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Want To Show Off All Of Your iPhone Apps Online? Try This Neat Dashboard Widget -
Want To Show Off All Of Your iPhone Apps Online? Try This Neat Dashboard Widget
Mike Bracco
TECH RANT: I wanted to write an iPhone app to interface with my car - control various functions and provide analytics. However, my car's OS doesn't have and API. How absurd is it that in 2009 car manufactures would create closed off gardens and not allow people to build apps for their cars. :)
Seriously though - does anyone know what the state of the Car OS is. I know Microsoft was big on this a few years back. - Mike Bracco is a place to start. I know that you can, using linux interface with your car using the diagnostics port. If your car was running windows it would pull over to the side of the road every time you accelerated and you would need to get out and hold the door handle, key and antenna to get it to restart. - mindless_cubicle_drone
Clark: Ok, fair enough :) But the Car's OS should at least have built in 3G to be able to transmit data to the dealership so they can tell me when to come in or when there is a problem. - Mike Bracco
I know alot of the embeded engineers who provide the systems to calibrate the ECU for like toyota and honda... I told them they need to make a little bluetooth plugin so you can do just that about 6 months ago. these guys are super embedded otaku they could do it, just need to talk them into it. Ie beer, manga, maid cafe, cabarets things like that and its a done deal - Robert Higgins
Mike: GM's OnStar service does that, albeit via satellite connections and not via 3G. There are a LOT of reasons why cars don't have APIs, I'll go through a few: 1)Unlike PCs, auto computing isn't centralized and can be VERY heterogeneous 2)Accident/Warranty liability and risk of serious damage 3)To lock drivers into the OEM's dealer/supply network 4)No consumer demand thereof - LANjackal
The arguments against lack rigour. Cars are easily modified as is. Every 17 year old here is "chipping" their Subaru. - Matt G
LANjackal: But don't you think down the road 10 years maybe....that some sort of standardization will be developed - whether in the form of an OS or otherwise. In my opinion, every device that has a computer today will have some sort of OS or standardization built in to allow 3rd parties to create cool stuff or it. For example, my coffee machine has a computer in it but I can't control or interface with least right now. I think that will all change. - Mike Bracco
At the core of things in the supplier chain, things are probably already standardized in terms of embedded OSes. Things may be heading your way already with Ford's Sync feature - supplied by MS - and bluetooth/iPod integration. As a mechanical engineer, I can tell you that one of the differences between the mechanical world and the tech one is that in the mechanical world the emphasis... more... - LANjackal from IM
I like the direction open ecu is going. - dthree
interesting direction for industry growth - Carolyn Wood
You might want to look into Ford's Sync feature, which is developed by MS, before mouthing off. It's done very well, increased Ford's sales, and hasn't resulted in crashes or failures - LANjackal from IM
You think car manufacturers are ready for the 21st century, let alone ready to play with the 3rd party ecosystem that has grown from good, interoperable desktop software the web? That's way, way too much to be asking of such a lumbering, aimless industry. - David Chartier
"lumbering, aimless industry" Don't let your opinion of the Big 3 color your opinion of the auto world in general. Current generation vehicle tech is maddeningly complex as is. There's a huge difference between debugging code and debugging a mechanical system that most people do not appreciate - LANjackal from IM
the auto industry is so slow to change, for example the Horn. Why hasn't the horn sound changed in 100 years? For example a Hey whats up horn sound. Or a "Pardon me, can I squeeze in here horn sound? Or how about a "Wake Up" sound. Why can't we have ring tones for cars? - Robert Higgins
^ *facepalm* - LANjackal from IM
Breath taking! :) - Hanna Wiszniewska
I need something bright in the morning - M F
Love the first photo. - Kol Tregaskes
..and I love the second! - Myrna
great back lits ! - VictorB
beautiful! - Gwen Sutton
Take me there. I can use the serenity. - jan geronimo
Andrew Terry
Just discovered the three-fingered scroll (go straight to bottom/top of page) on the trackpad of my MBP... I've only had the thing for a year... oy
