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Benjamin Golub
We added a few features you might have missed recently: support for thumbnails ( and "Best of" for users/groups on the iPhone (
Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 3.05.19 PM.png
Rumors of FriendFeed's death are greatly exaggerated. (Thank you, Ben!) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, guys :) - Franc, a rememberer
Stephen, very happy to see new features like this, but I think the "death" part is the major users reducing their activity. I'd love to see some support from Facebook in promoting FriendFeed more to encourage those users to go back. Or maybe they don't want to? Regardless, bonus for me! Thanks Benjamin - you're awesome! - Jesse Stay
Jesse, fair enough but major users always did come and go. Some of the departees who left said they were doing so because there was no new development. Clearly not all development is halted. Last week Paul hinted that FF may receive a major new feature, and characterized his participation as "20% time" -- I'll take that. - Stephen Mack
I backed down off the all caps. The group "best of" is really useful, love it. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I agree - I'd just like some confirmation that Facebook cares about all this so I can know whether to focus my efforts on Facebook or FriendFeed or both. - Jesse Stay
I noticed the best of on the iPhone the other day, wrote it out on a cake and then ated it. - Josh Haley
Thanks for the update Ben - AJ Batac
Jesse, I think you should focus where your users are focused. What do SocialToo users want? But if they want Facebook focus, you should still keep an eye on FriendFeed, since the future Facebook will look a lot more like FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, I'm not sure we know that. - Jesse Stay
Paul Buchheit said the FB acquisition was attractive because of shared vision/direction. I would be surprised if a lot of that vision wasn't already embodied in this product right here. - Bruce Lewis
ffcode: you can do that. Here is the "Best of week" from one year ago: - Benjamin Golub
ITS ALIVE!!!!!!! MUH HA HA - Roberto Bonini
آقا دستت دردنکنه :دی - گیلداد
RT @matsumotory: TrusterdというRubyで設定がかけるHTTP/2なWebサーバがありまして、そいつは動的コンテンツとしてなんとmrubyが動くんです!!!!
RT @kinaba: しかしやっぱりみなさんコンパイラのひとつやふたつ数時間で作れる人がたくさんいることが明らかになったので毎週末1つずつ言語作るとかやりましょう
RT @fluor_doublet: 芋羊羹と C4 が似ている・・・・?
RT @mad_p: 訂正記事。fragmentは攻撃者のサーバーには送られないが、そこからhtmlを読む以上、JS仕込まれてトークン抜かれる / “Implicit Flow では Covert Redirect で Token 漏れるね - OAu…”
Robert Scoble
@paulcarr let's continue our hangman game on FriendFeed so we don't piss off all our Twitter friends. Here:
...Hangman, Scoble? - Ben Parr
My next try: "e" - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I know! I know! - Jesse Stay
Can I buy a vowel? - Rob La Gesse
Can I have an "r" and Jesse if you solve it you will save me. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
o-+-< - Jesse Stay
w....h..... - Dennis O'Neil
Sounds like something a dog would say - Jesse Stay
Robert o-+- (you lost the legs) - Jesse Stay
Robert, look at Paul's FF page, I already solved it for you. - NOT THE CRICKET
Oh wait -are we gaining or losing appendages here? - Jesse Stay
Jimminy then solve it here! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Paul: "c" - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Try an "F" Robert. - NOT THE CRICKET
+-< - Jesse Stay
Thank goodness :) - Craig Eddy
Paul: "f" - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Nicholas posted it, for you, and then edited it out. LOL - NOT THE CRICKET
Ooh - are you drawing the actual hanging device as well? I thought we just draw the man. - Jesse Stay
Nicholas, you could have also dropped Tara or Cory's name, and I think he would have a good hint also. - NOT THE CRICKET
STUFFIE - Jesse Stay
FLUFFIE - Jesse Stay
Here - this will help Robert: - Jesse Stay
that would be too simple. whuffie - Rachel Clarke
Can I have a "t"? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Heh. W - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I just wanted to lose cause I feel like hanging myself. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Can I have a w? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert, you need to interview @chamillionaire for Building43 - Jesse Stay
Can I have an "h"? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Don't leave us, uh, hanging! - Jesse Stay
You're killing us! - Jesse Stay
I'm all choked up - Jesse Stay
I was wondering what all this real-time web stuff was for .... now I get it - Charlie Anzman
It's gotta be "whuffie" - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. - NOT THE CRICKET
Ha! Who knew hangman could be a spectator sport? Very fun. Great commentary. - Tony "Frosty" Welch
Ross Miller
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Cool. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
So it's all done with Legos. Brilliant! - Jack&Cleo
That is such a great video! - Anne Bouey
Cool, I loved the first one!! woo hoo!! :D - Susan Beebe
Wow! - Brian Johns
Great memories, indeed! - April Buchheit from iPhone
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Art by K. Gill: 09-12-13. Project Google Birdhouse, a 2012 project by Taiwanese designer Shu-Chun Hsiao. -
Art by K. Gill: 09-12-13. Project Google Birdhouse, a 2012 project by Taiwanese designer Shu-Chun Hsiao.
