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Steve and 4 other people
RT @JamesFallows: Scottish turnout super high in part because *every vote counts equally*. Reason #625 to dump Electoral College in US.
Mebbe, but I doubt if our turnout would go up appreciably if we dumped the Electoral College for most elections. Apathy is apathy. If we had a vote in California about seceding from the U.S., I bet California's turnout would be record-breaking too. - Stephen Mack
Quite. Here in the UK, we've been voicing our disgust with the whole system by staying away from the polling booths and saying "We choose not to vote because you're ALL equally shit for different reasons". The parties have all ignored us. Only now that a couple of million Scots turned out and voted to keep things exactly as they are have the parties responded with "We get it, England wants change." I want some of whatever drugs our politicians are on. - Slippy
Of course, some of that apathy is deliberately encouraged. It's not like we deliberately set aside time as a society to do this, or expect that work or commerce should briefly halt to see it accomplished. Polling places are often extraordinarily inconvenient for large parts of the population, portions of which are at massive disadvantage when attempting to even register to vote. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, it's a good point. I'd love to see us implement a national voting day holiday (which other countries have had for years). - Stephen Mack
Certain segments of the political spectrum encourage apathy with such statements as "they're all the same" etc and by making voting a more arduous task then it needs to be.... Make Sunday polling day and tell them that football doesn't start tell the votes are tally'ed.... - WarLord
I'd love to see a voting holiday (a real holiday, as in only emergency personnel have to work, and people get paid leave) as well as a lot more polling places (with special emphasis on currently underserved areas, like reservations and very poor neighborhoods.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I support Stephens call for a national drinking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H voting holiday! (which is apparently how some folks in countries with such holidays respond... :/ ) - Ken Gidley
A holiday is interpreted as a "travel and get away" day. So that would conflict with voting. - Louis Gray
We vote on a Saturday. Works for us. - Johnny from iPhone
You vote on a Saturday? How do you get people to show up? They can't put a TV show on Saturdays. - Eric - Poppa Large from iPhone
Also, voting is done at almost every public school (close, easily accessible by public transport), there is pre-polling options like electoral officers taking voting stations to nursing homes and hospitals. - Johnny from iPhone
Eric. We have compulsory voting (which I wholeheartedly support) but they also have a sausage sizzle and jam stores so you do it on the way out or back from your weekend stuff and grab a snack. - Johnny from iPhone
Just submitted this via the Tivo Pokerstats bug email address, but don't know if anyone reads it:
Now that I've finally (after 8 long years) made it on the Top 10 EV chart (and therefore this comment is no longer self serving), it's a bug that this chart has people on it who haven't played in years and only played for a relatively few number of games. I get that we want new people to show up -- it's good for the game and it gives people something to shoot for. But we should also get some of the more frequent players on the list. I'd suggest that if someone hasn't played for a year (or some reasonably long time), they come off the list. They can always come back on if they become active again. Separately, we should consider if five entries is enough to get on the board. Seems like that's too soon and it should be more, like 10 or 12. But I don't feel as strongly that this is a bug -- it's more important that the chart have active players on it. thanks! \Steve P.S. Another possibility is to expand the list to top 20 or something larger than 10. That is not mutually exclusive to the two suggestions above. - Steve
This isn't a new ask, but good to hear there's several people who are interested in this change :) It's on my list of things to do. Thanks for the feedback! - Jonathan Disher
+1 - Ken Gidley
Brian Johns
Donuts outside my cube if you're interested.
Euphemism? - Johnny from iPhone
Be right there! - Louis Gray
There are 4.75 donuts left. These things aren't going to eat themselves! (except for that .75 of a chocolate ring, might might actually be in the process of eating itself.) - Brian Johns
i put that chocolate one out of its misery. oh, thanks! - Ken Gidley
Will these also be available tomorrow morning? - Stephen Mack
They have disappeared. - Brian Johns
So you're saying the 4.75 donuts will NOT be available tomorrow morning? - Stephen Mack
I don't know anything about any "donuts" you might be talking about. Nobody can prove anything. Nobody saw me. - Brian Johns
Victor Ganata
A Cat 3 hurricane making landfall in Baja? o_O #TheNewNormal
Happens every 20 years... Paying close attention, as I'll be heading down to Cabo Oct 8th... - Ken Gidley
In 2009 iPad didn’t have enough functionality (e.g. multi-tasking UI). In 2014 Apple Watch has too much functionality and isn’t standalone.
