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Можно хорошо играть в хоккей, а можно плохо врать.
RT @navalny: Понять как устроены американские санкции против России. Блог: Зеркало:
Evernote to Checkvist integration with Zapier -
Evernote to Checkvist integration with Zapier
Checkvist mobile: notes on WIP -
More work on Checkvist mobile infrastructure -
Day one, persistent storage and native HTML5 wrapper research -
RT @checkvist_news: First steps towards hoist/focus are already on More details:
RT @igrigorik: RFC for the 7XX Range of HTTP Status codes (developer errors): - epic.
Hiding sidebar in Checkvist with CSS3
Hiding sidebar in Checkvist with CSS3 -
RT @thomasfuchs: What do you think is faster? a) Send HTML b) Download big JS libs, send JSON,, compile templates, query data, generate a HTML string
RT @checkvist_news: Fresh update: more search options (hrs, days, wks) and a new reference,
RT @rjs: Documentation is useful when it makes something invisible visible and wasteful when it repeats something you should already see directly.
Gmail's new ability to search by e-mail size is really useful
RT @skotin: Почувствуйте разницу
RT @jetbrains: ReSharper 7.1 is released: bug and performance fixes, improved code formatter and XAML support, Windows Phone 8...
Welcome TeamCity 7.1.2 - the best TeamCity since TeamCity
It's the first time I have to write a TeamCity plugin to debug a problem for a customer. Let's see if this helps.
RT @checkvist_news: Integrate your calendar application with Checkvist:
RT @checkvist_news: Integration with Calendar applications is almost here. Preview is available on beta, more information at
RT @CompSciFact: It's programmer Christmas: 31 oct = 25 dec.
RT @checkvist_news: Testing some magic on Try typing lst: when editing a task text and see what happens.
"Никаких фришных аккаунтов" - сказали немецкие епископы:
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