O... M... G. - My app just passed the Mom test!
!!! Complete authenticity: /my/ mom. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Art by K. Gill: 06-22-13. Maxwell in April, sticking out his tongue. -
Art by K. Gill: 06-22-13. Maxwell in April, sticking out his tongue.
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Art by K. Gill: 06-21-13. Lincoln wearing 3-D glasses on a bag of popcorn at Meijer. -
Art by K. Gill: 06-21-13. Lincoln wearing 3-D glasses on a bag of popcorn at Meijer.
Bruce Lewis
I walked the length of High Line park the morning of my last day of training and took a few more pictures of Google NYC. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce Lewis
I took a walk in the morning to Madison Square Park, then continued with more training, this time with homework. - Bruce Lewis
Steve C, Team Marina
Staples starts selling The Cube 3-D printer - May. 3, 2013 -
Staples starts selling The Cube 3-D printer - May. 3, 2013
"Staples (SPLS, Fortune 500) says it is the first major U.S. retailer to sell a 3-D printer. It began selling The Cube, made by 3D Systems (DDD), on Friday, and the printer will hit "many" of the retailer's brick-and-mortar stores by June." $1300 - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
At $1300 within a year it'll be about $500 since there are 12 other manufactures releasing them in 2013. - Steve C, Team Marina
Steve C, Team Marina
Watch: Astronaut wrings out washcloth in space, and it's stunning - -
Watch: Astronaut wrings out washcloth in space, and it's stunning -
"This week, commander Chris Hadfield, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, demonstrated what happens when you get a washcloth soaking in space and then wring it out. The experiment, called "Wring It Out" was designed by two 10th-graders in Nova Scotia. Kendra Lamke and Meredith Hatfield won a contest sponsored by the Canada Space Agency to come up with an experiment for an astronaut to perform in micro-gravity." - Steve C, Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Let's hear it for surface tension! - Brian Johns
Also, Canadian astronauts make great commentators, based on this particular example. - Walt Crawford
Wires: Before | After
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I'm not that organized, but I have at least labelled all my cables. And this past year, I even put banana plugs on all my speaker cables, so the next time I have to hook it all up should go a good bit faster. - Andrew C (✔)
Yep, I'm a happily labeled man now too. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Well played, MICHAH. - Jenny H.
Bruce Lewis
Do you use Google image search? What do you like about it? What would you like to see change?
Haven't tried it yet. - Todd Hoff
Yes. I'm not wild about the most recent rev. I liked it better when you didn't get a pop-up (javascript?) window when trying to hit an image link. Besides using it to look for pictures to use for memes and jokes (isn't that what most people do?), I like using it to check that the hits I'm getting are about what I'm really looking for. So, for instance, I'm having to make up work on a... more... - Spidra Webster
I'm surprised you like the old version better -- the landing page with the full size image superimposed over the page it's on, then you had to press the back button and click the next result? - Bruce Lewis
Hmm. I wonder if I'm describing it right. As I recall, I used to search on Then I'd select "Images" tab and get a bunch of thumbnails of images with the site and the image size. And when I hit the thumbnails I could check the site. It's not that I abhor the concept of a preview. But in practice those windows (whether they're made with javascript or whatever) tend to be buggy... more... - Spidra Webster
I like being able to do reverse image searches (i.e., enter an image url and find the source). I don't always find what I'm looking for, but it's a nice feature to have. - John (bird whisperer)
Sorry about that, Spidra. - Bruce Lewis
John, I like that too. - Bruce Lewis
I like the pictures. - Jenny H.
