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Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live
hi. Here's today's show! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hello - no link to the video though - Kevin Marks
Aloha! - Nir Ben Yona
That pic went VIRAL robert.... i was both scared and proud at the same time - Matthew Voshell
Wink to take a photo #Glass - Nir Ben Yona
hey everyone... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Graph Search gonna give Google headaches - clive boulton
@kevin Facebook seems to be trying to figure out how to take all that traffic and turn it into money... unlike ost companies who know how to make money and are trying to get traffic..... what does that say? - Matthew Voshell
@clive I tried graph search... it "works" but I never use it... - Matthew Voshell
Hey all - Christian Burns from Android
Name the show? "Pooping in Public"? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Too early to tell Tina! Needs to ripen a bit. ;) - Alex de Soto
Keith, I also had an internet cafe in the same time period with CU-SeeMe in SoCal - Jerry Schuman
Segway came up against the same type of regulatory scrutiny that glass will. - Jerry Schuman
yes Alex but Pooping inPublic is a contender already - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scoble is spot on - Christian Burns
"Walked outside with Google Glass for the first time. Stepped in dog poop almost immediately. Pretty sure this is what the future is like." Aaron Gotwalt - Kevin Marks
I would rather have a google watch, - Christian Burns
I dont want my kids to grow up using glass - Christian Burns
You will be assimulated - Kevin Marks
@Kevin hahahahaha - Matthew Voshell
Jerry - Awesome - Keith Teare
Just proves how old we are ;-) - Jerry Schuman
so looking forward to Glass, my neck hurts having to constantly look down at my phone - Da
Because kids dont have enough access to video games.. - Christian Burns
@Matthew Google search became terribly boring, link results too predictable or gamed. Graph Search much more interesting. FB engineering paper explains why. - clive boulton
The issue is CPU speed vs. battery life. - Murray Macdonald
That thing looks fragil. Think I might break it quickly - Tina Chase Gillmor
"There is no Moore’s Law for batteries." - Alex de Soto
Vuzix M-100 is $499 and it has better CPU specs. - Murray Macdonald
stopgap battery measure - mini usb plug to a usb external battery - Da
Playing Ice Hockey with Google Glass - Nir Ben Yona
@Da They might need to figure out how to cool the CPU when Glass is attached to an external battery. - Alex de Soto
You can't write local apps... My understanding is all 3rd party apps are in the cloud. Is that not true? Can you install a local app? - Murray Macdonald
you need to hack it to write local apps yes - Kevin Marks
the Mirror API is all cloud - Kevin Marks
It occurs to me that the feedback from wearing this device is where the real product is going to come from. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Vuzix allows real local apps on the device... - Murray Macdonald
Glass camera should recognize a limited set of gestures but ignore others, like fly swats for example. - Alex de Soto
The fact it works at all is awesome. Main discussion is, is it ready? - Keith Teare
And is it the right way to incorporate computing into the person - Keith Teare
what I mean is that the things people discover in using the early product will create main features and dictate what this product looks and feels like eventually. Might be a "duh" statement but real important here - Tina Chase Gillmor
so as good as google voice recognition on android - Christian Burns
agree Tina - Christian Burns
That was excellent speech recognition. Say "period" to end a sentence. - Murray Macdonald
better than Siri then? - Kevin Marks
Because of context.... - Murray Macdonald
Kevin, different than Siri. - Robert Scoble
Glass is just like every other Google "product". Nothing more then another input to their global information AI. It will go the way of Reader as soon as it's signal to noise ratio is bad. - Jerry Schuman
virtual keyboard floating in front of you? plenty of times when i don't want to talk out loud - Da
I almost never want to talk out loud to a gadget - Kevin Marks
Kevin: this slide shows that both Siri and Google sucks: - Robert Scoble
The camera belongs on the head. You can't easily turn your chest... - Murray Macdonald
Kevin: you will with this one. You can control it with your finger too. - Robert Scoble
Oh, now I understand that the Star Trek uniforms are more due to the technology built in and less to do with military/government - Tina Chase Gillmor
AirPlay? You mean Wifi Direct? The last thing we need is a proprietary standard when open standards exist. - Murray Macdonald
that didn't work as a link robert - Kevin Marks
like wifi direct, but functionally limited - Keith Teare
airplay currently better - Keith Teare
took me to my instant uploads - Kevin Marks
