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Bend Oregon Real Estate- Bend Oregon Real Estate Magic Top 10 recommended points you should look into changing your life and small business to Bend, Oregon. 1. The only real rush hour traffic you’ll deal with is normally hanging around for a group of deer to cross the road. 2. People can have on snowboard boot footwear inside the supermarket and noone considers you interesting. 3. "Just in case you never do it this present year, you’ll simply end up being one year older when you do." 4. A fantastic powder snow day is a sufficiently reasonable excuse in order to ignore business. 5. 8 breweries within just strolling distance of down-town . 6. Fly-fishing at the Deschutes River on your lunch hour. 7. An attractive entrepreneurial nature as well as considerate world of business. 8. A capable labor force driven by incredible regional higher educational background possibilities. 9. Absolutely no sales tax. 10. Given that you only live once. The hardest part with - John kowal