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great question, not sure! “@rrbrambley: @kevinrose did Google choose not to submit them to the Appstore, or did Amazon not accept them?”
really sucks that the amazon app store doesn't have chrome/drive or any of the google apps. I'd switch over if they did :\
android hardware/software wise I love that amazon is in the game, loving the movies, mayday, etc. my huge issue is the app store
He just does this randomly :)
Miss you Dad, happy Father's Day. Glad you're at peace and free. ❤️
RT @davidbyttow: Impossible to have a conversation in Slingshot.
At the new Samovar Tea Bar (15th & Valencia) opened today!
At the new samovar tea lounge - 15 & Valencia, opens today!!
My new shoes, old socks...
Last day in Germany #bratwurst @ Goldener Reiter
RT @tferriss: .@kevinrose has pledged to a month of no alcohol - June 5 to July 5. Pls help keep him honest! Or catch him for me. Have a great weekend.
hay ...kevin Rose - Asraf Kamim Rasya
Leaning Omnifocus 2, so far so good, solid app for tracking projects/tasks/etc.
Beer o'clock in 🇬🇧 @ The Marquis of Granby
hay broo - Asraf Kamim Rasya
RT @brooke: Wealthfront Hits $1 Billion Milestone - Businessweek via @BW
whoa, this was the picture, anyone in London recognize this plate?
whoa, this was the picture, anyone in London recognize this plate?
RT @echoespaul: @kevinrose Was it this tweet? , plate photo may assist people as it has a logo.
London friends, there was a great crumpet/breakfast/tea place near westbourne i visited a few yrs ago, any idea what the name would be?
Three new books from @jamieoliver's FoodTube, on sale tomorrow. Definitely making the "radonkulous ribs"
Ahhhhh ... Coffee.
The new St. Vincent ham chop... Omg @ St Vincent
Kevin Rose on Charlie Rose -
Kevin Rose on Charlie Rose
merit badges should be open source and able to be forked by others… so much could be done here.
As an eagle scout I'm really ashamed of their anti-gay policy. I'll gladly fund anyone, right now, that builds an open source competitor
RT @BreakingNews: Boy Scouts president says he would have allowed gay adults in group, but opposes new discussion of policy - @AP
more than success, what I want is to pursue those types of ideas, I'd rather fail with something original over and over again. rant over.
i keep trying to do this, daily. it's really hard.
the original ideas are hiding all around us, we just can't see them. you have to force your brain to jump the tracks of normal thought
as a founder it's easy to be attracted to the "I'll just make x better" ideas… ideas that are copied or based upon the work of others…
RT @mulligan: @kevinrose but it sounds like an apple ad so it must be as good as an apple product.
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