Better how? AirPlay is limited... As a developer Wifi Direct will do what you want... - Murray Macdonald
google can start to look for your face and see what you are looking at, - Christian Burns
Same goes for humans... Try being named Macdonald, not McDonald. 90% human failure. - Murray Macdonald
"Send full info to my living room Google TV" would be cool. Or to AirPlay.... - Alex de Soto
Screen sharing - Tina Chase Gillmor
google manages both MacDonald and McDonald - Kevin Marks
the golden arches and the golden archs - Matthew Voshell
WiFi direct is capable of much more than screens; any p2p communications between apps. If the eyepiece, camera, phone and such are going to collaborate together, you need much more than screen sharing. You need an open p2p API - Murray Macdonald
i want multiple windows on my Glass. no external, multiple physical screens wanted - Da
Google not tuning for personal nuances opens up for competition - clive boulton
They are also using the SnowCrash paradigm - Christian Burns
Doesnt that one samsung device allow multiple screens? on a phone? seems stupid - Matthew Voshell
keith getting noisy again - Kevin Marks
multiple screens on an iPad would eb more sensible than 3/4 of the screen being black - Kevin Marks
dual windows on the Galaxy Note 2 is awesome - Da
Bluetooth is too slow, unless it uses wifi. Wifi direct is all that and more... AirPlay is the new FaceTime. A proprietary flavor of a generic ability. - Murray Macdonald
GoogleWave - Murray Macdonald
I got Steve Hill Mall - Kevin Marks
Google is working on an open alternative to Airplay that will also integrate with DLNA - Mark Krynsky
Xbox IllumiRoom Project - Da
It's called WifiDirect. Samsung phones share photos and videos... - Murray Macdonald
That blackberry screen sharing was cool; google hang out has it too... - Matthew Voshell
Reflector is pretty cool. - Alex de Soto
Just played with the Blackberry Z10 the other week. Awesome device (comes from an iphone fan). - Nir Ben Yona
@Nir.... i feel the same way... so sad - Matthew Voshell
@Matthew: I hope to see a real change by the summer. Whether it's a new iphone device or a completely revamped iOS 7 platform - Nir Ben Yona
Anyone also see the parallel to the novel Deamon and Freedom TM? - Christian Burns
switch the camera back keith - Steve Gillmor
I'd rather have a device I can write local computer vision application on... Everything in the cloud is going to make everything latent. The problem is battery life... - Murray Macdonald
Arrington is playing Dots I see - Kevin Marks
"They" should get out of the way. Writing filters should be open to the 3rd party market. Notifications and "page rank" are proprietary solutions the 3rd party market can't innovate on. Let others write filters.... - Murray Macdonald
Kevin's birdies sing pretty songs - Tina Chase Gillmor
OK time to name the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
What's this Close Friends trick? Is there a blog post about it? - Evan Prodromou
@Nir yea, Sir Jonny is hard at work, rumors point at a simplier design (ala google) and more continuty across softeware and hardware.... idk, i'm excited i think he's a visionary - Matthew Voshell
When's the next show? - Murray Macdonald
if you mark someone a close friend, you get notifications of all their posts - Kevin Marks
I'm ready for $200!! - Da
Jean Luc Picard Proticals - Christian Burns
Earl Grey Tea, Hot - Kevin Marks
Ok, Glass, Earl Gray Tea hot - Christian Burns
Why can't his computer remember the prefs? Enterprise software. - Kevin Marks
I want my air screen - Tina Chase Gillmor
No third party apps - Christian Burns
Everyone on this show already wears something... Glasses are pretty common. - Murray Macdonald
thats a fashion thing too though. At one point contact lenses were taking over - Kevin Marks
When's the next show? - Murray Macdonald
@Matthew He definitely is. - Nir Ben Yona
Friday at 1pm Pacific - Christian Burns
YESSSS.... this should be be so easier if you did a Hangout On--Air... then robert should broadcast what he sees! - Matthew Voshell
If there every is going to even be another show - Christian Burns
good - siddharth
Mark Krynsky
Days, A Photo Diary App For iOS -
A new lifelogging app. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Google Public Policy Blog: Plan your digital afterlife with Inactive Account Manager -
Important new tool you should setup to provide access to loved ones to your Google account data if you die. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Panic’s Status Board for iPad is a gorgeous customizable heads-up display for your site, data or social feeds -
Create a personal dashboard of custom aggregated data using Panic’s Status Board. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
It’s not just about big data: here’s why small data matters to your health -
Thoughts on drawing health insights from aggregation of personal data. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Sleep: Everything You Need To Know -
Great comprehensive post to help you with sleep. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Your precious family photos are going to die -