Kol Tregaskes
"Ooops they did it again! No, not the Britney Spears fan club! Google did it again...stealing Microsoft's thunder by rolling out Wave, their new communications and collaborative during the same week Microsoft debuted Bing, its new . Google Wave is what email would be like if it were on steroids! It is a little of everything all mashed up into one big giant framework. Wave is part email, IM, calendar, Twitter, wiki, spreadsheets/docs/presentation, picture sharing, social media, forums, maps and just about everything else on the web, but the kitchen sink!" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
A nice round-up. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, i sent u video link that day of Wave demo. Saw it? - Roshan Ramachandran
The long video? Yep, thank you, eventually got to see it.. Really eager to try it now though. - Kol Tregaskes
This is a serious game changer for a lot of reasons. FriendFeed is very uniquely positioned to take advantage of this, as are the OMB servers ( etc). The implications for search are huge. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
maybe its time for microsoft to throw in the towel, Google are simply streets (or waves) ahead in everything they do - Neil Ashworth
I've said for some time that microsoft has fallen too far behind in the software market. They aren't the innovators anymore and need to embrace the path that they started on when they started buying into media companies. Google has the upper hand in software and they continually beat Microsoft at the marketing game. Microsoft should have realized long ago the power of giving away software in order to control the nature of the user's experience. Google has that control now. - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from f2p
Five Guys opened here last month. I found out this week. Time to see if they really serve "Heaven on a bun"
I dunno about "heaven on a bun", but they make a good burger for a chain. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Very good advice. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
if you do order the fries, get a large roll of paper towels. - Mike Nencetti
Alex is right, unless you have 3 or more people with you. I <3 Five Guys!!! - Ordinarybug Heather
I'd make that "more than 3 people," but then you'd probably say I eat enough fries for two! - Kristin of Two Everything
Meh, they're ok. - FFing Enigma
No kidding, about the fries. I look in the bag, and there's this cup full of fries, and I reach into the bag, and there are LOTS MORE FRIES. I can never do large fries with a sandwich, anyway. The cajun fries are awesome. The burger is definitely a cut above. I have a new guilty pleasure. - MiniMage
I think they have the best fries. I have been neglecting them since cook-out opened though. - Chris Heath
I was tempted to go back again today, but I resisted the temptation. I don't think we have a Cook-Out. - MiniMage
No, they don't make heaven on a bun, but their cajun fries are good. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
What Alex said. - Derrick
I just realized they're practically within walking distance of my office. - MiniMage
Will King
"While the iPhone, iPod and laptops get most of the glory, the Mac mini chugs quietly along, doing its job well and making owners happy. Earlier at my day job, I was working with one of our minis and recognized how I rely on it to perform a critical function without the slightest hesitation. In other words, it's time to give the little guy some recognition." - Will King from Bookmarklet
I'd LOVE a Mini to use as a Home Theatre computer. Will the G4 mini handle HD? I'm currently using an Xbox 360 to get media from my mac to my living room, But A Mac Mini would be so much better IMHO. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Had a mini and sold it, the lack of an HDMI port was a real killer for me. The screen was never quite 'right' that is the resolution would never fit my plasma properly. Have a PS3 now and its better....but still not perfect, the search goes on. - Rod Middleton
There's a Mac mini sat under our 40in LCD TV, and it works brilliantly. EyeTV means it's the PVR, iTunes means it's the media centre. - Ian Betteridge
We've got a couple of Mini's chugging along quietly at the hospital :) - Vijay
andy brudtkuhl
