidhi: my bet? Over next 10 years? 100's of billions. Look at Google. Facebook is facing an opportunity that's in Google's neighborhood. Of course a lot of implementation is to come and they might not get there. But I see a way that they'll make billions. - Robert Scoble
If they monetized as well/heavily as Myspace, they would only have $1B revenue. Is he really going to get a 10x return with a $60B exit? Common or preferred? - Andy Beard
Brian: right. And who is on executive team at Facebook? They are executing pretty damn well. Just go see Sheryl Sandberg. She was an executive at Google and knows the secrets to delivering value. - Robert Scoble
depends on liquidation prefs, but assuming i got at least 1x preference i'd be an investor for anything south of $10B. at $6B i'd be pretty bullish; that seems like a reasonable number if you look out 3-5 years. - dave mcclure
A $6 billion valuation would make Facebook more valuable than:, Sun Microsystems, or NetApp. In fact, you could buy Sun + eTrade + Sirius Radio + TiVo and still have more than a billion in pocket change left over. - Louis Gray
Not a chance. I'd run screaming from the building before I invested in Facebook. Sticky does not mean profitable. I remember that 1.0 adage "Get the eyeballs first and then monetize". Lots got the eyeballs - few figured out how to monetize. - AJ Kohn
Andy: the opportunity here is a lot bigger than $1 billion. MySpace is small change compared to what Facebook is going to do. - Robert Scoble
Andy: When I go to MySpace it tells me NOTHING about my friends' behavior when it comes to other businesses. The social graph is very powerful for businesses. Much better than what MySpace built, which is why key executives are now leaving MySpace. - Robert Scoble
I'd invest too yeah - Kaysha
I would invest. I believe Facebook is the OS for social media and something more. They are the White Pages of the Internet. And with an upside limited only to the imagination. - Jeff Pulver
Robert - You'd really feel safe investing in a company whose valuation isn't stable though? - Mark Frost
Negative. not at $6bn. We have absolutely no idea what it's worth, let's be honest. Nobody does. It's a straight gamble. I'd prefer spend the cash on buying into cloud-enabling companies like Cisco and server manufacturers, and the best placed players in the cloud ie Google and MS. Maybe... - john conroy
"going to do" ... Digg, Facebook, Twitter ... they all say they're "going" to figure it out. Show me a profit stream (even a small one) and I'd invest to help scale it but ... until then Cuba Gooding man ... Cuba Gooding. - AJ Kohn
Mark: that's why it's investing and not a "safe bet." VC is risky. So is buying stocks in companies. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know for sure - does Facebook lose money every time they sign up a new user? In other words, is the reason they're raising money because their revenues are not growing to cover the costs of their growth? - Simon Brocklehurst
...further to my comment above: I guess what I'm really saying is that at $6bn you're talking about a blue-chip, and Facebook isn't a blue chip. It just isn't. - john conroy
Only tonight I glanced down my 'All Friends' list in Facebook and noticed how many have no status. They have not logged in for 7 days or more. In many cases a lot more. The fascination is on the wane. My money? No chance. - Darren
Robert: Oh I know that, I'm just speaking as someone with a very light wallet. ^_^ - Mark Frost
Darren: tell me how that is any different from this: -- I bet your Facebook friends are more engaged with you than these Twitter followers of TechCrunch. Click on 100 followers of Techcrunch. How many have more than one Tweet? 2%? 10%? Not more. - Robert Scoble
