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RT @Beaker: Started on time @hackidcon - first hour of sessions wrapping up #HacKid
RT @mccrory: At HacKid and very impressed by all of the activities and how smoothly it is running, great job @Beaker and team!
RT @jaimeerubio: Dell will collaborate with Red Hat to offer IT a refined PaaS strategy on OpenShift #Iwork4Dell http://searchcloudcomputing.te...
Some Docker Tips and Tricks (H/T @mndoci)
RT @DanJuengst: It was interesting hearing CenturyLink discuss why they chose #OpenShift over #CloudFoundry for internal use this week at #rhsummit #redhat
“@RedHatStorage: @krishnan great looking shades! :) Thanks for the shout.” <- Anytime :-)
“@VanessaAlvarez1: “@guruchahal: "Hadoop analytics startup Karmasphere sells itself to FICO"”<interesting” <- Yup
How Docker Changed the Way We Develop and Release OpenShift Online
The failure of predictive analysis (H/T @chirag_mehta)
“@GeorgeReese: Portland. The left wing’s answer to the religious right.” <- Nah!!
QOTD: While Red Hat don’t make as much noise as others in the emerging cloud computing space, they are one of the more rock solid players
Eventful return from #rhsummit. Lost my wallet in taxi, couldn’t trace. TSA let me in w/o ID after background check. Finally on the way home
Sitting on the other side and briefing the analysts #RHSummit
RT @samcharrington: When did Red Hat become Red Shoes? #RHSummit <- I open sourced the trend :-)
RT @IanSkerrett: Nice to see Red Hat announcing support for MQTT. #IoT
OpenStack takes a backseat to container tech, DevOps
RT @openshift: Dell and Red Hat Extend Co-Engineering to Deliver OpenShift and Linux Container Solutions
RT @samcharrington: Red Hat CEO Whitehurst: Open source shifting from “almost as good but dramatically cheaper” to key driver of innovation. #RHSummit
RT @jimjag: Great intro to GearD and @ProjectAtomic : Bringing the developer back to DevOps:
RT @jkfissel: #RHSummit "Openshift works wherever rhel exists, and that's everywhere" - CenturyLink
RT @joefern1: Openshift Enterprise in the Wild customer panel with Centurylink, U of Pittsburg Med Center, Dreamworks and Boeing. #RHSummit #OpenShift
RT @jerrychen: The more OpenStack tries to compete with VMware, the less it competes with Amazon. Focus on the future, not the past <- +1 :)
RT @RealGeneKim: Stevens: "According to Google, 20% of all dev being done on cloud; but only 3% of prod apps are running in cloud" #rhsummit
RT @chirag_mehta: I still love Google's simple blog format to announce product updates. Product managers directly taking to end users.
RT @RealGeneKim: Description of the #devops initiative mentioned by @lcongdon, CIO, Red Hat: #rhsummit
RT @RealGeneKim: Congden, Red Hat CIO: "Everyone must be ruthless about paying down technical debt; agility can't happen without it." #rhsummit
RT @Michael_McGrath: .net and SQL Server running on #OpenShift? Yup! #RHSummit
RT @RFFlores: @nieleyde presenting on openshift at redhat summit with me presenting @AccentureCloud
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