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Ken Morley
"Jefferson Airplane was formed in San Francisco during the summer of 1965, emerging from the San Francisco Bay folk music boom. The founder of the group was 23-year-old vocalist Marty Balin, a San Francisco-raised singer who had established a minor career as a pop singer in the early Sixties and had made several recordings under his own name. With the Beatles-led British Invasion of 1964, Balin was inspired by the merging of folk with rock in early 1965, spearheaded by the success of The Byrds and Simon & Garfunkel, and decided to form a group to play the hybrid style. With a group of investors, Balin purchased a former pizza parlour on Fillmore Street where he opened a new club, The Matrix and began searching for members for his group..." - Ken Morley
Yikes! A blast from the past, from the past! :) - Ken Morley
Jim Carey did a pretty good rendition of Somebody to Love, in Cable Guy, IMHO. :) - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Zucchini... Zucchini for everybody!
"But we're sick of zucchini dad." - Ken Morley from email
Zucchini noodles? - Corinne L
Ooh, good idea Corinne. These zucchini noodles look fairly delicious! - Ken Morley
I highly recommend checking out She has been obsessed with zucchini noodles this summer (and she also has just a fantastic collection of zucchini recipes in general). She also did a really great zucchini roundup back in July (I've tried about a third of those recipes and they're pretty good) that might give you some extra ideas! - Hookuh Tinypants
bread! grilled or broiled - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
Grill the zucchini then add to stir fry. Grilled or griddle added to salads - WarLord
Tons of great ideas here thanks Amanda! The Pizza Bites look like a good one for the zucchini that get a little too large... plus zucchini and marinara sauce seem like a delicious combo. :) Grilling or stir-frying in olive oil with onions is my go-to method, but I have everything here for the zucchini alla scapece, so I'm having that for lunch. Thanks Lorenzo! - Ken Morley
Zucchini is one of the things that makes it hard for me to learn how to eat seasonally. I just enjoy it so much during the summer that over winter I can't help but buy all the imported zukes to quell my cravings. - Hookuh Tinypants
I know what you mean. It kills me to pay for zucchini. :) - Ken Morley
Heard from a comedian: my town was so small, we never locked the doors to the house or the car. Except in August. If you didn't lock your car in August, you'd come back to a back seat full of zucchini. - Betsy
^HA HA HA! Ken, I am a fan of this Asian-influenced zucchini noodle dish: - Corinne L
How is your plum wine is coming along Ken??!! :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Sepi, I'll be doing my 2nd racking next weekend and will sample it then. Fingers crossed. :) - Ken Morley
Fingers crossed at this end too :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
RT @robmanuel: Internet. Stop what you are doing. We have new word meaning dickhead.
RT @robmanuel: Internet. Stop what you are doing. We have new word meaning dickhead.
For trepanist, one assumes. - Meg VMeg
Or treponeme. - Ken Morley
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Casual mazing. I want that to be a thing.
Like a garden of sporking paths? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I am a-mazing as we speak.... sorry... had to say it before Andrew :P - Ken Morley
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I stumbled into this glassblowing class in Chicago. Mighty interesting! 😀 💙
I'd like to learn this. - Ken Morley
It's super expensive though. :/ - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
It's a lot of dollars, but it's not actually very expensive. Most intro to glass blowing classes I see start and end at making ornaments; this one looks like they really build you some skills, and do so over a really long time (it's 24 hours worth of classes, which is a lot longer than any class I've seen). - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Ken Morley
For your consideration: Kiva - Simplicia from Philippines -
For your consideration: Kiva - Simplicia from Philippines
"Simplicia is 38 years old, married and has three children, one currently in school. Simplicia is in the agricultural business, raising cattle in the Philippines. Simplicia requested a PHP 12,000 loan through NWTF to purchase feed, vitamins and other supplies for her business. Simplicia has been raising cattle for 12 years now, and has borrowed four times in the past from NWTF to sustain her business. Simplicia would like to save enough to provide a secure future for her family. " - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
Contributed. Thanks for posting, Ken! - B. LB.
:D - Ken Morley
Fully funded. - Ken Morley
Andrew C (✔)
Welp, Twitter's started showing me - in the main timeline - what all y'all are favoriting.
What is this Twitter you speak of? - Ken Morley
Someone else mentioned that a few weeks ago. That's so bizarre. There's many reasons for favoriting a tweet. Why show that to other people? - Anika
I mean favorites have always been public, but until now they weren't promoted into the main timeline like RTs. - Andrew C (✔)
Ugh - Amit Patel
Eric Buchegger
I find the drone slightly less creepy than the guy across the way with the telescope. At least you know it's there. - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
For your consideration: Kiva - Juditha from Philippines -
For your consideration: Kiva - Juditha from Philippines
"A loan of $175 helps Juditha to purchase building materials and pay for construction labor." - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
Fully funded. :) - B. LB.
