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For the delectation of all, or at least sundry. - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
oh my. thank you. - jambina
Wow! - Galadriel C.
reading the various appeals, "generally being a jerk" also seems in play - RepoRat
awesome eta: ka is clearly not reading the criticism which they're taking pains to explain to him - Christina Pikas
He thinks he is He Who Must Be Obeyed. - RepoRat
Meanwhile, Wikipedia actually has an article on Skitch, one with all the "neutral viewpoint" of a press release and no Talk page at all. I didn't realize advocacy blogs were either (a) suitable as Wikipedia topics, (b) appropriate as source material, unlike other online sources. (I think we've all figured out that ka has a certain form of reading disability, so that's no surprise.) - walt crawford
shall we all go flag it? *g* - RepoRat
Reading the comments has been immensely enjoyable. - Andy
Sometimes I think I am an asshole. Sometimes I realize it's true. But damn, I am not in Kent Anderson's class. - RepoRat
Nice: "As such, this unblock request is denied and your next request will likely be the last. Sorry, you can't be unblocked without actually doing some reading" - Aaron the Librarian
That's terrible: That's discrimination against the willfully ignorant and self-important assholes. (Although Wikipedia has plenty of self-important assholes involved, at least they're willing to Read the Rules.) - walt crawford
The page has now been deleted - Graham Steel
Also interesting that the entry for the SSP is under "Investigation of potential copyright issue," - Joe
whoa. - jambina
the claim appears to be that the SSP's own web page was infringed upon. The claim was lodged manually, by the same editor who deleted the SKitch page. I'm the last person to defend either SSP or SKitch, but this is starting to look a bit sketchy-vendettaish. - RepoRat
user Meyercarol has since disappeared... i agree with you RR - jambina
I agree with RR here as well. - walt crawford
My Favorite link in the response section: - Elizabeth Brown
Carol Meyer tweeted my (ill advised) ssp talk a few years ago. Got stuff annoyingly wrong. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Christina Pikas
PubMed Commons? First I'd heard? "a system that enables researchers to share their opinions about scientific publications. Researchers can comment on any publication indexed by PubMed, and read the comments of others"
First I've heard of it. Interesting. - RepoRat
Hmmm, I saw some other "more full text than pub med" thing last week but not sure I've seen this. - Hedgehog from Android
I think it sucks that just the NIH/Wellcome elite is allowed in - seems a bit discriminatory. Big boys club - again. - Kubke
I thought it was anyone who had an article indexed by pubmed? So I'm not eligible but I'm guessing everyone else on this thread is - Christina Pikas from iPhone
So glad they have *another* PMC acronym now...also waiting to see how long it takes Scholarly Kitchen to have a kitten about it. - Rachel Walden
@ Christina - my understanding is yes, indexed author, but if not under the NIH/Wellcome then you cannot register - someone has to invite you - too second class citizens for my taste. - Kubke
Sarah G.
Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes -Wm Gibson
According to this tweet ( this quote is really from Steven Winterburn. - Chris M
Heather Piwowar
squee!!! ImpactStory was invited to the White House!!! Jason+I+guests attended the Open Sci champs of change ceremony yesterday, and ImpactStory gave one of the 12 posters in the reception afterwards. [we weren't allowed to say anything publicly till after the event. almost killed me.]
photos and blog post coming soon. - Heather Piwowar
my seven year old? thrilled :) - Heather Piwowar
was a really nice celebration. felt great to see so many people I knew and admired, and learn of others. Also sad that so many others I thought should be there weren't there. But for the day I tried to focus on the happy, and succeeded :) - Heather Piwowar
duuuuuuuuuuuuude! ftw! - RepoRat
WOWOWOWOWOWOW. - Catherine Pellegrino
so awesome! - Sarah
thanks very much to whomever did whatever nominating. so appreciated. - Heather Piwowar
Coolness. - Joe
YAY - Hedgehog from Android
O.M.G. awesome - Marie
Awesome. - John Dupuis
Aw, Jean-Claude Bradley got to go! - Meg VMeg
Sarah G.
