Apple, I really don't want to log into facetime -
Apple, I really don't want to log into facetime
#SFMusicTech "I always give the artist a ref CD that is 2dB quieter so that the master still sounds better" Ryan Ulyate
#SFMusicTech "you should just be able to buy the high quality version and the system downgrade it as needed. Let's do that." Ryan Ulyate
#SFMusicTech "a full dynamic range file is going to be 6dB quieter than the hammered version. Players need to compensate" Ryan Ulyate
#sfmusictech speaker is now denying quantum mechanics and claiming fluorescent light is "boxed up"
#sfmusictech for some actual science on audio quality, read and this classic
#sfmusictech Musicians for Audio Quality Initiative speakers are claiming anecdoatal A/B test and dubious subtraction as errors
Bob Weir is claiming that digitally mastering recordings spoil vinyl discs and raise your stress levels o_O #sfmusictech
RT @SFMusicTech: Freemium model can be applied to the music industry, but it's hard to use the gamification model. @tbquirk #sfmusictech
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: for example when we give analytics out we use google charts so we don't have to do that part ourselves
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: one of the things that is crucial is what am I going to carry on my back, and what can be a partners's API
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: there is always a business risk involved with depending on someones API
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: we were thinking of using the soundcloud API as a way to pull in the music, but it was failing 50% of the time
#sfmusictech @jzwoo: once you release an API people are going to use it forever - there's always someone on the classic API
#sfmusictech @3scale: you are creating a dependency between you and the users of the API—if you take it away thats worse than not having it
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: music APIs have grown because the rights issues are complex and you don't want to do something illegal
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: we want the distribution API to be free so we can commoditize distribution to solve licensing and rights issuse
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: consuming APIs have been crucial for product development; our entire product is built on an internal API
#sfmusictech @jzwoo: we use a lot of the social APIs like twitter and FB to make sense of the data our customers have
#sfmusictech @jzwoo: I work for Braintree - recently bought by paypal we have an easy API that helps you use multiple payment APIs
#sfmusictech @njyx: music has an emotional component which is not there with, say a construction API
#sfmusictech @njyx: I'm the CEO of @3scale we are an API infrastructure company that powers over 500 APIs, including musicmatch jamendo
#sfmusictech @Lamantiini: I'm from music kickup a full service house for artists and labels. we're announcing an API for music dsitribution
#sfmusictech @BillHajjar: I'm the CEO of Cinzari a semantic graph based api for music
#sfmusictech @KimLane: I evangelise APIs - not any one API but all APIs
#sfmusictech @TRI_Studios: what we learned today is "stay in school" and "sharing is good"
#sfmusictech @smart: we open sourced a track from Henry Fong a few weeks ago and someone said they learned so much from it
#sfmusictech @BRYAN_M_COX: most creatives, we don't read the manual - we just try it out and come up with our own way
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