"This is one of the most advanced cyber battles I’ve seen and what is even more important is the involvement of citizens using social media to enter the trenches of this web based cyber war. Sides have been taken as protesters from around the world have collaborated and planned attacks, rallies, and protests via social media, especially Twitter." - andy brudtkuhl
"Distributed citizen based warfare… And I thought citizen journalism was cool – this definitely trumps that on a scale we’ve not seen before. Social Networks have provided millions of interconnected networks of people to band together and organize mass protests and attacks in an unprecedented manner." - andy brudtkuhl
"“We turned our collective power and outrage into a serious weapon that we could use at our will, without ever having to feel the consequences. We practiced distributed, citizen-based warfare,” writes Matthew Burton, a former U.S. intelligence analyst who joined in the online assaults, thanks to a “push-button tool that would, upon your click, immediately start bombarding 10 Web sites with requests.”" - andy brudtkuhl
Links from this blog post.... - andy brudtkuhl
Web Attacks Expand in Iran’s Cyber Battle (Updated) - - andy brudtkuhl
Wired - Activists Launch Hack Attacks on Tehran Regime -> - andy brudtkuhl
ZDNet - Iranian opposition launches organized cyber attack against pro-Ahmadinejad sites -> - andy brudtkuhl
Neoseeker -> Iranian political strife sparks limited cyber-warfare -> - andy brudtkuhl - Iran's Protests: Why Twitter Is the Medium of the Movement -> - andy brudtkuhl
More News on this CyberWar.... - andy brudtkuhl
via Fast Company... Iranian Protests Becoming Crowd-Sourced Cyber War -> - andy brudtkuhl
"Protesting Iranians were already using new technology like Twitter to coordinate their efforts, as we noted on Monday. Now those protests are taking a new direction--with simple crowd-sourced denial of service (DDos) attacks being aimed directly at government sites. These attacks were rumored before, but now they're happening for sure, and the targets are pretty widespread. According... more... - andy brudtkuhl
via CNN - Briton's software a surprise weapon in Iran cyberwar -> - andy brudtkuhl
"With anti-government activists in Iran sidestepping official attempts to silence them on the Internet by posting photos, videos and blogs on sites like Facebook and Twitter, others are using a site that automatically refreshes a Web page every few seconds, potentially overloading the host server. The page reboot software means that dissidents can "attack" sites with a barrage of hits... more... - andy brudtkuhl
Via KXAN - Iran Media Ban Protest -> - andy brudtkuhl
Via LA Times - Mideast hanging on every text and tweet from Iran - - andy brudtkuhl
"Though Tehran has largely shut down communication outlets, protesters are getting out snippets of text and stealthily uploaded photos in a guerrilla-style Internet revolt." - andy brudtkuhl
"The term is proposed in order to focus specifically on the spread of network-based organizational structures throughout the low-intensity spectrum of societal conflict. It is argued that other terms applied to information age conflict, such as "information warfare," are inadequate, focusing too narrowly on technological issues while missing the broader social transformation enabled by... more... - andy brudtkuhl
"The uprising in Iran has been a perfect case in point - despite state censorship, the suppression of journalists and the shutdown of communications - the story has been covered from almost every angle: and the internet - as I've written before this week - has played a vital part in getting the information out." - andy brudtkuhl
via HuffPost - Iran's Revolution Will Be Twittered (and Blogged and YouTubed and...) -> - andy brudtkuhl
"In addition to providing first hand reports on the violence (especially important now that most foreign journalists have been asked to leave), Iranian bloggers are using Twitter and Facebook to organize giant rallies in the streets of Tehran. One protester has even used Google Maps to track the location of government tanks." - andy brudtkuhl
I for one think it's bad ass they are tracking locations of gov't tanks on public Google Maps - andy brudtkuhl
via Washington Post -> Iran Elections - A TWitter Revolution? - andy brudtkuhl
Interestingly they pointed out the side effect of the DDOS attacks on government sites have evidentally clogged all of the internet tubes in and out of Tehran - andy brudtkuhl
"It's very ironic but I think the Iranian government hugely benefited from these DDOS attacks. I've already explained this in an earlier answer, but, in short, these DDOS attacks have made Internet in Iran very slow, thus thwarting people's ability to get pictures and videos and even blog post out of the country." - andy brudtkuhl