Of course, that doesn't mean it won't sell well. But it could still be better (and even sell better). - Cristo
For a version 1, I give them a B+. It's more enticing (to me at least) than I expected. It's one of those things that I suspect could become very important to me. - Stephen Mack
I'm with you Stephen. Seems better than I expected, but room for improvement. I think version 3 will be pretty awesome though. - Ken Gidley
The lack of standalone functionality is the biggest drawback for me, especially given that it's being billed as a fitness device (among many other things). Having to run with both a phone and a watch is more than a bit annoying. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
$350 for the watch. That is like the price when LED digital watches first came out in the 1970s. - Joe
Stephen, what is the one feature of the Apple Watch that most excites you? - Cristo
Drawing fishies. - NOT THE CRICKET
Damn Jimminy. You're right. That really is the killer application. - Cristo
Kevin, especially since their best new phone will be HUGE. :) - Cristo
Sharing heartbeats. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Really the health stuff. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Health stuff that works best when you're not exercising. - Cristo
Well, I like the idea of a "it's time to stand up now" reminder (wish Fitbit had that). And I've been interested in a heart rate monitor while running for a while. I love Fitbit and will keep using them, but I'm definitely interested in seeing what Apple has to offer. - Stephen Mack
If you want a heart rate monitor, and a GPS, complete with lots of other running features, you should check out the Garmin Forerunner 620. Or you could just walk around and share your heart rate with Louis. ;) - Cristo
But that Forerunner you link to is $400! For $50 less, don't I get all the same functionality plus whatever other apps end up being useful? (I liked the Astronomy watch face in the demo.) - Stephen Mack
Also, because I love all of you on FF, here's some heartbeat sharing: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. - Stephen Mack
I'm going to buy an Apple Watch, but I'm probably not going to wear an Apple Watch. ;) - Cristo
Heh. I may wear it only when running. On the other hand, I used to enjoy not wearing a watch, and didn't think I would like wearing a Fitbit on my wrist, but it turns out I have liked having it. - Stephen Mack
Are you planning to run with your 5.5" iPhone? - Cristo
It is hard to tell what the watch can do without the phone, but this page implies you won't need it: -- "Music. Control the music on your iPhone without taking it out of your pocket. And when you leave iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on Apple Watch." - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It seems like it relies on the iPhone for GPS coordinates. " Apple Watch unites the capabilities of an all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in one device you can wear all the time. It can track a wider variety of activities because it’s able to collect more types of data. It uses an accelerometer to measure your total body movement. It has a custom sensor that can... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
Stephen, check out the Wahoo Fitness Ticker X heart rate monitor. Works with BTLE or Ant+, your phone or something like the Garmin. Also has memory to record your HR data for hours standalone. - Ken Gidley from iPhone
^Interesting. I use the regular Wahoo Bluetooth HRM already. Didn't realize they have another one. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Kevin, it was just released this week. They have another, the Ticker Run, as well. - Ken Gidley
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @tcarmody: Thorin Oakenshield had two-factor authentication on the Lonely Mountain and it didn't keep a dragon out. cc @beep @darth
Clearly a brute force attack... - Ken Gidley
Andrew C (✔)
The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious - The Atlantic -
The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious - The Atlantic
"For at least 70 years, the Red Delicious has dominated apple production in the United States. But since the turn of the 21st century, as the market has filled with competitors—the Gala, the Fuji, the Honeycrisp—its lead has been narrowing. Annual output has plunged. And even still, a gap is growing between supply and demand from American consumers. Earlier this month, Todd Fryhover, the president of the Washington Apple Commission—whose growers produce the majority of apples in the United States—recommended that this harvest, up to two-thirds of the state’s Red Delicious yield be exported." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
I'm not surprised - I only ever see them in the big supermarkets, and they're nowhere near as prevalent there as other varieties. - Jennifer Dittrich
I feel like I'm the only one who likes them for baking. Other reds seem to get too mushy or don't hold as much sweetness. - Anika
A number of years ago, I had the sweetest, most delicious apple I've ever had, and it was a Red Delicious. I've tried them time and again, and none of them reach that level of quality. - Glen Campbell
Glen, I've had a few like that, it just seems so hit or miss - where with some other varieties, like Pink Lady, I tend to have more consistent luck. - Jennifer Dittrich
I think I've only had one Red Delicious that I've liked. The rest have been bland or mealy. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm with Glen -- sometimes the very best apple available is red delicious, because when they're good, they're exceptionally good. Sadly, most of them are bland or mealy as John says. Lately I have been hooked on the mutsu variety one of the farmer market's vendors sells. - Stephen Mack
Red Delicious is mis-named - it's NOT delicious! Now Honeycrisp, THOSE are delicious! But crazy expensive too. - Ken Gidley
Sarah G.
