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Kevin Mullett

Kevin Mullett

geek, designer, web dev, UX/UI, marketing, seo/sem, business analyst, public speaker, social bla bla, lan party guru, photographer, observer of all things web
Lurking in the shadows. I.e. on mobile and have a limited connection. Good evening all. #mediachat
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out! Stories via @erinsparks @GregBoser @JakeDParent
RT @smbfw: Next week we discuss: "Experimentation, Repetition, Awareness, Success" w/ @CurtisSmithINC #smbfw
Anyone else bounce back and forth between "wow I really have a handle on things" to "what is going on and who am I?" Anyone?
A4: So nuanced due to project types & team members. Each react to different motivators. Fear of loss, hope of gain, etc #seochat
RT @awg A4: Again, open communication about progress. And in-house or freelance, simple as it is, recognition of good work. #seochat
A3: Kick off, dedicated project lead, project management tools, excessive followup, bullwhips, tantrums, & threats. #seochat
A2b: We will *generally* report on KPIs clients wish to see (even if not important) BUT, they will get what we think is. #seochat
A2: If their expectation doesn't match our known reality, neither will be happy. i.e. Education and straight talk. #seochat
RT @Sonray 10 Words every #SEO has memorized: "#SEO is not a short-term solution, it's a long-term strategy” #seochat
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @Alison_Whiteley @NarinderAhuja1
RT @girllovesports: We need more fathers like this ❤️
#FortWayne friends... who do you know that has had something go viral?
(Sigh) I wish Google wouldn't have borked the Sets feature in Google Spreadsheets.
RT @sengineland: Google Adds New Features To The Keyword Planner Tool by @rustybrick cc @niclashulting
Spam hit more than just my Twitter account today. Here is some info on it. cc @amrecker
I've lost all faith in the F.C.C.! F.C.C., in ‘Net Neutrality’ Turnaround, Plans to Allow Fast Lane
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out! Stories via @MichelleLockett
Anybody that has seen me recently knows I have not lost a bunch of weight. Sorry about the spam finding a way into my account.
I lost six pounds since I started taking garcinia.
Looks like I missed a great chat. I saw twitter lists and tools mentioned, it's no secret that I like to talk about both. #smchat
RT @verge: Google is trying to make bookmarking useful again with Stars
RT @jaybaer: "Leadership is not a rank, leadership is a choice" - @simonsinek #ICON14
What's your vector Victor? » RT @randyclarktko: FAQ: What are Vector Graphics? via @tkographix #graphicdesigning
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @singgih_sa @MaryImageSmith
Maybe we should discuss survivability and methods for navigating name/brand shifts for message/service/product alignment. #brandchat
RT @kiporama: A3. Yet another sad list: Translation not only in language diffs, but mental imagery misfires as well. #brandchat
A3: Literally lost in translation... #brandchat's a big consideration. » RT @joshmccormack How important is a URL in naming? #BrandChat
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