Business Week says not so fast on Twitter mobilzing a revolution - Iran's Twitter Revolution? Maybe Not Yet -> - andy brudtkuhl
They claim the reason why is that most international news orgs have no one on teh ground and are publicizing the use of social media for their own good (ratings) - andy brudtkuhl
"For now, these tools represent the best chance the demonstrations have of getting continued coverage. "Social media is not at all a prime mover of what is happening on the ground," says Ethan Zuckerman, a senior researcher at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society. "The reason social media is so interesting [for the press] is that the international media doesn't have its members on the ground." - andy brudtkuhl
:))دیگه چه خبر؟ - Mil∂d
Jared Cohen convinced Twitter to not proceed with downtime plans. He works for the State Dept and can be found on Twitter @Jared_Cohen - andy brudtkuhl
@miled wish FF would translate that! - andy brudtkuhl
Via Inquisitr - Twitter IDs Aren’t Personally Identifiable Info [#IranElection] -> - andy brudtkuhl
Via CNN - Iranians Dodging Internet Crackdown -> - andy brudtkuhl
"Access to networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and photography site Flickr have been blocked in Iran, where the government also has been accused of blocking text-messaging, launching denial of service attacks and spreading misinformation to protest communities online." - andy brudtkuhl
via SFGate - Iran's leaders fight Internet; Internet wins (so far) -> - andy brudtkuhl
"Iran, in effect, has declared cyberwar on itself. And it doesn't appear to be winning the fight because of the resilience of a communications grid originally designed to be both resilient and pervasive. In fact, its actions may also be crippling banking systems and hindering commerce in what is a technologically advanced nation. Cutting off Internet access affects more than Web sites or Twitter and Facebook. Credit card and ATM systems could be affected, as could critical infrastructures." - andy brudtkuhl
"Mohammad Asgari, who was responsible for the security of the IT network in Iran's interior ministry, was killed yesterday in a suspicious car accident in Tehran. #IranElection" -> - andy brudtkuhl
via Mashable - 221,744 #iranelection tweets per hour -> - andy brudtkuhl
Hitting the Tweets - Social Media and #iranelection video from Newsy -> - andy brudtkuhl
OK, this is cyber battle, and it's in friendfeed........... - K.D.
@K.D. what's that ? - andy brudtkuhl
@andy, you see the tweet, it says go to click that link to initiate DDOS ATTACK!! it's organized in twitter&friendfeed... - K.D.
@K.D. yes, yes it is - andy brudtkuhl
Just i want update data about cyber war in Iran : In new movement from opposition iribnews was attacked by hackers , In first hours this site was down and one page : added to this website , but now the website came up but still this page is still remain in this website. In first page of this page wrote that how long do you want to kill people ?and etc... - Mehdi saberioon
"The same diner, shot using the iPhone 3G Sexposure compensation." - Andy Ihantko -
"Sexposure" - Kevykev from Bookmarklet
Mona Nomura
Cut and paste was worth the wait, select all is amazing but the winningest feature of 3.0 is *drumroll please* Spotlight. Period. #fb
Nope - push notifications. PUSH! - Sparky, lurking
Still haven't experienced push...launching IM now. - Mona Nomura
I'm really surprised Twitter hasn't used Push as an opportunity to launch their own iPhone app - Jesse Stay
Zu - I still don't need cut and paste but it was WELL worth the wait. The execution = flawless! - Mona Nomura
Spotlight is sweet, didn't think i would be as excited by that feature, I can find my music easier now - Tom Searing
What are the best, currently available apps to play with push/background notifications? - Ryan
IM and AIM, AP News. - Mona Nomura
Can you select text to copy from ? Mine can't. - Josh Haley
Spotlight was THE missing feature. Now we gots it! - Matthew Vaughan
Copy and paste can only be done via text input field. - Mona Nomura
Not so, Mona. I can copy text on other websites. - Josh Haley
Christopher Carr. Was that supposed to be funny? - Josh Haley
I am paying just for spotlight, Neal. Josh - ya? Interesting, I wonder what the rules are. (Can you tell I don't use copy and paste? haha!) - Mona Nomura
