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Bwana ☠
Feedly is changing the way I read news on the Web. - http://www.feedly.com
what do you like better about feedly then friendfeed or others? just curious. I'm trying to cut back, not add more tools, great s they might be. i'm exploding! - washwords
Can I like this 3x. Thanks for a GREAT recommendation, Bwana. My new fave Firefox extension. - Leo Laporte
Wow, even the screensaver function is cool...I might be leaning to feedly and away from greader... - Anthony Farrior
Revisited based on a few 'endorsements' here on FF. Wow. Easy, fast, just cool. - Charlie Anzman
What are the implications of "no thanks"? Same as "Mark as read"? - Andrew Smith
@cecily if you get a chance, go to the feedly dashboard (through dashboard link at the top right of the screen) and click on the star next to the sources you like the most and see if the what's new page looks any better. The other option is to click on the "cover" icon on the top left on the nav bar and see if that view is more diggestable. If you have specific ideas on how to make the interface more appealing let us know! - Edwin Khodabakchian
@andrew no thanks = mark the article as read + let the feedly recommendation engine know that you did not like this recommendation. This metadata is then used with other criteria to unfluence future recommendations. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Edwin, thanks, good to know. - Andrew Smith
@Bwana Where is Feedly video, I love Bwana TV more than Scobleizer TV : )) - Erhan Erdoğan
Hmm... have speed dial already loaded upon feedly install and cannot find feedly anywhere - Michael W. May from twhirl
Mati likes it! :):) - Mathew A. Koeneker
I'm in love! - Angel Smith
I installed and uninstalled all in 1 minute. - Aaron Myers
Erhan, thanks :) I need to learn how to utilize it properly before I screencast it...it's coming soon though, I love this thing - Bwana ☠
Looks promising, but I'm always suspicious of extensions that don't come from Mozilla addons site... - João Almeida
What do you guys say to the folks who say Feedly crapped all over their Google Reader (adding feeds to it)? - David Risley
It's in this thread David: http://friendfeed.com/e... We asked for a bigger warning since the one there is easily missed, the Feedly guys chime in as to why they did it that way. It doesn't "crap" all over your feed, it does create new folders, but they are easily removed. They are working on an undo procedure as well. - Bwana ☠
@Bwana waiting impatiently : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Oh my lord. I just checked my Google Reader, it's has 2348279384723 new feeds. Thanks Freedly. - Aaron Myers
want to see converstaion integrated to feedly. then it really rocks. someone out there should get ff and disqus into feedly in an api way. - kosmar
I was sort of suprised that some were vehement about the "crap". I woke up and still am enthralled. - Mathew A. Koeneker
I love it!!! The only feature I'd add is the ability to customize how my emailed items look... - Kenneth LeFebvre
@David Risley fixed. feedly has now a better msg and automated-undo http://edwink.devhd.com/2008... - Edwin Khodabakchian
I'm really liking Feedly as well. We'll see how it goes - Shey
iGoogle has been my home page for well over a year and what I have found is that via widgets its generally there for me to either click on gmail or to go into google reader - the other widgets are generally worth an odd glance but thats about it - I've put feedly as my home page and will see how this works out - but first impressions is a clean easy to use interface even if you have a few hundred feeds to juggle.. - Jican
Feedly is awesome: I had a few hiccups after installation, but I re-installed, and it has been a real help in 2 ways: 1) motivated me to clean up my feeds and sort them into a major category 2)motivates me daily to actually skim through and read the content that is closest to my current interests. well done! - Terri MacMillan
LOVE Feedly. - Fleagle
I want it for chrome. Any chance? - Erfun
Not dissing Feedly, but didn't experience anything that made me want to give up Google Reader when I tried Feedly a few months ago. Anyone care to explain why I should try again? - Chris Stevenson
I don't work for them, so I don't see a reason to convince you. Some people like it, some don't. - Fleagle
Hi Chris: feedly tries to provide a magazine like summary of your google reader. Some users only care about productivity and find the magazine like interface a step backward. Some users like it and use it in concert with their google reader. Some people prefer using the magazine like interface only. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Moopz - Aggregating and Augmenting FriendFeed Conversations - http://moopz.com/
Moopz - Aggregating and Augmenting FriendFeed Conversations
Just launched. Read more at http://moopz.com/about - Moopz from Bookmarklet
very interesting app you got there. - Rob Diana
Interesting indeed. Are you scanning the entire public feed or just specific users/rooms? - Yuval Atzmon
One bug I've found: When you type a comment in to the Moopz interface and hit enter, it goes to the next line instead of activating the 'post' button. Confusing. - Phil Glockner
@atzmon, Moopz tracks specific users and only certain services (the users are the ones that the "Moopz" FF user has subscribed to. The list started with a small list of top conversation starters, but Moopz will subscribe to everyone who logs in via Moopz. To be honest, I am not sure how this approach will work out, but I am intrigued to find out. ;) - Moopz
@J. Phil, thanks for the bug report. I will look into that. I should also try to setup the handy expandy-textarea feature of FF where the comment box gets bigger if your comment is longer than one line... - Moopz
Are you planning to add search features? And can you tell a little bit about the person or people behind moopz? - Yuval Atzmon
@atzmon, I just added a search feature. I am the person behind Moopz. I do Internet marketing, SEO, Movable Type plugin development and more... - Mark Carey
Nice site dude! keep rocking. - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
Moopz or Mark - I like Moopz. I have tried them all now. I would want a tab that had all the features of Moopz but only looked at my subscriptions. Great work! - Russellreno
BTW I tried search early this morning and it worked well as I recall. The tag cloud is a good addition, but I just proves once again that these sites are 1st tech sites. Instead of the My Friends tab you could do a Food, Music, Celebrity, Politics, Sports tab as an interim step. - Russellreno
Nice one...I always thought that friendfeed had its own inhouse fragmented conversations...can't wait till you make a personalised version, unless FF beat you to it...and conversations by topic make this the new technorati tags (well a machine tag version) - John Tropea
Much cleaner interface than techmeme. - Tabrez Iqbal
This is great! - Jacob
Cool stuff, I love the idea of how likes are comments, forcing you to discuss. Good way to really auto-fill the documents ;p - Zu from AOD
You have a script error on moopz when you do search in tags http://moopz.com/tag/amazon - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Thank you Igor! Now fixed. Unfortunately it looks like the error was there since June 2 .... argh ;) - Moopz
Moopz is FriendFeed's Techmeme :-) I'm liking it. - Miguel Caetano
Moopz, great, that is how you build a good company. Good luck! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Derik, since Moopz gathers info from friendfeed, and does not intrude on my personal account, it does not limits the openness of my personal of "my" friendfeed. It *might* serve as a way for non-friendfeed users to consume ff content without the need to join and jump into the stream. - Kevin Sablan
Daniel J. Pritchett
Looks like Friendfeed broke 1 million unique visitors on the compete.com charts for the first time last month. Congrats Friendfeeders!
