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Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers

A Friend Feed room for people that love their cats
sen nası bişisin ya ...lanet olsun içimdeki kedi sevgisine :)))
indir (7).jpg
:)))) olur ...ama şuan alamam ki ...ozamana kdr buyurler :) - Elâ
benimki daha güzel bi kere - sosyalulas
:)) herkesininki kendine güzel - Elâ
ahahahaha - Elâ
pet shop kedisi tabi. asil sadrazam kedisi olarak da anılırmış. duruşu yeter - sosyalulas
:))) iiimişş :)) - Elâ
:D - Elâ
dedesi abdülhamit in kedisi imiş.kendisine çatal ile yemek yedirilmezse yemezmiş - sosyalulas
ooooooo :) - Ruby's Bunny †✡ from Android
sen de bir kedi al - moreya - sosyalulas
şuanda alamam ustume gelmeyin nan - Elâ
uuuuuuu - Ruby's Bunny †✡ from Android
küçükten al büyüt - moreya - sosyalulas
ama anası bırakmış olsun, koparmican anasından - moreya - sosyalulas
sokakta tek kalmış alırım ben..bıyığından çöpler sarksın :)) - Elâ
helal be :) - sosyalulas
he ya ....önemli olan ona sevgi vermektir...diğerine herkes sevgi gösterir - Elâ
En kaliteli ve uygun fiyat garantisiyle tüm kedi mama çeşitlerini Alice Pet Shopta bulabilirsiniz. - AlicePetShop
Robin Williams
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Two Cats Demonstrate How Best To Disturb a Human Who Works From Home - What it's like to Work with Cats! - - -
Two Cats Demonstrate How Best To Disturb a Human Who Works From Home - What it's like to Work with Cats! - - -
true story ;_; yalnız benim kız sonunda o sarışın kedinin miyavlamasına karşılık verdi, hala da dırdırı kesmiş değil=^.^= - Kült Ablası
bizim beylerde o son miyavlamaya tav oldu :D - isfendan
vesle yaviz gorse ya onlarinkiler de boyle mi acaba ^.^ - Elif üzer
Robin Williams
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I see Jenny already picked out your Halloween costume .. - Kristin
^__^ - Eivind
That cat has Seen Things. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
Please let this be a Christmas card - Steve C Team Marina
Robin Williams
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Robin Williams
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Rachel Lea Fox
Our Two New Little Boys! Year 2 with a black kitten for Halloween! #foxfosterkittens
photo 2.jpg
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The black one has stunning blue eyes. I've never seen that before! - Kevin Fox from iPhone
I've seen blue eyes on a black cat before. There could be some siamese in it's background. I can't really tell from the pic - does it have a wedge-shaped head? It might outgrow the blue eyes, though. How old is it? - Katy S
Cute cute cute cute cute!!! - Georgia
The blue eyed black cat is quite different. Cute. - Louis Gray
Katy, I'm not sure if he has a wedge-shaped face. I will get better photos of them soon. They are not brothers, the black one is around 5 weeks old, 18.7oz (so he could still outgrow his blue eyes, but also might not) and the tiger is about 6.5 or maybe 7 weeks 24.3 oz. - Rachel Lea Fox
The Chuck Jones classic "Feed the Kitty" has a black kitten with blue eyes. - Spidra Webster
Precciousss kittahz! You'z so cute you look yummy! LOL I'm just kidding, I wouldn't =) - Franc, a rememberer
wow both super cute, but yeah I've never seen a black cat with blue eyes before, my black cat has the yellowest eyes I've ever seen - Toby Graham
Toby, we aren't sure if he will keep them. At 5 weeks old he could still go either way, but we are excited to see if he does! They are both super sweeties! But baths are in their near future. If you all could smell them through friendfeed... well you would still find them cute, but stinky cute!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Awww.. my cat was dusty-black and hella stinky when I adopted him. xD - Franc, a rememberer
Blacky seems to be sick. He isn't eating much and is throwing up most of what he eats. We will be going in today. I'm sure his stinkiness isn't helped by his being sick. But we will get it all worked out. - Rachel Lea Fox
super bas lepa slika - Milenko Raljic
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I don't think my cat is into dating humans, just sayin'. - Melly
"chi sei? cosa vuoi? WAI WIAAAAA!" - Mario Guerrero
Katy S
Behind Every Good Whisky Is A Trusty Distillery Cat : Parallels : NPR -
Behind Every Good Whisky Is A Trusty Distillery Cat : Parallels : NPR
"Cameron explains that whisky requires grain, which attracts mice and birds. And that is the very short distillery cat origin story. Vermin are not such a problem today. "We might get the odd one, two mice throughout the year, but that's about it," says Cameron. So why keep a distillery cat on the premises? "Because we've always had a cat at the distillery, we have," says Cameron matter-of-factly. "You know, it's not a dog. It's not a horse. It's a cat!"" - Katy S from Bookmarklet
"Cameron actually chose the latest distillery cat at Glenturret — a kitten named Peat, like the smoky flavor in whisky. He describes the rigorous vetting process. "Had a look at him. Thought, 'Yep.' Gave him a few strokes, and thought he was a friendly lookin' cat. Held him for a wee while. Decided, 'Right. He's the one.' " - Katy S
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
Oh no! The kitten died this week! - Katy S from iPhone
:( - RepoRat
That's so sad! - Soup in a TARDIS
Corinne L
Ippie and Rooney grooming each other, then the subsequent wrestling session. #Caturday
La picci a suon di grattarsi sotto l'orecchio destro s' è fatta venire un'ulcera. Vediamo cosa dice il veterinario... uff
Mannaggia - Roi from Android
Siamo in coda nello studio, lei fa la vaga nel suo trasportino. - misterpinna from FFHound(roid)!