I do use it - I didn't particularly like the adjustment to the image view, mostly because it wasn't obvious the first several times that the behavior had changed (that I needed to click something to close) and it meant that I had to move the mouse around more. Other than that, I've found it pretty useful. I'd love to more easily discard results selectively, when images show up that aren't at all what I was looking for. - Jennifer Dittrich
What John said. A reverse image search would be great but I have no idea whether it's even possible. - Spidra Webster
Jennifer, try the arrow buttons. The discarding idea is interesting. - Bruce Lewis
Spidra, is there a camera icon in the right side of your Google search box? I don't know if it's on all browsers. If it's there, click it for search by image. - Bruce Lewis
It's been pretty terrible. I've complained about it several times. I dislike not being able to see snippets of the search results text and having to mouse over or click to even see which website each result comes from. I guess that new "try these, too" feature could be of some use eventually, but I'm still extremely annoyed with the latest changes. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I tend to start my Google searches using the search box at the upper right hand of Safari. I usually only go to Google's home page when there's a particular doodle I want to see. There's no camera icon there. - Spidra Webster
Kamilah, there's a tradeoff between space for text and space for images...I wonder how hard it would be to give people a choice. - Bruce Lewis
I use it to find pictures to enhance my FriendFeed posts. :) - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
@Spidra - there already is reverse image search. I use it via the Firefox extension "Who Stole My Pics" (maybe an overly confrontational name) which lets me do reverse image search straight from the right click context menu. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Ah. I'm off Firefox for the moment because it's been crashy for me. I was trying to remember why I most wanted a reverse search and I think it's for ID purposes. When I have a photo of some plant or something and I want to know what I'm looking at, it's my hope that matching it with the same photo or similar ones will lead me to the info. - Spidra Webster
I use it to look up colors of different superheroes for my son when he is coloring them - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Finding the exact photo might help, but a merely similar photo, graphically, will almost definitely be of another plant. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Yeah, I figure the tech just isn't there yet. But I can dream. - Spidra Webster
I like the new format: the ability to preview an image, go directly to the original image, and to see similar images to the one I am previewing. - Friar Will
OT, but if Firefox is crashing for you, you might try turning off hardware acceleration... I've heard that's been unstable lately. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Oh, jeez, yeah, I use it all the time. I use it on the reference desk, in the way that librarians use clip art books for patrons wanting specific images. I used it got tattoo ideas. I use it to look for people. I use it to look for random, strange images to share and alter. I haven't had good luck with dragging an image to the search box. It has to be very clear and specific. I'm still adjusting to the new Images, but nothing has made me too cranky. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I'm on a Mac and I don't get a camera icon (checked on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). On Chrome, there's a microphone icon inside the search box. I won't be at a PC to check until tomorrow. - bentley
When I'm in reference (and for personal searches) I use google image search all the time. We also teach it as part of Intro to Internet 2: Searching. - bentley
I wish it were easier to limit to reusable / creative commons images - since I often use it to find images for my blog or other academic illustrative purposes - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I like seeing the preview image on a page by itself when clicking the thumbnail, and having the option to visit the source page or not..rather than an overlay on the source page, potentially exposing the computer to possible malware that may be embedded on the source page. This is going to save me a lot of time, trouble, and work removing malware from some people's computers. What would... more... - April Russo
I and several of my coworkers have it as our jobs to improve image search. I seriously consider lots of ideas, especially ones accompanied by explanations of what kinds of searching they serve better and why. - Bruce Lewis