friendfeed compete.PNG
I just noticed Louis Gray mentioned this in comment Saturday morning at 2 am. Did I miss the party? - Daniel J. Pritchett
The party was held. Photos were not taken. - Louis Gray
The revolution was not televised after all... - Daniel J. Pritchett
Correct me if I'm wrong: isn't breaking 1M on Compete.com irrelevant? Those numbers are a loose estimate, based on less than 1% of US users ... with global reach, they MUST have hit 1M months ago (alexa says only 26% of FriendFeed users are from the USA) - Joel Bennett
No metric is per se irrelevant. If we want to celebrate FF hitting a meaningless milestone, why not? It's not as if anyone's using this graph as justification for an argument. - Daniel J. Pritchett
the party was held - the only participants were those on the default list :) - Allen Stern
I just had our IT guy compare our google analytics with Compete stats and Compete was reporting about 30% of what the google stats showed. - Laura Norvig
Any pointers to trend-tracking sites besides Compete, Alexa, Google Trends, Quantcast, StatCounter Global Stats and Trendrr? - Sean McBride
well deserved - Thomas Power
YAY, that is impressive - congrats FF team :) - Susan Beebe
Congrats, FriendFeed. But how many registered users? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol - all you have to do is look at the people on the default list - look at how many subs scoble has - i'd bet the total subs isn't more than a few x more. - Allen Stern
Wow! One of the reasons is probably the better permalinks we got in the latest big update. Friendfeed indexes way better now by Google. - Svartling
Torsten Eckert
Nielsen BuzzMetrics' BlogPulse - http://www.blogpulse.com/index...
It´s a tool to analyze Blogs and trends that are blogged. - Torsten Eckert
Hartmut Ulrich
Bret Taylor
We started including FriendFeed subscriber counts when we crawl your blog's feed - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2009...
We started including FriendFeed subscriber counts when we crawl your blog's feed
This means that, if you use a service FeedBurner, your subscriber totals will include FriendFeed subscribers in addition to subscriber counts from Google Reader, Bloglines, etc. For a lot of people like me, this will be a pretty significant boost in your overall subscriber numbers. - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
This is great! Thanks! - Stephen Mack
Not sure why it is called "friendfeedagg" right now :) We will ask them to make the name a bit friendlier, but the stats are there nonetheless. - Bret Taylor
What service did Kevin use to make that pie chart in the example? - Stephen Mack
Thanks again to the FeedBurner team for working with us on this one - they were incredibly responsive and great to work with. - Bret Taylor
Stephen: the chart comes from FeedBurner ( http://feedburner.google.com/fb...) - Bret Taylor from email
Very interesting ! - Farzad
Great! - انجل
You can add your blog to your FriendFeed profile (if it isn't already there) at http://friendfeed.com/setting... - Bret Taylor
not sure if i like it... - zio bodhisattva
There is a problem. My followers on FriendFeed follow all my feeds, not only my blog. So the "attention focus" is different between one user that follows directly my blog via RSS and an user that follows all about me. Two different counts in the main page of FeedBurner, RSS and FF, would be great. - Alessandro Di Nicola
and for the reach stats? it's crawled? - Felter Roberto
I'm not sure this was the right thing to do. Yes, there are 200 people subscribed to me on friendfeed, and my blog entries fly by in their feed. But from the Google Analytics stats, there are essentially no referrals from friendfeed to actually read the blog posts. Someone who subscribes to the blog RSS feed can be said to have an intent to actually read the blog, A subscriber on friendfeed doesn't necessarily have such an intent. - DGentry
Unfortunately I suspect we'll see a TechCrunch article soon about "How To Inflate Your Subscriber Numbers Using friendfeed.com!" Edit: like the one they wrote about netvibes http://www.techcrunch.com/2008... - DGentry
I agree with DGentry and Alessandro, this may not be a good idea. The problem could occur when Twitter and Facebook start reporting subscribers in the same way. This could start a very bad trend. - Rob Diana
Hmm, I'm not sure if I like that. It surely inflates the subscriber-stats for the Feedburner-Feeds. - Marcel Weiß
I think this is a disaster for feedburner. I publish a full feed from my blog so subscribers get the same content they would have if they visited the site. I can lump that into traffic as if they were a site visitor. But friendfeed merely publishes a headline so those friend feed subscribers have a very different experience than the ordinary RSS or email subscribers. In looking at recent traffic, only 10 referrals out of 7,000 came from friendfeed. - Doug Cornelius
I agree - I am not loving this for my feedburner stats, seems not quite right. To me it seems like FF subs are subscribing less to my blog feed and more to me and my general commentary/presence on FF. It seems a little inflationary for rss sub numbers. I prefer to keep them separate, rss subs and ff subs. - felix
but feedburner shown who "WANT" read our feed o who CAN read it? i think the second. And now it's the same. :) - Felter Roberto
I'm awaiting Louis Gray's opinion. I think he had 8,500 RSS subscribers before, and now has 13,814. Which is the more accurate representation of the number of regular readers of louisgray.com ? - DGentry
perhaps is better crawl blog's feed really show in FF. If i go out and my pc in off all the day, my google reader don't read any feed e my ff don't show me any message, Feedburner count me for FF and don't for google reader. And tomorrow, when i turn on my pc, my google reader download all the feed and i can read also the post of the day before, but FF show me only the last message and i lose all of the post. - Felter Roberto
Whoa, awesome!! FriendFeed rocks! :) My new blog at http://susanbeebe.com now has a huge potential for additional subscribers due to this great new feature FF just added, THANK YOU! :) - Susan Beebe
Wow my subscribers just jumped up 3000% - Ralph Whitbeck
What's done can not be theoretically undone - so if this is the way it is, it should stay, or our one-time blips will look odd, won't they? DGentry, I don't know if I am in love with it. I think Rob is right in terms of it rendering the number meaningless. I've been excited to see my numbers go from 5,000 to 8,000 naturally (I guess) in the last two months. This means I can't celebrate that jump. - Louis Gray
Doug said: "But friendfeed merely publishes a headline so those friend feed subscribers have a very different experience than the ordinary RSS or email subscribers." A lot of people use Google Reader in list view, which is *almost* the same thing as just seeing a title. There's no way to differentiate between those subscribers and ones which see the full content. Or subscribers that choose to mark all your items as read or just ignore them without even looking at the titles. - Tony Ruscoe
For Louis, I guess the saving grace here is that you can see the breakdown in FeedBurner and choose to ignore FriendFeed if you wish. That means you can still watch your "normal" subscriber numbers climb and celebrate hitting 8,000 subscribers naturally. (You just can't share that number in a chicklet...) - Tony Ruscoe
Tony: agreed these issues already exist for RSS subscription counts, and for web based readers such as gReader users could be counted even if completely inactive - Mike Chelen
If someone subscribes to me on FriendFeed but also subscribes via other means - are those deduped or do they essentially get counted twice? - AJ Kohn
