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Sarah Jarosz - Come on up to the house - YouTube -
Sarah Jarosz - Come on up to the house - YouTube
Very nice. Killer fiddle! :) - Ken Morley
Excellent! - Todd Hoff
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I liked a @YouTube video Baby Misses Dad's Beard
Poor kid. Kind of a mean trick.How would she not be freaked out? - Ken Morley
Not just kids. I don't recognize people when their hair changes :( - Amit Patel
Jason Toney
Children in America's secular families turn out just fine
Children in America's secular families turn out just fine
"He was surprised by what he found: High levels of family solidarity and emotional closeness between parents and nonreligious youth, and strong ethical standards and moral values that had been clearly articulated as they were imparted to the next generation. " I'm surprised he was surprised. - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Purslane: An edible groundcover - Canadian Gardening -
Purslane: An edible groundcover - Canadian Gardening
This weed is the bane of my vegetable garden each year. Turns out it's edible and highly nutritious! I'll be throwing it in the juicer now instead of the compost. :) - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
"Nutritionally, purslane is a powerhouse. It has more than double the omega-3s that kale has and, as far as I know, more than any other leafy green ever analyzed. It has over four times the vitamin E of turnip leaves, more than any other leafy green ever analyzed. It has glutathione and other antioxidants and about as much iron as spinach. It also has reasonable amounts of other nutrients as well as phytochemicals, like all these leafy greens." - Ken Morley
My parents get this in their farm share every year - it is pretty tasty. - Jennifer Dittrich
Used to grow this at my old place. I'd add it to spinah and chicken dishes. - Anika
I think it was present in in some soil I got a few years back. It's spread to all my garden beds now. - Ken Morley
it has a slightly tart, refreshing taste. i like it. you can make a salad of it with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. or mix it with yoghurt and garlic for a spread or side dish. in turkey it is quite a popular vegetable, we make a dish of it with a soffrito of tomatoes and onion, you can also add mince meat and a little bit of rice. actually i had the dish for lunch today :) - grizabella
Bu yabanisi grizaannem, bizde oluyor yazin - sevinç from Android
Tadi farkli mi sevinc? Bizim de yazlikta cok olurdu ama yolup da denemek gelmemis aklima :) - grizabella from Android
Biraz daha lezzetli - sevinç from Android
bi daha gordugum yerde yolayim o zaman hihih. - grizabella
Denk gelirse, annem getiriyor arada yazin, saaparim :)) - sevinç from Android
olar :)) - grizabella
"Marlene Dietrich taking a bow, 1964, photo by Arno Fischer."
^ :) - Ken Morley
Askolsun schein yeeaa, linke tiklarken hayal ettigim bu deyildi! :) - grizabella from Android
haha olsun marlene'ye koymaz! - schein from Android
Morton Fox
Wonder how long I should continue following that Twitter account who actually paid everyone a dollar. #totallybought
Do you have your dollar? - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Oculus Story Studio Aims to be Pixar of virtual reality -
Oculus Story Studio Aims to be Pixar of virtual reality
"I want to create emotions that are very appealing," says Story Studio's Supervising Technical Director Max Planck. - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
How did he not end up a physicist? - Ken Morley
Reverse Nominative Determinism - Pete
This young generation... always doing the reverse of what's expected. :) - Ken Morley
What ONE Billy Wilder film would you tell people who have never seen a Billy Wilder film that they should watch? I can’t choose.