siete entrati? cos'ha detto? - Mitì Vigliero
dai racconta ! - Mäckley [ein troll!]
spero non sia il tuo caso, ma al mio miao hanno diagnosticato una insufficienza renale proprio per un'ulceretta da grattamento, ora è a dieta ferrea e va meglio! - Robi
Il veterinario dice che l'orecchio è okkeione. Sospetta un "circolo vizioso" (le prudeva, s'è grattata, ferita, prurito, grattata, ferita...) e ha prescritto apposito unguento. Se persevera a grattarsi, collarino elisabetta fino a guarigione. - misterpinna from FFHound(roid)!
Kindle started licking my phone, he also tongue dialed my mother!
[Codone] Miss indispettita dal sospetto che un altro gatto sia entrato in casa.
2014-08-08 18.13.06.jpg
ma che codone haaaaaaa - Roi
Eh, non capisco dove prenda tutto il pelo per produrre quell'effetto. Di solito ha uno spaghetto al posto della coda... - misterpinna from FFHound(roid)!
Codone <3 - Fabs
è un gatto-scoiattolo - astry from FFHound!
Come farebbe a dire che non devo entrare nei caffetti della biancheria?
lo fanno, lo fanno. - astry from FFHound!
BBC News - Russia: Bank offers 'free cat with every mortgage' -
BBC News - Russia: Bank offers 'free cat with every mortgage'
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"The bad news for customers is that they won't be able to keep their feline. Terms of the offer say that the animal is only given so that it is the first to cross the threshold of the property - many Russians say a cat is sign of good luck to those moving into a new home - and is only available for two hours so the home-owners can take photos." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Cristina Magi
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Black Cat Appreciation Day - August 17th - Pilot
Sarasota cat calls 911 to report e-meow-gency - Sarasota News | and ABC 7: Local News -
Sarasota cat calls 911 to report e-meow-gency - Sarasota News | and ABC 7: Local News
"SARASOTA, Fla. -- A cat at a Sarasota animal rescue caused a bit of a hubbub Monday when he somehow managed to dial 911 when nobody was looking. Zeke the cat lives in one of the offices at Cat Depot on 17th Street in Sarasota. Staff there say that on Monday, when the office's human resident left for lunch, Zeke dialed 911 on the office phone. Sarasota County dispatch got no response when they answered, so they called back and spoke to a volunteer at the front desk, who had no idea who placed the call. Further investigation led them to find Zeke sprawled across the phone, with the handset off the hook." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Staff there tells ABC 7 that Zeke has a reputation for walking on laptops and other electrical devices. He did not appear to be missing any of his 9 lives." - Jessie
My friend's cat used to answer the phone when it rang, and sometimes would just knock it off of the receiver for what appeared to be no good reason. We had friends get mad when he'd "answer" when we were out of the house, since they thought we just weren't talking and being jerks. - Jennifer Dittrich
E dopo il mouse con il filo... il secondo topo ucciso da miss (wireless, questa volta)
Gattyno di amici, awwometro a fondo scala.
Corinne L
Ippie is definitely my little tech wizard kitten. If I am playing a video or music on the tablet she has to come over and check it out. I think it has something to do with the pitch level.
We're coming up on our 6th anniversary together. She's helped me get through some rough patches & made me laugh when I've needed it most. - Corinne L
Bumping because the anniversary date of Ippie showing up at my doorstep has arrived! - Corinne L
Happy adoptaversary! <3 - vicster
Robin Williams
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Taiwanese design team wants cats to eat ‘smartly’ - Taipei Times -
"A cat feeder that uses facial recognition technology will allow cat owners to “smartly” monitor the appetite of their furry friends any time and anywhere, a Taiwanese design team said on Wednesday. The device, called Bistro, has two major parts — a food dispenser and a scale, said Hannah Chen, a spokeswoman for 42Ark, which designed the device. When a cat steps on a Bistro, a built-in camera is activated and streams video to a back-end server, which runs a facial recognition algorithm to identify the cat, Chen said. As the cat is eating, weight sensors beneath the dispenser and the scale continuously monitor the weight of the cat, the food and water, she said. After the cat steps off, the system calculates the amounts of food and water the cat has consumed, as well as its weight, she added." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Cara la mia piccola miss, sei molto picci e sympa quando mi porti la pallina e mi solleciti il lancio facendomi tap tap con la zampina. Le prime 5 volte. Poi cominci a rompercà.
2014-07-15 17.52.39.jpg
How to Make the Tuna Catnip Kitty Cookies -
How to Make the Tuna Catnip Kitty Cookies
How to Make the Tuna Catnip Kitty Cookies
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"On Cat World Domination Day, somekitty asked for the recipe for the Tuna Catnip Kitty Cookies, and I’m sure there are more of you who are interested. It’s actually a very, very easy recipe! So easy, my human could make it without whining about all the time it was taking — because it took practically no time to make the dough. She originally found the recipe at Joy the Baker, so you can download the recipe from there." - vicster from Bookmarklet
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