AJ, I assume yes. - Louis Gray
They get double counted, naturally. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
What if more than one user has the same feed, like Philipp and I do for the Google Blogoscoped blog feed? Does that add together both of our subscriber totals? And does it include all the subscribers for all the groups where it's been added too? (Cross-posted from http://ff.im/47QNJ.) - Tony Ruscoe
One clear flaw of this is that my wife's blog at http://www.thegrayeffect.com, says it now has more than 9,300 readers, up from 50 yesterday. That's clearly wrong. - Louis Gray
This is very bad! Of course I'd like higher numbers of RSS subscribers but this is a fake number. Please consider this again... - HowToMakeMyBlog
Louis I think thats the general problem: when someone subscribes to you on ff, are they also a subscriber to you on every one of the services you import? You import thegrayeffect.com as an RSS feed, and you have 9270 subscribers here, therefore thegreyeffect.com has 9270 new readers. More broadly, does a subscriber to the aggregate feed also count as a subscriber to every individual component of that feed? Or is the sum greater than the individual parts? - DGentry
I saw a huge jump in subscribers today. I thought that Feedburner was broken. This explains it. - Gary
Tony and Louis, the multi-author blog is one of those feeds that causes problems. I did not like this to start, and I am beginning to think I like it even less. - Rob Diana
I hope Twitter and others don't get the same idea... - HowToMakeMyBlog
Hummm. As much as I like the idea, it seems destined to provide incentive for people to beg for subscribers here on FriendFeed which is exactly the behavior that I seek to avoid, and has been generally devoid on FriendFeed to date. It rewards FriendFeed usage and - as such - helps FriendFeed grow but ... is it the *right* growth? - AJ Kohn
OK. Now I understood why my Feedburner count was inflated. I think, this is not a right thing to do. - Krishnamoorthy
I actually REALLY dislike this A LOT. My subscriber count was a great measuring stick for me and also a solid indication of how many people -might- actually be reading my content. The vast majority of my subscribers here aren't reading my blog. It's very misleading and makes the RSS subscriber count a lot more meaningless to me. - Ryan Stephens
Rob, one of the oddities here is that FriendFeed shows more than 9,000 adds to TheGrayEffect, but only about 5,000 to louisgray.com. That may be due to deduplication, but it is certainly odd. - Louis Gray
howtomakemyblog: Twitter and Friendfeed are in this regard completely different services and I therefor don't see any way in which Twitter could do something like this. But Jaiku might do it. - Horst Gutmann from IM
I'm wondering, though: are people who hide the blog feed substracted from the number of subscribers? - Horst Gutmann from IM
The easy fix is to disconnect my blog feed from FriendFeed. Otherwise the subscriber numbers are useless. --- So I did. That seems like a bad result for FriendFeed. - Doug Cornelius
Wow Doug, you chose Feedburner stat purity over FF conversations? That's pretty surprising to me. I suppose you can always tweet your posts into FF if you really want 'em to show up. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
I just deleted my blog feed from FriendFeed... it's a stupid change really... fake, inflated numbers... it's much easier to get a FriendFeed subscriber than a real RSS subscriber. And also a real RSS subscriber is much more likely to take a look at your article than a FriendFeed one.... spammers that want to boost their RSS subscriber numbers will love this though! - HowToMakeMyBlog
I can't help but notice that Marko and Doug have 350ish FF comments each. I suppose that shades your perception of this change in a different way than it might for someone who - like me - has orders of magnitude more FF comments than blog posts. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, the fact that they have a smaller comment count should be concerning to FriendFeed because those are the users they need to keep. People like myself and more active users are not going anywhere. - Rob Diana
HAHAH - now i see what happened - i don't use my feedburner feed here for CN - but for my other sites I do - so now I see I got about 2,000-2,500 bump for those feeds today - yea, like 2,500 people coming to insidetransit every day - i wish! as Rob says, these numbers are meaningless and shouldn't be reported this way. just like the other "defaults" on some of the other services like google reader. mystery solved. - Allen Stern
Oh yeah I'm not saying FF should keep the feature as is - it's misleading at best - just that I was surprised that anyone values their Feedburner count over their FF stream's purity. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
So who's really at fault here? FF for taking advantage of Feedburner's poor implementation of subscriber counts or Feedburner for offering the possibility? - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Do you think FriendFeed had any idea there would be this many people talking about it? - Rob Diana
So is it better to turn it off altogether or to make it a toggleable feature that users can choose to use or abuse at their discretion? - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
@Rob - Who knows what FF expected, but it's really cool to see discussion evolving around this in a live FF thread. People are being mostly civil and constructive and it's all happening right here on the FF thread. I guarantee you FF HQ is reading this and staying hands off for a few hours until they can figure out a solid response. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Instead of deleting your blog feed from FriendFeed, you could just provide FriendFeed with your actual feed URL instead of the FeedBurner one. (I don't think the feed URL actually gets published anywhere by FriendFeed, does it?) - Tony Ruscoe
daniel - you cant do that - then x blog says "we have y subs" while z blog says "we have a subs" and x gets the ad deal because they have more subs, etc. sadly advertisers and agencies still don't get that the number is meaningless. - Allen Stern
@Allen - Most of us here aren't directly making money off of subscriber counts, but I appreciate that this would be an issue of great importance to you. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel: No matter how active you are on FriendFeed, if you think a FriendFeed subscriber is just as valuable to your blog as your RSS subscriber, you are fooling yourself. And I am talking about value to your blog as that is what RSS subscriber number represents, not about relationships / conversations etc. you might have wit hyour "subscriber" on FriendFeed... - HowToMakeMyBlog
I think my Friendfeed network is more valuable to me than my blog's readership, but I still keep the blog around for the few unique things it can offer me: A well-developed body of work to point to in professional situations, google juice, and a place to share long-form ideas. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
So if I could get Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis and Leo Laporte to add my post-every-six months blog to their feeds, does that mean Feedburner would show I have 100K subscribers? - Ken Sheppardson
This will definitely be abused by spammers who will use it as an opportunity to inflate their RSS numbers and make their blogs seem more important to potential advertisers, readers, subscribers etc who are unaware of this FriendFeed change. - HowToMakeMyBlog
Jason Calacanis To Pay Friendfeed $200,000 For Spot on Suggested Users List - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
+1 Daniel - Allen Stern