Victor Ganata
There's a reason why the rest of the world thinks we're full of shit #AmericanExceptionalism #AmericanHypocrisy
Mariam Barghouti, a university student and blogger in the West Bank city of Ramallah, has tweeted out tips for reporters and others in Ferguson who face tear gas from police. “Remember to not touch your face when tear-gassed or put water on it. Instead use milk or coke!” she wrote last week. Voicing solidarity with those facing off against police in Missouri, she said a “made in USA teargas canister was shot at us a few days ago in #Palestine by Israel, now they are used in #Ferguson.” - Ken Morley
Jason Griffey
That time you get excited about something you see online and go to add it to Pinboard, only to realize you added it literally a year ago.
hahaha happens to me all the time! - RepoRat
yeah - WarLord
I'll often write great new ideas in my journal, only to find out later I've duplicated an existing entry almost word for word. - Ken Morley
In fact, you you wrote this same tweet 4 years ago. - Todd Hoff
Look at the bright side, consistency is good #memorynotsomuch - WarLord
Ken Morley
Who just bought brake pads?
I just bought brake pads! #manskills - Ken Morley from email
Stop. - Joe
Wish I could. - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Mission accomplished.
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
I'd say it was time to change those. - Ken Morley
Handy tip: Don't top up your brake fluid before changing brake pads. :P - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Librarians were badass in the 15th century!
"On occasion monasteries tried to secure their possession by freighting their precious manuscripts with curses. “For him that stealeth, or borroweth and returneth not, this book from its owner,” one of these curses runs, "let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with palsy, and all his members blasted. Let him languish in pain crying aloud for mercy, and let there be no surcease to his agony till he sing in dissolution. Let bookworms gnaw his entrails in token of the Worm that dieth not, and when at last he goeth to his final punishment, let the flames of Hell consume him forever." - Ken Morley
The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt - Ken Morley
I feel compelled to settle my outstanding balance. - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Evolution of the Eye: Nilsson & Pelger and Lens Evolution -
Evolution of the Eye: Nilsson & Pelger and Lens Evolution
"They treated a genetic mutation as a percentage change in a certain part of the eye, for example, a decrease in the thickness of the transparent layer. A mutation would affect the size of part of the eye, or the functional quality of a part of the eye, such as the refractive index. And, importantly, the simulation was not programmed to progress in ever-improving stages, as if the whole evolutionary progression was pre-programmed and they simply divided the one long evolutionary phase into lots of small phases, chopping up a pre-selected evolutionary progression into small quantifiable, arbitrary units. Instead, they allowed mutation from which would be selected the variations (mutations) which improved the computer eye – true natural selection." - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
"N&P did not predispose, or pre-programme, their simulation to produce such an ideal graded index lens, but rather simply by letting 'natural selection' act upon the eyes which mutations threw up, their simulation spawned just such a fine graded index lens. This affirms the power of non-random selection over random mutation." - Ken Morley
"So, how long would it take, then, to evolve a fish’s complex camera eye? Nilsson and Pelger’s final estimate came to 364,000 generations. And, considering the small marine animals’ (in which this camera eye would evolve) generation length of (≈) 1 year, the eye would take but, roughly, 364,000 years – less than half-a-million years. This simulation spawned a surprisingly short... more... - Ken Morley
:)) یکی نیست بگه مجبوری - مهراوه
:))))) حقشه با این زانو زدنش - امین
آخه یکی نیست بگه اینجا جای این کارهاست:)) - Mahdi
پدر سوخته عمدا رفته اینجا که زود بغلش کنه به بهانه ای:))) - امین
عه عه انگشتره چی شد ؟ - Noosha
:دی - امین
انگشتر رو آب برد و به خاطره ها پیوست :)) - Mahdi
It wasn't meant to be. :) - Ken Morley
"ağzına sıçayım selami" - Lorient
خخخخخخخخ - متین آزادي
salty water into tha manns' arse hole! - torpido
چه رومانتیک شد :)) - afraal
این هم یک نوع از غش کردن دیگه :دی - Mahdi
:))))) این غشش بهتر بود :دی - Sima
پس این نوع غش رو میپسندی :دی - Mahdi
Ken Morley
My son treated me to lunch today.
Oh pho ... Enjoy!! - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Sepi, I did. A most excellent lunch! :) - Ken Morley
I love pho ... The most perfect lunch :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی from iPhone
Ken Morley
My precious!
