tomorrow is going to be awesome. well, today was awesome also…but tomorrow!
Summer tomato(s) @ range restaurant
thanks all, test over, looks like we crashed it :), just helping a new startup test some things, more soon
testing this out for a min, meet me here?
got a demo of the new @foursquare from @dens the other night, really really loving where they are going, excited for the launch!
Going live with @leolaporte in 10'ish mins, , tune in!
had a great time on @leolaporte's Triangulation today, video here:
And now I have an audience . . .
RT @ummjackson: Video: This poodle dancing video has always kinda freaked me out.
Nothing like the fresh brew..
trying out a new shopping startup for guys, so far it's pretty awesome, use my link for $25 off if interested
Wow, my wife made me this!! 😘👰😍👏👏
playing w/ not-for-profit cryptocurrency "Stellar", they give u 500 for signing up, check it: my username: thekrose
Note: I have no affiliation w/ Stellar and it's free/ open-source :)
Forage: Ingredient delivery for restaurant recipes via @kevinrose on @producthunt
I thought I'd seen it all from @tferriss, he makes diggnation look tame:
the low hanging fruit is the easiest to obtain, but often times over picked.
.@hemeon "Is there an Uber for Hot Pockets?" #Brilliant
Spent this weekend prototyping a little project with @hemeon. Feels great to be building something…
I'm without a doubt a very lucky man :) #amazingwife #amazingdog
Playing around on the half pipe tonight 😬
Wow, shocked, Rodney Mullen... #fanboy #omg #omg #.........
I swear when I was 18 I could do the entire rail. First time trying a rail in prob 10yrs. #old #37
Foundation 39 // Anthony Casalena -
Foundation 39 // Anthony Casalena
Swatch #sistem51, 17 new pending patents, only 51 parts. Just got mine today! Retails for $150. Read…
Toaster discovers the hidden daryarose :)
Lunch with @dburka, my partner in product design for many years. Daniel took my text "+digg" and…
The banquet beer since 1873.
it is a paid app, but you get 10 sessions for free, that's what hooked me on meditation, give it a shot.
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