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#TIL Yrs before #StarTrek, @WilliamShatner turned down the title role in #DrKildare. - @PBS's #PioneersOfTV
Noah Wyle holds the record for playing a doctor on primetime TV longer than anyone else. - @PBS's #PioneersOfTV
cc @Longreads RT @superwuster: concerned abt #NetNeutrality? email &read "The Internet is Fucked"
"Is Seth a Jew?" "He's Jew-ish." - @sethmeyers #LNSM
"Every single Jewish person thinks I'm Jewish....They think that b/c of my face&my name&everything abt me." - @sethmeyers #LNSM
RT @fmanjoo: iPhone hearing aids are so amazing even normal-hearing folks will want them. My @nytimes piece on our bionic future.
When did the "[Blank] Is Everything" headline formulation catch fire?
...and, of course, how bad hay fever will be. RT @FiveThirtyEight: #ClimateChange is affecting when flowers bloom.
"Your panda is **out of control.**" - Cameron Diaz, to @jimmyfallon, on @FallonTonight
#space RT @nickstatt @nickbilton: astronauts on the #ISS paused during today's spacewalk to take a bunch of selfies.
cc @patkiernan RT @superwuster: in a league as rich as pro football, cheerleaders make less than $1K/yr, if that.
RT @colvinj: "We were young, we were free," Cuomo echoed, before getting in the last word (again). "& now we're not."
"Like many couples, de Blasio & Cuomo do seem to enjoy each other’s company, @ least when they are not fighting."
Robert Towne's a "consulting producer" on @MadMen_AMC? Since when? #MadMen
"Just cash the checks. We're all gonna die one day." - @MadMen_AMC #MadMen
RT @charlieisaacs: "lower": bass violin players> RT @kitson: "Cellists don't get many groupies." @AmyAcker @AgentsOfShield @ClarkGregg
Every @BlackBoxABC #BlackBox promo makes me think it's an entirely different show. That's not necessarily a compliment.
"Cellists don't get many groupies." - @AmyAcker on @AgentsOfShield cc @ClarkGregg #AgentsOfSHIELD
In a generic way, yeah. ;) RT @artchung: @kitson @sastra Oh, that's what #FutureofNews hashtag meant.
My point exactly. RT @artchung: @kitson @sastra Is it?, asks one guy who worked on a weekly campus newspaper to another.
#SCOTUS RT @superwuster: Supreme Court #Aereo transcript is here. Great read for copyright geeks.
#SCOTUS RT @Recode: Eight Times the Supreme Court Was Bewildered by Technology
RT @nickstatt: If you're looking to fill the remaining space in an #AmazonPantry box, use paper towels. Or order a shit ton of Goldfish.
RT @Recode: W/ Launch of #AmazonPantry, Amazon Thinks #AmazonPrime Members Will Pay for Some Deliveries
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