Why are you comparing them? Seriously, I love Android and I love Google but at the current state all the Android handsets are not even in an iPhone's league. - Mona Nomura
And I am more interested in the overall user experience. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Bad news: My 1st gen Edge phone feels like it's swimming underwater with this new update. GOOD news: a new iPhone in my future ,-) - Jess
SO JEALOUS! I also have the 1st gen but won't update til Fri when teh jailbreak is out. Tho I can't afford the new 3G S :sad panda: - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from IM
All done and updated. Now time to play with it. - Amani
joey - when I tap any existing app on my phone, it takes several seconds to open...much longer than usual. When I open certain apps (Twitterfon and Gmail, for instance) it crashes, everything goes black for a few seconds, then it returns to the unlock screen. - Jess
Chris, work around or not, it basically does the same thing. Though I'm not too worried about it, since my dependence for IM has ceased since purchasing the iPhone. Now people know to FB message, email, or SMS instead of IM when they really need to get a hold of me. Works for me. - Mona Nomura from IM
Chris - I hear you, but those minor things don't bother me. I'd still choose an iPhone over any other phone. The Pre was the only thing that would've made me switch but I'm not so sure anymore after dling 3.0. - Mona Nomura
Cut and paste is a big win for me, badly needed it for work on the road, Spotlight is brilliant for finding contacts but Push? What is this push thing? Hardly ever use SMS or IM; they can wait until convenient. - Sally Church
Oh bugger, you can't cut/paste from someone's tweet or some text :(. That kind of reduces the utility considerably. Hmmm - Sally Church
Ya, I'm not really understanding the stipulations of copy and paste - some pages/apps you can, others, you cannot. I'm a tad confused. - Mona Nomura
Mona, if you mean certains apps. then yes. the developer of the app has to enable cut/copy/paste in their apps. as for websites, i'm not too sure what the safari likes and doesn't like for copy/paste yet. - John Wang
Safari. :) SMS and apps I can just forward or email a screen shot, so there is no need for copy and paste. - Mona Nomura
Ah but I want to copy and paste text into a client report while on the road for example, or add quotes to a blog post without have to retype the thing. Or copy/paste text from an article into my Delicious bookmarks to make it easy to remember what the article was about while scanning tagged science articles. I use my iPhone as a business tool to avoid lugging a laptop everywhere. - Sally Church
If those are your first priorities then I don't know how you used the iPhone for so long, Sally LOL. Blackberries are much better for business power users. i.e. document management, email, and multi-tasking. - Mona Nomura
Mona- are you going to buy the new one? - Amani
Unless there is drastic performance difference the answer is no. Lemme think about that again. NOPE. - Mona Nomura
zsafwan 
If the rumored 10 am PT release time is on the money, here's when that comes in your time zone (via
Most useful thing I have seen all day after reading all my work emails. - Tom Searing
Gerard Lagana
Oops, I Bought It :-) - FullSite
Mike Bracco
FitBit - wireless sync with a Mac/PC. Basically tracks your movement 24/7 (including your sleep). . As the iPhone announcement today showed, I think body monitoring tools that keep track of your body vitals and movement (and the social networks that develop as a result) are going to be huge.
Will it alert the paramedics if I've fallen and can't get up? - Jack&Cleo
Wow. That would be nice for kayaking and hiking. Exercise in general. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Jack: yes, it will also send out an alert tweet to a predefined distribution list of your Twitter followers as well..haha - Mike Bracco
Still not available... - Todd Hoff
Todd: yeah comes out this summer. I'm waiting for mine. - Mike Bracco
Does anyone have a fitbit? I was excited when first announced but have yet to see a second wave of excitement. - Bill
oh i forgot about those! - Susan Beebe
Rob McNealy
Supreme Court blocks Chrysler sale to Fiat: <-Good Link
So what does this mean for govt. and union control now - Tom Searing from twhirl
Wow! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
First video's up on the blog... go butcher it... lol.
Leo Laporte
My. That's interesting. iTunes 8.2 thinks my Pre is an iPod.
LOL. - Zee.