RT @jasonpriem: Reviewer literally said our citing a tweet (for 1st use of "#altmetrics") was insulting & "scandalous." I assume his/her monocle popped out.
Pearls were clutched! - RepoRat
That's right! Tweets don't exist and therefore can't possibly be first use of anything! To suggest that Twitter actually carries traceable text is certainly scandalous. Or intelligent. One of those. - walt crawford
Heather Piwowar
In my inbox: I am delighted to confirm that your request for funds to support the scaling and further development to sustainability of ImpactStory, a nonprofit open altmetrics platform that helps scholars evaluate, sort, consume, and reward web-native products has been approved by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) - Heather Piwowar
$500k over two years - Heather Piwowar
as in Half A Million Dollars. - Heather Piwowar
:) :) :) :) Jason Priem and I? We're pretty excited about this. - Heather Piwowar
w00t w00t! - RepoRat
Wow! - Jenica
Yipee! awesome! - Christina Pikas
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Hedgehog
as Christopher Walken playing The Continental would say: wow wowwie wow wow!!! - LibrarianOnTheLoose from BuddyFeed
congrats - that's such great news!!! - Sarah
Congrats. PS: I opened my account again and started up the "create collection" process for my Google Scholar file. It's still running half an hour later. I'll let it run for the next three hours at least...I look forward to seeing the results. - walt crawford
Wowowow, good job! - Meg VMeg
Hi Walt. Yeah, sorry, it shouldn't take that long... 3 mins at most. The good news is that we're moving out of time-consuming fundraising mode and into development mode (with $$ to hire contractors to help!).... we should get to fixing bugs like this soon. Sorry you are running into a bug now, and I hope you'll be up for giving it another go when we've given it a rev! - Heather Piwowar
Snoopy dance! - John Dupuis
Heather: Then I guess, since it's now been more than an hour, I should cancel it and try again some other time? - walt crawford
Walt, yup, cancel for now. can you email me your Google Scholar file so I can debug? Thanks! - Heather Piwowar
Heather: Done. (I don't know that I actually canceled it, but I shut down that tab.) - walt crawford
YAY! That is so exciting, and congratulations! - Laura Krier
Having your good news liked by oodles of people you like, admire, respect, haven't met yet, and/or have known for years? Happiness*2. Thanks, everybody. - Heather Piwowar
also, not just good for you, Heather - but good for the rest of us who care (and/or want someone else to care) about tracking altmetrics. :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Heather Piwowar
A PeerJ preprint posted this week cites our PeerJ preprint posted last week. *This* is how research should work.
I wouldn't mind not hearing the word 'rubric' for a day or two.
"learning outcome." *tears hair* - RepoRat
Michael Nielsen
For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine -
Astonishing story of how a family built a place for themselves, alone in the world. - Michael Nielsen
walt crawford
Minor change-in-language grumble, not pointed at anybody in particular (after reading some email list stuff): At what point did "piqued" become so arcane that "peaked" is the obvious choice?
omg, this drives me nuts. THANK YOU. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Probably around the time we started wrecking havoc. - laura x
and taking the reigns. - RepoRat
And towing the line. - laura x
And pouring over books. - RepoRat
I just grin and bare it. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
And wary/weary. - Andrew C (✔)
I take it for granite. - laura x from BuddyFeed
It doesn't phase me. I must be going through a faze. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Supposably, since the don of thyme. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
This is making me feel a bit peaky. Should go and climb something... - Cameron Neylon
For all intensive purposes. - bentley
Don't reek havoc over it, Walt! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I think you are all really bias about this - maʀtha
You died in the wool precriptive grammarians, you - maʀtha
it's one of our religious tenants! - RepoRat
Count me impressed: I didn't expect any followup at all. Now, as to discreet and discrete...and conscience and conscious, for that matter. - walt crawford
I less than three this thread. :D - Lisa L. Seifert
Wikimedians in residence
No maps for these territories » DPLA West -
Liam ended up being the first Wikipedian-in-Residence, at the British Museum, helping curators and Wikipedians alike share the Museum's immense treasures with the world via Wikipedia articles. Other cultural institutions ...
