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Kevin Mullett

Kevin Mullett

geek, designer, web dev, UX/UI, marketing, seo/sem, business analyst, public speaker, social bla bla, lan party guru, photographer, observer of all things web
Re: Google: We Do Not Rank Responsive Web Design Sites Better -
"Often RWD is the right choice, but sometimes you need a very purpose built mobile site that gives people exactly what they want, need, and what they will take action on from a mobile device. Conversion dictates, not our current design/build preference. Of course it shouldn't present encumbrances for the search engines, but just because some don't know how to do mobile development correctly, doesn't mean RWD is "given preference" or is a signal. And RWD isn't an SEO strategy in the first place. It is "A" potential option (one piece) that may, or may not, fit your strategy. Clearly you cannot simply do RWD, and nothing else. A point illustrated, for just one example, by a local agency that jumped on the bandwagon, misquoted Google's quote to clients, changed their site to RWD, and subsequently disappeared from SERPs entirely. The issue was they didn't understand SEO and proper website construction in the first place." - Kevin Mullett
Re: Facebook Launches New Places Directory -
"I will add, how will they allow local businesses to control their branding/brand message? One of the top results for hotels in my area has a picture of a women taking a selfie in a pretty unflattering manor. I am pretty sure, based on the quality of their page, that isn't a picture they would have selected." - Kevin Mullett
Re: Facebook Launches New Places Directory -
"As was the case with Facebook's main Graph Search, star count (rating) and the number of friends who LIKE a place don't appear to be the sole ranking factors. In every test, some lower rating, less popular, and indeed places I have not LIKEd showed above other results." - Kevin Mullett
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @HorizonFunding @joniwatson @TechnicallyBMR
Ranking First Is Good, But First With Prerender Is Better »
#FacePalm: Newsflash not newflash. Measure twice, tweet once.
Newflash: People use the Web, and features of it, for their reasons not yours.
RT @LivingFortWayne: Last chance! RT for a chance to win free BMX or skate lessons at the @FortWayneIndoor! #fortwayne
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out! Stories via @kbloemendaal
Hey @pandora_radio, do you have any stats on the average time before someone figures out the music stopped? Asking for a friend.
RT @robdyrdek: I would like to give a very special shout to Richard Overton, our countries oldest living veteran. 108 years old!
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @imamsamroni @oksalieva @MathVermeulen
Measure What Matters Most: A Marketer’s Guide
Unscientific battery info update: The SIII just plummeted to (15%), from 22, in the last 15 min. The Note 4 held to 50%. Weird.
RT @Oatmeal: Dear @SenTedCruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works
Unscientific battery info update: Note 4 (50%) vs SIII (22%). On network w/lots of use vs off network barely any use.
I gave up on No Shave November. Freckles + gray goatee = not good. I'm not so good looking that I can afford points off. @JohnPFelts
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out!
Unscientific battery status: Note 4 (59%) vs SIII (53%). The SIII isn't on network & has had no screen time. Heavy use on Note 4.
Now Serving Raw Mullet(t) - LIVE at
Now Serving Raw Mullet(t) - LIVE at
How I did on Twitter this week: 7 New Followers, 42 Mentions, 698K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @drylight @sarahmitchelson @clintong
The Kevin Mullett Daily is out!
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @NashArchibald @SOC54 @gokulns
Daily QR Codes In The Wild is out! Stories via @LauraEva5 @nextfly @AndrewCiccone
Re: Banks That Will Pay For Your Broken iPhone | MagnifyMoney Blog -
"It would be helpful if you actually listed all 25 banks that offer this instead of just 14." - Kevin Mullett
RT @CaseyNewton: Hi I’m calling to report a crime in progress
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