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Foundation 39 // Anthony Casalena -
Foundation 39 // Anthony Casalena
Swatch #sistem51, 17 new pending patents, only 51 parts. Just got mine today! Retails for $150. Read…
Toaster discovers the hidden daryarose :)
Lunch with @dburka, my partner in product design for many years. Daniel took my text "+digg" and…
The banquet beer since 1873.
it is a paid app, but you get 10 sessions for free, that's what hooked me on meditation, give it a shot.
this is going to sound like an ad, but the Headspace meditation app is amazing. I'm 27 days in and loving it -
Someone wants dinner early...
RT @RiffRaff41: The tables have turned.
A new Foundation episode is out, one of my favorite product builders, @acasalena, check it:
My latest @GoogleVentures investment, "Reserve", by the founder of Uber (@gmc) :) - sign up for early access here:
this drone video is just nuts… i now see the order, first they bring us drinks, then they net us and kills us…
Mirror pond time in Vegas, visiting family for the 4th! 🇺🇸 @ Yard House - Las Vegas, Red Rock Resort
Janine Zargar, a missionary health care professional had chosen her career in the medical profession a long while ago, and even at that time she did not hesitated to try employing the unusual ways of curing the patients with the alternate medicines, when it was not much popular in the medical arena. She succeeded in whatever she did, and gradually people started believing her for the healing touch she is able to provide to her patients. - MoshenZargar
Day #20 today of not drinking. I don't miss drinking drinking, but I do miss a glass of wine… if that makes sense.
Vote for your favorite SF chef, Bill Niles gets my vote, old-school diggnation fan and makes a killer pork chop
Inc. Magazine
RT @hak42: @kevinrose So they can charge you twice as much when you lose them.
Car rental companies, why two keys on the locked loop? I just need one key.
RT @benparr: Superman ref body slams USA player. *sigh* #USAvsGER
“Former secretary of state Colin Powell says that leadership is the ability to…” — via @Glose
RT @khoi: Android is def getting cleaner. Not necessarily more beautiful, but cleaner.
RT @kraneland: This just happened. "We interrupt this keynote for a short protest." Never dull... #io14
for those that have no idea what I'm talking about … keep calm and carry on
for those of you following our house drama, we decided the best outcome is to preserve the house.
for those of you following our house drama, we decided the best outcome is to preserving the house.
RT @karaswisher: Google's Nest buys Dropcam for $555 million via @LizGannes
i've met a lot of successful founders over the years, one trait share is perseverance. @davemorin is back today w/ Path Talk v1.0
I also love that he's on ProductHunt answering questions, like lots of them:
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