<throws less than year old iPhone5 out window> PIECE OF CRAP!! Just kidding, I'm comfortable with the size of my penis.
And if you weren't, you could just go buy a bigger one. One of the perks of being a girl! - WebGoddess
^ !!! - Ken Gidley from iPhone
Stephan #TeamMarina
Through the window because I'm not brave enough to go outside yet. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I'm a little jealous. And simultaneously horrified. - Alix May
^ this. - Jennifer Dittrich
Not here, just horrified. - Shannon - GlassMistress
I'm just pissed off, that's all. :) - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
*shudder* - Marie
OMG!!! How??? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Where? Great white north? - Ken Gidley
:( - Anne Bouey
Yes, Ken. We will get nicer weather this weekend. If not, it wil be spring time again in 6-7 months. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
hmm. Calgary ish? what part? (I'm in Bridlewood) - Nathalie
May I come ski around your back yard? - Brian Johns
Damn. - Jenny H. from Android
OH MY this is too early!! - Sepi ⌘ سپی
More near Sundre, Nathalie. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Best of day needs the Hide button. - Bruce Lewis
Andrew C (✔)
RT @boingboing: Facebook's down. It's not just you. OR IS IT
and it's back now. - Ken Gidley
whew! - Andrew C (✔)
Ken Gidley
Testing - my feed is strangely quiet (like no updates for 19+ hours) - is there anybody OUT THERE?
Nice shirt. - Meg VMeg
So strange, usually have dozens of updates every day, but today - silence. - Ken Gidley
Still nothing on my feed but my own post. Not paused by mistake. Logged out and back in. Same on Safari on Mac and on iPhone. - Ken Gidley from iPhone
Everyone's at Burning Man. - Louis Gray
In the rain.... - Bob Jones
I see a few updates today, but most are marked as having occurred 18+ hours ago. I seem to have slipped into some sort of 'update once a day' timeslip. :) - Ken Gidley
Maybe something related to javascript or auto-reloading? - Brian Johns
Stephen Mack
You know what triggers my latent OCD sometimes? The fact that September, October, November and December are not the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th months.