john: Facebook is signing up 700,000 new users PER DAY. They are growing the size of Twitter every 12 days! Blue chip? Absolutely. Just like Google was. (We had the same arguments over Google six years ago). - Robert Scoble
Sticking the money into GOOG currently would be a better deal, or AMZN - GOOG 2008 revenues were close to $22B - based on similar can you see Facebook making $15B yearly revenue? - AMZN is currently worth only 6x gross profit - but then the VC neds to invest his money somewhere, and GOOG and AMZN are not an option - at the end of the day FB is relatively low risk and an easy way to do your job as noone will criticize you for it - Andy Beard
Andy: you probably said that sticking money into Alta Vista back in 1999 was better than Google. Wrong. - Robert Scoble
and yet - the fact they are raising money shows that we have not found a revenue model that can cope with the costs they incur - they could self-implode in 1-2 years unless they find an effective route to making break even - Nick Halstead
Read today in Times magazine an interview with Zuckenberg stating that monetization is not a priority yet while Facebook is not getting break even. By the way, did you notice that the fan pages are changing and look now as profile pages??? - Zack Brandit
Zack, yes. That's exactly what I was talking about here: - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's wrong. Everyone on my forums were talking about Google in 1999. Google didn't have a business model until 2004. - Robert Scoble
The problem Facebook has is that people seem to get bored of it. Most people I know are using Facebook less today than they were a year ago. I never saw this pattern with Google. - Simon Brocklehurst
Scobe: Are you saying that Twitter's model isn't working, so Facebook's will? Twitter v Facebook comparisons are fruitless. - Darren
Darren: no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? - Robert Scoble
Chris: OK, I'll grant you the 2003 Google. Same points still hold. You're not feeling it? I look at how addicted my wife is to Facebook (and all her friends). This is the Google of this time. - Robert Scoble
VC is certainly risky.. but a good VC wouldn't fritter their money away on something that wouldn't give even a little bit of ROI. Otherwise they simply wouldn't be a VC for very long. It's all well and good saying "I can see a lot of ways to make money", but visions and actual money making are 2 different things. So again, please answer the question and say how much they're currently making. - alphaxion
"Everyone on my forums", is exactly what White said, "hardly anyone" and he is correct. - coldbrew
I am not saying it is a bad investment, but just imagine Facebook had already IPOed last year, and had managed to figure out their revenue to bring it up to Myspace level, which would then make a $6B valuation on $1B revenue in line with GOOG and AMZN current market valuations. - that isn't necessarily a VC deal - unless they were looking to use the money for a cash purchase of Twitter at a much lower valuation than $500M - Andy Beard
coldbrew: this whole conversation sounds exactly like the ones we had about Google in 1999-2004. - Robert Scoble
I seem to remember a company called Netscape was all the rage once. - Jan Simmonds
@Robert: No, Facebook is not the Google of it's time. Why? Because Google had a very clear business plan. Sell relevant ads on search results. Direct marketers (me) got it and ran with it. It took time to build but it was a clear business plan. Facebook doesn't have that. Unless of course they turn Facebook into a search portal - if they did that then the size and stickiness of the site benefits them. Outside of that, SocNet advertising doesn't seem like a viable business plan. - AJ Kohn