There's no reason Twitter couldn't turn around and do the same thing, right? Heck, they could set up a service to automatically tweet your RSS feed over to Twitter on your behalf, then just add the number of Twitter subscribers you have to their stats. I think this is more a Feedburner fail than a FriendFeed issue. - Ken Sheppardson
Seems like maybe somebody took all the "Have you ditched Google Reader for FriendFeed" threads the wrong way... hm. - Ken Sheppardson
What about making this optional per feed? - Horst Gutmann from IM
Ken, right now Twitter doesn't request any feeds though. Those numbers get into FeedBurner by FriendFeed providing a subscriber count in the USER_AGENT header when they request the feed. - Tony Ruscoe
I'm surprised Feedburner agreed to this. Next Twitter will ask that followers on their service count as readership. - Aviv
Aviv - that presumes that FF and FB had a discussion about this. It reads to me like FB always allowed polling agents to specify a subscriber count via their API and that the FF team just decided to change the way they utilize that feature. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
If someone subscribes to your blog feed using Google Reader, it doesn't mean they read it. Likewise, if someone subscribes to your FriendFeed, they may or may not read your blog posts. Subscriber numbers are all about reach. I see no difference between FriendFeed and Google Reader. Your subscribers see what you're posting and decide whether they want to read it. Using web analytics... more... - Tony Ruscoe
tony +1 - Horst Gutmann from IM
Tony, you're right about RSS subscribers being able to skip over your posts at will but there's still a disctinction to be made between subscribing directly to a blog feed (traditional) versus subscribing to the totality of a person's shared activity (friendfeed). The former implies an explicit interest in the blog, the latter does not. Moreover FF makes it trivial for a user to subscribe to a person and then perma-hide their blog posts if for example you like talking to Louis Gray but not about his blog. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Tony, you have to agree that subscribing on Google Reader means at the very least that right now, at the time of adding that subscription, you have the intention of reading future blog posts. But with FF, I don't think I'm even aware of blogs maintained by 90% of the people I'm subscribed to. - Aviv
VERY cool. - Shey
Daniel, Aviv, good points. But I think that by subscribing to a person, you're generally interested in them and what they have to say. Blogs are merely a subset of that person. The big problem for me is that there's no way to verify that you own a blog feed, so (I think) it will inflate your subscribers if it's added to multiple user accounts and groups even without your permission. - Tony Ruscoe
To put it another way, should anyone in your field care that your mom reads your blog? We all know she's just doing it because she loves you, not because your blog is so gosh darned wonderful. FF subscribers in FB stats are the same thing - people like *you* and while that might carry over to a limited interest in your blog it certainly doesn't imply that many of them have ever read it. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
I subscribe to blogs of people I know because of who they are (in addition to blogs which interest me) even if I'm not particularly interested in the subject they write about just in case they write something I like. The fact that I know them and like them as a person often means we've got at least one thing in common. And vice versa. I like reading lots of my FriendFeed subscriptions' blogs but I've never subscribed in Google Reader, so FriendFeed is currently the only way they can see me as a statistic. - Tony Ruscoe
Fb must count only the number of post link shown on FF, exactly how count how much feed google reader download from the blog. it's different that to use the contact number at all. it's possible? i don't know - Felter Roberto from twhirl
Innovative. I don't use FeedBurner on my blog, so not seeing the effect. Still relying on the Google Reader count of subscribers. - Hutch Carpenter
Yet another great reason for a blogger to invest time in the friendfeed community! - Garin Kilpatrick
So ... if I convince other people to use my blog as one of their fed items, then I pick up the amount of people who are subscribed to them as well? Or create a new account and put a few different blogs on it and get people to subscribe. Or 'trade' a feed for a feed with others to boost each other's counts? The more I think about this, the more I dislike it. - AJ Kohn
Hmm nice. Just jumped from about 5 to 148 with tobiasverhoog.com I do think though that friendfeeders may read my feed differently than subscribers via Google Reader or another feedreader. - TobiasVerhoog.com
Rick: you can see it in FeedBurner - Bret Taylor from email
and another thing to add onto what Daniel has been saying: hides. if I have 10 FF subscribers but 3 of them are hiding my blog entries, does it report the subscriber to Feedburner as 10, or 7? if it's the former, then the Feedburner stats become really inflated. - chrisofspades
also, there's nothing in FriendFeed that stops me from importing someone else's blog, which means I can artificially inflate their Feedburner stats without them even knowing I did it. seems ripe for gaming, to me. - chrisofspades
Right, Chris. As I have 9,000 potential to add to you, I'll start selling slots for $9k. - Louis Gray
as enticing as that is Louis, I don't have a blog ;) - chrisofspades
how does it know to link it to your feedburner? - Gary
Gary, first of all you need to be using FeedBurner for your blog feed. Each time FF requests your feed, they include the number of subscribers in the user agent string. FeedBurner then uses that number to include in the stats for your feed. (If you don't use FeedBurner, you'll still be able to see the stats in your web logs each time your feed is requested.) - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
So that's what happened.... - Spot us
Michael Fidler
Microsoft says Google tool breaks Outlook | VentureBeat - http://venturebeat.com/2009...
Microsoft says Google tool breaks Outlook | VentureBeat
"The installation of the Google Apps Sync plugin disables Outlook’s ability to search any and all of your Outlook data. When a Google Apps user installs the sync plugin for Outlook, the plugin modifies a registry key which disables Windows Desktop Search from indexing and providing search functionality forall Outlook data, not just the Outlook data being synchronized from GMail. Because Outlook search relies upon the indexing performed by Windows Desktop Search, Outlook search functions are broken as a result. It is also important to note that uninstalling the plugin may not fix the issue." - Michael Fidler from Bookmarklet
..then is possible to have a more broken Outlook? Wow, impressed :) - CantorJF
That's plain rude. And more than likely intentional. - Craig Eddy
That really stinks. It also stinks that Outlook doesn't easily integrate with other search programs, or that breaking Windows Desktop Search makes it impossible to search within Outlook. - Jennifer Dittrich
Considering how bad Outlook search is, how can one tell if it's broken? - Eoghann Irving
@Eoghann Funny, but true! I've tried to get my friends off of outlook many time in the past, but it's not easy. This is going to effect a lot of people. Also, I agree with Craig; they must have know about this. Nice picture on the cover of TIME though. - Michael Fidler
Sarah Perez
Flickr Makes it Simple to Post Photos on Twitter - http://www.webmonkey.com/blog...
Done....thanks! - Shevonne
About time! - Jordan Hofker
I am now switching over to make friendfeed my official twitter client.