"The Apartment" - Cult Hero
"Sunset Boulevard" - Big Joe Silence
Double Indemnity, Witness for the Prosecution, Some Like it Hot, and yeah 1, 2 , 3 because Cagney - WarLord
See, this proves the problem I'm having. - Jandy
My first, gut reaction was "Sunset Boulevard." I went with "The Apartment" simply because it won more awards. :) Sabrina would also be a great option, but mainly because of Audrey. - Cult Hero
It'd very hard having said that he was at TEH top of his game with Stalag 17 - WarLord
Stalag 17, Casino Royale, and The Apartment. All so different yet all so great! - Ken Morley
Casino Royale? - Jandy
I guess not really a Wilder film, but I believe he was involved. :P - Ken Morley
Unaccredited writer - f - WarLord
I may be on my own with that pick. :) - Ken Morley
I may have to revisit Witness For the Prosecution Charles Laughton, Elsa Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich - Billy Wilder as Hitchcock - WarLord
Hmmm, interesting, Ken. I didn't realize he'd had a pass at that script. Googled a bit, sounds like his parts of the script were probably largely written over by the end. I'm reading a bio of him now, hopefully it'll go into more detail about that. Anyway, I definitely wouldn't count it as a Wilder film! - Jandy
My memory of Casino Royale ( I was in HS) it was a terribly flawed film trying to cash in on 007 at absolute height of Bond craze. I think it was only Fleming novel not owned by regular 007 franchise#Memory.... - WarLord
There's a TV version of Casino Royale, the 1967 version, and then 1983's Never Say Never Again that are considered "unofficial" - not produced by the Broccolis, I think is the distinction. I liked the '67 version as a hilarious spoof/parody, but yeah, it totally doesn't fit with the other films. Sounds like the Ben Hecht version of the script from '64 would've, though. - Jandy
Okay, not a Wilder film, so I'll substitute Some Like It Hot. Sorry WarLord, it's just not possible for any film with David Niven, Peter Sellers /and/ Woody Allen to be "terribly flawed". ;) - Ken Morley
Some Like It Hot, no question. - Stephen Mack
Stalag 17 or The Apartment. - Hookuh Tinypants
Double Indemnity and Irma la Douce. - Red Label
While I love Sunset Blvd, I'd go with Some Like It Hot. - Corinne L
Ken Morley
From the archives...
C:\Users\km08793\Desktop\2099-01-01 (Temp Folder)\crane fly.jpg
Mr. 4, on seeing a crane fly on the wall: "It's a tarantula!!" - Ken Morley
Miss 5 (scornfully): "It's not a tarantula. Tarantulas have bigger balls on their butts!" - Ken Morley
Victor Ganata
I dunno, maybe Microsoft will design a good user experience for their holographic augmented-reality display and developers will actually design apps for it. Maybe.
Hopefully open source VR/AR catches on - Ken Morley
I solemnly swear I am up to no queue -
I solemnly swear I am up to no queue
این گربه ها از جون کتابا چی می خوان ؟ - Marjan
کتابخون های حرفه ای هستند :)) - Mahdi
گربه ها عاشق اینن که یکی زیر چونه شون رو نوازش کنه. به همین خاطر چونه اش رو می ماله به لبه کتاب:دی - آلیوشا
آدم لجش می گیره خب . هر چی عکس قشنگه یه گربه اون وسطه :)) - Marjan
این گربه ها هستند که عکس ها رو زیباتر میکنند :)) - Mahdi
رونوشت مخصوص :) - Mahdi
It can be frustrating when your cat reads faster than you do. - Ken Morley
read! with name of the god (and cat's help) - yedi
I hope my cat won't be able to read faster than me!! - Mahdi
شخم - Primavera
این فید بعدا نوستالژیک میشه خانم پریماورا :) - Mahdi
ای جونم :* - فاطیناز
RT @ivortossell: It is bizarre, to me, that dental care is not covered by Canadian health care. As if teeth are not living parts of the body.
Not covered in Norway. I wonder where this stupid tradition was invented? And, of course, in the current political climate with neoliberalism to the right and neoliberalism-with-a-human-face to the left, it won't get fixed. - Eivind
Whoa, what? - Meg VMeg
uhm, in italy I think it is covered* for the youngs and poors (by some definition of poor) and for emergencies for the general population, but the access is very difficult even for those covered and more than 99% of the italians go to the private sector anyway. In france instead is partially covered by most "mutuelle" (like US health insurance, on top of the national health insurance).... more... - d☭snake
It's not covered by Medicare either (altho' some Medicare Advantage plans may cover it), and our health insurance doesn't cover it--we pay a separate fee for Delta Dental coverage. This seems fairly widespread. - Walt Crawford
Doesn't it have something to do with so-called preventable vs. unforeseen issues? - Brent Schaus
Brent, yeah, I think that may be a big part of the rationale. Just remembering a neighbour where we used to live that didn't know/practice basic hygiene (poverty and mental health issues a factor), so didn't pass it on to daughter who at age 6 had to have emergency major oral surgery. Which is covered. At great cost to the system. - Micah from FFHound!