Image: Matinée de Septembre (or September Morn), a painting by the French artist Paul Émile Chabas (1869–1937). "Painted over three summers ending in 1912, it became famous when it provoked a scandal in the USA." Via - Stephen Mack from iPhone
"Ultimately, the painting would be labelled as kitsch by critics who thought it lacking in interesting artistic features: contrast, coordinated lines, and a worthy subject." Ouch! - Brian Johns
Sparky: Yeah, critics are mean! - Stephen Mack
And I have always liked this painting, kitschy or not. - Stephen Mack
But! Back to month names. - Stephen Mack
How do we fix this? Well, the easiest fix would be to remove the two months added latest, January and February. And then stick them at the end of the year. So we'd essentially shift every month down two spots. - Stephen Mack
But I actually think "May" is a terrible name for a month. If you buy that "June" is named after the Latin word "iuniores" (young men; juniors) and that May is named after the Latin word "maiores" (grown men; majors) then we have two months dedicated to young and old men. (Via .) No one needs that. So we should remove those two, shift the rest up two, and then come up with two new month names for the 11th and 12th months. - Stephen Mack
I am therefore hereby calling for submissions for new month names. - Stephen Mack
(Note that "June" is typically described as being named after the goddess Juno. e.g. - Stephen Mack
"Stupid Smarch weather." - Victor Ganata
We could always just go back to the old Roman calendar of 10 months plus 60 days of Winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). :D #WinterIsComing #decimalization #metricization - Victor Ganata
Thinking about this more, I think it would probably just be easier to rename September, October, November, and December to things that aren't numerical. Problem solved! - Victor Ganata
If 9=Septem, 10=Octo, 11=Novem, 12=Decem bothers you, can you imagine how people must've been really irritated by the fact that New Year's Day was March 25th? - Victor Ganata
Can you imagine if we still had a month called Sextilis? #iam12 - Victor Ganata
^ I think we need that month again. - Stephen Mack
Sextilis, nine months later, Natalis ;) - Pete : Team Marina
Or remove the vanity months of July and August, whose names were changed after January & February were added. - Cristo
nowadays we no longer need the calendar to know when to sow, I wonder how it could be a 400-days-long year, with ten months, each with four ten-days weeks, with three day of festivity per week - mario leone
Mario, why a 400 day year? Don't we still need it to be 365.3? Or do you want the seasons to shift? - Stephen Mack
I think we don't, seasons may shift, they would shift without the leap years - mario leone
But we have leap years just so the seasons don't shift! I'm all for decimalization, but I think a basic requirement of an annual calendar is that it should actually align to the period of time it takes the Earth to revolve around the sun. - Stephen Mack
Proposal: 10 "months", each with 6 weeks of 6 days, (so "month" = 36 days), with 5.3 days of 'bonus' time between the 'end' of a year and the 'start' of the next. Days are still 24 hours of course. 'Bonus' time may or may not be used as in the 'Purge' movies. :) - Ken Gidley
Metric time: 1 year = 10 months, 1 month = 10 weeks, 1 week = 10 days, 1 day = 10 hours, 1 hour = 100 minutes, 1 minute = 100 seconds, with seconds redefined appropriately :D Screw solstices, the moon, and sunrises and sunsets! - Victor Ganata
So THAT'S how The Purge got started! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
And that's the news on Quintidi, Fructidor the 5th, 221. - David Lounsbury from iPhone
Somewhat similar to Victor's proposal, but slightly different. The fixed time units are days and years, which correspond to the rotation of the Earth and its orbit around the Sun. I'll explain more in another post: - Cristo
I swear that I heard this conversation just the other day in the office. - NOT THE CRICKET
Ken Gidley
Ridley Scott to Bring Andy Weir's 'The Martian' to Life in 2015 -
Ridley Scott to Bring Andy Weir's 'The Martian' to Life in 2015
Very cool! Congrats to Andy! - Ken Gidley from Bookmarklet
Andy is a friend of a friend, published this book (his first!) last year, and quit his day job to pursue writing full time. - Ken Gidley
Book has gotten rave reviews, and NYT bestseller status when it debuted (#12). - Ken Gidley
Stephen Mack
Celebrity deaths: A statistical analysis -
A statistical refutation of . The image above can be viewed full-size at . My conclusion? Celebrity deaths come in one-point-sevens, not #threes. - Stephen Mack
Awesome - Chieze Okoye
Thanks, Chieze! I enjoyed crunching actual data. - Stephen Mack
