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Craig Eddy

Craig Eddy

Software developer and entrepreneur. I get a kick helping people meet financial & wellness goals!
RT @larryelder: "Mr. Holder, when done investigating #Ferguson put some resources in Chicago. Last yr., 500 murdered, mostly black, mostly unsolved." #tcot
RT @HollyRFisher: Proud of these brave, good people in #Ferguson who are linking arms and trying to restore good & outnumber the thugs.
RT @TeamCoachBuzz: There are harvests that will grow only once the plow has done the work...
RT @AFPhq: Renewing insurance coverage could require paying thousands more for health care. #ThanksObama
RT @theblaze: Report: More than a dozen witnesses have corroborated officer Darren Wilson’s version of Ferguson shooting:
RT @WashTimes: Despite U.S. lessening sanctions on Iran, Tehran continues to support Hamas.
RT @exjon: This is pretty much how I figured Obama's second term would look.
RT @MakeAWish: These three kids have big plans for the future, and they used their wishes to help them get there - #WishNation
RT @FauxJohnMadden: RG3 is going to take the Ice Bucket Challenge after the game just to recover from all these hits he's taking.
RT @NutriliteHealth: No time for breakfast? You could go hungry OR you could conquer your day. Find out how:
RT @WashTimes: IRS employee charged with storing records of other IRS workers on home computer
RT @AdamSchefter: Johnny Manziel and RGIII are Heisman Trophy winners from Texas who were 2nd QBs selected in respective drafts, joining Kyle Shanahan as OC.
RT @WashTimes: Obama, Democrats target GOP foes with phony scandals
RT @BreakingNews: Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Johnson says Molotov cocktails were thrown; police had to act to protect lives, property - live video
RT @AndroidNewsbeat: 10 Essential Android Wear Apps - Gotta Be Mobile - #android
RT @LUXURYPlCTURES: Beautiful rustic indoor pool room.
RT @TedNugent: America haters & freedom haters now attack RickPerry
RT @VTVOICE: That's a very fashionable shirt. You've got great style! RT: @VT_PRODUCER #hokies #LOVE IT
RT @TomZiglar: Life is all about balance. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.
RT @tedcruz: .@GovernorPerry is a friend, he's a man of integrity – I am proud to #StandWithRickPerry:
RT @mikepfs: IRS Tech Said Lerner's Hard Drive WASN'T Damaged |
RT @HollyRFisher: #RickPerry could face 99 years in prison. Talk about an uprising... #DrunkDA should be the one in prison, before she kills someone.
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Rocker Gene Simmons sounds off: 'Learn to speak goddamn English'...
Can't wait for the release of #Destiny's what I thought TitanFall would be.
RT @BWWings: It has beer inside of it. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have beer outside of it, too.
RT @LarryOConnor: Wait... Notre Dame cheats AND they suck? At least when Ohio State cheats they win games too! @hughhewitt #GoBlue
RT @TeamCoachBuzz: If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't be noticed.
RT @WashTimes: Dem Sen. Mary #Landrieu violated federal law using taxpayer cash for charter flight #politics
RT @LifeDefender: BREAKING: FBI Confirms NEW BLACK PANTHER LEADER Is in StL Area Encouraging Violence Against Cops via @gatewaypundit
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