I have concerns about Google if I'm honest. They too fritter their money away on investments that fizzle out to nothing (look at how many companies they've bought for massive amounts of money), they're limited by the size of the advertising market (think as to why they've been slashing their returns on adwords). Now, their positioning as a content delivery caching network is a far more promising one. - alphaxion
Robert - "no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? "- you're still doing it! Comparing Facebook favourably to Twitter does not mean Facebook have a good long-term model. I'm not saying they don't, but if a Twitter comparison is the best these dudes can come up with then "I'm out" as they say on Dragons Den. Using your sort of comparison, who is to say that Facebook is now Google 2003, whilst Twitter is Google 2000. Which one has more upside? - Darren
AJ: you are totally wrong. Google didn't have a clear business model until 2004. I know the guy at Exodus who almost shut down Google because Google couldn't pay its bills. - Robert Scoble
I think most of you people hang out mostly with technophiles; I do not. - coldbrew
Chris: I'll never been that rich. I'll buy you a mojito at the Ritz, though! - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Just because they couldn't pay their bills doesn't mean they didn't have a model or plan. It took time to build the momentum ... the world of search had to 'tip' - and when it did Google was well positioned *because* of their plan. I just don't see that with Facebook. What are they positioning for? - AJ Kohn
I can say most of my 30-something friends only found FB w/in the last 6 months. - coldbrew
Facebook fatigue has certainly been kicking in for myself over the last few months whereas as my Twittering has been increasingly steadily; it is just more "useful". That said, they certainly do appear to be functionally converging, so who knows where we'll end up... - Kevin Bluer
Who cares about Facebook or 6 billion. What are your plans after Fast Company? Is it true they fired you? - Bruce Curley
Kevin: I can see an argument about why you're right, too. On Gillmor Gang right now is Paul Buchheit of friendfeed and he points out that Twitter's API is far easier to develop on. That ease is turning into all sorts of interesting apps which make Twitter more useful. Well, we'll see. That's why VC is risky. - Robert Scoble
If I were a VC I would definetly ask for a clear plan of privacy policies before investing. This might be an issue. I would also ask for some guidelines on future updates since FB seems to change its homepage very frequently, which might result in a potential failure. - denizoktar
Bruce: I was not fired. I resigned my video show to do something else. I still am working part time for Fast Company. I have plans, but will not disclose them in public until SXSW on Monday. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: BTW - this famous VC you mention ... are *they* investing or not? - AJ Kohn
AJ: they didn't say, they said they were considering it, but sounded like they were going to the way they were talking. - Robert Scoble
At this point, I would not invest in anything except gold. Do I sound like a nut? Just check out this video. Actually look at a bunch of his video over the years. Peter Schiff called it all. - Dan Cornish
I'll point out again that while VC is an inherently risky business, it's still not a case of blindfold and a dartboard. A real VC would do at least a bit of research and see if they're likely to make a return. If not then they're not a real VC and would either be someone who can afford to lose the money as it's merely a diversion (kinda like how some people will play the lottery) or a fool. - alphaxion