No refutations? Have I really killed it this time? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm on a plane! - Kevin Fox from iPhone
See my blog comment -- From some perspective, deaths *always* come in 3's, you just have to see what the distribution of durations between deaths D and D+2 are. :) I'd like to know: What's the median (or 90, 95%ile) time for which "all deaths come in 3's" is true. - Steve and 4 other people
BTW, would also be nice to compare vs. a random control sample of a similar distribution to actual celebrity death data. - Steve and 4 other people
Steve, I've seen your blog comment now, and you've proposed an interesting approach. When I get some time I'll post the CSV data and run the analysis you suggest. However, you can tell at a glance from just the visual representation that the duration between D, D+1, and D+2 will vary wildly. - Stephen Mack
Davis, how do you propose testing for the global population? What groupings of the deaths do you think exist? Geography? - Stephen Mack
Also, Davis, you're right about July 99. You've got me thinking of another simple analysis: Number of deaths per month, and what percentage of the time that number is evenly divisible by three. - Stephen Mack
Steve, for the control data, what do you suggest? National obituaries? Death records for all inhabitants of a particular county? - Stephen Mack
No, just a random distribution. You know how many deaths occurred over your interval, so just simulate it assuming each person has a 1/Nth chance of dying each day (where N is the number of days in the sample). - Steve and 4 other people
And yup, I know the distribution will be pretty wide, and that's what's interesting about it. :) You should be able to compare that with the random distribution to see if there's any difference. - Steve and 4 other people
Man, this conversation reminds me of the stuff I liked about my stats class... 8^D - Chieze Okoye
Steve, I took a look at the suggestion of days between D and D+x as you suggested in more detail in your blog comment. For every metric (average days, median, etc.) the data is better explained by groups of 2 than groups of 3. Performance for all groupings was pathetic, with an average of at least 8 days overall even for groups of 2. The standard deviation was at least 4.5 days, which backs up my previous prediction that it would vary wildly. - Stephen Mack
Davis, I took a look at number of deaths per month as well. The number of months where the total deaths was divisible by three was... wait for it ... 38.2%, close to expected value of 33.3%. Average number of deaths per month is actually 7.7. - Stephen Mack
A revised version of the spreadsheet with new tabs ("Avg Days of Span" and "Calendar" respectively) for the two new methods is now available, - Stephen Mack
I've also provided a data file called CORPUS.TXT with just the names and dates, in CSV format: - Stephen Mack
If I'm reading that right, the ~50%ile of the number of days between D and D+2 is 7. To me, that says "half the time, 3 (or more) celebrities have died in the same week" That seems like the kind of thing that would easily turn into an urban myth. If you go out to 14 days, you get to nearly 87%! - Steve and 4 other people
Steve, yes. But 50% success is awful. Another way of saying that is, "half the time, when a celebrity dies, only 1 or 2 celebrities will die that week." So the myth at BEST is 50% right, when you allow a FULL WEEK for the deaths to coincide. You'd do better if the myth is that "celebrity deaths come in 2s" -- about half the time, 2 celebrities die in a period just 2 days apart. - Stephen Mack
Put another way: Using your method, "celebrity deaths come in twos" is more accurate than "celebrity deaths come in threes." So the superstition is wrong. - Stephen Mack
For an urban myth, I think 50% success rate is pretty good. :) - Steve and 4 other people
It's not 50%. To get 50%, you have to include 3 OR MORE (so, sometimes 4, sometimes 5, sometimes 10) -- and that's with AN ENTIRE WEEK of allowance. Remember, other variations of the myth (celebrities die in 2s, celebrities die in 1.7s) do better . You've seen the spreadsheet. There's no method where "celebrities die in 3s" has any statistical validity whatsoever. This myth has been 100% debunked. - Stephen Mack
The idea of 70% dead celebrity is kind of gruesome ;) (He's only mostly dead....) - Victor Ganata
He got better. - Stephen Mack
Send this data to Mythbusters! - Ken Gidley
Unless the Mythbusters team gets to actually blow up the celebrities to test whether they clump together in threes or not, I don't think this myth is quite telegenic enough for them. - Stephen Mack
Slacy created a graph in a separate thread here: - Stephen Mack
50/50 after 4 votes. Please go and vote your conscience! - Stephen Mack
