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RT @seriouspony: Brains mistake example-specific "noise" for abstract/generalizable "signal". Recommend: have FAR FAR more examples & end w/ abstract summary
RT @SachaNauta: Top @TheEconomist clarification: originally illustrated with a young Brit out in Mallorca. Then his mum called...
RT @nbashaw: .@Oyster's new web-based ereader uses a custom jumbled font to prevent you from copying & pasting text.
RT @libel_vox: "The very thing that makes you invisible to computers makes you glaringly obvious to other humans."
RT @BhasChat: Privilege is the refusal to utilize readily available resources while demanding others to "teach" you for free.
RT @MarianKeyes: ...when I said 'Unplayable' I meant to say 'Unpleasant'. What kind of complete oddball weirdo runs Predictive Text?
RT @photomatt: @qhardy @mikeolson I offer @automattic, a for-profit, as an exception as well. The struggle isn't being OS or not, it's having great product
RT @pomeranian99: @jamespoulos @kevinmarks I'd love to see an experiment: Good new literary fiction, $2-3 cheap paperbacks, sale racks at Dunkin Donuts etc.
“There are a lot of behaviors that are not entirely illegal that are profoundly destructive to an individual’s life”
RT @debcha: UK folk: I'll be at @dconstruct and Improving Reality in Brighton, and at least part of @emfcamp in, uh, a field somewhere? Come say hi!
RT @LettersOfNote: A letter of apology from Graham 'Filthy' Chapman:
RT @annwitbrock: Today is the day to contact me if you need a coder/software dev in a week or so. Multi-language. Skilled. Friendly. London UK.
RT @DivaDanese: Many congrats to @zahedab "News: GOV UK announces document formats it will use #openstandards #ODF #PDF #HTML”
RT @quinnnorton: Totally amazing. RT @thenib: Hart Island, home to New York's forgotten.
RT @DeirdreS: Shout-out to Model View Culture at #OSCON14 from Tim Bray, who does not like monocultures @shanley
Sarah Lacy's spelling is challenged, her job not in jeopardy? Or is Fousquare a new app?
RT @Slate: STUDY: Women can succeed in corporate America, as long as they don't promote other women:
RT @hadleybeeman: Open formats for docs: what publishers to +GOV.UK need to know. @gkfrancis on the #openstandards news
"@alispagnola: So I just discovered I need to be wearing one of these at every second of my life." is that @levie?
RT @doctorow: Epic snark about a "No Wifi Talk To Each Other" cafe sign http://mostlysignssomeportents...
RT @debcha: @pnh And I quite enjoyed @paulgrahamraven’s gloss on that @hackneymarshman tweet.
RT @PaulGrahamRaven: Weaponised self-referential semiotics RT @hackneymarshman: Sign warns cyclists about itself
RT @quinnnorton: Did you hear about the guy who bought two old super computers? Dude was Cray Cray.
“The winners in this space will instead be companies which inspire consumers to trust those they endorse.”
RT @EFF: Universities should foster new research & not support patent trolls that stifle innovation.
RT @zeldman: ✩ Iconic: “first and only icon system designed for the modern web with all the tools to make them your own.” #aeadc
"@mashable: Twitter is about to improve direct messages:" still waiting
RT @alicebartlett: Banned words list for one of the content teams at GDS. I'm so in love with this lost I can't even.
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