An article on the various methods to store photos and each of their perils along with advice. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
How life-logging can change the way we view and express ourselves -
Great post that explores many different facets of how Lifelogging can have an effect on our lives. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Emotion Sense Android Mood/Sensor App -
Testing this new Android app that tracks your emotions & compares the data to multiple smartphone sensors. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Makeover: Know Thy Quantified Self -
Here are some great tips if you're thinking about dipping your toes into the quantified self. - Mark Krynsky
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live 04.05.13 (TCTV) -
Gillmor Gang - John Borthwick, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor. Recording live today at 1pm Pacific. - Steve Gillmor
We're on! - Kevin Costain
Hi Gang - Keith Teare
For some reason I have the feeling that we're going to hear about Facebook Home, right? Well, here's my take, it's all about engagement, the more you engage the more you click on ads, and ads are money, so Facebook Home is all about the money. - Nir Ben Yona
I finally got my first piece of "healthware" today... so far it's pretty sweet!! - Matthew Voshell
Facebook Home isn't it like carrier cruft? - clive boulton
I just don't see how anyone would *want* Facebook Home. - Kevin Costain
I think the Facebook Home has quite a good potential in emerging markets. - Nir Ben Yona
SInce Robert is in Miami, I'll say it: Facebook will be able to push notifications styled like Home "cards" to Google Glass too. Just change the presentation to horizontal and tweak to use Mirror API. Those Chat Heads could also be pushed to Google Glass, If you like that sort of thing. - Alex de Soto
Google+ coming to you phone Home soon - clive boulton
@Matthew nice. I recently got the Fitbit Aria scale myself. Also, I'm currently testing 4 different activity trackers. Withings is releasing one of their own soon. - Mark Krynsky
FB Home = Microsoft Bob for Android - Kevin Costain
That's pretty funny Kevin Costain ... - John Taschek
Google Glass already has pop-up faces in circles, at least in the original promo film - Kevin Marks
:) It just doesn't make sense why Facebook didn't just fork Android. That would have seemed like a more prudent move. - Kevin Costain
theywant to run on all android phones - Kevin Marks
even the ones google isn't on - Kevin Marks
Indeed @Kevin, and for that, they likely will fail. - Kevin Costain
The movie referred to is The Truman Show with Jim Carey - Ed Schlesinger
Imagine though, every single app wants to become the launcher? The launcher? The Path launcher? - Kevin Costain
harder for them to pull it off - Kevin Marks
@Mark... i almost bought the firbit aria as well.. but it's WIRELESS B?!?!! - Matthew Voshell
By being the top-most layer app on the home screen, Facebook fans will be more likely to use Facebook services (check-ins, messaging, photos, even email) instead of using other apps "hidden" on the device. Smart. They really want a Facebook app-centric phone. - Alex de Soto
Now, on a more simplistic level - Facbook Home is a worse launcher itself than any of the older, more crude versions of Android. It's a regression for launcher features. - Kevin Costain
also the data speaks for itself too - Ed Schlesinger
@Mark.. add this to your list.. i'm waiting for mine - Matthew Voshell Zuck's vision statement - Keith Teare
its not meant to be a good launcher, it's meant to be a good screensaver and notifications shell - Kevin Marks
Yea, when you go to a website in mobile safari and if it has an app it shows the bar along the top... thats really useful for me - Matthew Voshell
it's goal is to de-emphasize launching apps - Kevin Marks
is zuckerberg just trying to open up the data intake like a beluga whale to sell on the back end? - Matthew Voshell
@Kevin - yes, clearly it's what they're trying to be. But, as an Android user, do I want to give up features to get "Chat Heads"? I'm not so sure. - Kevin Costain
#Chatter should be the Social Home Page for the Cloud - Ed Schlesinger
us here aen't the target - Kevin Marks
I just wonder, if people aren't that unsavvy, this might not be very popular. The mass install has to come from downloads - not from buying the phone (Zuck said it himself in the presentation). - Kevin Costain
And, my feeling is that on the HTC First, the launcher won't be replaceable from FB Home. If that's the case - brutal. - Kevin Costain
Facebook is to the social web what Goldman Sachs is to the giant sucking octopus - clive boulton
Google glass "cards" are another example of closed notifications. They all have to go through the google servers. No apps can run locally on the device. Apps can only live in the cloud. - Murray Macdonald
@Matthew I'm aware of that device...and many others :) - Mark Krynsky
