Kevin Fox
I've been on Google Wave for a full 15 minutes and nobody's waved me. Pout.
I haven't RTFM'd yet. How do I "wave" someone? - Spidra Webster
Okay, finally figured it out. - Spidra Webster
Please disregard. I'm now drowning. - Kevin Fox
Added you Kevin. - AJ Batac
I like Kevin's last comment. (glub glub) - Louis Gray
Still no invite. But dass ok. I don't have fans on my MacBook Pro to keep it cool. In fact, I don't even have a MacBook Pro. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Heheh, like Ja send an invite my way and i'll ~ ya too:) - Gordon Swaby
what JA said. - Laura Norvig
I'm late. /me pours a little more water into the ocean. - EricaJoy
Yup. It's a bit lonely there right now … and I have no invites! - Joe D'Andrea
Laura, how come you don't have an acct? It seems like you've got "an in". BTW, where does the Invite UI show up? I've got an acct., but I can't figure out how to invite others. Is it just not there when you have none? - Steve and 4 other people
Not everybody gets invites. IIRC only the first wave of invitees got invites. Not 100% on that though. - EricaJoy from IM
I thought people who get invited from a friend don't get invites? - Outsanity
By invitees, I meant "people who got invited to use wave directly from the wave team." - EricaJoy from IM
EricaJoy: That would explain it. - Joe D'Andrea
Steve, I finally got mine. It just took awhile. - Laura Norvig
I'd be there waving to you, but don't want my firefox browser to crash anymore - so holding off on going back into wave until it becomes more friendly. I shouldn't have to download their browser to use their tools. That is so 1999. :-) - Dan owns
I use wave in Firefox. Works nicely. - EricaJoy from IM
Just waved as well. But without any notion of presence, I can never tell if there's someone on the other end of the line. - Carter ♥ JS
works fine in Firefox for me at work. A little slow at home on my pre-Intel Mac. - Laura Norvig
Kevin what's your wave acct? I'm - anna sauce
yikes - it's verified, I do not know how to read. ok. - anna sauce
Carter, there is presence. If you see a green dot, the person is online. - Daniel Dulitz
Daniel, not at the moment in the public instance ;-). But the Wave team has promised there'll be presence in the public Wave as soon as possible. - Adam Lasnik
You need to invite me for that. - ThinkEzy
Oops, my bad. :-/ - Daniel Dulitz
No worries, Daniel! With 3 instances of Wave now (corp, dev, preview), it *does* get confusing, especially when you have them in three adjacent tabs :P - Adam Lasnik