I use it all the time. Just yesterday I was trying to figure out whether my "juvenile hawk" photo was actually of a juvenile bald eagle. Browsing GIS made me think no, it really is a hawk. Besides, if I stopped using GIS, Radhika M would kill me ;) - Amit Patel
I use image search; it's awesome. I use it to identify foreign words that I suspect are nouns, to get pretty images for documents. Things to change: Personal Results don't tend to be relevant; until they are, I wish it showed fewer of them... by which I mean none. (Yes, that's a search setting, but turning it off loses my "never show results from these domains" setting.) If I have... more... - Larry Hosken
I like it, including the recent changes. I use it nearly every day but mostly on desktop. Havent tried it on the tablet yet. - Jim #teamFFrank
I just did a search for "Desmids slide" and after checking out the preview, hit the site. It took me to a completely different (porn) site. Given that I'm on MacOS, I'd be a little surprised if this switcheroo were due to a virus on my system. However, I'm afraid to try to replicate the steps in case it does lead to malware. That's the first time that's ever happened to me on Google Image Search. That is, first time a seemingly legit URL switched up to a porn one once I hit the link through Google. - Spidra Webster
Spidra, that's probably just the way the site was designed. If the user-agent comes from a search engine, it displays a fake page, otherwise it redirects to the other site (like just about any short-url service does). Probably not malware, just shady practices. - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks, Jimminy. I didn't understand that possibility. - Spidra Webster
I admit the results for past the first page weren't what I was expecting. - Amit Patel
Mike Nencetti
I think it took 5 minutes to setup the Surface. Nice!
I think it took 5 minutes to setup the Surface.  Nice!
added a bluetooth mouse, and a network printer. cant use the version of office installed, we have volume licensing. not sure how much trouble it will be to add it to the domain, since it does not have ethernet. - Mike Nencetti
88.4 gig free space - Mike Nencetti
uninstalling and reinstalling office 2013 was fast. did not time it. - Mike Nencetti
old 17 inch dell monitor does not work well. it cannot display 1600 x 1050, so you cannot clone displays, only extend. will test a newer monitor. - Mike Nencetti
a dell E2211H 21" monitor works fine, cloning and extended. this is a using a mini display port to vga adapter. - Mike Nencetti
not easy, but using vpn was able to add to the domain and create a local account. our firewall blocks much of the Windows 8 GUI - Mike Nencetti
After a reboot was able to access corporate wifi, VPN no longer needed. my only nagging issue is the occasionally slow bluetooth mouse it is a gear head. - Mike Nencetti
So far the biggest issue is the VGA to mini port adapter. Even the newer monitor does not properly connect, sometimes. I have to reconnect it multiple times to get it to work. I have tried all modes, even turning off the Surface video. Taking it home tonight. This may replace my work laptop. - Mike Nencetti
Boot up and log in using the window/power button combo worked. Kinda hard to ctrl-alt-del with a touch screen. Sitting in the car waiting for my wife. Using the iphone5 as a hotspot. - Mike Nencetti
note to self - remember to bring Surface power cable home. I suppose I had better order a 2nd one. Also left the pen at work. The Surface already knew my home WiFi password, even though I was not logged into my account. Logging in at home is quick, even with the domain id. RDP back into work via VPN is nice. My wife said the screen is too small while I was showing her Outlook 2013.. She tried to do an iPad pinch to increase font... So for some this screen size will be an issue. - Mike Nencetti
I noticed how the Win8 GUI added icons for my Citrix apps. I was puzzled as to how Office 2010 just appeared. - Mike Nencetti
Battery life is much like any other intel I5 laptop I have worked with. It does not suck, but it is no iPad. - Mike Nencetti
My Mac Mini DV to VGA adapter works better than the device I purchased from Microsoft. Odd. The fact that it is not designed for the angled Surface does not seem to matter. A least I have a solution if we purchase these for execs. - Mike Nencetti
Cannot load Win 7 remote server admin tools. Will go look for Win 8 tools if I have time. (EDIT) took about 5 min to install. Win 8 GUI added the icons. - Mike Nencetti
IE10 is touch screen, and Chrome is not, at least when using FriendFeed. I only have sporadic periods to test this. Busy week. Like it so far. It forces me to learn Windows 8. - Mike Nencetti
Do you have Chrome launched in desktop mode, or in Windows 8 mode? Either way, it should work with touch. It doesn't seem to support auto-correct, though - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Desktop mode - Mike Nencetti
