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Bootstrapping Is Insanely Hard -
There are a number of ways to build a startup. The traditional route is to assemble a core team of founders, build a block of potential board advisors, and seek [...] - Kevin Elliott
Re: How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps -
"Pessimism has never gotten me anywhere. It's eternally entertaining to be a pessimist (ask anyone that knows me), but it's done me no good either. Being a pessimist has often massaged my ego, making me feel above others (artificially I might add), but it never took me down a path of success and happiness." - Kevin Elliott
Re: How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps -
"Pity is only a negative emotional response in yourself to someone else. It does your "enemy" no benefit to pity them, and only gives you a false sense of satisfaction when you do so. It's a negative response, and it's likely that James means that it will only take away from your positive growth when you pity others." - Kevin Elliott
Butterfingers (do ppl still say this?) --- @aaronpedersen --- You must have this happen to you all the time ;)
Oops, I meant @aaronpederson --- follow the right guy :)
Friends @jamespolanco and @apederson just launched Pedanco in private beta. I've seen a demo, and it's slick! Customer feedback mgmt.
Totally underused Array method in Ruby: inject.
Bootstrap breaks a lot of plugins & all they say is "we don't support 3rd party plugins" when it IS the cause. #whyopensourcesuckssometimes
I want to materialize my dreams, make them of flesh for you to consume; I'm but a selfless creator. Eat me alive.
I'ma take your grandpa's style.
Jeff Hunter. enigma. TOTSE. 1992. /etc/passwd. MajorBBS.
Currently reading: "The Pumpkin Plan" by Mike Michalowicz
This should go without saying: All you Rails folks -- time to upgrade those servers.
Every time I install an Adobe Flash update, it asks me how I wish to update in the future and defaults to Automatic. #annoying
Does anyone else think that's new name is ridiculous and will probably hurt their sales?
Buying a PC/Mac version of Minecraft for my almost-5 year old son. Mojang makes it VERY difficult to buy with a Visa.
Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced home NAS that can sync with Dropbox?
I just cancelled Hulu Plus because I haven't found anything decent to watch on it in over 6 months. Bye bye!
There's always a catch folks. Nothing is free. Don't forget that.
Bah. @tferris pulls a bait-and-switch. Titles post "4[hr] Chef Audiobook Free" but you must buy 3 copies of the book.
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