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Oleksiy Kovyrin

Oleksiy Kovyrin

Senior Technical Operations Engineer @
RT @wolfpupy: all the liquor stores are closed on good friday, no wonder jesus killed himself
RT @seriouspony: From @nevanking: my favourite programming book introduction. <-- read the whole page; it's my favorite too!
RT @kellabyte: Imagine how much progress we would make if we didn’t re-implement things that work just fine 100x over cuz we disagree w/ design or style.
What wiki software do people use nowadays to store their technical docs and share them with the team? Need: easy editing, markdown, search.
Really, no search in @Github wikis in 2014?! #wtf
RT @leemunroe: Single field credit card input pattern. Very cool.
RT @NeckbeardHacker: Remember: No matter how hot that tech startup seems from their blog post, someone working there is sick of their bullshit.
OH: "Management is the practice of constantly identifying what a team needs in order to be successful and then delivering on those needs."
RT @RuNetMemes: The current situation in Ukraine, in a nutshell.
RT @elasticsearch: Elasticsearch 1.1.1 and 1.0.3 released. Important bug fixes:
RT @kevinrose: How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained) - still reading but great so far:
Really awesome review of some methods of lying with data visualizations:
RT @stfalcon: АЛЬТЕРНАТИВНІ ВИБОРИ Президента 2014
RT @inemation: Current state of ruby on rails community. //cc @adman65 @avdi @andrzejkrzywda @_solnic_
RT @moonpolysoft: Telecommuting works really well for programmers because it turns out you can hate a computer from just about anywhere.
RT @tobi: OpenBSD team seems to have started fixing OpenSSL. That's great news for everyone.
RT @github_go: gitql - A git query language
Finally! #GoT
RT @lozzd: Out there somewhere, someone at Akamai is shouting "THIS IS WHY WE DON'T OPEN SOURCE THINGS" #heartbleed
RT @amblin: varnish with ssl - Four years ago.
RT @seclectech: The hardest problem is often figure out which problem you should solve next.
RT @hhoover: Heartbleed walks into a bar, and says "Hello!" The bartender says: “Hello! -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----GDSSHPAIBAAJB…” / @brintly
We have "street view" of deserts, oceans, airports and malls, but we don't have it for Venice, Italy. What's up with that, @GoogleMaps?
RT @Percival: SSL = sorta secure layer
Planning vacation like a boss: #kanban
RT @freebsdgirl: "The Heartbleed flaw […] highlights one of the failings of open source software development." Fuck you, too, Bloomberg.
RT @EFF: BREAKING: NSA said to have used Heartbleed bug to gather intelligence for two years, reports Bloomberg.
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