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RT @dracos: @jon_neal @kevinmarks Just trying it out on SayIt, is nice, thanks: http://federal-reserve.sayit.m... Have made a couple of pull requests.
RT @zeynep: Just like there is no "structureless" group, there is no unmoderated publishing. You're just moderating out women, and non-bland topics.
RT @mathowie: I love watching TV shows where everyone conspicuously uses a Windows Phone & Sony Vaio computers. Solidifies that it's a make-believe world.
RT @shondarhimes: Very snarky. But also very funny. And when I played it, I totally got a perfect monologue. Try it. Mock me.
further discussions with @jon_neal about fragmentions in the #indiewebcamp irc. See and
#battlehack @PayPalDev: Top prize goes to Ledgr (airbnb for items. create rental for your items like snowboards, visible thru geolocation)
RT @jon_neal: Fragmentions! A proposal/polyfill to use ## anchors as links to individual words or phrases in a document.
RT @andykhouri: New piece by me -- Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment
What if you could link to any text on a webpage? Fragmentions - a way to do so:
Fragmentions - linking to any text -
RT @cyberleagle: Attention campaigning lawyers! 6 days left to apply for new @OpenRightsGroup Legal Director position.
RT @andigalpern: Looking to throw some UX events in the South Bay. Can anyone recommend a venue?
#battlehack @PayPalDev: Top prize goes to Ledgr (airbnb for items. create rental for your items like snowboards, visible thru geolocation)
RT @lukew: Affordances matter Or, how the iOS 7 shift key could be fixed. ht/ @jordanmoore
“what does the web look like once we've gutted the presentation layer?”
RT @TheSamTracy: Hey @WhiteHouse, you replied to the Death Star petition, how about respond to the months-old one for #ECPA reform?
RT @tomcoates: "True, elderly and disabled people find it easier to operate doors with handles. But so do bears." /via @tomstandage
RT @whitneyhess: When you think, "I've been saying that for years!" then realize, "I'm winning!"
RT @newsycombinator: Dear Web Developers: EFF Needs Your Help
RT @bcrypt: dropbox spends more on alcohol during its yearly ski trip than OpenSSL has received in donations ever
"@timburks: Just think of the hell we could raise ^w^w^w^w fun we could have if we all ran a server on the internet." #indieweb
“Never afraid of controversy, Tea Party activists and elected leaders are fighting against mass surveillance…” @eff
RT @isaach: wonderful. "Celebrities that Look Like Mattresses"
RT @sfsutcliffe: Yes, everyone that was my personal yearly tweet. If you missed it, too bad... #snarkasm
"@judell: The P in P2P is People. #thali" #indieweb
“The "joke" becomes real, the brogrammer becomes the flat, oppressive ideal…” @katelosse
RT @LeaVerou: TIL there are 2 justification algos, a good one and a crappy & fast one. Browsers use the latter. by @elliotjaystocks
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