Why? - Tadhg Kelly
because friendfeed rocks!!! thats why :) - (jeff)isageek
seriously though...I am using friendfeed more and more and now with saved searches I can create friends lists and pull just their twitter messages and follow them like i would with tweetdeck or whatever. once saved searches go real time that will be awesome! - (jeff)isageek
plus if someone is not signed up for friendfeed or not streaming their twitter posts...no problem...just create an imaginary friend and there you go! - (jeff)isageek
I'll join you this week, when I start back Twitter-ing. been on friendfeed only since sat. yes it rocks! - Wayne Sutton from BuddyFeed
jeff what about mobile/iphone updates that you want to post on friendfeed then to twitter ? I'm using buddyfeed now and don't think there is a way... - Wayne Sutton from BuddyFeed
wayne yeah that would be one mobile limitation of using friendfeed as your twitter client at this time that I can think of. without saying every posted message via friendfeed goes to twitter I dont think that is possible. - (jeff)isageek
what would be kool is if friendfeed would add like a switch command like say #tw or something that tells the system. ok post this via my mobile to friendfeed but also post it to twitter. - (jeff)isageek
as a matter of fact i think i will add that to the friendfeed feedback as an option i would like to see - (jeff)isageek
Yeah, it already is half way there for me as well. I don't have too many imaginary friends though, but I'm with you on this. - Parth Awasthi
the other issue with twitter messages is obviously to get the @ replies they would have to be one of your friends. so you might have to check twitter.com from time to time to see if someone you are not following @ messaged you. you could grab the rss feed of twitter search but it doesnt show you the name of the person who sent the message in the rss feed. - (jeff)isageek
Ahsan yes...I think people who say friendfeed sucks or dont understand how it can help them have not found the saved searches. those things are really key to getting so much more out of friendfeed then watching your home stream fly by. - (jeff)isageek
i think really the main thing is just us the friendfeed junkies blogging and just talking about how awesome the saved searches are and how powerful they can be. - (jeff)isageek
i think if your average user or even power user who is not familiar with them see's and hears about them in action they will be like wow that is a great feature and a reason to use friendfeed other then to create a stream of all your activities - (jeff)isageek
Hmm. Is there a useful guide anywhere that explains how to set this up? I'd be interested to try it out but find a lot of how friendfeed works kind of complicated and I don't usually have the time to dig into it. - Tadhg Kelly
Tadhg if you are looking for info on the saved search stuff i recommend checking out the FF saved searches group http://friendfeed.com/ffss as well as bwana did a great show on the power of them http://sn.im/gdmxs - (jeff)isageek
I think this whole discussion is a prime example of how much communicating with a large group is so much better on friendfeed then twitter. can you imagine coming in 5 messages ago and getting what has all been said by following @ replies and we could never have the threaded conversation and long responses. - (jeff)isageek
1up jeff - BEX
I would be 100% on FriendFeed now if I weren't running a service that had Twitter support. It's a much more cozy environment. - Jesse Stay
i hear ya jesse I really liked your blog post about using twitter with gmail and started using it. great way to do it...but it all came back to me wanting to get as much as I can into friendfeed and staying at this great place :) - (jeff)isageek
Next step, turn off Twitter on FriendFeed! Weaning yourself from the tit - er twitter - is painful but strangely satisfying. - Leo Laporte
Twitter is the worst part of friendfeed! As people have said, it's the little differences that make ff what it is! - Chris Lloyd
that would be a big step leo. I dont know if i am ready to go that far yet. I still have a lot of friends who use twitter that i want to keep in touch with so for now I will stick around there :) but i am slowly making the move towards what you are saying for sure. - (jeff)isageek
Jeff, you could post from here, turn off your Twitter stream (since it would be duplicate content anyway), and use TweetBeep to track mentions of your name. No more Twitter. :-) - Jesse Stay
If you use PeopleBrowsr you don't need to switch. Just open a stack with your friendfeed. You can make combined lists from both twitter and friendfeed in PeopleBrowsr - Svartling
some good thoughts there jesse!! hmmm - (jeff)isageek
svartling i have started playing around with PeopleBrowsr a bit. need to check it out some more. - (jeff)isageek
Ahsan yeah there are a few tools out there :) plus with different services out there it can make for an interesting plan of attack to keep up with everyone. - (jeff)isageek
wow this has really turned into a big discussion :) - (jeff)isageek
I'm with Jeff on this one. And probably the biggest reason is the quality of the content and users on FF. I over followed a ton of people on Twitter, and it's kinda too much work do go in and unfollow a bunch of people. So, I'm finding myself more in FF. And, it's easier to find good users via the comments they leave and the rooms they belong to. (However, I will admit that I could do some of that in Twitter via searches. But I'd still have to do all that unfollowing) - Bill Bittner
my only thing about peoplebrowsr is I am trying to get away from things like tweetdeck or whatever. and just have friendfeed as my base of social web operations. - (jeff)isageek
Jesse, can you point TweetBeep directly to FF via the email feed or does it need to verify the address? - That's So CAJ!
jesse back to your thought of killing my twitter stream on friendfeed...I feel like that should be up to people who follow me. if they dont want my twitter posts or want to get rid of the duplication then they can hide those entries. but I feel like I should supply all my streams here and let everyone do with it what they want. - (jeff)isageek
i think with tweetbeep you can grab an rss feed cant you jesse? - (jeff)isageek
i grabbed the rss feed from tweetbeep and basically since it just uses twitter search to get its data it never shows who the tweet was from without clicking it. so i couldnt pull that rss feed in here and see oh hey so and so just @ replied me without taking extra steps. now the email funtionality does show you the user you @ replied you. - (jeff)isageek
interesting idea there about the email feed though alan but yeah i think when i signed up for tweetbeep i had to verify the email address - (jeff)isageek
Jeff, I'm testing it out now. Stand by! - That's So CAJ!
yeah but Ahsan it would be nice to just see it in your friendfeed stream or whatever and just know who it was from rather then having to click away from the service - (jeff)isageek
Jeff, but if your Twitter stream is exactly the same as your FriendFeed stream is there really reason to keep it? - Jesse Stay
point taken Jesse - (jeff)isageek
Alan, you can add the RSS I think - haven't tried. I prefer e-mail because it ensures I don't miss anything. - Jesse Stay
ah forget it I think I am just gonna move everything back to myspace :) - (jeff)isageek
jesse and thinking about your idea of just pulling your twitter feed if someone really wanted to have my twitter feed for filtering purposes they could just create and imaginary me and pull the data that way. - (jeff)isageek
Hmmm, so tweetbeep notification made it into FF okay by changing my email in tweetbeep to iphwin@friendfeed.com (http://friendfeed.com/iphwin...). However, it didn't show any information about who it came from. Well, unless because *I* sent it, it shows from me. lol, that make any sense? - That's So CAJ!
ok i went ahead and pulled my twitter posts from my friendfeed profile. - (jeff)isageek
PeopleBrowser can be overwhelming in the beginning, but when you get it, you will never use anything else. I'm both a Twitter and FriendFeed freak and this tool is perfect for both. Plus much more. You can even get blogsearch streams and other RSS Feeds in realtime! - Svartling
Svartling that is pretty kool but I still think going that route means I have to give up time on the actual friendfeed site which is what I am striving to do with the changes I am making and bringing both twitter and friendfeed together the best I can here at FriendFeed.com - (jeff)isageek
Ok. I understand but you can do that in PeopleBrowsr too ;) But I know what you mean. Good luck. - Svartling
but I will keep playing around with PeopleBrowsr too though. I might find it to be a better fit after a few days :) I am all about trying new things and new ideas. that is what is great about this whole conversation...bouncing ideas off of each other...talking about our thoughts and ideas on this little subject, ect. - (jeff)isageek
Yeah that's true. I just want to let you know that PeopleBrowsr exists as an Adobe AIR app too if you prefer that. I prefer the web version. - Svartling
Jeff just got 4 stars in my book. :-) - Jesse Stay from email
haha well good to know Jesse :) - (jeff)isageek
If it werent for friendfeed, my twitter account would still be rotting away. - Ron Wening
My experiments with tweetbeep ended in a wash. There didn't seem to be any advantage to using that service (feeding into FF via email) and using a custom RSS feed from Twitter Search. So, I'll keep the RSS feed going to my Twitter Friends group and continue with my regularly scheduled program, already in progess. - That's So CAJ!