Like, are we talking about Facebook home turning a "Smart" phone into a "Feature" phone? - Kevin Costain
kind of, Kevin. - Kevin Marks
I for one am sick of this "Mobile First" mantra. I still use my desktop much more than mobile. Call me old school....and get off my lawn. - Mark Krynsky
.. all in the name of simplification (hello Metro tiles) - :) - Kevin Costain
The dumbing down of OS's is just another step towards our march to Idiocracy. - Mark Krynsky
No, get off MY lawn! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Android can't respond placing Google+ on Home w/o risking run-in w/ t/ regulators - clive boulton
they can make it more pluggable - Kevin Marks
@Mark - maybe we're all just getting old :) - Kevin Costain
the next phone I buy wiil have a higher res screen than my laptop - Kevin Marks
Google could copy Facebook Home using Google+ exclusively on a new Motorola phone as a test bed. - Mark Krynsky
I am an assembly programmer. (embedded microcontrollers) - Murray Macdonald
Murray - rewire works great on Windows. I'm a Cubase (Steinberg) user. But audiobus does it on the iPad - - John Taschek
Galaxy S4 to Launch in Korea Packing a 1.8GHz Exynos Octa-core Chip, woohoo!! - Da
Kevin EXACTLY! How is it that we can get these mobile devices to have such awesome resolutions and PPI specs and you have to pay a fortune to get an LCD monitor with that resolution? - Mark Krynsky
Consider this: In all the years of Windows, how many applications took over the shell (easy to do) and became our "Facebook Home" on Windows? - Kevin Costain
Jet here... low and loud - Tina Chase Gillmor
@John...ah the memories. I used to play with Cubase Digital Audio on an Atari Falcon with 8 tracks of digital audio! - Mark Krynsky
It seems to act more like those live wallpapers that Android used to offer, back in the early days. - Nir Ben Yona
John: I'm a Cubase/live/metro user. I agree Rewire is brilliant. - Murray Macdonald
I've got a 12 volt car battery as a mophie - Kevin Marks
the 3800mAh Extended Battery for my VZW Galaxy Nexus is awesome - Da
Mophie Steve. Mophie. - Tina Chase Gillmor
He's used as a battery inside the Matrix - Mophieous :) - Kevin Costain
Yeah, Lowbat! Android screen sucks battery compared to iOS why? - clive boulton
CPU isn't the issue. Getting connections across walled-gardens is the problem... - Murray Macdonald
it's more the computations per energy curve: - Kevin Marks
Boy I sure feel extra ranty today. I blame no Scoble. - Mark Krynsky
Google Glass only uploads to G+ - Murray Macdonald
running two Youtube videos on a Galaxy Note 2 is great - Da
yup - "Getting connections across walled-gardens is the problem..." - clive boulton
John Borthwick has a nice head of hair. Just had to be said ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
i used to have - Keith Teare
OLED displays will save battery. - Murray Macdonald
That's a mod mop Tina! ;) - Alex de Soto
The Nexus 4 is great, except for the speaker phone... Can't beat the $300 no-contract price. - Murray Macdonald
I'm actually more excited about the HTC One than the S4 but I do like how Samsung is going down activity health tracking with the S4. I currently have a Nexus 4 but see myself upgrading to a new phone this year. Ah, so nice not to be tied to a contract. - Mark Krynsky
I am tempted by the Nexus 4 to replace my craked galaxy, but I think I shoudl get a 1080p one to examine - Kevin Marks
Alex ah, true. - Tina Chase Gillmor
If glass takes off all that content will go to G+, not FB. - Murray Macdonald
4 hours of Ingress portal battle chews up a 10k mAh external battery pretty well - Da
Mark - why are you so cranky ... :) I had an HTC Thunderbolt -- good phone. I'd get another HTC. It just that HTC didn't innovate as fast as others. And at the wrong time. - John Taschek
I don't think Google is even worried about Facebook Home taking anything away from G+. Won't sway the few that use G+ more than FB. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
My ear has been "stuffy" lately. It's been driving me crazy! - Tina Chase Gillmor
John...I think the HTC One is pretty comparable to the S4. - Mark Krynsky
I've seen Dropbox on Facebook Home. - Nir Ben Yona
If Glass takes hold, G+ will be the only place to get all those social shares and notifications. - Murray Macdonald
Path is already working with Google's Mirror API for Glass. - Alex de Soto
The mirror API doesn't allow for local applications. Everything has to be done as a restful cloud service that talks via the googleapis servers. - Murray Macdonald
Yes Murray...all in the cloud. ¡-) - Alex de Soto
somebody is clicking an old school bic retractable ballpoint (or so it sounds) - Andrew Hazlett
It's not much of a risk actually. What's the big deal if it flops beside maybe FB's stock view of future potential. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I don't think G+ has evolved yet. If I were Google, every percentage of ad revenue makes a difference. If FB takes over some part of the monetization of search, then Google can be hurt (emotionally perhaps). - John Taschek
