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#RIP RT @mediagyrl: Joan Rivers wrote down every joke she ever wrote, and filed it away. #workethic
The Josh Weinberger Daily is out!
RT @artchung: @kitson so I'd have to ^ ^ @kitson then.
" 'Art is good for you'? No, it isn't." - @NewYorker's Peter Schjeldahl, to @Studio360show's @KBAndersen. (Or, at least, it shouldn't be.)
"In an American democracy, we're all entitled to feel elitist." - @NewYorker's Peter Schjeldahl, to @Studio360show's @KBAndersen
"The litmus test for any art form is if a bunch of teenage girls like it, b/c that's the most pure love there is." Tavi Gevenson @tavitulle
The Josh Weinberger Daily is out!
"Quirky is fine. Pushy is not." - #TimesSqAlliance spokesperson, on @BBC #NYC #TimesSq "Getting the balance right between carnival & circus"
Challenge: On Friday, find a marquee listing #AreYouHere? and #WishIWasHere at the same movie theatre.
.@jonathanWNYC A show on @JoshuaWolfShenk's #PowersOfTwo concept (e.g., Sinatra/Riddle, Kern/Hammerstein, Gershwins)?
Excerpt: @JoshuaWolfShenk's #PowersOfTwo cc @longreads MT @Salon Lessons in creativity: Beatles, Picasso, Steve Jobs
A reminder about lasting fame: "Whether and when [Homer] lived is unknown."
On the other... cc @akstanwyck @ilovecharts RT @WSJ 43% of Americans never unplug from personal electronics at all.
On the one hand... RT @akstanwyck Stop Writing Dystopian Sci-Fi—It’s Making Us All Fear Technology | @WIRED
RT @pageturner: Weekend Reading #longreads: Lewis Lapham on Thelonius Monk, On Being Stalked, and more
RT @DavidGrann: The Old Gang: The director Penny Marshall on Robin Williams. via @newyorker
RT @vkhosla: IBM’s Watson Groomed as C-Suite Advisor | MIT Technology Review
"I think I could listen to an entire album of just that." — @jonathanWNYC, referring to the oh-so-analog hisses & scratches & pops of vinyl,
Pretty sure that's the first time an Eagles guitar riff has been compared to the work of Nelson Riddle. Bravo, @jonathanWNYC.
Surprising @jonathanWNYC Sunday-show opener: Eagles' "Life in the Fast Lane." Reminds me of Walsh's later "Life's Been Good (to Me So Far)."
The Josh Weinberger Daily is out!
"No need to be offended. It's a term of art." "It is a term of 'Never use it again or I will kick you in your soft parts.' " #Elementary
RT @fcc_cio: Article showed org already using AIs to vote on boards @kitson ... question is how to pair AIs w/ humans? @mims @pmarca @ValaAfshar @rwang0
=O MT @mtracey: Flashback: In 1996, Clinton administration promoted mandatory nightly curfews for teenagers #Ferguson
RT @KStreetHipster: Best way to get promoted: invent easy to meet goals, call them KPI's, don't propose change ever. Best way to lead: fire those people.
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