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RT @rgfeal: Read my "Expanding Career Horizons: Possibilities, Pitfalls." #altac @AHAhistorians
By the by, we’d be grateful for RTs of that last. Thanks!
We’re looking for a great WP/BP developer to help us build the future of @MLACommons. Join us!
So maybe the upside of the sudden return to winter will be that it puts the kibosh on my spring allergies? Yes? Please?
RT @MLAnews: Learn more about how the MLA has responded to the Heartbleed bug:
RT @brettbobley: William D. Adams, Pres. of Colby College RT @NEHgov White House announces intent to nominate new @NEHgov chairman
We’re looking for a great WP/BP developer to join the @MLACommons team:
In particular, regarding that last RT, don’t miss the new interactive map documenting @CLIRnews’s reach:
RT @nowviskie: And really, don't miss all the good news & wonderful work highlighted in the latest @CLIRnews newsletter:
RT @jeresig: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden live updates cherry blossoms blooming. It just started!
Rock on, @captain_primate! (And I hope you get that nap.)
Beginning the trip home from an energizing conference in Vienna, put on by the SSRC and the IWM, on Threats to Scholarly Knowledge.
Other tips on jetlag mgmt for short business trips, for what they're worth: eat twice as much breakfast as usual, and drink ALL THE COFFEE.
I'm hopeful that all that walking in the sun helped with the clock-resetting. But I guess I'll find out.
Had a lovely dinner and managed to keep myself awake until after 9 pm. And then couldn't really get to sleep until 11.15, but slept until 8.
We'll see how well my jetlag avoidance program for this trip works. Arrived yesterday morning, ate breakfast, took 2-hr nap, walked 4 hours.
Good morning, Vienna! After a slightly bumpy start, I succeeded in getting 9ish hours of sleep last night. Now breakfast and a bit of work.
This morning, Paul Ryan called for the complete elimination of funding for the NEH in his FY2015 budget plan:
RT @brettbobley: Happy NEH is giving Start-Up to Modern Language Association to build humanities-wide OA repository w/Columbia U. @kfitz @rrkennison @rgfeal
Thanks for everything you did for @thatcamp, @amandafrench, and everything you did for the many folks who’ve been its beneficiaries! Onward!
I have a chicken roasting in my oven, a nice bottle of white open, and a good book on my lap. Pretty much perfect for a rainy Sunday.
“ ‘He is 74 years old and he is tired,’ he said.” I’m just… Huh.
Hang on. Christie announces the resignation of the chair of the Port Authority? I’m sure I’ll process this in a sec.
RT @MLAconvention: Are you planning a session for #mla15? Don’t forget to submit your program copy by 4/1. Go to for forms.
We’re very excited, and we’re looking forward to creating more possibilities for open communication among scholars in the humanities.
So we’re bringing together a scholarly social network with a platform for depositing, sharing, discovering, and retrieving scholarly work. +
The @MLACommons-@ColumbiaCDRS collab that received an @NEHgov digital start-up grant today will connect @CBOX with a repository system. +
RT @MLACommons: The MLA is very happy to receive support from @NEHgov for our collaboration with @ColumbiaCDRS on Humanities CORE:
RT @rgfeal: The MLA is thrilled to be among them! MT @jasonrhody Congrats to all NEH grant awardees! via @NEHgov
RT @MLAnews: Join the MLA and @HumanitiesAll in supporting the NEH:
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