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Daniel Mietchen
Feature request: Search by license -
About the benefits of a search-by-license feature at PubMed: Open Access comes in many flavours, as highlighted by Cameron Neylon some hours ago. One of these flavours is the type of license under which the content is made available — one of the intersections of science and law. To facilitate navigation in these waters, it would be good if 1. all articles were clearly tagged (for both humans and machines) with their respective license (the same argument for data is central to the Panton Principles, by the way) 2. the license type could be used as a parameter in searches across articles or their metadata, or aggregations thereof (as is possible on Flickr and BioTorrents, and requested at Vimeo). - Daniel Mietchen
Thank you! Plenty to ponder in your response, thanks for posting it. - Rachel Walden
Reply from PubMed just came in: "The data to which I believe you are referring is not contained on PubMed/MEDLINE records. It cannot, therefore, be made searchable." It seems I should have submitted to the PMC helpdesk at . Just did so. - Daniel Mietchen
Took a while, and a lot of nudging from Daniel, but PMC search by license is now a reality: - Chris M
yay! - Kubke
daniel, do you have a new url for that blog post? - Kubke
Today I communicated for protracted periods on the topic of communication. I was also part of a meeting to plan a meeting. Perhaps now I should blog about blogging. #metawork
you had a metaday! - RepoRat
I hope it still counts as a real day, too. I don't want tomorrow to be another Tuesday. - lris
Oh dear. We may have approached the Zen-meta-irony triangle unwittingly. Is there a known cure? Or a map out? Or something? - lris
will you be emailing about emailing protocols today as well? - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm currently part of a group planning a series of meetings to prepare for our department's Planning Day. - Deborah Fitchett
You should blog about this. You should blog about this. - Joe from iPod
I recently was part of some meetings to plan a meeting where we were going to plan for strategic planning. I'm not even kidding. - Laura Krier
I've been in that meeting, Laura! - lris
My, you are all very good at commenting. My comments aren't so good, usually -- this one is an exception. - Chris M
Sarah G.
Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes -Wm Gibson
According to this tweet ( this quote is really from Steven Winterburn. - Chris M
laura x
Today I had to teach someone to dial a phone. I am not kidding.
....are they a time traveler from the 1800's? - Sir Shuping is just sir
If by "dial" you actually mean "dial," I'm not that surprised--if the person was under, say, 30 or so. - walt crawford
I Want a dial phone !! - Peter Dawson
No, it's a touch tone phone. I had to explain about when you use 1+area code+number and when you don't. She seemed very confused. - laura x
Around here, the answer is "always." - bentley
That also makes sense if she usually uses a cell phone. - walt crawford
Chicago recently had to go that where before if I called a number in the same area code I didn't have to add the area code when dialing. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Yep, WV had to split a year or two. I still occasionally forget to add the area code, but it mostly works. I also got trapped in a intranet phone system in HS, and couldn't figure out how to dial out. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I actually had to explain to a nearly 30 year old student how to use White Out the a few months ago. Most surreal moment of my life, probably. - MontglaneChess
i once had to explain to a co-worker why there's no "delete" key on a typewriter. in 2005. - Big Joe Silenced
We recently switched from using '9' to dial out to using '*' it's created all sorts of humorous/annoying situations - John: Thread Killer
When we started digitizing vinyl records, our tech support person tried to set the needle down in the center of the record and was gobsmacked to learn you put it on the outer edge. He's probably 30 or so, and not a hipster, so never saw a vinyl record played. - barbara fister
By the way, I wish typewriters had delete keys. - barbara fister
Didn't Correcting Selectrics have a key functionally equivalent to Delete? (It's been a LONG time!) - walt crawford
I also wish computers had a thing you got to bang whenever you finished a line and it went DING! - barbara fister
it goes ding when there's stuff!</drwho> - RepoRat
Correcting typewriters were cool. Better than back back back... Hold correcting tape in, type mistake... Back back back type right stuff. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I miss selectrics and elements for changing fonts. And I had a pen with a little ball at the end that fit in the phone dial saved my pinky when I had lots of calls - WarLord
Barbara: I want to say that there was a way to set various sounds -- including that "bing! - ZWISH" end-of-line typewriter sound -- to various actions/keystrokes on very old Mac OSes. And if there was a way to do it, god bless my college friends but they *would* do it. - Catherine Pellegrino
TV show Wall Street Week used to open with the sound of teletype machines "TWX in 12 Bars" #thistreadgavemeearworm - WarLord
Oh, god, yes, I miss that era of Wall St. Week. - laura x from BuddyFeed
