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RT @deanna: Sidebar, the dissonance of saying things like "who remembers Usenet" and "who remembers IRC" and have @bruces smiling in front of you... 😬
RT @debcha: Ferguson police sharply analogous to domestic abuse: being terrorized in your own home by someone who insists you brought it upon yourself.
RT @dalmaer: Resolving URLs the easy way vs. the responsible way
Really @bbcdoctorwho? Don't write clichéd linkbait headlines, and post video using html5, not your crappy app. You're better than this.
RT @EM_Educator: Only 13 days to enter the #PKTeach contest. Tell us how you want to change the world of med ed. Deadline 8/31
RT @birgittaj: “@thei100: 90-year-old Holocaust survivor arrested in Ferguson”
RT @sarahjeong: Some decry the repression in Ferguson as un-American -- something Other or foreign. To me it feels like a visceral truth.
“They want white St. Louis to quit it with the knee-jerk paternalism and actually hear their message.” - @jeffsmithmo
RT @deanna: Fantastic read for #Ferguson context by @jeffsmithmo -- keep going til the lesson of white paternalism at the end:
RT @wayfaringreader: Like this b/c it's actually about ALS RT @AllieEsiri: Watch this! “@Ginabellman: My ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge!
RT @Zac_R: #Furgeson RT “@thom_wong: Mike Brown was shot TWICE as many times as all firearms discharged by British Police last year.
RT @Suw: Bequest mazes and sinister buttocks - the risks of Rogeting.
RT @sarahkendzior: Protesters did not "loot" McDonalds. They broke in to get milk to pour on faces of those gassed by the police
RT @cameo: Pro tip: Don’t call someone a motherfucker when you are asking for their twitter handle. @SofyanBoudouni
RT @brandonnn: weird how it only took ~3 months for John Oliver to go from plucky underdog to the only TV news program doing effective long-form journalism
RT @seriouspony: Most use 'favorite' as bookmarking/read-later. I want MOAR CHOICES: * Bookmark * Fist Bump * I'm Here For You * OMG ADORABLE I CANT EVEN
“I Quit Liking Things On Facebook for Two Weeks. Here’s How It Changed My View of Humanity” by @schmutzie #indieweb
RT @Pinboard: Preliminary link rot results are that 25% of bookmarks saved in 2009 are dead, and 17% saved in 2011 are gone. Spreadsheet to follow
RT @seriouspony: Twitter f’d up Favorite #173: I've used Favorite to show support for someone, but w/ less risk of harassment than RT'ing them or @- replying
RT @mims: The lesson of YouTube is not that humans are bizarre, but that our bizarre needs were not served by mass media.
You want to know what @ev really lost by killing 3rd party apps? Watch this: http:// @nickbilton @StartupLJackson
You want to know what @ev really lost by killing 3rd party apps? Watch this: http:// @nickbilton @StartupLJackson
RT @quinnnorton: .@taoeffect @killerswan @xor when you’re done with that, this has made a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives:
“changing IBM is like trying to change Sweden, and it would require diplomatic and bureaucratic work…” @EdwardTufte
RT @stubbornella: Learning to understand by stepping outside your comfort zone: by @polotek Fantastic, esp the bits about listening.
RT @rabble: @cdixon Or earlier if they'd allowed federation and made microblogging / twitter in to a powerful protocol?
"@juhasaarinen: Why is the TV displaying Zooey Deschanel?" that's its new default state. It really spoils @GreatDismal's Neuromancer's open…
RT @gruber: @heathr I wrote about her the way I think she wants to be written about. As a remarkable athlete, first and foremost.
RT @Worryingmysheep: @willtramp I'll see your hip hop carrot and raise you a seductive parsnip
RT @willtramp: If you find a picture of a more hip hop looking carrot than this today then I'll be impressed.
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