just checking out www.flock.com - Dominik Schneider
with some development and add ons this could be a great alternative to friendfeed (or friendfeed will be integrated into flock) - Dominik Schneider
FWIW: We are adding additional FriendFeed functionality into PeopleBrowsr this week "Home" feed and "My Discussions" were added last night, and live-testing today. We expect to have even more functionality (Lists and Rooms) coming in the very near future. Please let us know what you think when you try it :-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I'm just not sure you can really make FriendFeed into a full featured twitter client. You don't see everything. I even bring in a feed of my @replies from search.twitter, but those are of limited use since I can't actually use them to communicate with people who aren't FriendFeed users. or am I just missing something? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Good move - congratulations - - LPH™ and his dog P™
Rob, if you check "Include entry description as a comment" on that custom RSS feed it'll show who it's from. You could then start a new post with a @reply to that person. Very kludgey, eh? - That's So CAJ!
Alan: yes I could go through a bunch of hoops to do it, just seems too much trouble - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, since we as users can manage a workaround, I'm hoping that the FriendFeed folks could figure something more streamlined and automatic. - That's So CAJ!
While at one point I might have agreed with you Alan, I've since become a heavy believer in the multi-network "social-desktop" client, and prefer all my data to come in through a single window. To effectively FriendFeed requires more screens than I have. I find the FF web site basically insufficient for this reason. With access to my Lists and the Rooms I'm subscribed to, I'll get more... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
yeah, good call - i switched to only ff awhile ago and ignored twitter but now the two tools are mostly seamless together - mike "glemak" dunn
i love using friendfeed more, too! - Egyirba
Most of my friends on Twitter are not on FF so I have them as Imaginary Friends. This is OK for reading their tweets. Also it gets round the recent @reply changes by Twitter. I can again see their @replies to other people I don't follow. BUT, I can't have FF conversations involving them because they are not on FF. Also I can't see who my twitter friends replies are directed to and then... more... - By_tor
try setting up an rss feed of your @name_twitter - mike "glemak" dunn
Very interesting discussion over here about making FriendFeed your Twitter client. While I've thought about it in the past, there are some serious drawbacks. I'd much rather be able to import my full "with friends" RSS feed from Twitter and do some serious keyword filtering on it (have played around with using Thunderbird - Mozilla's Email client - for that purpose using the message... more... - Alex Schleber
Mark not sure about the limitations thing. guess i have been lucky and everyone I follow pretty much is setup on friendfeed so i only had to create a handful of imaginary ones. - (jeff)isageek
yeah protected accounts can cause an issue as well. as you know already :) - (jeff)isageek
Yes Mark I agree, one thing FF could do to help people migrate from Twitter is a one-step process to turn all your Twitter followers who are not also on FF into Imaginary friends. A solution to the locked twitter accounts would also be useful although I don't have any of them. It also slightly annoys me that when you post on FF the copy sent to twitter has a FF link at the end. Anyway of disabling that? - By_tor
Mirko Lange
Hallelujah! "Papst startet Online-Offensive nach Obama-Vorbild" -> http://pressetext.de/news...
Steve Gillmor
Processing feedback
Magic moments like these draw deserved attention to FriendFeed's value - David Alfaro from twhirl
Steve, Is RSS your back-up? - William Mougayar
no, william. haven't you heard? - Steve Gillmor
we all remember friendfeed's recent downtime, illustrating the difficulty of keeping these massive services running, and perhaps suggesting a need for distributed systems - Mike Chelen
So Steve, you're telling me I should no longer be hand-coding my rss feed in Microsoft Word? ;) - Richard Querin
good enough wins - Steve Gillmor
What happened when Twitter went down for maintenance? This! http://bit.ly/7P2OC - Benjamin Taylor
Richard Wins the Internets - Roberto Bonini
I think i've read this somewhere before...oh, that's right. when they took away track a year ago. http://blog.twitter.com/2009... - Karoli
Oh, is RSS down too?....I was being facitious, of course. Disclosure: I love both RSS and Twitter streams (Is that an oxymoron statement?). Disclaimer: I don't like RSS readers. - William Mougayar
Trusting some tech companies more and more seems like the trust children place in their parents re: Santa Clause. It's only a matter of time before the kids learn the truth, but oh what fun while the illusion lasts. - Jim Posner
today was the day I drifted over to FriendFeed and I love how it has improved (i've been out of the loop for a while) - Derek Lords
Something’s happening its sort of broken ? #wikiwikiwow @puffaddering - Jason
Thanks, at leat we know they are working on it. - Micky
Stephen Foskett
Twitter Loses Control Of Twitter - http://blog.fosketts.net/2009...
