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Kevin Rose
Drunken pocket cams are the best. - Fleagle
error #2095 seen, best wishes... - ilaxi
well :) - sayko
Paulo Coelho
Obrigado, thanks, merci, grazie, danke for the kind messages on my birthday! My way to say thanks:
Obrigado, thanks, merci, grazie, danke for the kind messages on my birthday! My way to say thanks:
Belated wishes...And I was reading Paulo Coelho book 'Like the flowering river' while on a vacation :-) - ilaxi
UK Government Writes a Twitter Guide…in 20 Pages -
It should be 140 characters at most. can twitter describe twitter in 140 chars? - Alpay Erturkmen
I guess Twitter should write its own Guide of its own security strength! - ilaxi
Darren Rowse
Reading: 73 Ways to Become a Better Writer -
Darren, You still have doubts? You don't need to are an Expert:-) - ilaxi
Chris Brogan
Why I Use Amazon Affiliate Links When Reviewing Items -
I was impressed, at the time I read the post, that you even labeled the Amazon links with '(amazon affiliate link)'. How much more transparent could you be? - Gary Burge
I'm disturbed by the fact that Chris even has to write this post. There are 87247321743552 items in the Amazon store. Do we really think that Chris is trying to be unauthentic just due to the mere presence of an affiliate link from one of the items in this HUGE online store? Seriously. - Tamar Weinberg
I think CB might have been trolled. - Trent Hamm from iPod
Who cares? that's what we all should say, including Chris.. I mean, I can see why he was annoyed, yet, why should he be annoyed?> wtf has a got to do with whoever it was complained?? Nothing... as for everyone else, we didn't know nor need to... none knew about it until he blogged it here.. I tell it as is on the sidebar on my own blog if anyone complained.. I'd say so what? ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Do these amazon associate links earn? I been placing these since ages with no expectations..only of late, amazon associate is doing good! - ilaxi
Robert Freeze
Facebook is where your kids are going to be and where your should also. As you use it to connect with your friends your relationship with your kids will also reap the benefits. So get on line and sigh up if you have not already. - Robert Freeze
I agree!Parents are moving on to Twitter and kids onto Facebook.This territorial behaviour is widening the walls between parents and kids!Parents should get onto FB since young people will not join Twitter! - Samuel Ochanji
Both should be on FB and none on Twitter as there's a Hole in Twitter! - ilaxi
YES - Shevonne
Would most FB-age kids be OK with "friending" their parents? - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
I keep seeing more and more of my friends parents getting on FB--and my friends are well, old many are parents themselves. - Kelly W.
Jim Connolly
You can have a thousand people subscribe to your FriendFeed and no one actually reading it. I often wonder how many of the 1,600 people that subscribe to me, actually see my feed. I'm thinking far fewer than 10%.
I think the opposite is a better question. If you follow 1600, what percent of the posts do you read? - Jeremy Malin
I happen to read this one :). But yeah it's easy to miss things. Only a very small percentage of posts get bubbled up and these are all the posts people read when they go to Friendfeed - Andre P. Siregar
Jeremy: Good point. I use groups and tend to dip into and out of them. Timing is key. - Jim Connolly
Andre: Yes, if a 'popular' FriendFeed user comments on your feed, it makes a huge difference. - Jim Connolly
Yes, the numbers are small unless you get engagement, then it goes way up. - Robert Scoble
Good point Mr Scoble! - Jim Connolly
so active reader is the key - kang
kang: yes, because if your item gets likes or comments that item gets shown to all of that user's followers, which is how your item will get a large audience. - Robert Scoble
lack of a decent desktop/iphone client doesn't help either. - Shivanand Velmurugan
The moment I entered, I happened to read this one! Random reads are best sometimes... - ilaxi
Also, if Scoble comments, you get a lot of eyeballs :) (which is how I noticed this, yup I have a separate group called "Scobles", which has 2 ppl in it) - Shivanand Velmurugan
This thread had not had a comment for ages, til Scoble commented. - Jim Connolly
We should get Scoble and Dave Winer to stop using twitter and FF for 2 weeks, and see what happens to the traffic stats :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Jim: the thing is it was on the top of my browser when I first signed in this morning. So someone clicking like or commenting got it on my radar screen. - Robert Scoble
I think FF is based on "word-of-mouth" or "likes", which probably is the only way posts get noticed (atleast if one follows >50 ppl). Lists help to track specific persons, but ultimately, it's likes that determines how much attention a specific post gets.The amount of data to process is still quite enormous. It would really kewl, if FF can pick 20 items that are most relevant (based on social data) to me in the last 24 hours. - Shivanand Velmurugan
