Ken Morley
My first Discworld novel was The Fifth Elephant. I bought it for the title while on vacation. I didn't know there was series. When I did find out, I read from the beginning, but got stuck with Mort. There were no prints in the US! I had to wait almost 4 months to get a copy from Europe. - Anika
This was one of the first "adult" level books that I ever bought for myself. I remember seeing it in the shop for months, and then finally had enough money. Sparked a lifelong love of the Discworld :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Mort was #4??? Whoa, I've been reading this series for a while. (I started with The Light Fantastic.) Also, [standard gripe about the US books not having the awesome UK covers.] - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, the weird part is that they totally did when they first got printed here. The painting for Mort is what drew me in. - Jennifer Dittrich