I think what's missing is a solid theory of celebritigenesis. Without that, it's hard to figure out what the null hypothesis would be. - Victor Ganata
Rue McClannihan makes three!:-P Actually Stephen, I've got some interesting analysis to dovetail with your own that I hope to write up in the next few days. - Kevin Fox
Victor, I think's approach is good. A celebrity is hard to define, but (like many other things) we know one when we see one. Having an objective panel that independently answers "have you heard of this person?" is about as good a criteria as I can think of. - Stephen Mack
Kevin, I thought it was supposed to be Art/Gary/Dennis and now Rue starting a new series? This superstition is so hard to nail down! But regardless, I look forward to your analysis. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I guess that's just it--where exactly is the threshold for celebrity vs non-celebrity? Are you famous if 1 million people know you, but not if only 999,999 people know you? I guess my question is, what do we actually think we're measuring? ;) - Victor Ganata
Art isn't famous to me, so it'd be Gary, Dennis and Rue. - Kevin Fox
Victor, it's an excellent question. If you want to create your own personal list of living celebrities, we can then monitor that list as they pass away and test whether or not they die in threes (whatever THAT means), and then judge whether or not the superstition is true for YOU. - Stephen Mack
Kevin, funny, I'd never heard of Rue before today. (Never watched Golden Girls.) It proves Victor's point. The subjective nature of the superstition is what makes it hard to prove or falsify. - Stephen Mack
The subjective nature makes it much easier to prove, just harder to tell whether it's meaningful. If, in any string of 10 deaths, there are clumps of three that are meaningful for one person that person will claim it to be an instance of the 'death in 3s' phenomenon, and for them it will be right. They'll have heard of several other instances of 'death in 3s' from their friends over the... more... - Kevin Fox
Now that I think of it, the null hypothesis would be thus: if celebrities *don't* die in clumps of three, then there should be roughly equal spacing between their deaths (+/- some error), regardless of what time frame you choose. So all you have to do is pick a threshold duration, wait for celebrities to die, and see if there's a statistically significant difference between the actual death rate versus if they just died at regular intervals instead. - Victor Ganata
So say we pick a duration of a week. If the null hypothesis is correct, then they should each die roughly within 2 days and 8 hours of each other. If it's tighter than that (we'd have to do the math to see at what point it would be statistically significant) then the alternative hypothesis is true, and they *do* die in clumps. - Victor Ganata
Kevin, exactly right. My first debunking (from 2008) used the same argument: "This belief is an example of selective perception (; You tend to remember the times when there was a grouping of three seemingly-related deaths in a short period of time, which reinforces the belief, but tend to forget the times when there wasn’t a pattern. As... more... - Stephen Mack
Another psychological factor to consider is mental temporal boundaries. If the weekend is a memory reset, where things on the far end of a weekend feel more removed, then three deaths in a work week, or in a single weekend, could be perceived as a clump even if the boundary between the first and the one previous to it is less than the boundary between the first and the third, just because the one before the work week 'feels significantly longer ago' - Kevin Fox
Victor, the raw data is available. (See links above.) There are 1,422 deaths over 5,669 days. So you expect the average death to be about 4 days apart, which in fact is what the data shows. The null hypothesis you propose in fact has strong significance in the data. - Stephen Mack
So there you have it. Proof that celebrities don't die in clumps but actually die at regular intervals. :D - Victor Ganata
Thank you, sir! *shakes hands with Victor* - Stephen Mack
Still like this thread. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Thanks, Micah. (In reviewing the above: I miss Chieze, and I'm still mad at Davis F. for deleting his account.) - Stephen Mack
Bumping from April 8, 2013 to today. - Stephen Mack
Bumping posts always comes in threes. - Louis Gray
Kevin Fox
Apple still has no mention of Robin Williams (just the "What will your verse be?" promo). Don't mean to be trite but if Steve were around...
Seems like they fixed it for you Kevin. - Ken Gidley
Mary Carmen
Another observation from today: I can't believe how many people can't spell the word "ancestry" when I'm asked to give my address.