Michael Nielsen
A thought-provoking essay. He describes the Lisp Curse as follows: "Lisp is so powerful that problems which are technical issues in other programming languages are social issues in Lisp." There's a lot of problems with this formulation; his examples are pretty compelling, however. - Michael Nielsen
Would you state some examples of the problems you see with his formulation ? - Clark Kent
When my research took a turn for the numerical about 3 years ago I seriously looked into lisp, because it seems ideally suited to what a physicist wants: it's dynamically typed, does all the memory management for you, a small "vocabulary" (so easy to learn and remember), elegant, and runs almost as fast as C or Fortran. I decided against it, more or less for the reasons cited in this... more... - Sean Barrett
Heather Piwowar
RT @totalimpactdev: total-impact awarded $125k Sloan grant! #zomg
woooooooooooo! - RepoRat
Awesome! Congrats! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Wooo-hoooooooo! - Joe
Congratulations! Well deserved, I think. - Chris M
Daniel Mietchen
PLoS Computational Biology goes wiki -
Today saw an important step forward towards a wikification of scholarly workflows: PLoS Computational Biology published an article that did not only follow the journal’s own author guidelines but also those for writing articles on the English Wikipedia, where a … Continue reading → - Daniel Mietchen
Cameron Neylon
A big leap and a logical step: Moving to PLoS -
As a child I was very clear I wanted to be a scientist. I am not sure exactly where the idea came from. I part I blame Isaac Azimov but it must have been a combination of things. I can't remember not having a clear idea of wanting to go into research. I started off ... - Cameron Neylon
And look, if there's anything I can ever do this side of the pond, you know I will. - RepoRat
I second RR. - John Dupuis
FANTASTIC. now i totally wish i had applied for one of those gigs! - jambina
Thanks all, really excited about this. Jambina, I think there are still a few more jobs coming up ;-) - Cameron Neylon
RepoRat, may well be taking you up on that, part of the job is to really map out the tech landscape, stress test what is already around and identify what is missing... - Cameron Neylon
ooooh, awesome. - jambina
Wow congratulations! :) - Hedgehog from Android
Happy to help with that! I saw some good platform development happening at RDAP12, but places stuck on the Big Three (by which I mean DSpace, EPrints, and Digital Commons) are still... stuck. - RepoRat
Congratulations to both parties! - Bill Hooker
That's great! - Daniel Mietchen
Are you going to stay in the UK? Or move to a different home base? - Joe
Tudor Bosman
Maryland gay marriage: Republican explains vote supporting new law - -
Maryland gay marriage: Republican explains vote supporting new law -
"A chance shake-up of Maryland House of Delegates seating assignments brought Republican Wade Kach face to face with gay couples who had come to make the case for a gay marriage law, and might have proved decisive in its final passage through the state's General Assembly on Thursday. In an effort to get the bill to the House floor, a special joint committee was formed and legislators were left scrambling for seats. Kach, who had previously backed attempts to define marriage as between one man and one woman, found a space right next to the witness table. "I [sat] with so many of the gay couples, they were so devoted to another. I saw so much love," he said. "When this hearing was over, I was a changed person in regard to this issue. I felt that I understood what same sex couples were looking for."" - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
Oh, you mean they're not looking to undermine the very fabric of American society? =p - rønin
Daniel Mietchen
The neuron that wasn’t -
When René Magritte once painted a tobacco pipe in the late 1920s, he added the subtitle “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” to it in order to emphasize the difference between physical objects and their representation. The painting is now housed in the Los Angeles … Continue reading → - Daniel Mietchen
Even the figure was made with open source software! - Björn Brembs
Heather Piwowar
Thread to keep track of publicly-available responses to White House RFI for Data:
Data Policy Watch draft response: - Heather Piwowar
please add if you know of others.... - Heather Piwowar
Need to pick from those for my response. No time to come up with my own. Excellent resource! - Björn Brembs from iPhone
The John Wilbanks response is to the RFI for publications not data, I think. There are indeed lots of responses to the publications RFI available out there.... far fewer data responses. I saw an inventory of publication responses, will try to find and post for reference... - Heather Piwowar
Oops, my bad, didn't read carefully enough. - Bill Hooker
Going to have to write my data one on the train tomorrow I think. No time at the moment. - Cameron Neylon
Friendfeed thread for RFI publication (not data) responses here: - Heather Piwowar
thoughts behind Heather Piwowar's response to the data RFI. Actual response still, um, being written.... - Heather Piwowar
Here's Wilbank's response for data: - Todd Vision
Here's mine (mashed-up from Wilbanks' and Kitware's...) - Björn Brembs
From Alexandria Archive Institute: - Heather Piwowar
Vision+Piwowar response, submitted with 6 minutes to spare :) - Heather Piwowar
JHU Libraries, ARL, SPARC Response - Todd Vision
Council of University LIbrarians http://libraries.universityofc... - Todd Vision
Cameron Neylon
Today's response to #hr3699 #rwa A letter to Reprs Maloney + Issa on need to change conversation for everyone's benefit
Daniel Mietchen
Open Access in STM food for thought from PMR.
I knew there would be a gratuitous and ignorant slap at libraries somewhere in that piece. I was right. PMR may write more concisely than Stevan Harnad, but he's another "You Must Do It MYYYY WAYYYY!" type. - walt crawford
PMR stated "Libraries (who are fragmented, and who care only about price, not rights)" Well, libraries are fragmented, and many libraries focus a lot on price, but he doesn't know how much we work on the license language in the contracts we sign. - Joe
Some of us do appreciate that a lot of work gets done. The trouble is that the fragmentation means that all that work achieves little that is visible to those of us on the other side of the browser. End result is that we tend to ignore your work and just cheat. Part of PMRs point is that if libraries combined more effectively, and could get researchers riled in the right way, them that... more... - Cameron Neylon
So bitching at us will lead us to speak with one voice exactly how? (It's the same dilemma libraries have had for the last three decades, really.) - RepoRat
Also: it is NOT libraries' fault that faculty have been (and mostly still are) oblivious to these issues. Gimme a break. - RepoRat
Also also: I suddenly realize that I predicted this faculty reaction. Go me. (Though hell's bells, last year's predictions were NOT good. Yikes.) - RepoRat
Not disagreeing, just trying to play out the perspective. Lack of communication and understanding on both sides isn't serving anyone's interests in the long term and no-one has the energy to take their eyes off the short term. Which leaves everyone frazzled and short tempered. On which note, I think it's time for me to take my leave and have a few quiet days disconnected from everything... - Cameron Neylon
I hear you. :) Happy hols. - RepoRat
..and to you and to all! :-) ...yeh I haven't managed to walk out yet...really am trying... - Cameron Neylon
Thanks Cameron, I appreciate your input. Hope you do have a good Holidays. - Joe
Andrew Su
RT @pathogenomenick: How many hours have been wasted on formatting documents for journal submission!!! arrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Cameron Neylon
RT @sharmanedit: Saying no to reviewing for journals who don't deposit in PubMed Central - The Asburner Response ( via @bergmanlab
Is that enough? Journals are hard pressed for reviewers, so some concerted refusing to review for certain kinds of journals may actually be one of the few levers that researchers can use to influence journal policies. - Daniel Mietchen
If enough people do it, sure; a journal will have to go OA or die. It's subject to the same apathy problem of most paths to OA, though. - RepoRat
I like that it emphasizes the value of submitting back issues to PubMed Central... a policy decision that is often overlooked but tells much about the priorities of a journal. - Heather Piwowar