The computer we had in late jr high/early high school was set (by me) to make typing sounds and I loved it. I'm also a heavy handed typist, so I irritated the shit out of my family (the computer was in the family room) as I wrote papers and my tiny programs. Running the dot matrix printer (banners galore!) during other people's tv shows was another transgression. - kaijsa
zomg dot matrix printers. Every time I'm in an airport gate area and those things go off I'm instantly transported back to my college computer lab, circa 1989. (I'm sorry, Laura, this has nothing to do with dialing a phone. But I, too, vividly remember that theme music to Wall Street Week.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Almost back to Laura's original post: A couple of years ago, I showed a woman in her 20s how to use an ATM. She had never seen one before. - kaijsa
Even closer to Laura's original post: Brian Herzog had a great post a while back about the difficulty that kids have with the concept of "local" vs. "long distance" and cell phones and area codes: tl;dr: How can it be a long distance call when my mom is across the street? - Catherine Pellegrino
The most confusing part of the whole local/long-distance thing, before we went to landline with total U.S. calling bundle, was that intrastate long distance (which California has rather a lot of) was MUCH more expensive than interstate long distance for a while--and the primary use we make is my wife's half-hour weekly call to her sister, who's only 90 miles away, but that's intra-state long distance. - walt crawford
You guys might like to try one of these USB typewriters: - Chris M
Chris M
Bioperl Install and examples | Silveira Neto -
use Bio::Seq - Chris M
Chris M
Bioperl Install and examples | Silveira Neto -
use Bio::Seq - Chris M
Chris M
Lucidchart - diagram editor -
Quick and easy browser-based diagram editor - Chris M
Chris M
Lucidchart - diagram editor -
Quick and easy browser-based diagram editor - Chris M
Chris M
Easier access to PLOS data | The Official PLOS Blog -
PLoS teams with figshare - Chris M
Chris M
Restructuring the NIH and its grant programs to ensure stable careers in science -
Blog post on "it is not junk" - Chris M
Chris M
How M.I.T. Ensnared a Hacker, Bucking a Freewheeling Culture - -
Some details about the JSTOR case. - Chris M
Chris M
Site started by Aaron Swartz to fight against SOPA - Chris M
Chris M
CDNJS: The Fastest Javascript Repo on the Web - CloudFlare blog -
Think about pulling your JS from here, not Google CDN - Chris M
Chris M
The Up-Goer Five Text Editor -
Online editor that will let you know if you've stepped outside the 1000 most commonly used English words - Chris M
Chris M
A great exercise in science communication | Erin C. McKiernan -
About communicating science with only the 1000 most commonly used English words - Chris M
Chris M
xkcd: Up Goer Five -
Explanation of the Saturn V rocket using only the 1000 most commonly used English words - Chris M
Chris M
A web-based visualization tool for regular expressions.  Nice! - Chris M
Daniel Mietchen
University of New Mexico just missed an opportunity to be ahead of the curve -
Steve Koch, one of the most active practitioners of open science, announced today that he has not been awarded tenure, despite the considerable support he had received from the global open science community. He accompanied his announcement with an open … Continue reading → - Daniel Mietchen
So true! - Björn Brembs
Daniel, do these science3point0 posts still exist anywhere? Google is not finding this one. - Chris M
Chris M
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software -
Chris M
Wikimedia at the Crossroads (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought) -
To read:  a set of articles about wikipedia by aaron swartz - Chris M
Chris M
Aaron Swartz | About JSTOR -
Statement from JSTOR on the death of Aaron Swartz - Chris M
Chris M
Ripley's Kittens on Livestream -
Foster-kitten-cam. - Chris M
Chris M
Wiring the Brain: The Trouble with Epigenetics (Part 1) -
"You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means." - Chris M
Chris M
Ripley's Kittens on Livestream -
Foster-kitten-cam. - Chris M
Chris M
Altmetrics: Value all research products : Nature : Nature Publishing Group -
Article in Nature by Heather Piwowar on new funding policy by the NSF:  "products", not "publications". "My colleagues and I have estimated that the data sets added to the US National Center for Biotechnology Information's Gene Expression Omnibus in 2007 have contributed to more than 1,000 papers." - Chris M
Chris M
‘Never Again’ in North Korea? Think Again - Jonah Goldberg - National Review Online -
Did "never again" simply mean "never again will Germans kill Jews in Europe between 1939 and 1945"? - Chris M
Chris M
Church backs Vladimir Putin's ban on Americans adopting Russian children | World news | The Observer -
Patriarch Kirill in which an expensive watch had been airbrushed from his wrist - Chris M
Chris M
U.S. Internet Users Pay More for Slower Service - Bloomberg -
As things stand, the U.S. has the worst of both worlds: no competition and no regulation. - Chris M
Chris M
The children of China’s revolutionaries grab a ticket to wealth - The Washington Post -
Editorial about China's princelings, and the fusion of capitalism and politics in China. - Chris M
Chris M
Life is physics: evolution as a collective phenomenon far from equilibrium -
One of the last papers by Carl Woese - Chris M
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