Whoa! Omg Leo I can't wait to hear all about the Pre. - Lise
Welcome to the controversy :) - Bwana ☠
Unbuntu always thinks my HTC Diamond is an Ipod - Patrick Dwyer
Funny strange, Leo. Funny strange. - Callie
Heck Leo the iphone guys designed it to do that. I read it would be seemless. I wonder about any apple infringement? I'm sure they thought it through - Rock
anyone know when the pre comes to australia? - Bill Thomas
Looking forward to getting my Palm Pre - Dustin Sherrill
I wonder how long it will take Apple to send out an iTunes update to shut this down. My guess, two weeks at most. - Michael Groner
Oh that's awesome. - Bobby Lacey
It has to be a bug in the file. That's what I'm thinking. - Callie
very interesting.. - Vic Ted
Sounds like the Pre has an identity crisis. ☺ - Lecter
Now Leo I still maintain you recommended the Storm and I hope you don't do this to me again. Please. Don't get mad I just hang on your recommendations and just maybe I heard wrong. - Rock
Awesome... Wonder if Apple will have anything to say about this. - Jeff Matchett
Well it's supposed to. The USB identifier is the same as an iPod. - Dave Zawislak
Leo were you already on live playing with the Pre? If not, come on live, I wanna see you testing it out live! - Lise
WOW....FriendFeed is awesome! - Anthony Campbell
Does the handset feel cheap? Every review I've seen so far said that the sliding mechanism felt loose. - Ryan Whitwam
I'm headed to the sprint store now and demanding one today. I know they have it in stock now. If I succeed I will let you know - Rock
rock: didnt leo strongly dislike the storm. - Anton
That's probably a bad move on Palm's part. They should've done what other 3rd party players did get an ID instead of trying to pretend to be an iPod. I bet Apple could take legal action on this issue and win. - Mack McCoy
I bet this will last until the next system update from Apple :) - Bryan Lyle
Crazy - wonder if Apple is going to drop the hammer on this soon? Can Palm be sued under the DMCA for this? - Mike
Wow, Leo, welcome to last week's news: - John Callaback
I bet Apple reacts within a week - russellcoleman
Not at all Ryan. It feels great. Palm has hit a home run. I think there are some software flaws - it could be a tad more responsive - but those are easily fixed. I'm buying one tomorrow. - Leo Laporte
Leo, will you buy me one tomorrow? - Trad Robinson
Have heard other people say the same. The Pre Hack - Asgeir
Presumably this is only non-drm content (in particular no video from your itunes catalog)? - Dominic
On the Mac. I had read the news reports John, but I wanted to verify it with an actual Pre. Until then it's speculation. - Leo Laporte
This looks very exciting, but I still think 8gb/lack of expansion card slot will come back to haunt them. - charles
What do you think of the keyboard? - Matthew
I'm sure Leo will talk plenty about the Pre on Tomorrow's radio show. - Steven (optionshiftk)
I would stay away from an iTunes 8.3 update - Glenn Trtanj
I headed to buy one now I know they have them in the stores. You think they will cave if I make a big enough stink?? - Rock
I agree let's wait at least 6 weeks after Leo has done a few shows on it. Since he is headed on Vacation again we have to wait. AHHHHHHHHHHH - Rock
Now I'm glad I didn't push that update just yet! - ryanmgeeks
Now I want a PrePod! - Kurt Carty
What Glenn said :) - Brett Kelly
Thats the link to a 3D spinning version of the Palm Pre - Rock
Leo you on live? Show us Show us C'mon - Rock
Apple fail? or PreFail? - Charles Naut
Leo you have Paul Thurott on now... Get on line show us. - Rock
Nicholas. Disagree. How could this not be intellectual theft? All the Palm did was hire a hundred fifty Apple people. Rubenstein must've taken some magic Apple dust with him, too. I hope the lawyers don't give Palmista's too many nightmares. - Phil Boiarski
Looks like photos, unprotected music, and podcasts sync. Not Audible books. - Leo Laporte
There's a PalmPre Unboxing on the schedule for 9pm (Pacific) tonight. - Matthew
ZOMG! I need a pre yesterday! - Ray
Playing with the SDK before getting to touch the device is all I can do at the moment. Poor me. - lisa padilla
lol - that's hilarious. wake up iTunes! - Jennifer
@Matthew, I think he unboxed it already, the time on the schedule is in UTC I think. - charles
