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I'm up next :) #thenextweb @ The Next Web Europe
First time I've had the 8.... Wow... @ Café Gollem
Had no idea hoegaarden makes a completely different beer, their "grand cru", pretty damn good cc:…
Also, I noticed more people on the @dogecoin subreddit than bitcoin. It also appears they will pass bitcoin on subscribers soon...crazy!
Sat down with @dogecoin founder @jacksonpalmer, foundation episode coming soon!
Next stop 'The Next Web' conference in Amsterdam :)
RT @tferriss: The Tim Ferriss Podcast is Live! Here Are Episodes 1 and 2 Finally!
Found out my cousin Scott passed away last night. He built me my first computer. RIP Scott, you'll be…
RT @tferriss: Excited to see my buddy bring his print mag to the web! Follow him for great street art pics: @visualweapon
Watching tonyhawk tearing it up. Amazing!
The Knife @ Fox Theater
How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained) - still reading but great so far:
RT @arneduncan: TN’s Madison HS is teaching its students to #code – we need more schools to follow their example:
VERY VERY promising project, what javascript did for the web, this will do for the block chain, watch the video:
Egg flip fail 😖. Help me linecook jamieoliver billniles
RT @jacksonpalmer: Awesome interview today with @kevinrose about #dogecoin - let's get that beer soon. To the moon!
RT @rsarver: Can't wait to see what @jw builds for local discovery "Ex-Gowalla Founders Raise $2.1M for Last"
Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as The Late Show host
Shooting two foundation videos tomorrow :)
Check out this amazing green tea my friends from Seven Cups sent me, it's called Tai Ping Hou Kui.
I just backed The Micro: The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer on @Kickstarter
so now that we've had raccoons and humans, thinking birds, possums, or possibly cats are next to attack.
so now that we've had raccoon and humans, thinking birds, possums, or possibly cats are next to attack.
crazy how they went back into the diggnation archive to find some bad jokes, always knew those would come back at some point.
flyer got cut off, but it also mentioned diggnation, calling it a "terrible program" and quoted my bad joke about scissors and teat
SF is such a great place, definitely need to figure out a way to keep the diversity
As well as restore what they've already lost over the last decade. - Spidra Webster
My house was protested today by anti-tech folks, they had a large banner saying "Kevin Rose Parasite",…
:( - Not Me
"Anti-tech" is a curious framing since, I suspect, the protest is about economic power structure and local politics. The 'computer technology' part is swappable. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
they recoded video on an android phone and said they were going to post it to youtube, which i thought odd.
that said, I did agree w/ them that we need to solve rising rents, keep the SF culture, and crack down on landlords booting folks out.
Great content from @mulligan "Apps should wait until the user can be shown benefits before requesting permissions"
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