Dan: Gold and Guns sounds like a good investment strategy over next year. Me? I'd rather be in Facebook, but then I have a front-row seat. - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's funny! But no. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Interesting. Always appreciate the information and opinion. I disagree and don't see it myself but ... I've been wrong before. Been right before too though ;) - AJ Kohn
You all need to read this: Indie Facebook Developers are making over $700,000 per month. Like I said, there were billions and billions here. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I do not have any compensation or investments coming from or going to Facebook. I was invited to a press conference on Thursday and I have a front row seat because I know many of the players involved and I read a lot of RSS feeds. :-) - Robert Scoble
YES, I would invest!!!!! - Susan Beebe
how many of the indie developers are making those figures compared to the rest? also, advertising revenues, again, are the core of it. How about revenues that don't involve advertising, as in real and repeat direct spending of the users not the whim of other companies? And of this, how much money are facebook themselves making, since this money fountain could all vanish should facebook itself fold. - alphaxion
I bet the sum of the people advertising using Adwrods are making more than Google in total as well - the people using Paypal owned by Ebay are most certainly making bank, but for some reason Ebay isn't even worth 2x their revenue. Facebook developers making $700,000 is nice, great return, invest in the app developers if there is longevity. - Andy Beard
@chris that's my fault.. I called it adwords in a previous comment - that's what 5 beers does to my word association skills! >.< - alphaxion
coldbrew: sorry, I just fixed it. NO need to keep an error in my comments here. - Robert Scoble
Was just watching you on TWiT Live, streaming to my 52" TV via my PS3. Look fwd to seeing more of your stuff on TWiT Live in the future Scoble. - Jason Cartwright
am I the only one who seems to feel a certain air of "ponzi scheme" when your questions are met with answers of "look at these people, they're making money from it" without actually answering your question? And don't think I'm being snarky for snarks sake. I'm really trying to gain an idea of why people are yelling "buy this!" without really backing their claim up beyond "trust us". - alphaxion
I'd rather buy Citi stocks. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
alphaxion: when you are getting 700,000 new people a day you'll figure out a business model, especially since you know so much about each of those people. People who understand media understand the very real value that Facebook is aggregating. - Robert Scoble
again with the vague "well, we'll figure something out... just keep pumping us with money" answer. It doesn't matter how many new people you are getting onto your service if there's no tangiable sense of where the money to pay for it all is going to come from. It is very similar to youtube. They were burning through cash, plenty of people were saying "it'll make loads of money somehow" and yet google are *still* looking for ways of making it profitable. It's the kind of economics that leads to bubbles. - alphaxion
there simply aren't enough people that sit down and ask "so, how much money are you making and how much do you project this to grow realistically". Which is the basic tenet on which all companies have been founded upon. - alphaxion
@scoble... yes, people who understand media understand the real value that Facebook is aggregating, but not if they understand it in the OLD way. if this just turns out to be another advertising play, because they've 2 billion+ eyes, another way to sell people products they don't need, then, hell, I may as well pull the plug and turn Amish... not really, but all of the stuff I've been hearing so far doesn't make be feel confident that FB will end up being anything we haven't already seen... time will tell. - .LAG liked that