Likes are certainly a MASSIVE part of gaining people's attention here. - Jim Connolly
Actually, that is the very same question I'm asking right now. How do you view Friendfeed feeds Jim? - nesh thompson
It would be cool if we could have Google Analytics support on FriendFeed so we could measure traffic from Google and all thing else. - Svartling
Eric - I agree. Many people use FF purely as a place to 'dump' crap from Twitter / blip / facebook etc. - Jim Connolly
As FriendFeed gets more crowded, even people with lots of followers need to follow my advice for finding their audience. That is, wait for the conversation that your post would be helpful for, and then help it. Like you said, timing is key. Details at - Bruce Lewis
I agree with Scoble. Friendfeed is all about engagement. Some people follow others just to "have them on their list" but they could care less what you have to say 90% of the time.. To me, that is purpose defeating on a service like Twitter or Friendfeed. It's all about engagement and community. - John Fox
John, if I could care less what someone has to say 90% of the time, I probably wouldn't follow them. I'd follow someone who tends to 'Like' the same 10% I do. For a long time I didn't follow Robert Scoble until one day I went into his feed and saw some things I liked that nobody else 'Liked'. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: I did say "some people". My statement doesn't apply to everyone, obviously. - John Fox
I read you everyday Jim - Wayne Dibert
Ah, right. Apologies, John. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
After 3 hours of posting my initial message here, there has been 13 'likes' and 19 comments (including my own) from 1,600 subscribers. I find that interesting. - Jim Connolly
Well, Jim, timing is a huge part of it. This post was made at 4:30 EDT, which means the bulk of the US wasn't awake (or, at least not FFing) to see it. Assuming your subscriber distribution is similar to the FF user distribution, taking out the entire US population from your readership is going to decrease the overall % of people that see the post. - FFing Enigma
Jim, I've also seen your comment,but as I have nothing futher to add to what has already been said,I have left it be. - Paul Downing
Bruce: No problem. That's what 'Net communites are all about - expressing opinions and ideas. - John Fox
I think Jeremy has the right idea. I see many of these "marketing" gurus "following" thousands of people. I wonder what their stream looks like. I'd prefer to engage a few hundred than blast to thousands. - Keith James Designs
Wayne: Thanks! - Jim Connolly
Nesh: I started off by subscribing to Robert Scoble, as we have many similar interests. Then, I found people in Scobles stream who were really interesting, so I subscribed to their feeds. Pretty soon I was following some really interesting people. I LOVE FriendFeed - I just do! - Jim Connolly
Tina: As usual, you make a great point. My tech news blog's readership is mainly American & because I mention FF so often there, I have quite a few US based FF buddies. I try & take that into account when posting on the blog AND here on FF too. - Jim Connolly
I love the fact you can customize friendfeed in this way, so I can read the feeds I want in the way I want to. Power to the user :) On Twitter, you do think that more people would be reading the message? I doubt it. - Asgeir
FF is massively more configurable than Twitter. This thread could not have happened on Twitter. - Jim Connolly
Bill: You make a good point. By following what our friends are commenting on and liking, we get to discover interesting resources / people. - Jim Connolly
I do - atanas
Agreement here... IMO "real time" has made things more so.... timing more important, participation by popular users more important. Most stuff floats down the RT stream unnoticed, right into the bit bucket. - Richard Walker
I always wonder that. No one ever comments on my crap. Then again, I probably have too much noise. Oh well - I use friendfeed more to comment on other people's stuff. - George Smith
This happens in Twitter too. But People still have conversation here - Michael_techie
Engagement and participation... I think you can give more and receive more here because of the expanded conversation. People will follow you here because they are interested in what you have to say/offer. It will be interesting to see where your FF is in the coming months : ) - Mark Harai
Hey, I'm just joining the conversation - what was it again? - Neil Ashworth
Arleen Boyd
JUST for FriendFeed NOT CCed to Twitter. I'm trying not to lose my Aloha over how friggin' CENSORED Twitter is getting! Tweets not seen by all. Many people are getting "UNindexed." Even their trending topics! Tell me! What's YOUR take on this?