What is that ? - alireza6211 from iPhone
The name of my street. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
So I can spell It now Mary ! , A,N,C,E,C,T,R,Y :D - alireza6211
"It's like 'incest', only starting with 'a' and ending with a 'try' :) - Ken Gidley
Sorry, too much GoT lately... - Ken Gidley
Try to change the name of your street :D - alireza6211 - Mary Carmen
Actually I cant believe how so many americans cannot spell their own words... - Monaca di V.le Monza from BuddyFeed
I could spell it ... right up until you asked me too, then probably not so much :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
I feel the same way about my street: Medallion. But what's even more surprising is that some people didn't know how to spell the name of my last street: Broadway. Seriously. - Laura Krier
The first house we bid on was on Susquehanna Ct. I'm SOOOOOO glad we didn't get that house! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I live near the Susquehanna, it is hellish hard to spell. And the Schuylkill expressway or river is the same for me! - Janet
Susquehanna is such a pretty word, but yeah, it's a tough one to spell. Same with Shenandoah. - Corinne L
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Thinking that I would want the proposal to be a complete surprise /but/ I also want to be fully involved in choosing the rings. WTH?! 😐
so...basically you want to alter the flow of time? or you want the dude to propose with a candy ring and then let you pick the ring? also engagement?? something we should know ms z? :D - Sir Shuping is just sir
Propose first, get the rings later? - John (bird whisperer)
So what you want is for the guy to invite you on a walk around town. And then take you down a street with a jeweler, and be all "Why don't we go in and look for something for you to wear for the rest of your life." Or something. Maybe it's just an offer to go in and look around, and then the guy says, "She likes it and I like her; I think she likes me and I hope she would marry me.. ? " - NOT THE CRICKET
I buy "engagement" rings on Etsy. They're just big ass gems in a beautiful setting. I need another eternity ring to stack on the one I already have. As far as the real thing, yeah, idk how that would work. Haha! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Or you could just go shopping, and then he has the assistant ring one that you really like up, and then distracts you. Then he surprises you at dinner. - NOT THE CRICKET
I ended up getting married in a not too dissimilar way to that proposed by Jimminy. My now-wife and I were wandering through some backstreet alleys in a city famous for its jewellers and spotted a ring with a large emerald in it in the window of a store. My missus said it looked lovely but was too expensive for "just a ring" so I said "well, we could always tell people it's an... more... - Mark H
^Ok, that's adorable. :D - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
OMG, proposing with a ring pop would be hilarious! But no. I guess future man better just get to know my tastes in jewelry. Thankfully I buy my own stuff so there's plenty of examples. :P - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I purposed with ring made of string I improvised. The gold one was being set and wasn't ready yet. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
My weapon of choice when I proposed was to get a quality diamond in a plain solitaire ring, make the proposal, then go ring shopping for a 'real' setting for the diamond. We also found my wedding band while finding the right setting for her. Win. - Ken Gidley
My live-in-girlfriend-and-co-homeowner designed a ring on and emailed me a screenshot as a "hint". - Brian Johns
If I have to send a hint I'd be angry. I shouldn't be sending hints! A frank conversation about where the hell the relationship is going is much more my thing. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Ken Gidley
Disney Is Really Building A Star Wars Theme Park -
Disney Is Really Building A Star Wars Theme Park
Wonder where and when? - Ken Gidley from Bookmarklet
Ooh! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Kevin Fox
Who the heck protests an Ebola isolation ward???
Virus advocates. - Louis Gray
Sick seekers. - Steve C Team Marina
People forced to work in said isolation wards. - Ken Gidley
Every single thing I hear about LUCY makes me want to see it RIGHT NOW.
I only want to see 10% of it. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen just won all the things. - Akiva
I saw it Thursday night. It was just OK. Unfortunately, most of the abilities she develops are shown in the trailers - I was hoping for something more/unexpected. - Ken Gidley
I would like to download the movie and put it onto a flashdrive. - Joe
Kevin Fox
"Be Excellent To Each Other" training sounds so much more appealing than "Sexual Harassment Training".
Aka "Bill & Ted" training - Ken Gidley
Ken Gidley
How to perfectly load a dishwasher - The Oatmeal -
How to perfectly load a dishwasher - The Oatmeal
This is perfect. - Ken Gidley from Bookmarklet
"Like Jesus on Adderall" - Xabaras (G.O.)
