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RT @WesleyLowery: Cpt. Johnson WALKED in the march. "We're all in this together...we're not in this for fear, to intimidate."
RT @SaraLang: Stop what you're doing and read this: #Ferguson
RT @TheAtlantic: Turning policemen into soldiers: Another poisoned fruit of the post-9/11 sensibility #Ferguson
RT @Salon: A black person is killed every 28 hours in the U.S. by law enforcement. It's time to acknowledge we're under siege
RT @manofsteele: Standing in tear gas, protestor holds up a sign: "Hands up don't shoot, #JusticeForMikeBrown pic by @pdchris
RT @kristenwarner: Braverman Cancer Levels of Tears. RT @hystericalblkns: This. Breaks. My. Heart.
How much do I love @ftrain? Probably more than it’s polite to say.
RT @DSHjournal: Proudly announcing @DSHjournal which will replace #LLCjournal from 2015 onwards. New name, broader mission to serve #DH in a better way.
To contact customer service, you have to log in. Which... *sigh*
I no longer have access to the email address tied to that account. And can’t log in to change it. So trying to contact customer service. +
I haven’t ordered anything from this seller for a while & my login isn’t working. Resetting the password does the email-with-a-link thing. +
I am trying very hard not to order a certain book I need to order from a certain online bookseller. So I’m going to order it from another! +
FCC makes public comments on net neutrality more accessible, seeks data analysis that can assist with understanding.
RT @MLAnews: Newly launched 6th ed of the Literary Research Guide is available for free through 8/31.
RT @djp2025: Got something to say about the dissertation and its function in graduate training? Contribute!… @grad_train21c @RayS6
What is the web-based equivalent of the stage’s “break a leg”?
RT @katinalynn: The @scholarslab #codespeak kit is here: More abt the Speaking in Code summit it’s based on:
RT @katinalynn: Talk about dismantling barriers. @scholarslab’s #codespeak toolkit equips anyone to host similar convo on tacit knowledge, access, & more. +
RT @NEH_ODH: Pleased to announce Seven Digital Humanities Implementation Grants. Congratulations to the awardees!
Not okay, @tempoai.
I did not give @tempoai access to my contacts so that it could check up on them without my asking.
.@tempoai just sent me an email telling me to congratulate two of my contacts on things they’ve recently accomplished.
RT @MLAnews: Good news: House Appropriations Committee has rescinded the proposed $8M @NEHgov budget cut. Thanks to all who spoke out!
When I said that I was going to need to sleep for a day or two once I got to Paris, I thought I was exaggerating. Judging by today, though…
Have arrived in Paris after a week in Berlin and a week in Lausanne. This is not likely to be the worst summer I have ever had.
At Lausanne Gare, bidding farewell to #dh2014. Thanks all for a great conference!
.@nowviskie Just gorgeous, B, and so important. Thank you.
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