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С днём рождения! - Ilya Sergey
спасибо :) - Kirill Maximov
поздравляю! - Igor Sereda
С днём рождения!!! - Лиза
С днем рождения :) - Oleg Shpynov
Ягодка опять? ;) Поздравляем! - Maxim Shafirov from BuddyFeed
спасибо :) - Kirill Maximov
#TeamCity 7.1 : Feature Branches support for Git and Mercurial
RT @mulambda: Pussy Riot, говорите? Вы вот про Узбекистан почитайте
RT @checkvist_news: Summer sale of Checkvist PRO accounts: $9.9 for 6 months
RT @gregsramblings: Trello stack - node.js, mongodb, redis,, websockets, backbone.js, mustache, etc. Good read
RT @rsobers: “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.” -- @hackingdata
RT @teamcity: TeamCity 7.0.4 bug-fix update
Good, simple, clear service. Like it.
RT @brzzzl: "In short, do not EVER use internal HSQLDB database for production TeamCity instances." #RTFM
Are you passwords strong enough?  zxcvbn tests
Original Post from JavaScript: On the super useful side of things comes: Pageguide. pageguide.js is an interactive v...
Graduates flashmob in St.Petersburg :) Выпускники из Петербурга устроили танцы на воде
People of the Earth :) Where the Hell is Matt? 2012
Original Post from Checkvist: Attachments: a new feature preview Attachments in Checkvist
Google занялся спасением исчезающих языков
#javascript   #development   Original Post from Addy Osmani: The Client Vs. Server Templating Shootout Is it better ...
If you use #TDD, there is an old life hack - don't fix the last failing test before going home. Next morning, you'll...
I didn't know that tools on IntelliJ IDEA platform provide so nice preview when doing search/replace with regular ex...
Thanks +Warren Harrison for a really useful extension! Checkvist Time Estimate
Original Post from Derek Ross: ALERT: Change Your LinkedIn Passwords Do you use LinkedIn? You may want to change you...
Original Post from Checkvist: Couple of fixes that couldn't wait
#checkvist git merge -Xpatience -Xignore-space-change --squash origin/group_plansDiverged with group_plans branch se...
Keep your #Javascript code clean using server-side #TeamCity inspections - a detailed step-by-step guide by +Evgeny ...
RT @teamcity: New TeamCity 7.1 EAP is available:
Going to hike for 2 days in Bohemian Switzerland, time to get some fresh air:
Are you passwords strong enough?  zxcvbn tests
RT @JamesKovacs: `gem install methodfinder; irb` require 'methodfinder'; "Abc".find_method "ABC" => ["String#upcase", "String#upcase!"] Mind blown!
Original Post from Checkvist: Wiki markup: Markdown or Textile? We're considering to support Wiki markup in Checkvis...
Creole and MediaWiki (as probably additional options? :) - Alexei
Лешк, цель выбрать один, а не добавить еще два!! :))))) - sasha maximova
не слушайте юзеров, не надо вики маркап, лучше сделайте интеграцию с google apps - Igor Sereda
Раскажите, а что вы в итоге выбрали. - Ivan Bessarabov
People of the Earth :) Where the Hell is Matt? 2012
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