the stylus works for Chrome. Not the finger. I cant click Post - Mike Nencetti
Weird. Do you think it's just because of the size of the target? I'm working on a 20" touchscreen Windows8 computer, and don't really have any issues in Chrome. That said, I have read that, on the Surface, IE (and a bunch of other apps) automatically scale things up to either 125% or 150% zoom; so maybe Chrome isn't doing that (making it more difficult to hit the target than it is in IE). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
It has something to do with Chrome, since with IE10 I can click using the same fingers that fail on Chrome. I have a Bluetooth mouse, plus the Keyboard trackpad, it is not an annoying issue. I have not had the time to Google it. (Edit. I am editing this using the IE10 browser) - Mike Nencetti
good example, in IE10 I can use my finger to scroll up and down on FF, not in Chrome. - Mike Nencetti
80$ for the ac adapter. It has a USB charging port. Was going to get a spare... - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Amit Patel
Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation - Nilofer Merchant - Harvard Business Review -
Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation - Nilofer Merchant - Harvard Business Review
"I've learned that if you want to get out of the box thinking, you need to literally get out of the box. When you step outside, you give yourself over to nature, respecting its cycles and unpredictability. It keeps me more awake to what is happening around me by experiencing the extreme heats of summer, or the frigid power of winter. It makes me present to the world around me instead of being insulated from it." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
(I posted this while sitting down) - Amit Patel
I read this sitting down. - John (bird whisperer)
I liked this while sitting down. - rönin
I'm too relaxed as I recline here to bother clicking through the link to read it. - Bruce Lewis
Hahaha - Amit Patel
I did 50 pushups within the past half-hour, I think... - MiniMage
Bruce Lewis
I should really go check Facebook to see what's been going on with my extended family.
Problem is, FriendFeed is more fun. Oh well, if it's important they'll email. - Bruce Lewis
Best of day / week works for me. - Bruce Lewis
I think an uncle had a birthday today. I haven't been on FB in a month. It's just too headache-inducing. - Anika
Hah! I think I have you beat, Anika. I was just on FB ... well ... actually about a month for me too. - Bruce Lewis
=) BTW, it's nice to see you back around here. I've missed you! - Anika
I actually went on vacation this month and didn't bring a computer. I've also been playing Ingress. I don't think I'll ever totally leave FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
I had assumed you were super busy with work. How was your vacation? - Anika
Fabulous. It was my first time ever in a warm place in February -- Cancun. - Bruce Lewis
Oh, how nice. I expect the whole family enjoyed it as well. You guys are going to get addicted. My uncle (the one whose birthday is most likely today) went to Cancun in a February 18 years ago. Now, they go down there every year. - Anika
I don't know if we'll go down every year, but I bet we'll go down again. - Bruce Lewis
Definitely everybody loved it. We swam with dolphins. - Bruce Lewis
Oh wow! That is so cool. Do you have pictures? - Anika
Bruce Lewis
OurDoings closing to new users, continuing for existing users -
OurDoings closing to new users, continuing for existing users
"I've worked out an arrangement that avoids hurting those of you who've come to rely on OurDoings. All existing users can keep going at the same level of service." - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
"The only wrinkle in all this good news is that I can't run a business that competes with my employer. OurDoings competes with Picasaweb and with Blogger. What would normally happen in this situation is that OurDoings would be shut down. But Google is not a normal company." - Micah
^ That's cool. - Micah
Bittersweet? :( - Anne Bouey
Yes, it is bittersweet. But Google is definitely worth it. - Bruce Lewis
I'm glad you were able to get a reasonable accommodation from them. - Anne Bouey
Me too. It was the opposite of cookie-cutter treatment. - Bruce Lewis
Finally got around to viewing this post. You need to remind me to start uploading pics to Picasaweb. :) I like the simplicity of taking a pic and emailing it to a site. Then having it propagate to other sites automatically. - Mike Nencetti
If time comes to stop using OurDoings I will certainly let you know. - Bruce Lewis from Android
link: 走れfluentd - オープンソースの本質を突いていると思う
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
John (bird whisperer)
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: What Happens to the Birds? -
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: What Happens to the Birds?