Come to FriendFeed and stay? :p But NEVER lose the Aloha. :) - Josh Haley
I'm baffled by twitter these days. It's like they make these changes at random. Sigh. - Bill Sodeman
Agree whole heartedly with you guys. Problem is so many people I communicate with are on Twitter. But, slowly but surely I am migrating them here. I'm lovin' FriendFeed - Arleen Boyd
For a power user like you, this is good news for FF! Aloha! :-) - Richard Walker
Yep, what they said. :) - Arlan K.
What I'd like to know is how to help people over to FF withOUT attracting all the fakeHO accounts and malicious style marketers (yes I market - PLZ don't throw me in w/ all "those" internet marketers. I go by numbers and analytics!) - Arleen Boyd
Arlene, don't worry about the spammers invading FF. Our community does a good job of reporting spammers - and that helps FF ban 'em ASAP. We're also a much smaller target than Twitter. Check out - Bill Sodeman
I believe we'll see more of the same from Twitter until they reach their tipping point. To scale Twitter, you have to scale the management team first (like Google did), then scale the company, then put people on these problems. 45 people can't sustain this ad-hoc approach. - Blaine Berger at E-Oasis
+1 eoasis - I said the same things months ago. Twitter needs, ahem, adult supervision and scalable systems. - Bill Sodeman
Well Bill, they just had a board meeting. Burn rates are like gravity. They have a way of injecting some reality into the equation. Let's see how long it will take before they get serious about scalable systems (including scaling their management and people). - Blaine Berger at E-Oasis
#eoasis It's taken too long... someone's gonna write a helluva book about Twitter after they're acquired and the failwhale stops twitching. - Bill Sodeman
Bill - That book exposing certain aspect of social media is already being written with documentation. =) Very open to adding pages with full credits given to anyone who has additional thought or "juice with proof." - Arleen Boyd
Arleen - Good for you! Sounds like a great reason to do some research in San Francisco. - Blaine Berger at E-Oasis
I haven't heard of people getting censored. I've heard of spammers being banned. What do you mean? - Joshua M
plus, FF has realtime! - Josh Betz
I don't see how 45 people at twitter could possibly begin to address their issues. They probably do care but suffer from fail-to-scale. They have to care about Twitter Quitter yet no initiatives? Nielson should be due out with an update soon on Twitter Quitter abandon curve. - Blaine Berger at E-Oasis
Hurm. A book, you say? Interesting thought! - Bill Sodeman
I haven't noticed anything - Gary
Suspend Twitter...Mosey Friendfeed. There's a 'Hole in Twitter' - ilaxi
Arleen, I have been using twitter much this weather. But I kinda know what you mean. - Hugh Fraser
Bill H- The FF discussion threads like this are a real enticement for folks to come here. And it has been something I've used to chat up FF to get folks to come over. Will be doing more of that! - Arleen Boyd
What Joshua M said above... Please explain "Tweets not seen by all. Many people are getting "UNindexed". What's going on? I'm not on Twitter much at all anymore. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
some people just disappear from search. Add to that many have prefixed their tweets to get around the @ reply limitation, and there is simply no way to reconstruct conversations. That particular scale-fail whale is increasingly common. Another way twitter fails at threading, is that not all in_reply_to's actually link to anything. twitter is good for short exchanges, but increasingly... more... - motownmutt
I don't like censorship but I am pleased that they are at least trying to do something about some of the crap you do get from time to time. EG sexbots etc If they can keep it as civilised as FF then they would be doing well. - Kevin J Hatton
Bing Now Bigger Than Digg, Twitter and CNN -
wow that was fast - Thomas Power
Bing already 50m users in a month - Thomas Power
Too fast! I like their Bing Photo Contest with user bgs appearing on their Search:-) I submitted one too. - ilaxi
Abdul Malick
RT @ManiKarthik In India Facebook is catching up with Orkut at an envious growth rate !
Sure, it is. And certainly, the status of people says all - ilaxi
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