Robert this question sparked such interesting comment you should ask more like this. FB to me is a fad unless they buy Twitter which with Twitter Search could be a new Google. Agree with Chris White MS-Facebook is a likely outcome. Google must acquire Twitter before Vodafone wise up. Keep leading the debate Rob. - Thomas Power
What are they spending all that money on? Or is just banking money to survive the future? - Brian Sullivan
@chris actually, I'd say google was all about weaving themselves into the sites they lead you to and the apps you use to access this info. Having dealt with administrating systems, it's scary just how many apps and system builders integrate their toolbar and desktop apps and how many sites use their services that then collect data on the visitors/users. A question I don't see asked and answered often enough is "why?" - alphaxion
@ChrisWhite I certainly meant Adwords not Adsense - people advertise to make money (well unless they are Auto manufacturers) - I look on the Facebook App platform in many ways as an advertising platform, though the transaction that takes place between Facebook and the App developers isn't currently a financial one. Maybe things would be different if Facebook had their "FacePal" payment... more... - Andy Beard
Chris: that's an interesting question. CEOs should never say never when it comes to future business decisions. - Robert Scoble
Social networking seems like a commodity to me. Glorified address book + activity stream. Long term, why is it likely that one company will continue to command a proprietary premium on this? Do we not forget the staggering claims for these companies made doing the last bubble? Lots of similar claims by many companies in the 90s about # of user signups, stickiness, etc. If social networking platforms are so valuable, they're gonna get commodified. Wordpress isn't the only way to host RSS now is it? - Ray Cromwell
I can feel a Metcalf's law retort coming. :) It's like Godwin, but for business model debates. - Ray Cromwell
Chris: really? I don't agree with you. If you can survive through a depression you'll come out of it with rocket burners on. Google gained steam through the dotcom bust. Facebook is gaining steam through this downturn. - Robert Scoble
Chris: agreed. Facebook is not going to have an IPO this year. I can assure you of that. The investors will keep them going for two more years at minimum. - Robert Scoble
Can I buy Twitter instead? - Patrick from twhirl
@Robert: You're thinking "aggregated rich user data" is going to be the Facebook gold mine? Advertisers and brands I chat with think it's of marginal value. Big brands already have deep databases with multiple reporting lines. Prizm data gets you 75% of the way there most of the time. Facebook might be another reporting line but it's not going to be a game changer. Search re-targeting has more value IMO. - AJ Kohn
@Steven: Exactly! Air Miles. Grocery Cards. Credit Cards. Warranty Information. Rebate Information. (You'd be amazed how many people register their stuff!) It's a bit scary what can be obtained from credit bureaus as well. Facebook is the corner, the stoop - it's where people stop to talk and shoot the breeze. Not much gets sold there. I need to connect with them when they're walking past the mall. - AJ Kohn
Think about the data a company like or Quicken Online collects and compare it to the data that FB has on spending patterns and interests. They know enough (but currently don't use this info) to definitively tell you that you're spending $50 a month on BlockBuster, and could reduce it to $20 a month if you change to Netflix, saving you $30. - Ray Cromwell
