me siento bob esponja
Yeeah!! TodO see paGa en esta viida, nO lO crees, jaaaaa, jaaaaa
siii waaa, ia vOii progresando!! @MISTIKAULITZ
Yeeahhhh...! x fin abri mi twiter!! i estoi escribiendo aki es genial!!!
@Sparty1216 I think the longest is 63 or 65 yards
http://tweetphoto.com/7318768 Add me on BlackBerry Messenger.
Furthermore my wave machine has enough energy to power several medium-sized homes with ease. Thank you, bitches! ~ Dave Chapelle Show
@missbrandii Let me find out you are dancing for pizza and wings. Haha! Are they good?
@PhunkyPrincess I missed my flight to the West Coast. I will be there in a few days, just gotta tell wifey bye. Haha!
Celtics got that big win on the road son!
@ladyw87 What happened to KG?? Didn't get to see the game. Glad the C's won.
@missbrandii Damn! BlackBerry frozen and dead iPod. What is going on??!!
There is something special about today, but I can't put my finger on it...
@eyezofny I know right??! I am slackin'. It has been solid for me though.
@eyezofny Nah, not yet. Have you done it? I am still on .415
@eyezofny Keepin' the phone profile on LOUD!
@eyezofny And I will be available on those day
Playing Scrabble Slam with fam. This is a fun game...
This Wii that we just brought out seems to be destroying friendships. Competitive nature always causes problems...
@VennardRose Bum ass nukka!
We are here in Orlando for Christmas. Yay!!
Checking out Yatca again.
RT @MsVanityQT: #theHellyoumean you don't give head bitch its almost 2010 grow up!
It's times like these that I like having Wi-Fi on the BlackBerry. Still get data when others can't.
@smellvin I will add another options: Hell No.
@SweetSecrecy I believe there are apps for that sort of thing. Are you trying to block calls or messages or both?
@Dumskull I am still using AVG Free Antivirus. Works well for me.
@MissJia Where is the picture of the nails? Did I miss that tweet?
So glad I don't live up North any longer. Snow sucks!!
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