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Oleksiy Kovyrin

Oleksiy Kovyrin

Senior Technical Operations Engineer @
Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day to all fellow ops and sysadmins! —
RT @danmayer: smart move by @docker team I think orchestration is the next big piece of the puzzle. Congrats @orchardup / fig team
RT @amyengineer: RT @cluedont: When inventor of USB stick dies they'll gently lower the coffin, then pull it back up, turn it other way, then lower it again.
RT @DestinyTheGame: As the final weekend of the #DestinyBeta begins it's now open to ALL @PlayStation and @Xbox users. No codes required!
RT @ccampb85: “So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa [Agree completely!]
Almost an hour-long ad on YouTube courtesy of Aljazeera (watched a half of it, interesting stuff!) ;) #crazy
RT @rbranson: For every new toy (Redis, MySQL, memcache, etc) added to your infra, you want at least 1+ full-time "experts" to do it well.
RT @petecheslock: Casual reminder: No one knows how the internet works.
RT @Pinboard: Gratuitous UI animations are the <blink> tag of our time. Visualize the shame you will feel ten years from now.
RT @gardaud: “What’s pip?” “A python package manager” “How do I install it?” “easy_install pip” “What’s easy_install?” “A python package manager”
RT @agentdero: The cloud is like a Japanese game show: you have no idea what is going on.
RT @FQXi: Nice! Illustration of volt, amp, and ohm. via @stevesilberman
RT @shelomovskiy: It was Boeing 777 Malaysian airlines from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down near #Donetsk. Confirmed by Ukraine authorities now
RT @seriouspony: That "use the best tool for the job" thing ignores significance of existing fluency/expertise, pretends frequent tool switching is trivial.
Monkeypatching a core Ruby lib? Stop! Think, do you really need to do it? Now think again. Now drop it and never fucking think of it again!
RT @abt_programming: The sooner you realize...
RT @cloud_opinion: Announcing World's First Cloud Computing Unicorn Quadrant (UQ):
RT @chriscbs: The folks at @swiftype have customer/tech support nailed. Can't say enough good things about Mike and the team over there. Amazing.
RT @surgecon: Surge'14 Early Bird rate expires July 24--speakers from HBO, LinkedIn, Fastly, Netflix, Bitly--don't miss it!
Finally! Docker book released: Thanks, @kartar!
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