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Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons is Managing Director at Quaturo, a UK content marketing agency.
Key to improving conversion rate for @trailblazers was making it easier to sort/find available tickets #CZLSF
Biggest digital challenges for @trailblazers - measurement, dynamic pricing, paid media spend mix, generate interest in losing team #CZLSF
RT @ChelseaBlacker: Check out the GA gallery of dashboard resource: thanx @AdamSinger for this one! #CZLSF
Case study shows 46% uplift in purchase consideration, 91% said it was helpful & 70% likely to tell a friend #CZLSF
76% recall the brand name & context of sponsored content - applies halo effect to display advertising & cure banner blindness #CZLSF
Cure banner blindness from display 15-45x higher CTR for native advertising #CZLSF @hchrisrooke @greysf
Other native tactics; in-feed or stream ads (click out) & content recommendations (based on bidding algorithm) #CZLSF
Amplification of content is important to make paid promotion work in concert w/ earned & owned media #CZLSF
Do's and Dont's of Native Advertising #CZLSF @greysf
Use tools to create great content; Newscred, Visually, Contently, Poptent, Tidal & ClearVoice recommended #CZLSF @hchrisrooke @greysf
Ideation insights - learn about your customers #CZLSF
Make your content resonate with its audience #CZLSF
78% of CMOs agree that custom content is the future of digital marketing #CLZSF @hchrisrooke
Interuptive ads are challenged - 0.7% ads are flatlining & 72% video skip rates are skyrocketing #CZLSF
RT @Davesummertimes: "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit" Harry Truman #TFS @tferriss
Can you setup sitewide self-referencing canonicals using @yoast WordPress SEO plugin? (instead of individually at page level)
RT @dr_pete: Developing audience personas on a budget --
Has anyone used WPEngine for hosting before? Would be great to get feedback, good or bad - especially for high traffic sites
RT @aleyda: This is awesome RT @onreact_com: Travel SEO: TripAdvisor Grand Budapest Hotel Stunt via @davidiwanow
"In the long run, the only unique asset an agency has to sell is creativity" - very good post! (via @andismit)
RT @10Yetis: Morning, gr8 site (not client) wifi ranked hotels, so u can work harder. via @TheNextWeb
RT @1uella: Retention Is More Important Than Acquisition
Just realised LinkedIn have removed company service pages - anyone if it's possible to get that info back?!
RT @blueglass: Watch @therustybear talking analytics from the recent #emetrics event in Milan: [video]
Get professional researchers involved, treat publishers as partners & develop a valuable resource @chelseablacker tips #contentmarketingshow
Great results running blogger events, running private tours & competitions to drive engagement/links #contentmarketingshow @marcinlondon
RT @wilreynolds: Ok, #mozcon lets do this, those following at home (b/c you are hungover) here are the slides -
“Google is not really a search company. It's a machine learning company” - v good article! (via @mediadonis)
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