How many more rounds of funding would you expect? It seems like you might get washed out by later rounds. - Todd Hoff
Everything you hear lately makes it sound like he's had to change that point of view about $15b if he wants capital. - Hutch Carpenter
Great discussion. Some points: the "No one can monetize this space" argument is false. As an advertiser (and a top 3 one at that), We are. And, quite well. #2--However, I wouldn't discount MySpace just yet. FaceBook is a wonderful white pages, it's possible MySpace will be a wonderful Yellow pages. We'll see. $6B is steep, but one difference this data has from the others mentioned (credit cards, gas cards, etc) is it's voluntarily provided--which is a much different data stream. - Alan Edgett
I would, in an instant. Many Facebook apps alone have 10 times the number of users Twitter has. - Jesse Stay
If they gave me a way to keep certain people unaware of my presence, I'd go back - Aaman (Clone of FF)
If I had the choice, I would rather invest in LinkedIn. Facebook has a phenomenal growth there are still a lot of open questions: You talk about businesses creating pages in facebook. This is probably a good idea in the sort term but in the long term as a company you probably want more control and ownership over your community and like AOL had to open up the walled garden, Facebook will have to do it to or someone else with do it for them. In that more open world, monetizing the graph will become even harde - Edwin Khodabakchian
wow...another around... - Kenyth
Interesting. Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you funding isn't an ideal expansion, that multiple rounds is not a good sign. Means it isn't making money. Social networks are nothing more than message boards with different user features - and have always been very hard to monetize. New competition is coming fast into the market from places none of y'all are looking at, and we're... more... - Patricia
Patricia: Google had multiple rounds. So did many other big Silicon Valley companies. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I know all about dilution. The reason Zuckerberg is so smart is he's taken a few rounds without getting diluted much at all. Got $300 million from Microsoft and only gave up, what, 1% or so of Facebook? That's brilliant. - Robert Scoble
Robert, yes, i know. it can be an asset. it just depends on if they can find a way to make money. google found it. let's hope facebook does too. i root for all businesses to succeed! - Patricia
still all I am seeing is the taking of money with no idea on how it'll generate money back, which is the whole point of investment. It seems to be the whole mantra of web apps "get users, then figure out how to make money" instead of the way every other industry functions. Do you really think this is a lasting way of doing business or will the web have to mature and show they can make money with their creations before investors will part with large sums of money? - alphaxion
when thinking about it, it is a particularly Valley way of doing business - I don't see this kind of investment internationally, they demand to see what will happen with their money and how it is likely to generate its own revenue instead of going cap in hand back to the investors. - alphaxion
and I do agree that this way of investing does lead to some really innovative things that ordinarily wouldn't stand a chance of making it. But, it is a big concern that the sites can't stand on their own without VC's propping them up by pouring round after round into them with nothing more than "it's gonna be huge!" as the reason. It'll only ever be huge if a cogent business plan exists, otherwise the only huge thing will be the bill VC's nurse at the end of it. - alphaxion
