Kevin Elliott
Re: Sometimes Things Just Keep Getting Worse -
"Though I've never been a VC, I can truly relate to your emotions. My family has been struggling ever since I started two different businesses. We're doing it because it's our passion, and to get us ahead in life. I can't be a slave to a salary. But it's been such a struggle. Constant anxiety, the fear of losing everything, months where we can hardly afford groceries, and a significant pile of debt that will take a lifetime to pay off. I don't have a lot of support. Financially, emotionally, or even intellectually. I don't have a team of engineers, designers, or sales guys. I do it mostly on my own. I've been told I'm brilliant and a genius, but if that's true, why am I struggling so hard? I'm told my ideas are solid, my market validates it needs my products, but why can't I attract a team to work part time for equity to help me build it? The best part about this is that I remind myself that I'm living a journey that so many people are simply too afraid to do. It may pay off, but..." - Kevin Elliott