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: What Happens to the Birds?
"The devastating superstorm that hit the U.S. East Coast this week didn't just wreak havoc on human communities—the spawn of Hurricane Sandy also damaged habitat for coastal bird species. (See "Hurricane Sandy: Why Full Moon Makes 'Frankenstorm' More Monstrous.") We talked to Bryan Watts, director of the Center for Conservation Biology in Williamsburg, Virginia, to get a bird's-eye perspective on the disaster." - John (bird whisperer) from Bookmarklet
Bruce Lewis
Not a bad place for my train to get stuck in traffic. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce Lewis
Earlier this year, our cat Honeybear had a cancerous tumor in his eye. The eye had to be removed. It was an adjustment, but he's doing OK. - Bruce Lewis
Good night FriendFeed. Pleasant dreams! - Bruce Lewis
Bumping for Akiva. - Bruce Lewis
Just so everybody knows, he's still doing OK. - Bruce Lewis
Mike Nencetti
Odd pic I took while waiting for my wife to buy cards at Hallmark. Did not think much of it. getting +1's on Google.
This is the low res version. - Mike Nencetti
That is my wife's car parked under the tree. I have a fear of Hallmark stores. I prefer to wait outside. My wife promises she wont spend too much time, if I am with her.... - Mike Nencetti
I just saw the news. Saw. An image on a phone in a stream of collective consciousness. There's nothing new I can say that hasn't been said of Steve Jobs, except something that is, technically, unrelated: I'm going back to school. Full time. Electrical/Instrumentation training. Decision was made earlier today. Orientation is tomorrow.
I said it wasn't technically related, but of course in another sense it is - Micah
It's good news, Micah. Congrats! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Thank you, Ha3rvey. - Micah
Congrats sir! - Scott. Cat Herder.
Congrats, Micah. Going back to school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. - Tamara J. B.
Good on ya, sir. Blessings, too. - Jim #teamFFrank
You guys are going to make me cry. - Micah
Micah, that's great! It's always a great decision going back to school. Good luck! *shakes pom poms* :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Thanks, everyone. You know I love you. It's all happening so fast, but I feel relieved and my sense of a clear goal has, perhaps, never felt so strong. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Love you, Micah. Congrats on heading back to school. Very proud of you. - Derrick
Congrats and good luck, sir. - chrisofspades
That's awesome! Don't limit yourself. - Gabrielle
You have to be able to do what you love to be truly successful - that's one thing Steve stressed throughout his life. Go after it, and don't let anything take it away. - teleken from BuddyFeed
Congratulations, Micah - you make us all proud with your resolve, good humour and tirelessness. Good hunting. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congrats, Micah! Sounds like a great plan. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
In 2 days this was exactly one year ago. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
That tempus really fugits. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Bruce Lewis
Tomorrow is casual Friday. Next week I join a casual workplace. -
Tomorrow is casual Friday. Next week I join a casual workplace.
Thanks, Barry and Zulema. Next week when I'm in Mountain View for Noogler training I want to have a #FFeedup with Laura Norvig, Stephen Mack, Louis Gray, and whoever else is out there. - Bruce Lewis
Don't get jealous yet! The ffeedup still has to be arranged. - Bruce Lewis
Best wishes, Bruce! Congrats :) - CarlC
Congrats, Bruce! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Congratulations! - Stephan from iPhone
Wow, sounds like a dream job - Nemo
Congratulations, Bruce! :))) - Jenny H.
Enjoy the adventure, Bruce. - Micah
Jorge: Search quality. In the Cambridge office I get the impression it's mostly Image Search. - Bruce Lewis
Awesome, Bruce! - SAM
So you're joining Google and working in Cambridge - the best of both worlds! Spose you can recruit up some pikans while you're at it ... - Mary B: #TeamMonique
That is soooo amazing - congrats, congrats, congrats! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
FFeedup plans taking shape. Cascal tapas bar in Mountain View, Tuesday evening. Join us! - Laura Norvig
Congrats, Bruce! - Anne Bouey
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
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