hmmm looking for a small low light compact, looks like the LX7 has the best macro compact, thanks all!
Great night, we just submitted @tiiny 2.0 to the app store, a handful of new features and bug fixes :)
Help: name of the movie, big dude, chokes someone out at convince store, boots leave marks on floor
camera friends, low light macro lens for the Sony a7s?
the heart collection is horrible, there, i said it
RT @Testy69: @Testy69 @kevinrose it's Bear hunting season in Green Bay!
Follow me on the snapchats: "thekrose"
here we go, #GoPackGo
RT @Peter_Poopy: @kevinrose Just open your heart and great things happen. #puke
Heading back home tomorrow, can't wait to see this little dude 😊🐩
Just used the app "Reserve" in NYC. Think uber for restaurants, I just walked out and it charged my…
Up3 looks pretty awesome, congrats @Jawbone / @hosain :)
Thanksgiving croissant filled with stuffing turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce 😳 wow... Thank you…
Help us test Tiiny 2.0 beta (iOS), sign up here (first 500 people):
Congrats to @Buttercoin, they've launched (today) a US-based #Bitcoin Marketplace, great alternative to overseas exchanges. #investor :)
RT @hemeon: Can't wait to show you guys @tiiny 2- our new reply feature is epic \m/ \m/ :)
RT @HistoryInPics: Electricians working on the Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1937
at #ycdemoday w/ @kraneland & @hutchins, great new batch of startups. two so far I'm looking to invest in through @GoogleVentures :)
a very important video to watch for any entrepreneur,
working on our first app today :) hope to have this one out in a few weeks to test some assumptions
hiring full-stack engineer, must be willing to fail trying nonsensical/ill-advised ideas, lots of them. email us:
huge news for me today, I'm back in the game!: &
tomorrow is going to be awesome. well, today was awesome also…but tomorrow!
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