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In Complex Organizations (Systems), leaders enable the future than control it #rethingtraditionalleadershiproles
“@ValaAfshar: Disrupt or be disrupted.” <- Most big vendors face this.
Looks like a momentary Office 365 issue.
Dear Microsoft, please fix your Office 365 service. It says my subscription is active via desktop browser but not on iPad app.
Life requires constant rethink #awisemanoncesaidontwitter
I am done with Nest Protect. Wasting time on false alarms is frustrating @Nest
Your DevOps Journey Starts With Business | Openshift Blog
RT @timbray: GitHub and StackOverflow have become single points of failure for our whole profession. Ewwww.
The Risky Human In The Algorithmic Car
RT @cote: "We're getting close and close to the developer, where we used to just focus on operators," @CAinc CEO on DevOps progress.
Very good review of OpenShift by Infoworld
RT @asheshbadani: @openshift "shines for developers and ops" and "fulfills the promise of PaaS" via @infoworld
STEM makes robots out of humans and STEAM makes humans out of robots #awisemanoncesaidontwitter #puttheAinSTEM
Your DevOps Journey Starts With Business
RT @seattledawson: For those folks who still say #OpenStack is not mature enough or enterprise ready I say "byte me". Good blog:
RT @mims: Candidate for mayor of Boston can't see anything wrong with private citizens selling access to public goods
RT @laurencette: #GartnerBIA: Gartner Says Beware of the Data Lake Fallacy
RT @cloudpundit: @krishnan @GeorgeReese @cloud_opinion @jbeda More specifically, it's a tool for developers written by developers. Users writing for users.
Great analysis of Streaming Music Industry
The last two tweets are placeholders for me to showcase when blog posts comes out two years from now on the state of IaaS #typofixed
The last two tweets are placeholders for me to showcase when blog posts that will come two years from now on the state of IaaS
If you offer any more credibility to the cloud story in the enterprise context, you are missing the point.
The biggest success of public clouds is that it helped organizations understand the value of elasticity in the underlying infrastructure
The two blog posts on public cloud market from 2012 and
Suddenly AWS is not the darling of tech bloggers? #2012calledandwantsitsblogpostsback
QOTD: Mathematics is not just about figuring out X but also about asking whY
Notable PDF browser based PDF annotation tool is neat.
“@kevinmitnick: My favorite interview w/ @donallogue interrupting. LMAO!” <- Hilarious and well handled
RT @JasonNemec: @DataMiller @GavinInNY @krishnan Yes! Replace #8 with “Deliver outcomes, not programs”, and you’ve got a good policy recipe here.
RT @morganb: How Google, Apple and The White House Run Better Meetings (And You Can, Too!)
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