correct... it was just before TWiF today... - Chris Heath
ahh, curse you time zones! - Matthew
Hate to intrude, but isn't Gillmor Gang supposed to be on right now? Since, like, half an hour ago? - Vlad Bobleanta
the schedule has The GG slotted for tomorrow at 3pm pacific - Chris Heath
Chris: Thanks, when I checked a few hours ago it was slotted today at 4:30 pacific. I checked again now and it has indeed changed. - Vlad Bobleanta
I still see it on 11:30pm UTC on the twit desktop app. - charles
charles, i'm still using the old v1.5 version of the twit live air app but it says tomorrow at 10utc - Chris Heath
Palm Pre looks pretty,i may have to buy one. thanks to leo :) - John
Old news. - Matt Ruiz
pre unboxing is rebroadcasting now - Matthew
Leo: Do you think the Palm Pre is going to be good competition against the iPhone? - Jason Hansen
With only 8GB's of storage, who cares if it syncs with iTunes. Not like I'd be using it as an iPod. - Jeff Self
Just thing of all the money apple can make from Palm Pre sales - Brian Cowie
I was able to get my hands on a Pre for an hour yesterday. As an iphone owner since day 1 I'm very impressed. It has all the glitz and glamour of the iphone with the 2.0 software. ( plus cut, copy and paste and the ability to run multiple apps. Oh yeah and a dedicated keyboard too. All the features worked really well, especially synergy. The calendar app on the Pre makes the iphones implementation look like a really bad try. - Micheal Weihrouch
that's pretty funny Leo! It looks like a great device. Can't wait too hear what you think about it. - Kevin M Lindow
Ahh...Assimilate. Well done Apple. - Mark Krynsky
Yea it is suppose to be able sync (for now) I think. I seem to remember reading something about it. - Shawn Snodgrass
The Pre USB hack also includes the fact it is made by Palm in the USB ID so it would be easy for Apple to block it. DVD John discovered how they did it - Iain
Maybe Apple bought out Palm... :P - Arnold
Oohhhh, Leo... If you can copy DRM free music to the Pre, is Palm condoning piracy?? ;) - Stan Augustyniewicz
Stan, DRM free music is music that doesn't have DRM (like the amazon store, the iTunes store since the recent change, and other music stores) Loe was just saying that his DRM music didn't transfer over to the Pre - Chris Heath
Hey, Leo, can you and/or the cottage crew do some sort of evaluation on Palm Pre battery life vs number of apps running in the background? - Stan Augustyniewicz from BuddyFeed
Yeah... I don't think Apple are going to let that one slide... - aminorjourney
*Your* Pre Leo? I thought you just had it on loan for review purposes for a week? - David Bradley
Leo Laporte
My first tweet from the Palm Pre. Sweeeeet!
so jealous, how are you liking it? - BryanSchuetz
At least u will know that a new one won't be released tomorrow - Tom Searing
I didn't think you still used Twitter :/ - Bwana ☠
seems we may get it in Uk at xmas. ho ho ho - Chris Thomson
Will you give us a "Pre-view" tomorrow on TTG? - Eric Geller
And we all thought you'd wait 'til the next Mac Break Weekly to open 'er up and brag - Bill Alpert from twhirl
Looks like it works! - Richard Leiter
Does the Palm Pre still sync with iTunes? - Todd K. Edwards
Come on Leo! Give us at least a 140 character review! - Michael Groner
yeah totally agree, full 140 character review is required! - Braden Douglass
I am turning green with envy! - Michael Chang
I was a Palm user back in the black and white days of the Handspring Visor. I've also used the Palm VII (briefly), and the Treo 600. Oh yeah, and the Tungsten E, and also a Dell Axim (obviously not Palm but MS mobile). I liked Palm OS for a long time, but the Treo made me switch to a to a Blackberry 7800 (loved it). I now use a Tmobile G1. It would take some time for me to warm back up to Palm. Interested in how the Pre works out. - Nate
So how's the keyboard? - Mike Nayyar
how many times is Wright going to get out in the basepaths? #mets - Ian McGrath
It came out today? So how is it? - Daniel Schoonover
Any news on availability in the UK? - Adrian Burns
So what time were you waiting in line this morning Leo? - Craig Deakin
Is it better than than a blackberry? - Brian Harper
Andy Ihnatko
@MarkSheppard The waitress was indeed young and red-haired. But freckled and sweet and adorable.