It's been a few years since I've built a computer. Let's see if I remember how. - Ken Morley
Oh my. Which one is this? - Amit Patel
It's an R9 290 from Sapphire. I couldn't believe the size and weight of the thing when I received it. I do not actually have tiny hands, the thing is massive! Better for heat dissipation I suppose. - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Fun Fact: Temperate rain forests occur only in seven regions around the world: -
Fun Fact: Temperate rain forests occur only in seven regions around the world:
Show all
"Temperate rain forests occur only in seven regions around the world: the Pacific temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, the Valdivian temperate rain forests of southwestern South America, the rain forests of New Zealand and Tasmania, northwest Europe (small pockets in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland and a somewhat larger area in Norway), southern Japan, and the eastern Black Sea-Caspian Sea region of Turkey and Georgia to northern Iran. " - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
Ken Morley
Fun Fact: The genetic distance separating us from pygmy or common chimps (1.6 per cent) is less than that between two species of gibbons (2.2 per cent) - The Third Chimpanzee, by Jared Diamond -
Fun Fact: The genetic distance  separating us from pygmy or common chimps (1.6 per cent) is less than that between two species of gibbons (2.2 per cent)  -  The Third Chimpanzee, by Jared Diamond
"The chimpanzees' closest relative is not the gorilla but the human. Traditional taxonomy has reinforced our anthropocentric tendencies by claiming to see a fundamental dichotomy between mighty man, standing alone on high, and the lowly apes all together in the abyss of bestiality. Now future taxonomists may see things from the chimpanzees' perspective: a weak dichotomy between slightly higher apes (the three chimpanzees, including the 'human chimpanzee') and slightly lower apes (gorilla, orang-utan, gibbon). The traditional distinction between 'apes' (defined as chimps, gorillas, etc.) and humans misrepresents the facts. The genetic distance (1.6 per cent) separating us from pygmy or common chimps is barely double that separating pygmy from common chimps (0.7 per cent). It is less than that between two species of gibbons (2.2 per cent), or between such closely related North American bird species as red-eyed vireos and white-eyed vireos." - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
Ken Morley
Anarchist Protected Area
No hunting of anarchists permitted. - Ken Morley from email
Ken Morley
Has anyone seen my sunglasses?
They're tortoiseshell. Get it? :D - Ken Morley from FreshFeed
Ken Morley
Okanagan Valley
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
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Wine country. :) - Ken Morley
It's OK by me :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I guess technically it's Okanogan, as I'm south of the border. - Ken Morley
Water bombers have been flying over all day. There must be a fire close by. - Ken Morley
Andrew C (✔)
Beer Before Liquor: Bay Area Distillers Are Saving Ruined Brews by Making Them Into Something Stronger | Feature | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly -
Beer Before Liquor: Bay Area Distillers Are Saving Ruined Brews by Making Them Into Something Stronger | Feature | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly
"Welch's concoction is a flammable liquid without a name. Some call it "beer schnapps," others the more proper Bavarian "bierschnaps," while Welch is particular to "beershine." Put it in a cask long enough, and it'll attain a more familiar title: whiskey." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Remember kids, don't drink the heads fraction. - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
One of Zheng He's ships compared to Columbus' -
One of Zheng He's ships compared to Columbus'
"Six centuries ago a towering eunuch named Zheng He commanded the Ming dynasty's fleet of immense trading vessels on expeditions ranging as far as Africa. Almost a century before Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas and Vasco da Gama's in India. Even then the European expeditions would seem paltry by comparison: All the ships of Columbus and da Gama combined could have been stored on a single deck of a single vessel in the fleet that set sail under Zheng He." - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle -
One of my favorites by Murakami. Hope you enjoy it! - Jenny H. from Android
I have Murakami's latest on my "to read" list, but I'm wondering if there's an earlier novel I should read first? - Melly
I started with Kafka on the Shore, but I love pretty much everything he's written, except 1Q84. Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World is also fantastic. (I'm totally a Murakami fangirl.) - Jenny H. from Android
Kafka on the Shore and Norwegian Wood are my favorites so far :) - Eivind
I might read Kafka on the Shore first then :o) - Melly
I'm listening to the audiobook version. This is one case where the performance adds a lot to the enjoyment. It's so good. His readings of May Kasahara's letters cracked me up. :) - Ken Morley
I listened to that one, too. It was fun :) - Eivind from Android
I also listened to that one as audiobook. It was great. "Hey, Mr. Wind-up Bird..." - Jenny H. from Android
Ken Morley
Canadian Netflix Hell -
Canadian Netflix Hell
"I'm American, but I've spent a big chunk of the last eight years in Canada, first for affordable education, and then for love. Canada is a gentle foster motherland, suckling me on her polite, maple-flavored bosom. But Netflix here is some bootleg FUBAR bullshit." - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