Wasn't there a call recently for a central repository of such pledges, or One Pledge To Rule Them All? Or am I hallucinating again? - Bill Hooker
Michael Nielsen
Open science now! | Video on -
My TEDxWaterloo talk from March, now up on the main site. - Michael Nielsen
Also posted to the TED Facebook page but don't go and read the comments. Too sad. - suelibrarian from iPhone
@sue - I'm not on Facebook, and can't read the comments, perhaps fortunately :-) A nice thing: the TED main site comments are for the most part thoughtful and interesting. - Michael Nielsen
Daniel Mietchen
Thanks! I have also uploaded it to and . We have the audio and video files separately, so if anyone would like to go for a translation or other modification, that should be facilitated. Just looking for a good place where to put these additional files. - Daniel Mietchen
So cool! - Björn Brembs
Einstein quote, great. Video, super. - Anthony Sebastian
It's actually a Beethoven quote: . - Daniel Mietchen
10 Alternatives To Bookmarking
I use pinboard, best of the bunch I think as far as just a good, down to earth, bookmarking service - Sir Shuping is just sir
Getting tired of delicious, giving diigo a try. Have also heard that pinboard works just fine, too. - Joe
I still like how Delicious looks but not how it works. I've been waffling for a while and using Pinboard too, and this is pushing me to use Pinboard all the time. I just need a bookmarklet… - Amit Patel
I downloaded Evernote but have yet to try it. I like the elephant logo. - Elizabeth Brown
I guess that Steve Lawson swears by Evernote, in a good way. - Joe
Thanks for posting this! Very timely. - Chris M
Academics should stop doing free peer-review for non-open-access journals. -
Left a comment: "I agree with you 100%. I don't think it's necessary to pledge to both refuse to referee AND stop submitting to closed-access journals. There's nothing logically inconsistent with stopping reviewing, but continuing to submit. Personally, all of our lab's submissions will be OA, unless I'm a co-author on a paper and that PI wants to shoot for a closed journal. I haven't... more... - Steve Koch
I know I didn't think of it, and here I am in 2007 making a resolution to that effect: (I don't even want to think about whether I kept all of those resolutions, but I did keep the one about not reviewing for TA publications.) - Bill Hooker
Thanks Bill, I've added you to the list of people who have pledged here: I made in hopes of getting mass pledging going but am still working on the wording of the pledge. Michael Taylor and I are hoping to join forces- Michael is arguing for a much stronger pledge, but the several people I've bounced it off of,... more... - Alex Holcombe
Bill Hooker
Resharing because the end of the month is looming: There have been many conversations in this space concerning the value to Open Science of having people on the inside -- able to move up the traditional tenure foodchain and still advocate for openness. Please consider helping Steve Koch become one of those people.
You'll need to go to the linked post for full context; briefly, there's a draft letter in support of Steve's tenure case here ( that his Open Science peeps can sign. This is not a substitute for the traditional individual letters of support, but an entirely appropriate supplement to same given that Steve is making Open Science a big part of his case. - Bill Hooker
thanks for posting this, i lost track of it and i never saw the actual letter. - Christina Pikas
Made some mods and signed the letter. Not sure whether adding additional positions helps much? - Cameron Neylon
Thanks Cameron! I like the mods you made. - Bill Hooker
signed! - Björn Brembs
Added a sentence and signed. Apologies for the delay. Lending one's signature to something like this is no small thing, and I just had to find a few minutes to check the text of the letter, which I think is good. The very best of luck, Steve. - Matthew Todd
Signed. Good luck, Steve! - Michael Nielsen
Just saw this thread. Thank you everyone! - Steve Koch
Christina Pikas
Someone who shares my love of LibX! via @s_francoeur
peter murray-rust
Why we need data repositories: prevention of Scientific Fraud (ACS and others please respond) -
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