Was her name Wendy? - George Gray
Andy Ihnatko
@Hawklu Write a 1200 word column on an iPhone? If I had thumbs like that I'd be in Cirque du Soleil.
Jason Pollock
J.D. Rucker
Arsonist Sentenced to Death for Killing 5 Firefighters : (my wife's first ever digg submit!)
Jason Pollock
How is your #followfriday going? Sending positive vibes to u al!!!!!:) #TGIF
The Hangover = OMFG 2hrs of non-stop laughing
Download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, now! - The Next Web -
Download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, now! - The Next Web
even though its very early days - i'm liking the mac version already! - Zee.
Well, I'm using Chromium for Linux for quite long time and just installed the Google version - there is no noticeable difference between these two at the first glance :) Anyway, the development of Chromium is very impressive and I can't wait for the more complete version. - Hanna Wiszniewska
Great. Finally a version for mac. Installed it and likes it so far - Peter Theill
Is it good enough to get me to switch from Opera? - Simon Tracey
no way, not yet - Zee.
not the official release I'm guessing Alejandro - Zee.
Doesn't work on Power PC Macs :( My computer runs fine but my processor is killing me. - Josh Wilkins
Mike Bracco
If you have one of the new Apple monitors that allows you to close the laptop's lid and still use the secondary display, check out this cool stand called the "Floater".
I think this works with non new monitors as well. I was under the impression that it had to do with the laptop more than the monitor - Joshua Schnell
Josh - Oh may be right. That makes sense. I have the new MBP and 24" display at home and love the integration. My entire setup only has 1 cord plugged into the power outlet. - Mike Bracco
here's the support article: - Joshua Schnell
Josh - thanks for link. On a separate but somewhat related issue, I really hope that future MBP's have the video cards to support more than one external display. - Mike Bracco
Mike, that would be bad ass. It would probably eliminate my need of this Mac Pro beside me. I'm all for that, especially during the summer months. ;) - Joshua Schnell
Yeah I perfect world I would love to have my MBP support up to 3 30s - that would be nice! - Mike Bracco
Glen - it supports dual in the sense that your laptop is one screen and your external display is the other screen. I use my MBP on a 30" dell at work and a 24" apple at home. However, I don't believe that an adapter allows the MPB to fire up two external monitors. I could be wrong but pretty sure that is how it works. - Mike Bracco
Praveen Vasudev
WWDC 2009: 3rd Generation iPhone Graphical Rumor Round-Up -
WWDC 2009: 3rd Generation iPhone Graphical Rumor Round-Up
nice find! going thru it! - vijay
Keeping my fingers crossed :O - Praveen Vasudev
LOL! OLED screen? hahahaha! some guys are expecting waaay too much. - vijay
FLASH SUPPORT? BAHAHAHAHA! who are these guys kidding? - vijay
ah! just noticed that there is a "likelyhood" indicator. Makes sense now. Talk about jumping the gun. : ( - vijay
Flash is dead in HTML 5 anyway - Mike Bracco
OLED is likely!! According to other sources. - Praveen Vasudev
iPhone's Apple Light Mod also probable. - Praveen Vasudev
Hacker News
StatSheet Two Year Anniversary - Staying Solo and Loving it -
anyone else thinking that the $ will go down & US bond % will go up now that GM is officially bankrupt tomorrow at 8AM?
Dobromir Hadzhiev
something to keep you busy while I'm asleep... A Beginner’s Guide to Quicksilver -
something to keep you busy while I'm asleep... A Beginner’s Guide to Quicksilver
something to keep you busy while I'm asleep... A Beginner’s Guide to Quicksilver
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I can't use a Mac without Quicksilver installed..... - Simon Tracey
I lurve Quicksilver! - Joey Gibson
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