Poor kid. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Dental work and oral surgery that is medically required is covered by MSP in BC. Also, basic dental care is available for kids from low-income families and for people with disabilities. But most other coverage is via private insurers. I imagine it's similar in other provinces. - Ken Morley
Shannon - GlassMistress
If you are in the business I am for long enough you get a little immune to most commercial kitchens and the level of gross they are able to achieve. This one however sets off my gross meter big time. We removed the shelf of a commercial microwave today to clean and reseal the shelf ... this is what we found under it! It is so 'cooked' that the...
.. tech working on the unit is hammering it out of there! The silver bar in the middle is supposed to go round and round ... I don't think so! Ugh! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Like watching Kitchen Nightmares. - Eric - ill subliminal
Oy! :( - Jenny H. from Android
I can just hear Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue yelling "SHUT IT DOWN!" - Corinne L
In their defense this is under the floor of the microwave. Normally it is sealed down but their seal work out so things could get under it. How it didn't stink or smoke, or how it is still working, and why an inspector didn't write them up for the broken seal is beyond me. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Looks like my toaster. - Ken Morley
I hope your toaster isn't an inch deep in crud! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Ken Morley
This is not my beautiful house.
This is not my beautiful wife. - Ken Morley
:DDD - Jenny H.
My God, what have I done?!? - Ken Gidley
Ken Morley
The Future of VR Displays (Talk by David Holz of Leap Motion) -
The interesting future devices start around 13:35 - Ken Morley
Hand tracking with only dual cameras is already pretty good - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
Seahawks WTF!!
Osprey? - Eivind
That would be Missoula. :) - Ken Morley
“One of her [high school] students has discovered science fiction and wanted recommendations about what to read. … I sat down and kind of flung together a quick "Science Fiction Everyone Should Read" list off the top of my head, arranged it in more-or-less chronological order by publication...”
Edited to add a line I have later as a comment: "This is not, of course, a comprehensive list, but just what I could think of over lunch. It stops in the 90s because that's when my lunch break ended." " (If I count the Gaea trilogy as 1, the Vorkosigan books as 1, and the Mars books by Kim Robinson as 1, there are 31 titles here. I’ve read 15.5 of them.) - bentley
No Dan Simmons on that list makes me sad. - Anika
He does say, "This is not, of course, a comprehensive list, but just what I could think of over lunch. It stops in the 90s because that's when my lunch break ended." - bentley
I missed that second sentence. - Anika
I'll have to add Dan Simmons to my mental list of SF authors to read. - bentley
Time and Again, A Canticle for Leibowitz, The Foundation series? - Ken Morley
no Harlan Ellison? yes, i know his work is almost entirely short story collections. - Big Joe Silence
also, PJ Farmer's "Venus On The Half-Shell" (supposedly written by Vonnegut's SF author character Kilgore Trout). it's a must-read. - Big Joe Silence
palladium'un önü de aynı böyle oluyor - emir
karınca koşturması misali - banu eker
yayalarin cesaretine alkis :) - Saddii
onlara başarı ödülü lazım :) - banu eker
Geçen yıl bunu Hindistan diye yayınlamışlardı. - «Zarifoğlu»
aldigim sitede etiyopya meskel kavsagi yaziyordu - Saddii
:)) - Ömer
verimli görünüyor :) - Ken Morley
Grandma lived almost 90 years and never drove an automobile.
My wife never saw her wear pants. Of any kind. Skirts only. - Micah from FFHound!
She did knit a lace table cloth, a gift to her granddaughter, my wife. 750,000 stitches. - Micah from FFHound!
