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Homebrew Website Club (@ Mozilla San Francisco)
Judging by the responses @dickc got on #askcostolo twitter needs to stop being the hate speech wing of the free speech party by @marcoarment confirms my iOS design fragmentation post, and says Apple is solving it.
Edison: "invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" as Menlo Park gets very hot in the summer and he didn't invent air conditioning.
RT @Gingerhazing: yknow if I were gonna fake interests for social status I'd choose a group with less sad judgmental nerds
got sent a file in .psd format. Tried to download @Photoshop trial to inspect it for layers. @creativecloud gives -1712 error. *silo sigh*
RT @timbray: ∀ 𝑥 ∃ 𝑥.js
RT @john_overholt: Great use of the pie chart here to show that these 7 books comprise all the fiction ever written. #tuftewept
“Our fantasy homes are busy with bright things yet old. Our pins and dreams are not beige.” - @ftrain
RT @tom_watson: Well done @OpenRightsGroup. You chalked up a little victory yesterday:
RT @KuraFire: @iroc @seriouspony @nebrius I was actually thinking about this today: Flaminga but with not just Twitter as a stream, but also its own.
RT @glynmoody: this is the greatest speech ever made about #copyright - if you don't know it, you're in for a treat (v @techdirt)
RT @ginatrapani: For each time harassers in the mentions column made me + others feel threatened & helpless, hope @dickc is paying attention to #askcostolo
Started using @SlackHQ seriously to collaborate in a startup. One reaction "this is so great! the app's going on my home screen right now."
RT @skinny: Why do you let users fill out lengthy form to report abuse and only at the end tell us you can't unless it's directed at you? #askcostolo
RT @benwerd: I love this photo of @erinjo, @kevinmarks and me, by @dsearls: At the start of the @withknown adventure.
RT @debcha: @seriouspony This is probably the most important thing I got from reading THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EVERYDAY THINGS lo these many years ago.
RT @TracyAnnO: So many people, well known & other are DM-ing now saying they can't even get into debate on here any more.People are scared of backlash. :(
RT @divya: To just 'bestow' me - a total stranger - a new name is an utterly privileged douchebaggery.
RT @kmin: Fun piece & reminds me of the Valentine monologue from "Arcadia" (know it?): “You Are Not Late” by @kevin2kelly
RT @shannonwoodward: If you haven't watched THE INTERNET'S OWN BOY, you don't understand the Internet.
RT @lifewinning: really trying to make Weird LinkedIn a thing
RT @cdixon: You can't starve the long tail and still have a healthy developer ecosystem.
RT @stubbornella: *really* interesting take on style guide driven development @lonelyplanet from @ianfeather a must read!
RT @netik: @pmarca Twitter. You met me when we were 13 employees. You probably don't remember that. :)
RT @zeynep: Algorithmic experiments bother people because they break down the fourth wall—they show us how everything is filtered, outside our power.
“[the public can] receive messages through a variety of web-based formats such as websites and social media” #posse
RT @zahedab: Response period open for #openstandards challenge : Public #Emergency Alert Messaging. Input welcome from all.
RT @sprockethouse: "Why I Love User Stories" "As an actor, I want to complete a gaol to achieve this value" <— love this formulation
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