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Oleksiy Kovyrin

Oleksiy Kovyrin

Senior Technical Operations Engineer @
RT @johnsheehan: Swiftype is AMAZING. Always wanted to try it out, but it blew away my expectations. Got search working for in < 1 hr
RT @swiftype: New feature: We now support multiple values for location attributes. Find out more on the blog
RT @GSElevator: #1: I want a daughter strong & independent enough to know how to change a flat tire. And hot enough that she never has to.
RT @ianbremmer: What's killing people in Ebola-affected countries. Some useful comparisons, via @TheEconomist
RT @raggi: It's official, I'm done! (Rack) Needed doing for a long while. BIG weight lifted.
RT @dhh: John Oliver has been on a roll lately, and his bit on #Ferguson continues the streak:
RT @markimbriaco: There's technical debt, then there's technical subprime mortgages with exploding balloon payments.
RT @SciencePorn: Cure ignorance. Read a book.
RT @timheuer: I just lost 40lbs using these two simple steps!
Suddenly, at the @realdrdraw concert. Really awesome!
RT @tenderlove: Incremental GC in MRI:
RT @jukaukor: #Russia'n humanitary #convoy stopped at #Finland's border at "Raatteen tie" in year 1940. Convoy's goal was Oulu.
RT @lissijean: When experimenting, you may be doing things manually, which feels inefficient. But it's more inefficient to automate the wrong things. #lean
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: What sounds does a Linux machine make? Only a spinning fan since the audio drivers don't work.
RT @maxua: First hire made on by non-Russian speaking company. Instamotor, start-up from SF. Two more in the pipeline.
RT @kellabyte: Do not skimp on ops tooling. Shit's going on in your system and you NEED to know.
RT @devopsreactions: Running to office after getting an alert during the lunch break - by Wojtek
RT @tikhon: Software eats tailoring. mtailor app (YC) recorded me rotating 360, then sent perfectly tailored shirt cc @pmarca
RT @ArrestedDevOps: “As best I can tell, DevOps means sysadmins who actually know what the hell they are doing” - @freebsdgirl
RT @joewalnes: Algorithmic complexity... Linear search: O(n) Merge sort: O(n log(n)) Bubble sort: O(n^2) Accidentally starting Photoshop: O(fuck!)
RT @adrianholovaty: This new "hyperlapse" video technology is amazing. Get ready to see this ad nauseam in music videos and TV shows. :-)
RT @Know: Where humans live
RT @pvermeul_peter: Powerpoint slides are like children ...#management
RT @mrtazz: Sometimes I wish we could go back in time and make it easier to build OS packages than write a package manager for every new language
RT @rands: You are underestimating the compounding awesomeness of continually fixing small broken things.
RT @famousquotenet: We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged. - Heinrich Heine
RT @markimbriaco: "Wow, this repo-per-cookbook thing is really so much fun to work with." - Nobody, ever.
RT @ianbremmer: It's times like these that Americans should appreciate how extraordinarily fortunate we are to have Canada and Mexico as neighbors.
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