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Bioperl Install and examples | Silveira Neto -
use Bio::Seq - Chris M
16 year old testifies on the Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia -
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide -
Signetics original Write-only-memory data sheet, from 1972 -
Science denialism at a skeptic conference | Incredulous -
Study finds many authors aren’t sharing data when they publish — and leads to a PLOS ONE retraction « Retraction Watch -
xkcd: Star Trek into Darkness -
Lucidchart - diagram editor -
Quick and easy browser-based diagram editor - Chris M
PLOS and figshare make open science publishing more open - Creative Commons -
Michael R. Bloomberg Commits $350 Million to Johns Hopkins for Transformational Academic Initiative | Hub -
Easier access to PLOS data | The Official PLOS Blog -
PLoS teams with figshare - Chris M
How Aaron Swartz paved way for Jack Andraka's revolutionary cancer test | The Vancouver Observer -
Johns Hopkins Hospital performs double arm transplant on Army soldier - The Washington Post -
figshare will host data for PLOS - Research Information -
PLOS Biology: Citation Advantage of Open Access Articles -
How academia betrayed and continues to betray Aaron Swartz -
New PubReader View For Full-Text Articles | NCBI Insights -
Restructuring the NIH and its grant programs to ensure stable careers in science -
Blog post on "it is not junk" - Chris M
Funny patch on github for Bumblebee, fixes "rm -rf /usr" -
John Wilbanks: Let’s pool our medical data | Video on -
John Wilbanks: Let’s pool our medical data | Video on -
A Bridge (To Nowhere) Burned: Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin -
Chinese censors cut nearly 1/4 of Cloud Atlas: Shanghaiist -
Translational Bioinformatics: PLOS Computational Biology presents an educational resource for an emerging field | PLOS Biologue -
Bjorn Legacy: Lomborg Urges Climate Inaction With Misleading Stats In Murdoch's Wall Street Journal | ThinkProgress -
Shall I Encode Thee In DNA? Sonnets Stored On Double Helix : NPR -
Half a Million DVDs in Your DNA - ScienceNOW -
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