My comment on a different social network was "It's too hard to explain all the reasons why you're doing it wrong. Just let me do it from now on!" - Brian Johns
I struggle with this myself - "you're doing it wrong!!!" gahhhh. - Ken Gidley
Ken Gidley
George Harrison Memorial Tree killed ... by beetles; replanting due - LA Times -
Irony? - Ken Gidley from iPhone
Michael W. May
iCreation G-700 Bluetooth Handset Docking Base Cordless Phone System For Samsung Galaxy Sll ,Slll and S4 Smartphone - -
iCreation G-700 Bluetooth Handset Docking Base Cordless Phone System For Samsung Galaxy Sll ,Slll and S4 Smartphone -
Why does this exist? What need have we of a cordless (bluetooth at that) phone for our, er, phone..? - Michael W. May from Bookmarklet
*scratches head* hrmm - Tamara J. B.
LOL - lris
I hope that cordless phone will pair with my bluetooth headset - lris
Umm, maybe for people who have to make a call but have no power in their actual phone and can't be bothered to find a cable to charge the phone? - Ken Gidley
Stephen Mack
Leaving one wall so it's a 'remodel', not a 'rebuild'. - Ken Gidley
Ken, seems that way. They also have not touched the door yet. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Ken Gidley
You Know Nothing Jon Snow, But We Know Who Your Mother Is -
You Know Nothing Jon Snow, But We Know Who Your Mother Is
Interesting theory on who Jon Snows parents are, very well researched/presented. - Ken Gidley from Bookmarklet
On the one hand I'm pretty interested in what they've come up with, on the other, I'd be 95% more interested if it weren't in video form. Gimme a chart, people. - Jennifer Dittrich
It doesn't add anything new, except for being a shiny pretty video. It's been written and copied in text for at least nearly a year. Here's one from January, with a handful of other theories. - NOT THE CRICKET
Jennifer, this theory goes back a decade or more. The first time I saw it was here: - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oh, I know - it's what I'd assuming in my own reading of the first couple of books, I just prefer articles. (I have the 'ugh, video' reaction sometimes.) I am watching the video now, and it does have an appropriate amount of charts :D - Jennifer Dittrich
"One of the most influential sixth-grade science projects ever conducted" -
"One of the most influential sixth-grade science projects ever conducted"
"A 12-year-old Florida girl's science fair project on invasive lionfish has surprised even seasoned ecologists, and led to the first published paper on lionfish freshwater tolerance. Lauren Arrington's relatively simple experiment (put captured lionfish in water of varying saltiness, see if they live) revealed that lionfish can survive much fresher water than anyone expected . . . meaning the rapidly-spreading invasive marine species may also pose a threat to vulnerable life in brackish estuaries." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"(Her dad, an ecologist, rejected her first proposed experiment, which required that he touch dead lionfish to see if their stings still hurt. Lionfish stings are excruciatingly painful, with victims reporting that they "wished they were dead," so her father's scientific obstructionism is understandable.)" - Jessie
Although this was the bigger of the two discoveries in my opinion, there was also a young man who was pub'd as a result of his science fair project - he discovered that something in Truvia kills fruit flies. Both are the children of scientists but it's still pretty damned impressive to discover something as part of your science fair project that adult scientists hadn't yet. - Spidra Webster
Man I wish I was more creative with my school science project. Kids these days are impressive. - Heather
Awesome. :) - Jenny H. from Android
"one of"? what are the others? - Ken Gidley
Ken Gidley
Save $2 on California and Arizona Online Traffic School. Free Electronic Filing, 24/7 Customer Service. - http://www.easyfastcheaptraffi...
In case anyone (else) gets caught speeding and needs a traffic school. Save $2 via the link, and I get $2 back too. - Ken Gidley
Kevin Fox
Carpe per diem.
Yeah, that was a funny Robin Williams bit circa 1980-82. :). "Seize the check". - Ken Gidley from iPhone
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