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RT @farnamstreet: "Our life is what our thoughts make it." - Marcus Aurelius
RT @berkun: You can't understand the future of humanity until you confess to our collective hypocrisy throughout history
RT @berkun: The answer to the big challenges of life is to learn to turn your mind, with its wonders and strange mysteries, from an enemy into an ally.
RT @berkun: We have been well trained to confuse buying things with achieving things
RT @farnamstreet: Management is often blind to its own bankruptcy.
RT @Falkvinge: You cannot enforce the copyright monopoly without mass surveillance of people's private communications. Therefore, the monopoly must go.
RT @shanselman: "I'm using regular HTTP to take credit card orders on my site, so this big SSL bug doesn't affect me, right?"
RT @nntaleb: In the days of Suetonius, 60% of prominent educators (grammarians) were slaves. Today the ratio is 97.1%.
RT @4_20_Doseaba: @nntaleb a rich slave gives incentive to a poor one to work harder, rather than an attribute it may be an adapted maintenance strategy
RT @jmbroad: @nntaleb Romans had their fair share if them. Slaves often served as financial agents of their masters, and could accumulate wealth
RT @nntaleb: Is the incidence of extremely rich slaves an attribute of modern times?
RT @rodneyorpheus: My current favourite website: New-Age Bullshit Generator
RT @GreatDismal: The one single way in which we can choose to not get old: by choosing not to be militant nativists of the era in which we first got laid.
RT @AlanWattsDaily: Meditation is the way in which we come to feel our basic inseparability from the whole universe, and what that requires is that we shut up.
RT @jmspool: All research has bias. The question isn’t “How do we get rid of any bias?” The question is “How do we plan & understand the bias we have?"
RT @cstross Nobody practical wants a self-aware AI. It'd spend all day watching TV, eating fries, and complaining—not doing its job.
RT @alaindebotton: An epidemic of loneliness created by the misguided idea that the only cure to it lies in romantic relationships.
RT @AlanWattsDaily: We are all bewitched by words. We confuse them with the real world, and try to live in the real world as if it were the world of words.
RT @_cypherpunks_: A giant art installation [in Pakistan] targets predator drone operators
RT @MammonMachine: It's easy to feel like you can judge someone based on the stuff they like, because you can't see what they're enjoying about it.
RT @alaindebotton: Success for intellectuals: their insights become common-sense for the next generation - and they are forgotten.
RT @DionysusCafe: “Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.” ―Buckminster Fuller
RT @GreatDismal: To not have confirmation bias would be like not having an asshole. To not know you have either would be highly problematic.
RT @PhilipPullman: 1. It's not happening. 2. It's happening, but it's natural. 3. It is man-made, but we can deal with it. 4. Why didn't you TELL us?
RT @Harkaway: A bloke in a silver green bath hat has just made me consider the unsettling truth that the books we write edit us long before we edit them.
RT @berkun: “Man is a credulous animal and must believe. In absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.” - Bertrand Russell
RT @AlanWattsDaily: And to be delightful is not some factor of trying to make yourself look delightful, it is to do things that are delightful to you.
RT @AlanWattsDaily: To spread joy, you have to have it. To impart delight, you have to be more or less delightful.
RT @nntaleb: What I got from @bill_easterly powerful book is that people 'd rather get respect and NO aid rather than aid and NO respect. Kapish?
RT @alaindebotton: Bitterness: anger that forgot where it came from.
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