Sounds like she didn't have time to drive! - Todd Hoff
Grandma sounds very similar to mine! Mine died at 89 and never drove, and she also was a knitter. She did wear pants, though. - Melly
My gma didn't wear pants until after gpa died. Then it was all pants, all the time. - Marie
Same with mine. She lived to be 92 and walked everywhere... which is probably why she live to 92. - Ken Morley
Since his birthday is coming up and most of us will be celebrating it :) - Eivind from Bookmarklet
This loan is also Halal/Sharia compatible :) - Eivind
Already at 5%! - Eivind
Fully funded! He just squeaked in under the deadline. :) - Ken Morley
It's a miracle! - Eivind from Android
Ken Morley
"Entomologists are not like other people. Lucky enough to score a cool parasitic larva burrowing in your skin after a visit to Central America? The obvious thing to do is to rear your maggot out in your body until it’s an adult fly. For science." - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
RT @vancecrowe: That surprised look when you show someone that broccoli didn't occur "naturally" humans bred it from wild mustard
RT @vancecrowe: That surprised look when you show someone that broccoli didn't occur "naturally" humans bred it from wild mustard
So, unnatural selection then? - Ken Morley
As are about 99% of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Do people really imagine that our modern foods have always been in their current state? - Jenny H. from Android
In the beginning... well, there wasn't all that much really. - Ken Morley
People should be grateful for the brassicas! They were a lot of work to achieve! :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Todd Hoff
Anybody buying seeds for their garden? Anything interesting?
I'm doing the usual tomatos, cucs, zucs, spinach and lettuce, but thought I'd add some blackberry canes and start a vermiculture bin this year. - Ken Morley
What are you going to do with the worms? - Todd Hoff
Mostly to convert my kitchen waste to worm juice for my plants. I started juicing veggies last year, and so am generating a ton of compost. - Ken Morley
Keep us posted on your progress. It would be cool to know how it's going. - Todd Hoff
Will do. Geoff Lawton has inspired me to expand my garden area.this year :) - Ken Morley
He da man! - Todd Hoff
I'm being lazy this year again. Can't do much with the home raised beds until I replace the boards that are falling apart (it's under warranty but I dread getting companies to follow thru on that). At the community garden I'm thinking of going to perennials like cane berries. I currently have rhubarb and strawberries there. Will no doubt put in arugula and snow peas since I eat those regularly. Will try for the first time to grow prickly pears (and in a container yet). - Spidra Webster
The Whole Seed Catalog on the newsstand is interesting. - Thomas Page
Todd Hoff
Dyson's Latest Feat of Over-Engineering: A Filterless Vacuum | WIRED -
Dyson's Latest Feat of Over-Engineering: A Filterless Vacuum | WIRED
Dyson's Latest Feat of Over-Engineering: A Filterless Vacuum | WIRED
"To battle blockage, Dyson engineered rubber tips that sit at the end of the 32 cyclones. These tips, made from a proprietary material that is flexible yet stiff enough to not collapse under suction, vibrate 350 times per second. “That’s very, very fast,” says Rob Green, one of Dyson’s senior engineers. Green compares the oscillating tips to sifting flour through a sieve. Sitting on top of the sieve, the powder clumps together, but as soon as you start shaking, it breaks up and floats to the bottom. The tips are effectively a filterless filter." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
I have an unnatural attraction to these things. - Todd Hoff
Wow, 0.5 microns... that's almost HEPA territory. - Ken Morley
Dyson sucks - Mike Nencetti
Beard Safety is everyone's responsibility. #HirsuteHirsafe
Beard Safety is everyone's responsibility. #HirsuteHirsafe
Be careful while operating power tools. - Ken Morley
I was expecting a beard net. :-\ - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
The beard net might be hidden in there somewhere. - Amit Patel
Another Bollywood Movie... -
Another Bollywood Movie...
