Great coordination by @IBMsoftware_in team. Good questions and very insightful answers. Enjoyed the experience of #SocBizChat
By sharing more information on a specific domain, you are not only building your own brand but that of the enterprise also. #SocBizChat
Going live on a Twitter Chat organised by IBMsoftware_in to answer questions on 'Why Social Business is Winning'. #SocBizChat
Absolutely love the blur effect of Google Nexus5. This is the beginning of the end of DSLR cameras.
8 Things the Most Successful People Do That Make Them Great
Brainstorming on Twitter for Business with entrepreneurs in #Salem.
Watch me & my students dance to Pharrell William's #HappySong, all in the name of an official project.
All set for the International Bloggers Awards tonight at KL. Photo of the hall.
All set for the International Bloggers Awards tonight at KL. Photo of the hall.
Pleasantly nervous with adrenalin pumping excitement to host the unconference at the Malaysian Tourism Conference.
Planning a #HarlemShake at World Bloggers & Social Media Summit in Kuala Lumpur right after lunch. Amazingly sportive organizers. #MSMW2013
The World Social Media Awards in KL is happening tonight. As a speaker, I can take two guests. If U R in KL & want to join, let me know.
RT @MissMalini: What a great idea! Create an internal Facebook Group for your whole office to interact with each other and build team spirit! #MSMW2013
Guess who's businesscard I found while flipping through my rolodesk!
Guess who's businesscard I found while flipping through my rolodesk!
My topic @TheGoaProject is 'Farming as Secondary Income: Lessons from a Weekday Consultant and Weekend Farmer'
I walk into Landmark bookstore & ask for Gardening/Farming section. Imagine my disappointment when the manager says they have scrapped it.
A captivating photo essay on capturing rhinos in South Africa.
Very stroked about conducing a 3 hour Unconference on Innovation at the US Consulate on their Leadership Day.
An elderly lady taught me a lesson in forgiveness that will stick with me for life.
Listening to all the songs that won the Grammy.
Why I still like Lance Armstrong and why I'm rooting for him.
Lance Armstrong lied to us all this time that I am seriously starting to doubt whether he really landed on the moon at all !!
Wondering which wise guy planned steel benches outside the T3 airport in Delhi. Its so cold, he might as well have kept ice blocks to sit !
A photolog on how beautiful cranes in our villagare are poisoned to be made into free snacks for booze. Sad.
I hate legalese but grudgingly wading through details of IT ACT 66A so as to be armed well for the debate tonight on Thanthi TV at 8PM .
Tonight on Thanthi TV (earlier NDTV Hindu) catch me at 8 PM on a panel debating on IT Act 66A and its misuse.
Missing SEMPO AsiaPac Event in Bangalore. Was supposed to conduct an UnConference today but sadly had to drop out at the last moment.
Un-Frickin-believable! I just mailed the Digital Marketing exam question paper to the exam cell and.....*drum roll* to every student !!!!
Hosting Day 2 of #PRAXIS2012. Braving an irritant throat.
What GoaFest is for advertising fraternity, #PRaxis2012 in Pondicherry is for the PR fraternity. Great work by @PromiseFdn
With so many powercuts, #Praxis2012 becomes a Green Event by default! Not a great PR for Pondy Govt.
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