Facebook is finished - paul mooney
FB has the most chance of success because that's where non geeks go. It's the one service they want to use. - Richard A.
I don't get what non geeks has to do with FB's sucess ? - Asankhaya Sharma
Asankhaya: one word: "mainstream" - Claudio Cicali
Interesting to note Apple could pony up $6 billion for Facebook and still have some $18 billion left over. - Mike Reynolds
well i would not invest, fb has been for sometime now in a few years what ever profit could be made should have been made by now, the next big idea will kill fb forever, with the investment totally sunked in - briandsouza
UPDATE on this: Investors in Facebook are telling friends of mine that Facebook is not raising another round. It's possible that this is an opportunity that's being offered by someone who has stock already and is looking to get out. I'll try to find out more and report back. - Robert Scoble
I definitely would! - Pico Seno
Robert - whoa, "someone ... looking to get out." wow. yes, more info please. What is their rationale? - Susan Beebe
I wouldn't. I would rather invest in something simpler like twitter or friendfeed. - Siddharth Mitra
GFU: xia
调查一下,你们怎么打开terminal 窗口?
放个快捷方式在桌面上,用的时候点击打开 - abe
放在面板上,用的时候点一下。不用切换到桌面。 - Lorz
两种:panel上的快捷方式,不用显示桌面;定义了快捷键,召之即来:) - Kenyth
自定义快捷键 - Paul
我都是ALT+F2.输入gnome-ter, 主要问题是要输入gnome这个让我很不舒服。在公司用KDE,只要Ter就可以了,后面自动补齐 - xia
不是的,比如我定义了alt+f12,是直接激活了terminal窗口,无需再打命令。 - Paul
gnome下是ALT+F11,再加面板。openbox下Super+t - nowhere1975
炮灰团集体亮相 祝贺土豆首播《团长》 -
真难得,这是谁干的,还会用firendfeed。呵呵。 - Aether
已经开播了?不会是播出进度要和电视台同步吧? - Kenyth
GFU: xia
pidgin 中的msn工作正常吗?我的msn登录不上,Check 一下是不是我个人问题
早就登录不上了,传闻MSN开始限制第三方客户端的登录,只是传闻。反正这个搞的我非常不方便。 - Kenyth
MiM还可以登录 - 钢铁的咆哮
我是在gtalk里通过支持msn的jabber服务器连到msn上的,现在还可以登录到msn上。 - abe
这应当是一个比较好的办法,不过好像显示的msn比较难看 - xia
@xiawinter 这样msn是难看,都是类似 之类的,不过Gmail现在可以合并联系人,合并完了只显示姓名就好多了。 - abe
这个合并联系人可派上了大用场,我也来整一个。 - xia
GFU: xia
有没有人现在在线阿,要求教一下在vi下面html怎么自动完成?我知道这个问题很SB,但我就是不会。 我用:set smartindent, 靠它用了几年了。但我知道一定可以autocomplete的。
楼上不厚道,喜欢不告诉我 - xia
我给你顶啊,一起等答案啊:) - Kenyth
Any helps? - xia
在twitter这块肥沃的土地上,插根扁担也能长出茁壮的植物。对于twitter来说,收入不是大问题,关键在合理的不伤害用户、不违背理想的模式,获取更大利益。最后,劝一句:“不要做中文版!! 切记!如果不想放弃中文用户的话!!”。
多么吊诡啊,为了服务于中文用户却反而可能失去他们 - Calon
请问用英文版发布中文消息是种什么行为呢?最后,劝一句:“不要用中文发布消息!! 切记!因为您不属于“中文用户”!!。 - Welbin
ls…… - jessie
friendfeed自从有了中文版,中文用户大量增加……好吧,也许这不是某些自恋的小圈子愿意看到的。 - livepine
自绝于人民说到底这种想法 - foxmachia {山石}
twitter这种社会网络型的web应用,如果用户群素质有限,或者使用方向不当,就会形成很多的垃圾信息,那就失去了它原本的意义。就像fanfou这种东西,就算twitter的代码给它,也不可能造就另一个twitter,原因就在于它的用户群。我感觉fanfou现在成了一群人的聊天室。 - belltoy from IM
twitter在外国也是少数人在用,还是外国人多数都素质高?意义只在于用的那个人,他高兴那样用,这就是对他的意义,就算你觉得是垃圾信息。 - zgjie
如果twitter现在在国外是多数人在用,那它就不是获得3500万的投资了。twitter在国外发展速度非常快,不过很多人也在考虑类似twitter发展方向的问题,其中很多人考虑把它发展成社会化媒体,我觉得这是一个很好的想法。类似twitter.friendfeed的关系网络的力量太强大了,jobsdigg就是一个很好的印证 - belltoy from IM
我想这里说的是一做中文版肯定被GFWed - Kenyth
GFW是依据关键词对网站进行阉割,英文又咋地? - Welbin
ls的,不要太激动,GFW的工作方式显然要比你想象的复杂那么一点:) - Kenyth
和是不是中文版有必然关系么? - Welbin
是啊 中文版 被和谐的可能性太高啦 - 老佛徒㊣™
严重跑题+无聊之,hide了 - foxmachia {山石}
途加观点:这么大的国家,这么窄的路 [2009.2.17] -
:) - Kenyth
David Feng
Gmail 搞什么飞机阿? 每次都提示“Use this link to open Tasks” ,烦死了
我也有提示~第一次出现后,正常关闭不会出现,非正常关闭后会重新出现~ - sarices
我也有 - Kenyth
囧,这个是 blog 文章的配图,你们的 like 点在哪里? - LeON
一目了然,笑死了... - Aether
还是不知道笑点,不过幸好有码,不然该 MM 要遭殃了 - LeON
:D - Kenyth
哈哈``` - Fu Hou Yu
本月最佳图片!@LeON 自己无法 like 自己的 updates。 - Chris
@Chris 我知道,我那句话的意思是你们为啥喜欢这张图,这只是一张很简单的配图而已... - LeON
鸡生蛋蛋生鸡的问题就很好笑嘛…… - nAODI (ANNDI)
like +1 - Roamlog
原来布欧活着!!!!!!!! - 宅の小白兔
@nAODI 一语惊醒梦中人了... @lulu 才找到 buou 啊,感谢我吧 :) - LeON
大概布太的讨论偏重女性向,布欧童鞋不好插嘴嘛…… - nAODI (ANNDI)
之前我根本就没发过言 - 宅の小白兔
楼上的评论真囧.. - aifreedom
应该告诉那个推友 twitter和饭否有什么不同啊! - sen.l
@linsen 这个截图就是同名文章的配图,刚刚发布了 :) - LeON
俺突然发现LeON同学 != Webleon同学, 火星了 - najja
@najia 绝对不是啊,完全两码事 - LeON
LeON: 其实,你刚发布的文章的最后一句话是多余的,个人建议删除. - Roamlog