لایک دستی حتی - آق‌سهیل
از عجایب بالی وود زیاد دارم. یواش یواش شر خواهم کرد :) - Mahdi
lol - saxson
LOL - Mahdi
کل سیستم پرواز رو برد زیر سوال :) - Ramona
این با قوانین هوانوردی در تضاد هست. - Soroush
من فک کنم این فوتوشاپ باشه - عبدالرزاق کُلُمباین(ع)
مهدی جان، اگر اهل جوک هستی، هندی ها یک سری جوک در ژانر چاک نوریس دارند که هنرپیشه فیلم های خالی بندی آمریکایی است. که خب این ژانر جوک است در انگلیسی. ورژن هندی اش هم عالی است. که جوک های برای آمیتاب باچان است. خلاصه از دست نده اگر از این ژانر جوک خوشت می آد amitabh bachchan jokes و chuck norris jokes - رباب
هر دو سه هفته یک بار فیلم هندی در سینما میبینم (سالن هم معمولن پر هست)، از این صحنه ها ندارند، و فیلمهای خوبی هم هستند بعضن......شاید اینها غیر واقعی هست و مربوط به یک فیلم واقعی نباشند؟ - Rabbit
گیاه خواره ها :دی - Sima
رامونا جان این همه چیز رو زیر سؤال برد :) - Mahdi
سروش این با چه قوانینی در تضاد نیست ؟ :) - Mahdi
(عبدالرزاق کُلُمباین(ع من هم مطمئن نیستم که چی هست دارم, دنبال سر نخ میگردم. - Mahdi
ممنون رباب جان, خیلی دوست دارم, قبلا هم تو گوگل ریدر داشتمشون یک سری از این جک های هندی رو. این فیلم های آمریکایی از بالی وودی ها هم خالی بندی تره. نمونه اش همین د اکسپندبل ۳ بود که به نشانه اعتراض سینما رو ترک کردیم:) - Mahdi
قانون جهانی تکانه‌ی نیوتن رو با خاک یکسان کرد لاکردار - آریــوبرزن
احتمال داره ربیت. - Mahdi
سیماجان شما دیگه چرا ؟ :دی - Mahdi
And then we dance! - Ken Morley
Cult Hero
▶ Living Colour performing "Cult Of Personality" on Arsenio - YouTube -
▶ Living Colour performing "Cult Of Personality" on Arsenio - YouTube
One of the great performances... the audience looks completely lost. - Cult Hero from Bookmarklet
I don't even link the real music video anymore. Whenever I share a video of this song, this is the one I use. I think it captures their dynamic as a band and their phenomenal talent so much better than a canned video. And who doesn't want to watch Vernon Reid jamming live? - Hookuh Tinypants
Also, that audience always confuses me. It's like they brought in Letterman's or Carson's audience. Button-down shirt and tie? Who the hell are these people?! - Hookuh Tinypants
Why have I not seen this before? Outstanding! - Ken Morley
"You give me Power IN. YOUR. GOD'S. NAME!" - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Corey Glover and Vernon Reid are my gods. - Hookuh Tinypants
I always loved the chaotic nature of Vernon Reid's solos. - Cult Hero from iPhone
How the hell have I never seen this video before? That audience cracks me up. How can you just sit there while that awesomeness is happening> - Katy S
I had the good fortune of seeing them at Freeborn Hall, UC Davis in 1990. Still one of the best shows I've ever seen. #SaturdayFF - Cult Hero from iPhone
i once got good-naturedly laughed at by Vernon Reid in the early-90s. - Big Joe Silence
Ken Morley
She found my Elevate EPQ hysterical.
C:\Users\km08793\Desktop\2099-01-01 (Temp Folder)\IMG_5744.PNG
Subpar listening skills... not really a surprise. :( - Ken Morley
Scientist Has a Bedbug Breakthrough After Subjecting Herself to 18,000 Bites - Business Insider -
Scientist Has a Bedbug Breakthrough After Subjecting Herself to 18,000 Bites - Business Insider
"For five years, she willingly succumbed each night to the wrath of tiny, bronze-bodied critters who fed on her blood. It was a sacrifice for science. After providing free meals to thousands of bedbugs, Simon Fraser University biologist Regine Gries has discovered the key to conquering the maddening pests." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Sorry, had to stop reading. *shudder* - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
FYI: Simon Fraser University is a concrete fortress-like structure perched on top of a steep hill. I think you know where I'm going with this: in future legends of how we fought our insect overlords to regain our freedom, she will be our pivotal heroine from Castle Simón. - Micah from FFHound!
That's a seriously dedicated scientist! - Jenny H.
"tiny sacs of blood-filled feces" eww - Rodfather
And a world-class pipe band, to strike fear into the hearts of enemies: - Brent Schaus
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @kfury: "Prof. Mandelbrot? It's Dr. Schrödinger. I seem to have a problem."
RT @kfury: "Prof. Mandelbrot? It's Dr. Schrödinger. I seem to have a problem."
They like to think inside the box. - Joe
It's kittens all the way down. - Ken Morley
ROTFL! Seriously. I laughed. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
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