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adding links to the videos to my notes on #xoxofest as @xoxo posts them:
How did Twitter become the hate speech wing of the free speech party? -
RT @emckean: Ok, we’re doing this, SF #xoxofest meetup Oct 5. (There will be food trucks.) (thanks @rsingel for enthusiasm)
looking at this variant, there are a lot of votes left to come - Edinburgh, Fife + Aberdeen can still vote Yes hard:
here's a tweaked version of showing population size of councils as height #indyref
RT @ftp_alun: @SwiftOnSecurity Something you forgot or can't type, something you left on the bus, and something you cut up over the weekend.
RT @waxpancake: Tweet a Wolfram Language one-liner to @wolframtap, get back the results in a tweet:
RT @dailydot: At @xoxo, death, failure, and all of the other stuff the tech industry won't talk about: (@ftrain, @anildash)
So @twitter why haven't you done interactive notifications on android ever? It's been years
"I don’t know, Google. I guess? Why are you asking me? YOU ARE GOOGLE." @TheBloggess
RT @WernerTwertzog: As we all know, the legacy of Western civilization must be digitized so that, with one key stroke, it can be permanently deleted.
I love that @JessicaKRoy call's Pinterest a "manic pixie dream startup"
RT @anildash: Very pleased the US CTO job is attracting talent the caliber of @smithmegan & @amac is a FANTASTIC choice to serve.
as ever, xkcd got it. @codinghorror's "standard markdown" thought process explained:
In a coded message warning about algorithmic filtering, @TwitterDev suggests joining a mailing list for timely info
Another alternative name for the Markdown fork: "I can't believe it's not YAML"
Homemade breakfast tacos
Instead of "Standard Markdown" maybe @codinghorror et al should call it "Markdown for what?"
To get a feel for what an algorithmic twitter feed would be, click on the Discover tab. Now imagine that was the default view.
RT @jbouie: Twitter doesn’t seem to understand why people like Twitter.
RT @hondanhon: UPDATE 4 SEPTEMBER: Most effective data security is hosting photos on a product with potential trademark violation claim.
RT @UserOnboard: Never mix up features with benefits ever again...
Bay bridge hype elapse -
Bay bridge hype elapse
RT @deanna: Sidebar, the dissonance of saying things like "who remembers Usenet" and "who remembers IRC" and have @bruces smiling in front of you... 😬
RT @debcha: Ferguson police sharply analogous to domestic abuse: being terrorized in your own home by someone who insists you brought it upon yourself.
RT @dalmaer: Resolving URLs the easy way vs. the responsible way
Really @bbcdoctorwho? Don't write clichéd linkbait headlines, and post video using html5, not your crappy app. You're better than this.
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