LeON 和 Webleon 区别就是一个是 c/s 结构,一个是 b/s 结构, XD - Roamlog
萝莉鼓掌。 - jessie
= = 我不懂。。 - cooku
@Roamlog 删了,另外 b/s c/s 啥意思? - LeON
问的很好呀,本来就没有不同, - freebat
那如果是"饭否和这个有什么不同?", 你会怎么看? - Roamlog
反过来问也是一样呀,没啥巨大不同。 - freebat
我想问b/s c/s 分别是什么 - cooku
freebat, 中文是博大精深的,你可以稍微斟酌一下 - Roamlog
同学你们这样是不厚道滴,应该告诉@freebat同学,饭否是抄袭Twiiter滴…… - Aether
我觉得话没必要说太明的, XD - Roamlog
实际上本楼的主角应该是图片当中的那位 twitter 用户 - LeON
其实我对这位mm是谁并不感兴趣... - Roamlog
@Aether 证明他copy的很认真呀,不做无谓创新 - freebat
@freebat:没有否认这一点丫^^, 只是陈述事情本身的情况,读图而已呀…… - Aether
这下要红了``` - Fu Hou Yu
难道要被人肉? - nick.kwok
要尊重原创!尊重原创是一种美德!OK? - 疯象飙
可能跟@freebat 同学讲抄袭这事情,他也不会明白把... - sen.l
@linsen 我错了,我想大家承认错误=_= - freebat
居然有人找到主角了?哇肉搜力量无穷啊 - LeON from fftogo
搜索一下就出来了吧, LeON 同学, twitter 的搜索工具有很多的哦. - Roamlog
也许有人已经有注意到, 就是关于 Facebook 也将推出类似 ff 的 like 功能, 而这也在 ff 上引起了不小的讨论,就是关于这种模仿啊,抄袭什么的 - Roamlog
我咋感觉这个字体是微软雅黑? - 拓 | wavesand
确实没啥好Like - zgjie
没有人说bs cs的问题么?client/server browser/server是也。 - 小武
搜索一下才知道是关于《世界人权宣言》那一篇 - Kenyth
这说明,主人已经把互联网提高到主流媒体的高度上了。你什么时候看到主流媒体低俗了? - iBeyond
ls 我倒想知道主流媒体什么时候不低俗了? - Benny Wen
"低俗" 的意思是页面内容紧贴草民的需要,而不是朝廷。 - No Deceit
[No Deceit] good point - Roger Chen
but : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : - Chris Loft
新闻联播,人民日报什么时候低俗了。假大空的不能算低俗吧。报喜不报忧的也不能算低俗吧。 - iBeyond
Whores screwing their way to virginity... - Paul Denlinger
@pdenlinger You are one bloody living classic! :-D - David Feng
不受共产党领导的参政党不是好参政党:这句话就不低俗。 不接受男人强奸的女人不是好女人,这就是低俗的。 - xia
主要是为了小孩。过去社会是低俗社会,未来社会则是现在决定的。可以低俗,但不能人人都上的主流网站都低俗,低俗应该有专门的低俗网站来搞。 - zgjie
低俗是不折腾了的老百姓的福利。 - njhuar
@zgjie 如果“过去社会是低俗社会",“人人都上的主流网站”做到不低俗岂不成了非主流? - yinhm
非主流怎么了?低俗是用来改的,而不是用来坚持的。 - zgjie
不是非主流怎么了,是你自己的话互相矛盾。既然你说到改,好,怎么改?学CCAV折腾?死几个栏目,封一批网站,撤几个编辑? - yinhm
人总喜欢活在自己的幻想当中。 - yinhm
主流网站是人人都上的网站,不是他们发布的内容主不主流。我只知道这些网站确实很低俗,半裸不裸擦边球,我还是小孩的时候,在大人面前都不好意思看。看个新闻,它非要到处飘擦边球的图片内容。 - zgjie
至于搜索引擎,说它低俗是胡说。 - zgjie
主人要关门放狗了。 - Hauy
不过几个门户网站的社会新闻确实够俗的,比比美国的几个新闻网站,真是低俗了。 - shoujiboy
@keso 终于在friendfeed也有这么长的评论了,是不是表示friendfeed的中文用户已经到了一定的数量了:) - Kenyth
网络够简易,砍起来成本低...鸡血还够红。 - 骨古头坏死
对未成年人禁止性和暴力是没有异议的,实行分级就是了,为什么一棍子全打死?更甚的是它把这作为手段而不是目的,而它真正的目的,算算你们被删过多少贴就知道了 ~ - No Deceit
80% in use by programs and 20% in use as cache after I open some daily use apps
waiting for... - Kenyth
Robert Mao
这个非常棒,刚刚已经用上了:) - Kenyth
转贴:江泽民的孙子加入了美国国籍 - 社会人文 - 搜狐圈子 -
"俄国前总统叶利钦回忆,他在和江泽民会晤的时候,江泽民的孙子居然打来电话问一道数学题!而江泽民居然也中断与外宾的交谈,很认真地帮孙子作了解答。" - Kenyth
明眼的有钱人有权人早就看破了局势,把自己的子孙十八代都送往美国了。 - pestwave
[更新音频]西安电子科大宣传部长:占领天涯 轰动全国 -
什么叫嚣张 - 8923
我还能说什么呢 - laogao
听那些领导说的话就知道是些什么货色,再想想高校里面全充斥这这些货色。。。 - Kenyth
听那些领导说话觉得挺变态的,我怎么感觉还像是在旧社会啊。。。 - Kenyth
还是大学领导牛逼。有派。像中国人。支持。建议西电官官方选个良辰吉日开出坦克吧,谁挡压谁。 - pestwave
诶,大家这么说就不对了撒,要明白这就是那一小撮人啦,几千万除以13亿也是一小撮对不对?败类! - Bane
Keso's view的feed怎么订阅不到啊,难道被河蟹了? - Bane
熊起! - 【无声胜有声】
中国高校终究是没有希望的,我认为中国教育的未来在民间教育。 - xia
站错队的人,而且还挺残的 - davidjzhang
GFU: abe
Fast PDF viewing right in your browser - Official Gmail Blog -
Fast PDF viewing right in your browser - Official Gmail Blog
Cool! - Kenyth
David Feng
贾樟柯《我们的十年》牛B ,
“你怎么一个人啊?” “你怎么老是一个人啊?” - Kenyth
黄光裕兄弟买通宣传系统 九万帖子攻击公安及政府 -
这个。。。我不知道该相信谁了,反正是谁都不能相信。 - Kenyth
David Feng
谁知道 Twhirl 为啥停摆了?
我也想知道,而且连ping.fm的也挂了.... - Milkr Chan
哪儿停了?我刚不是发东西上去了? - Jason Lai from twhirl 正常 - POPOEVER from twhirl
我很正常的在用啊! - 杜海凡 from twhirl
偶的twhirl也不能用了。是不是昨天装的Windows的一大堆安全更新有关系? - Kenyth
不应该..我现在还处于下载未安装状态!一样不能用了... - 杜海凡 from twhirl
扯蛋了..难道有账户还有关系了, 我两台电脑, 一台更新, 一台没有更新, 都用不了.. 不过我是代理上网, 和这个难道还有关系? - Sam Zuo
北京政府门前发生大规模民众抗议示威 -
官方的报道会是这样:不明真相的群众被一小撮不法分子煽动利用....... - abe
街头的北京市民纷纷表示他们情绪稳定,对他们影响不大,但是一些出租车司机非常气愤,交通堵塞导致他们生意比平时少了很多。 - Kenyth
“公民财产,不容侵犯,与民争利,天理不容!”不知所为何事 - kuangfeng
"這批抗議群眾包括向企業購買樹林或大廈商舖遭受詐騙、住房遭到拆遷未獲合理補償等老百姓。他們因為多次向北京市政府陳情,未獲積極處理,因而聯手進行抗議陳情”, - abe
10条最糟糕的中国法律 -
1.3 billion jian min - Kenyth
应解散中国的国家体育总局 -
显然作者还处在“研究”的水平,中国有真正意义上NGO的先例吗?慈善?工会?体育?中国从来都不是缺少有想法的人士。 - Kenyth
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