I don't think even "normal" people are ready to give over *all* of their lives to Facebook - Andrew Hazlett
Really, there can only be one launcher. What if *that* catches on on Android? - Kevin Costain
the Facebook folks listen to GG - Tina Chase Gillmor
Mark -- think that's why HTC is in the mix too. - John Taschek
Alex: That rules out decent speech recognition and image processing applications. I think we'll see other real headsets that allow local apps, like the Vuzix M-100 - Murray Macdonald
Good point John - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I'm very interested in how apps are developed on FB and deployed on Home. I don't think that was analyzed well. - John Taschek
@John - maybe apps aren't allowed? Just merely exposed through their own launching mechanism? - Kevin Costain
Official FB home promo video resonates - clive boulton
I wrote about this, with links: - Kevin Marks
Facebook Home highlights Apple closed ecosystem - people can either get trapped in Apple or be free with Android - Da
it will allow efficient web apps that flow like native. - Murray Macdonald
The old specs were ambiguous. - Murray Macdonald
I love that I can chose many, many different browsers for my Nexus - Da
Forking and spooning ... very different - Tina Chase Gillmor
Fork You. Don't even start talking about pull requests. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin getting TESTYYYYY - Matthew Voshell
Where is Scoble to set everyone straight!!!??!! - Kevin Costain
one of the best vanity plates have ever seen, on an Audi Quattro - "IV Q II" - quite an accomplishment to get it past the DMV (SecOfState here in IL) censors! - Jerome Hughes
I disagree. HTML5 has resolved that. PhoneGap developers hit cross-platform HTML5 everyday. - Murray Macdonald
They care about standards? HA! They want to MAKE the standards! - Kevin Costain
They're open-source. Port the source. Chrome extensions are just web-page extensions. You just need an environment that supports the standards and required events. - Murray Macdonald
HTML5 is just beginning to be standardized - John Taschek
Fact is though, browsers still render the same page differently. That (after how long the web has been around) is pure BULLSHIT. - Kevin Costain
HTML5 has a standards process that is working - Kevin Marks
Kevin is right -- every browser renders differently - John Taschek
oh, I thought he mean a mac mini - Kevin Marks
I am very glad that HTML5 will be a stronger standard, but it is moving slowly - John Taschek
3 Brits - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yea.. every brosers does render diferntly :/ - Matthew Voshell
it isn't any more becasue the browsers ae now moving quickly to deploy changes - Kevin Marks
You guys are ending this too early :( - Kevin Costain
Open Mikes! - Alex de Soto
been a good show, me thinks - Tina Chase Gillmor
Browsers are all standardized -- as long as you use Chrome (that's why I use it!) - John Taschek
Another good show. Have a great weekend everyone. - Mark Krynsky
taschek, I should show you some html presentation stuff - Kevin Marks
You're dreaming Steve. The major players are going to fight to keep their notifications isolated. Apple and Google will be holdouts. - Murray Macdonald
Thank you everyone! - Kevin Costain
Good show. Thanks. - Alex de Soto
5 stars - Jerome Hughes
Show shows Moore's Law is mobile - clive boulton
"Sir, I need you to put that away - ok" - clive boulton
Really good show, if I do say so myself. Thanks everyone - Tina Chase Gillmor
I hate it when I have to actually work on Fridays and miss the show ... - Laura Norvig
Mark Krynsky
"I've been going to Pampas for a few years now and it has become one of my favorite Argentine restaurants in LA. I should also point out that I'm Argintinean to add a little cred :) The most important…" - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
"I've been going to Pampas for a few years now and it has become one of my favorite Argentine restaurants in LA. I should also point out that I'm Argintinean to add a little cred :) The most important…" - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky | Open Source Web-based Project Management Software, Project Portfolio Management Software - is open source, web-based project portfolio management (PPM) software - traditional project management meets modern social media. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Wrike - Web-based Project Management Software -
Wrike is web-based project management software that thousands of companies over the globe rely in managing their projects and teams online. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Project Management Software, Online project management tools -
Project management software tool for managing & tracking projects & tasks online. Easy Projects .NET makes project management & team collaboration straightforward and hassle-free. Simply the easiest project management system in the world! - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Review: Jawbone UP + Android – A Baby Step Toward Truly Powerful Wearable Tech -
