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Kevin Mullett

Kevin Mullett

geek, designer, web dev, UX/UI, marketing, seo/sem, business analyst, public speaker, social bla bla, lan party guru, photographer, observer of all things web
Well, if I can't watch the sunset from my hammock, this will have to do.
RT @TwitPic: We're happy to announce we've been acquired and Twitpic will live on! We will post more details as we can disclose them
A5: Meetup, Eventbrite, Google+ (hangouts and live events), LinkedIn, lanyrd, Facebook, there really are so many. #OrganikChat
A4b: and H.E.L.P. = Humanize your message, Encourage conversation, Listen first, Promote less. #OrganikChat
A4: Treat them like they are IRL, because they are, they just aren't F2F (face to face) or in person. Then... #OrganikChat
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out! Stories via @verabradley
A3b: Also look at local chambers, business/networking groups, event sites, and national databases/directories. #OrganikChat
A3: Twitter advanced search, @buzzsumo, Bing Twitter map (for local) are good for finding biz relationships. #OrganikChat
RT @SocialViz A2) Have a solid "home base" (website), everything flows from there, no matter what your biz is. #OrganikChat
A2: Use namechk to check/grab relevant social properties. Check/grab good IYP listings, setup GWT & GA. (short version) #OrganikChat
Re: How to read the room as a speaker -
"Great post Chris. You're right, I can't think of one article that describes this in detail. I love getting to know folks before the talk and after some them-focused conversation, I ask "what are you hoping to learn/get out of/walk away with today?" Respond accordingly with "oh yeah I cover that on slide X" or "I'll be sure to cover that, but you remind me if I miss it" or "that is a great question, please ask that at the end so I can cover that for everyone." In doing so I have: shown interest, found out a bit about skill levels/subject understanding, assured them I will cover something and postponed their interruption till that point, and/or discovered something that I should discuss to add value to them. I also video the audience from time to time. So I can go back and watch how they reacted at each point of the presentation. Sometimes you pick up a subtle clue you missed from the stage. I too leave my phone on vibrate. It isn't a distraction to me, but I suppose it might be for..." - Kevin Mullett
Re: Reminder: When Buying A New Domain, Check Its History -
"This is true not only for purchasing of new domains, but when a client asks you to 301 redirect other domains they own. We run into this frequently and often have to educate clients on why it may be better to clean up first (if something exists there), dev a site on that domain, or avoid the redirection if it isn't really necessary." - Kevin Mullett
Good news everyone! If your day didn't go as planed, there is another day coming up tomorrow.
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out!
RT @TwitPic: Twitpic is shutting down, read our blog for more info - Please retweet
RT @smx: .@AlexsLemonade Stand Foundation Official SMX After Dark Charity: Do Good. Have Fun. Join Us!
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out!
RT @GeorgeTakei: It's my first Twitter chat! Join me on @iTunesMovies on 8/22 at 12 PM ET / 9AM PT. Tweet your questions starting today at #AskGeorgeTakei.
Never underestimate the ability of grown professionals to act like selfish and disrespectful adolescents. #NoteToSelf
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @pennellsclass @TheNineMA @Prmerch
I'll be there, but come anyway. ;) RT @smx: The Ultimate “Back to School” Sale – Save with SMX East Early Bird Rates:
RT @SocialMichelleR: This is why making a habit of transparency is key #SocialChat Real humans get more grace than faceless brands #SocialChat
Giveth business then take it. » RT @rustybrick: Earlier today, Google AdWords Paintball & Other Dangerous Weapons Ban
Memes: I waffle back & forth from, "What a fun distraction from an otherwise messed up world." to "Please make it stop."
Facebook the search engine? Ha! Maybe after it learns that when I look for "Steve" I might actually mean "Stephen."
#FortWayne #SMBFW - Who are the system admins and security experts walking among us? I'm being asked, and am drawing a blank.
#SMH - If you're going to bash Google for SEO algo changes, you maybe shouldn't validate their point by keyword stuffing the post.
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