"My long (non)-national nightmare with Canadian Netflix began two years ago, when I left the U.S. for Toronto. I'd lived in Montreal years before, but Netflix streaming wasn't a thing then. [Sidebar: I can't even imagine how shitty a Netflix: Quebec would be if the province ever fulfilled its separatist goals. It would literally just be the movie C.R.A.Z.Y. and old clips of Bon Cop Bad... more... - Ken Morley
"I tried to stave off my homesickness by introducing my Canadian friends to the liberal '90s screwball utopia of The West Wing, but apparently Canada hasn't forgiven Sorkin for Studio 60. Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Louie all vanished north of the 49th parallel. Altogether, Canada has fewer than half the available titles that the U.S. version of Netflix offers, which is probably... more... - Ken Morley
"Most Canadians I know get sweaty palms about jaywalking but don't think twice about rerouting their Netflix to the south, because if there's anything worse than not having something you want, it's not having something you want and watching your neighbor enjoy it" - Ken Morley
"fewer than half" - where's the data supporting this percentage statement? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"My friends were referring to the 10,000 titles that American Netflix users enjoy, in contrast to the options available on Netflix Canada, which currently amounts to about 4,000." - - Andrew C (✔)
I used to bemoan the (relative) lack of choice on Netflix. Then, I stopped watching it so much. Now, it's just right :) - Brent Schaus
Andrew, SEAN FITZGERALD, columnist, states the numbers but doesn't cite a source. - Micah
Netflix. The stuff people in the sticks can only dream of. (Friends living in these things called cities are raving about it.) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Netflix Norway has a very tiny amount of programs to offer. Too bad, because I finally live somewhere where I can stream content. - Jenny H. from Android
Gives last name to Starbucks to avoid mispronounced first name; mispronounces last name. #problems
Taking nominations for alias I should provide instead: - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Restrict it to single syllable names maybe? - Stephan Planken
Lieutenant Starbuck of the Colonial Service - Kevin Johnson
MICHAH - Spidra Webster
People mispronounce "Micah?" How does one do that? - Friar Will
My kid just goes by "9" - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
"FRIEND" - Amit Patel
Friar, regarding my name there are more interpretations than a jazz festival at a pentecostal church. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Truck - Ken Morley
I say "Mary". It works pretty well. - Meg VMeg
Pentecostal churches now have jazz festivals? Things have changed since my Church of God days as a child and teen. - Friar Will
I've got to quit mix metaphoring. - Micah
Of course, no one who attends a pentecostal church would ever mispronounce your name. :^) - Friar Will
How about "Meep"? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
I've heard both MEE-cah and MY-CAH for each of the sexes so I'm always confused. :/ - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I'm Ivan on all call-when-food-or-drink-is-ready things. It works pretty well, as I'm usually the only Ivan. They mostly don't even say "Ivan the Terrible? *big grin*" when I give my name. - Eivind
Just tell them your name is Friendfeeder. That way, when they announce it, if any of us are there, we will be alerted of your presence. - April Russo
I usually use Kiki, but even then they'll sometimes ask how to spell it. - Kirsten
Try Uli, that'll throw them every time. :-| - Uli
I always say Sue but I'm hoping to start saying Emma instead. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I generally tell them my name is "Curtiss", and they usually spell it "Kurtis". My favorite, though, was the time they spelled it "Ernis" - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I could use some cheering up. Anybody got some silly jokes or videos to share?
Hello! I'm here to make your Monday suck less. - Betsy
Q: Who cleans up the ocean? A: The mermaid. - Katy S
Fainting goats (an oldie but goodie): - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Three guys walk into a bar. The fourth one ducks. - Hookuh Tinypants
The Past, the Present, and the Future walk into a bar. It was tense. - Betsy
Did you see the new tacky video from Wierd Al? - Joe
Pretty good. Keep em coming. - Marie
How do you feel about Comic Sans? - Joe
Q: What happened to the frog that parked illegally? A: He was toad away. - Katy S
Q: What is a baby's favourite constellation? A: The Big Diaper! - Big Joe Silence
Q: What kinds of pants do clouds wear? A: THUNDERWEAR! - Big Joe Silence
Q: How do you make a tissue dance? A: Put a little boogie in it. - Big Joe Silence
Q: What's a duck's favourite afternoon snack? A: Cheese and quackers! - Big Joe Silence
Q: What do you call a faerie who doesn't like to bathe? A: Stinker Bell! - Big Joe Silence
You could listen to new Weird Al: - Brian Johns
Did you hear about the dyslexic who walked into the bra? - Janet
Knock knock! Who's there? I done up. - Melly
This makes me laugh every time. - Ken Morley
LOL - Marie
happy birthday. is that cheery? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I love this thread. I just referred back to it for a friend's birthday, and it still makes me laugh. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
here's one from Friend's Facebook wall: A cable TV installer walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, "You'll be served sometime between 7 and 2." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
^ HA! - Marie
Nelson Minar
The Matrix came out 15 years ago. What if I told you.. you are now an old.
Star Wars = double-old :P - Ken Morley
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