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Knockout view tonight! (@ Grand View Park)
RT @ALALibrary: Need talking points for FCC @ ? Use these Net Neutrality Principles (PDF) #NetNeutrality
RT @sonicnet_status: DNS Server Issues: For the past couple of hours we've been having issues with our DNS servers.  We just identifi
So windy today I had to walk down the staircase to take a picture not too blurred.
Doin' the librarian happy dance *jiggety jog jiggety jog*
WOOHOO! IRB approval for study (not diss.) "To be real: Antecedents and consequences of LGBT disclosure by academic library directors"
RT @JFJ24: @theREALwikiman ermm... "the user is not broken... " primo is! Why should students have to learn Primospeak?
Tonight's grill: kalbi, corn on the cob, eggplant, zucchini.
RT @NerdcoreBlog: 3D-Printed Open Source Medieval Armor for Barbie
Post-homework reward: a Sculpin IPA at a beloved local institution.
RT @vulgarianscroll: @kgs If you know of more women who have a Twitter account and are historians, I'd be happy to include them. As for the picture comment,
no worries, not pointing at @erik_kwakkel -- an RT is an RT is an RT! @maureenogle
J. Pfeffer: “the right decision is a construct with almost no meaning in many circumstances” -- so true.
RT @BishopGRobinson: My new @dailybeast piece, Out and Proud in dangerous El Salvador
Deliciously crisp day. (@ Grand View Park)
Beyond beautiful today. A satisfying end to a complex week.
poor survey wording --> "Based on your experience at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference, do you plan to attend Annual 2015?" #alaac14
RT @annhui: Woman wearing "Ford more years" tshirt tells reporters she's tired of LGBTQ communities "oppressing" rest of city
opened an envelope from @scelc to find a note that this was their 20,000th invoice. :-)
Our campus controller is handling crazy form. Told him right now he is my favorite person in the world.
One of my vendors just asked me to fill out a non-fill-outable "credit ref" form asking for 6 credit refs. For the library?! #ohdear
RT @keribrary: @kgs I keep having images of people trying to use phones and computers and ending up like these folks:
I need to stay off the Council list for a day. When I start cringing it's time for a breather.
RT @lrainie: Steal our data - especially the #library poll findings. One stop: #opendata #librarian
RT @EmrgencyKittens: King of the neighborhood // want this for our Samson!
RT @gmcharlt: Suggested Q for systems folks interviewing at libraries: "If you are not using open source currently, are you open to me introducing it?"
I was sad they were out of French roast so they scrounged enough beans for me 4 tomorrow....
RT @TyreJim: Great comic -> Net neutrality: What it is, and why you should care
I need this phone call to end early so I can walk outside and let the steam out of my ears before the next meeting.
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