Isn't it a good thing that you're a FriendFeeder, Stephen? - Louis Gray
FriendFeed is looking better and better all the time - Stephen Foskett
Come to the light. I can teach you. :) - Louis Gray
If only FriendFeed had an awesome desktop client like TweetDeck, maybe I'd permanently make the transition! - Stephen Foskett
we need more friendfeed user - Klaus Eck
The browser is the desktop client. (repeat 50x) They also have a notifier. - Louis Gray
"The problem is that Twitter’s Stone was entirely disingenuous about this change. He blamed the newbie users, suggested that @replies were bad, and called this kind of tweet “fragmented.” He did everything but admit that there was a technical reason to shut them down." - Daniel J. Pritchett
I wonder if the technical reason is true, even. Perhaps this is just another smokescreen. I can't imagine what else it would be... - Stephen Foskett
@SFoskett there's always the "easing celebrity frustration" theory: http://ff.im/2QZIr - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
with all due respect to everyone - is the Twitter change really that big a deal? Most of you already follow hundreds or thousands of people. There are lots of ways to find people (Twibes, WeFollow, search, ad nauseum...). Yes, transparency from Twitter would be great and yes, FF rules, but let's get on with it already. - Stuart Miniman
Stu, this change wasn't that serious. But Twitter is out of touch with how people use and view the service, and has become too "important" to too many people. They need to be careful or the whole house of cards will come down - Stephen Foskett
1) The change was serious to me because it's how I prefer to receive Tweets and 2) they changed what had been a choice of the user into an enforced decision. Twitter is inflexible enough that they shouldn't have taken away one of the few things that the user can control (whose Tweets you can see). - Liz
Stuart, no it's not a big deal. It's the air of pretentiousness and poor approach that gets me. They continually are deciding what's right for us on our behalf and going against what their users want. It's emblematic. If this were the first issue they ever had, the outcry would be much less. It's just one thing after another. - Louis Gray
Interesting, because to me it's a big deal. - Jamie
Stephen, Twhirl includes pretty nice support for FriendFeed, think the next step in adoption will bring more FF compatible clients - Mike Chelen
I just wish there were as many blackberry apps for friendfeed as there are for twitter. (Even though they all have major drawbacks). Or, if fftogo was made the official mobile site, so I could change me settings and many other things I can only do on a pc. - Matt Thompson from fftogo
Aline Ohannessian
Twitter Puts a Muzzle on UR Friends: Goodbye People I Never Knew (Updated) - (via @rww) http://tinyurl.com/o7fl76 - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
Twitter Puts a Muzzle on UR Friends: Goodbye People I Never Knew (Updated) - (via @rww) http://tinyurl.com/o7fl76
I'm sure this has been posted, and i'm RE-Posting "ReadWriteWeb" because it's that important - Blessings! - Aline Ohannessian from Bookmarklet
I just clicked on #fixreplies on my twitter home page under "Trending topics" and i recieved all the tweets that include the "#fixrelies" from people i'm not even following - so this whole thing of blocking @replies is for NOT - it's not rational - Aline Ohannessian
hmmm another thought: so basically when someone RT's (Reetweets someone else) others won't be able to see the RT unless they are following them??? doesn't this also defeat the purpose of ReTweeting?? - Aline Ohannessian
Aline: Retweets will still be seen because Twitter looks at them as a mention and not a reply. According to Twitter, a @reply is any tweet that begins with @username. A tweet that has characters, such as RT, before the @username is a "mention" and will still show up in your replies tab on your Twitter homepage. {EDIT} Also, you'll still be able to see all tweets for a particular user or keyword on Twitter search. - Sharon McPherson
Oy...Thanks @Sharon! this whole thing is sooo confusing and a little cryptic, dont' ya think? :o) - Aline Ohannessian
Cryptic, because Twitter's making it that way. :-) - Sharon McPherson
i couldn't agree more :o) by the way, i have to say this...YOU are fabulous!! i love how wonderfully active you are here on FF...not to mention your resourcefulness - it's a PLEASURE crossing your path or you mine ;o) | Blessings - Aline Ohannessian
you'd be lying if you said that you wouldn't snoop on other conversations in the bar if you could... - Jamie
Marcel Weiß
Twitter ist für Maintenance unten. Zeit für ein bisschen FriendFeed, huh?
ich geh mal nach draußen. - Max Friedrich Hartmann
"Draußen", huh? weirdo. - Marcel Weiß
shocking. hab noch bis 10 Zeit Eis zu ergattern. oder 12. - Max Friedrich Hartmann
Beta-Eis? - Marcel Weiß
ich twittere sowieso am liebsten via friendfeed, weil sich so schön alles aggregieren lässt - Klaus Eck
Addet FF noch einen Link zu FF zurück? Als ich das letzte Mal mit FF getweetet hab, hat FF das noch gemacht, das fand ich blöd. (Und abstellen lies sich das nicht) - Marcel Weiß
Nein; Premium Content mit Offline-Cookies - Max Friedrich Hartmann
inzwischen landen die getwitterten FF-Links wieder direkt auf die verlinkten Seiten und lassen FF aus; das ist wesentlich besser für die Nutzer. Anscheinend war das einige Tage ein Bug. - Klaus Eck
Super, dann werde ich das Bookmarklet und FF generell als Twitter-Client wieder vermehrt verwenden. Nur den Link zu FF in den Tweets fand ich doof, ansonsten war es eine fast perfekte Lösung. (Und wenn ich einen Link via Bookmarklet auf FF und Twitter gesharet habe, landeten auf Twitter zwei Links, was auch eher suboptimal war). - Marcel Weiß
Dan Schawbel
8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page - http://mashable.com/2009...
Thomas Pleil
8 Essential Apps for Your Brand's Facebook Page - http://mashable.com/2009...
jeneane sessum
friendfeed feels twitterish.
All of the good, none of the bad. Some excellent. - Louis Gray
friendfeed feels like what twitter once was. - Violet Mae Lim
Paul Buchheit
We added a 1-click login for Twitter users, so now it's easy for all your friends to try http://friendfeed.com
Picture 69.png
To RT, click http://twitter.com/home... It uses OAuth, so no password is required, and it automatically finds your Twitter friends on FriendFeed! It also imports your profile and picture. Big thanks to http://friendfeed.com/bgolub for making all this happen! (also, existing users can go to http://friendfeed.com/friends... to find Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail friends) - Paul Buchheit
fan bloody tastic! So we can post here and Twitterers can comment away without any complaints! The only think you need to try and do is bring in comments (about a share) from twitter into here! :) - Zee.
This is great...should help new users quite a bit. - Mark Krynsky
Bravo!!! Very nice! - David Cook
nice - Joe Azzara
thanks for making it effortless - Vedran Agovic
That's fantastic! Keep it up guys!! :) - iTad
I'm hoping this will help to entice people over here. I'd much rather talk to people via FF than Twitter - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
FrF + OAuth. Like. - tobe
Refresh your FriendFeed to see an updated first comment from Paul, including a link to RT this news: http://twitter.com/home... - Dan Hsiao
OK, I admit I'm dense. As an existing user will this help me find the folks I follow on Twitter? - Laura Norvig
Cool, is it possible we could have the ability to bulk import or non-FF Twitter friends as private feeds so we can track them in FF? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Laura, existing FriendFeed users should just go to http://friendfeed.com/friends... and click on the Twittter (and Facebook and Google) icons to find their friends. Kol, not yet, but I'm hoping to add something like that soon (improved imaginary friends). - Paul Buchheit
Thx, Paul - guess I haven't been to that page since the launch. btw, I'm definitely coming around to the new friendfeed (colors notwithstanding). - Laura Norvig
Great to see the standards working -OAuth fro Gogole and Twitter login on Friendfeed - Kevin Marks
That's a great tool, Paul! Found a few from Twitter and Facebook I didn't realise were on FF...:) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oh man, that is suh-weet. Works really well. - Laura Norvig
Paul, that would be wonderful, thank you. I'm keen to use FF as a kinda Twitter client. I'd love the ability to import my group I've created on Tweetvisor too but that would additionally require exporting facilities from Tweetvisor, and from asking them they've told me it's low priority (which is fair enough). - Kol Tregaskes
That's fantastic! Sharing with all of my not-yet-friendfeedified twitter friends. Thanks, Paul! - Eric Johnson
This IS good. Thanks for the hard work, Benjamin Golub. - Micah
this is fabulous!!! - Angela P.
