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RT @maxlibris: Mayor Fires Lesbian Police Chief
RT @ProfJeffJarvis: Tomorrow will be the first normcore Easter.
A slew of homework, a power walk, a chat with a colleague, and now simmering lamb kofta in spinach sauce and a pot of basmati rice.
Annnnnnnd here's the photo (@ Grand View Park)
Fog over the Pacific Ocean, Good Friday afternoon (@ Grand View Park)
Samson announces his grievances to anyone at 9th and Lincoln willing to listen.
Taking Samson, our big ole ginger cat, to the vet for his checkup. He's in the carrier and the howling has commenced.
I mean this sincerely: I wish most companies cared about their customers the way @Qualtrics does.
RT @nnschiller: @kgs How much better would our world be if we all rested our heads on our desks instead of tweeting?
RT @stevebenen: Rand Paul: "When is the last time we created millions of jobs? It was under Reagan." Um, no
Pretty much any tweeting time I've had in the last week went to resting my head on my desk. Good stuff happening, but busy busy!!!
RT @JMarkOckerbloom: If there was livetweeting back then, "Let's see if Elijah comes to save him" would have been RTd all over the place:
Sun and cloud over the Pacific Ocean. (@ Grand View Park)
View over the houses at the west end of Grand View Park. (@ Grand View Park)
Lee Van Orsdel says the IR has helped the library rediscover its place in higher education.
Grand Valley has had a lot of success with a peer-reviewed OER math textbook.
Grand Valley IR will only host startup journals if they sign a sustainability agreement.
Lee Van Orsdel suggests starting with ceased journals -- easier to manage. Also hosts OER.
Teaching liaisons to encourage faculty to talk about what they are doing -- part of the staff development strategy for encouraging OA
"You've heard that quote 'what kills us makes us strong'? What's kills us, kills us!" Lee Van Orsdel
Enjoying Lee Van Orsdale's closing keynote at the USD Digital Symposium. Full of story and humor, and about OA and building IRs no less.
UCSD DAMS using Hydra OSS ... A repository product. Took a little searching on my part to figure that out.
Interesting how UCSD DAMS data model added a collection entity, not unlike RDA thinking above the item level.
DAMS Usability group had clear scope and deadline. Met several times, stayed on task.
UCSD dropped back to focus on data modeling... Normalizing dats, picking the best data models
UCSD DAMS discussion is reminding me what it's like to work in an institution where technical positions are staffed in the plural.
Lots of stakeholders involved, engaged in DAMS process
The DAMS governance structure has more units than I have regular employees in the library.
Cannot hurt for UCSD to have a supercomputer center in the nabe.
Listening about origin of DAMS at UCSD -- began as dark archive. Added public access system in 2009. Digital object viewer evolved.
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