Kevin Fox
Just finished porting my site from Wordpress to Jekyll after being hacked periodically for years. Ahh, sweet static html.
Q: what's the best Jekyll equivalent in Python (say, using rst as markdown) ? - Adriano
Love this in light of the article Micah posted yesterday: Almost has me wondering if there is a bit of an underground trend back to static html going around. There was also that recent Guardian article about graphic designers ruining the web which was a bit misguided but had some nuggets of truth/importance. I don't have anything against dynamic content if it's needed, but how often is it really needed? - Laura Norvig
*some sort of Hyde-related/404 humorous comment* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
There's totally a Python Jekyll imitator named "Hyde": BTW, I wrote my own one of these if you're interested in helping out would love to get input. See - Steve and 4 other people