It's so convenient for new comer like me! - tsssimon
Just tried it and it works great. - Iván Abrego
i have tried this too and am richer by 33 Twitter friends - jagannath rao
Nice work. Keeps getting better around here :-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
WOW! 313 new Twitter people! Amazing what the OAuth did. Amazing. That just completely Rocks! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That was just too easy, and found a bunch of Twitter people. I just subscribed, but I hope they participate. I'm sure I'll have to trim later. - Eric - Final Countdown
Thanks for everything Benjamin and the others, that is really great. :) - Alp
I was subscribed to exactly 100 of the people I follow on Twitter. Added 93 more. Funny, this is actually helping me find people I *don't* want to follow in either place. - Laura Norvig
I'm looking forward to the "advanced imaginary friends" section which lets me as an existing FriendFeed user view all the twitter updates from people that don't use FriendFeed. - Brian Sloane
很好,继续努力 - Kunshou(困兽)
Sweet! - Don Strickland
Just posted this to my stream then saw this, Cool stuff Paul - Charlie Anzman
Some time ago I spent lots of time in removing my Facebook-Friendfeed integration, and didn't succeed, Facebook refused to remove it. Since that - no info about any other my services to Facebook, ever. - orie
Happy to hear that there will be an improved imaginary friend option! - Jacob
The improved imaginary friend feature will be great. No need to visit Twitter much then! - Pinksy
FriendFeed is constantly bringing new value to the service. I'm loving it! - Amie Gillingham
its relay cool - Kaspar Minosiants
great idea - andy brudtkuhl
Oh Thanks i was looking for something like this - Asahi
Is the imaginary friends feature completely disabled for the moment? Or am I just not looking in the right place? - Mark Jacobs
Mark: imaginary friends have been replaced by groups. - Robert Scoble
When is OpenID coming up? - Mohammad Abdurraafay
This feature is AWESOME :) Bravo! - Iain Baker
I just imported 8,000 new Twitter friends. Worked MUCH BETTER than last time. - Robert Scoble
Smart move guys. A quick way to grow FF users is to tap into the current hot properties. Can't believe other Social Networks are so slow to respond. - Neill Adamson
Great news on the advanced imaginary friends. That plus the ability to comment back to Facebook posts as easily as we reply to Twitter would be killer. - Kevin Kuphal
Finally! :-) - Richard Joerges
Not sure why this wasn't implemented a while ago but it's a welcome addition. - Jason Williams
None of my Facebook contacts are on ff. - JECO Photo
So how do existing FF members use it? - Tiffany Monhollon
Ca passe 50 fois par jour ce truc là sur FriendFeed ! C''est pas possible d'arr^ter, j'en ai marre de le voir franchement ... ^^ - Jean-Marie Gall™ from twhirl
Tiffany, existing FF members should go to http://friendfeed.com/friends... to find their Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail friends. - Paul Buchheit
Encore ?? C'est pas possible ! ;( - Jean-Marie Gall™ from twhirl
RT'd ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@Robert cannot seem to do that with groups. What I want to do: Concentrate different RSS feeds (e.g. newswires) which do not necessarily have an account in any other social network into one imaginary friend's collection of feeds. - Mark Jacobs
Mark, "groups" (formerly "rooms") are able to import feeds just like regular users (and imaginary friends). See https://friendfeed.com/xoogle-... for example (imports the blogs of all known xoogle startups). The only thing special about imaginary friends is that they don't have usernames (or rather we assign a random 128 bit username). - Paul Buchheit
Paul, the DM option on imaginary friends should perhaps be removed. Also, imaginary friends do not show up on the search dropdown list when you type in their name in the search box. - Kol Tregaskes
Paul, is it possible to automatically create "imaginary friends" from twitter following list? What I would like is to read all my Twitter in FriendFeed; many of twitterers though are not on FF, so I have to create them by hand which is tedious. Also, it would be nice to allow to add them to some special list. - Ihar Mahaniok
Ihar, see my comment up in the middle and Paul's reply. Looks like FF are working on it. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Nice tool, discovered some more contacts ! - François Granger
love this guys wonderful - Thomas Power
This must be the reason for all the new follows I've been getting over the last few days. Congrats! - Michael Fidler
That's actually quite useful. Thank you! - snapixel
Still would like an imaginary friend than making bunch of Groups to simulate peoples that doesn’t use FF. BTW, unlike the Facebook Connect login, when I tried logging in using Twitter, it made a new account for me on FF instead of opening my own (which also has Twitter activity added). - Natsuki Seika
ditto to natsuki... - Steve Austin
Wow, real nice and simply to add my Twitter friends :O - Rosenkrieger
Good move! - Lantrix
Is it possible to add this to a wordpress blog? - Arturo Pelayo
hi me sid m new member of dis site......... - Sidra Kanwal
Hi...Iam new member of dis site...I like it...! - Nima Tamang
Die 5 großen Fehler im Social Media Kundendialog | ethority weblog - http://www.ethority.de/weblog...
Claudia Sommer
Reading: How Embracing Digital Can Change Corporate Culture http://adage.com/digital...
Nico Zorn
The Tipping Point: Understanding the Impact of Twitter - ClickZ - http://www.clickz.com/3633281
Thomas Pleil
Crisis Communication in the Age of Twitter http://crisisblogger.wordpress.com/2009...
Thomas Pleil
KoopTech: Wie NGOs kommunizieren, koordinieren und mobilisieren - http://blog.kooptech.de/2009...
Sehr schön: Christianes Vorab-Artikel zu einem Teilaspekt des kooptech-Projektes - Thomas Pleil
Manuela Hoffmann
13 Great WordPress Speed Tips & Tricks for MAX Performance | Noupe - http://www.noupe.com/wordpre...
Here are a few things to try if you find that your WordPress site is not performing as well as it could be due to high traffic or hidden issues you don’t know about. - Manuela Hoffmann
Stefan Asemota
Find And Follow Top Business Execs on Twitter - http://www.exectweets.com/
Renate Eck
warum man als Unternehmen auf Twitter präsent sein sollte #cio - http://www.cio.com/article...
Bret Taylor
Get FriendFeed notifications on your desktop - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2009...
This is another feature that facebook needs to "borrow." - Ryan
with the facebok toolbar in FFox, you can get Growl notifications (on Mac) and FF style notifications on Win/Mac/Lin... they work great - Richard Goodwin from twhirl
Seth Greenblatt
[VIDEO] Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources #web - http://mashable.com/2007...
[VIDEO] Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources  #web
"Online video is a huge trend - so huge that’s it’s proving hard to keep track. From video sharing sites to video mixers, mashups and converters, we’ve brought together more than 150 of our favorite sites in this category" - Seth Greenblatt
Great find. - Russellreno
Rainer Wasserfuhr
futur:plom: Identität Version Februar 2009 - http://futur.plomlompom.de/archiv...
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