A pretty thorough review of the Jawbone Up. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Marcus Fairs opinion on wearable technology -
A more editorialized look at activity devices and the quantified self. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
WTF is... the Quantified Self? -
A primer and description of how the quantified self movement was born along with several personal stories as examples. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Basis B1 Review: The Best Activity Tracker Despite One Critical Flaw -
Basis B1 smartwatch Review. Deemed by Peter Ha as the best activity tracker despite no mobile app yet. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Wearable Sensor-monitoring Technology Could Change Preventative Medicine Forever -
Some cool new devices coming to market soon including a brainwave analyzer that sends data to your mobile device. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Wearable Electronic Sensors Can Now Be Printed Directly on the Skin -
In the future we won't need to wear an activity tracker. It will be printed right on our skin. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Simultaneous testing of 6 activity trackers and their data -
English translation of this post from a German site. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Visualize your lifetime :: Lifegrid -
A site that is both cool and creepy to visualize your lifespan. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Fitocracy’s 1M Users, Including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Are More Engaged Than Any Other Social Network Besides Facebook -
This app / social network takes a slightly different approach to motivate users compared to activity devices. I'll have to try it out. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
How Big Data Can Make Us Happier and Healthier -
Older post I came across but still resonates well. - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
PDF to Word Online Converter — The Easiest to Edit — 100% Free -
Use PDF-to-Word Online Converter to create Word doc that is the easiest to edit. No waiting for email; just wait on the page — and it's free! - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
Fitbit Experiment Part 3: Why You Need Fitbit Buddies -
Good post on the benefits of activity tracking with friends - Mark Krynsky
Mark Krynsky
The Quantified Self Evolves: A South By Southwest (SXSW) Vision of How Gadgets Will Teach Us About Ourselves -
Great article. There's a push from "big data" to "my data" so that self tracking technology can provide actionable data to help move us towards proactive decision making. This data about our lifestyle will also give us more control over our health. The information should help us make behavior changes and eventually allow doctors to make a major shift from treating illness to assisting with prevention. - Mark Krynsky
Steve Gillmor
Hanging out, waiting for the famous call. - Robert Scoble
I have Android angst. Will I blow up on today's call? - Robert Scoble
@Robert is switching to android like dating a stripper? She looks great but once you find out she sleeps all day and can't stop flirting with guys you realize hose bad of a decision it was? NOT a personal story at all :/ - Matthew Voshell
Heheh. Matthew, it's not quite THAT bad. But the notifications suck. :-) - Robert Scoble
Android angst? Can't wait to hear what that's all about. And isn't it amazing that while Google Reader will be gone soon Friendfeed is still around? - Alex de Soto
have you tried google keep? - Matthew Voshell
Yeah. That'll be more interesting with Google Glass, but then I'm still partial to Evernote. I don't trust Google as much as I used to. - Robert Scoble
We could also talk about algorithmic user interfaces (like what Facebook is moving to). That bugged me a lot at first but now I'm very intrigued. - Robert Scoble
Tina, you there? - Robert Scoble
I completely agree Evernote is amazing... when did google try to play catch up and not just be the innovators they are? are they getting TOO big? - Matthew Voshell
Hmmm, Gillmors can't be reached. Steve is in New York. Tina must be having troubles. - Robert Scoble
how can you dislike android notifications? dislike some apps for doing them badly, sure (twitter) - Kevin Marks
I just got back through and Tina is having trouble with one of the machines. Please stand by. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: all apps suck on 4.2.1 all notifications are single lines and totally useless. Forces a click through which iOS doesn't. - Robert Scoble
@robert are there not third-party mods to change the notifications? - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: I don't know. On iOS I don't need to do third-party crap. - Robert Scoble
@Robert yea true.. so you're saying apple got something right?!?! - Matthew Voshell
Yup. But Apple sucks because of the keyboard. Android, er, SwiftKey, is far superior for me. - Robert Scoble
Danny Sullivan: please stand by. