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“I’m not sure how much I’ll write on Fusion’s website” —@felixsalmon write it there, POSSE it
RT @bethshanna: RT @danajeri: The hand-drawn museum brochure you didn't know you needed to see. // <3 this
RT @lazzurs: @swardley @kevinmarks @obra it continues to surprise me there are not more tools/companies providing a 'RAIaaS' toolset.
RT @evgenymorozov: The modern ideology, in slogans! (spotted on a raspberry box)
RT @OhMeadhbh: so this is cool. @kevin2kelly's Out of Control is available for reading online: #GeekCulture #ClassicBits
RT @sadydoyle: @kevinmarks Athena doesn't know what the fuck is up. Athena is Feminism-Hating Girl In Your Classics Class.
RT @DanielleMorrill: Biggest issue is I prototype in HTML, if feel I need a product manager capable of same. Crazy?
RT @kevin2kelly: While writing about Bitcoin today I remembered I wrote a chapter about peer-to-peer encrypted e-money 22 years ago:
RT @newsycombinator: Am I evil, or is killing patents just plain fun?
Apparently Poets and Fragmentions don't mix:
RT @cavaticat: These were not the fancy games of today, in which you spend 45 minutes designing a character and choosing which nose really SPEAKS to you
RT @marihuertas: At the #indieweb meetup, I mentioned having a list of tech education resources –– here it is! Enjoy.
RT @karengeier: this is one of the best things I have seen in a while via @averymonsen
RT @benwerd: Homebrew Website Club, April 23, 2014. #indieweb
#indieweb @marihuertas: twitter stalks you mercilessly to make you use the fake accounts you create
#indieweb @t: twitter lets you create all kinds of identities
#indieweb @psyhigh: everyone can be a storyteller - I want them to own their characters, and spin-offs too
#indieweb @benwerd: Idno is a multi-user system and I'd love to help you do this. I now know how I'll do my NaNoWriMo this year
#indieweb @marihuertas: can you toggle between logins in Psyhigh? So characters can talk to each other? Cool
#indieweb @benwerd: I love the idea of a fictional identity - your page doesn't need a real name
#indieweb @psyhigh: You're posting stores for fictional characters in a fictional space, so identity questions are trickier
#indieweb @psyhigh: My site is a story writing one where people tell stories set in the Psychic High School
#indieweb @alexlinsker: I am trying to make a three-level cell based organisation to find peoplel in base 3
#indieweb Paul Munday: every page on my site has a view source link
#indieweb Paul Munday: I have tool that lets you put a markdown file in a directory which becomes a URL
#indieweb @benwerd: Google+ reminds me of livejournal - it has some tight communities that live on it
#indieweb @benwerd: I find I want to share some things with some groups, but not necessarily filtered by silo
#indieweb @marihuertas: I go back and forth between wanting to tie things together and to keep them separate. It's hard
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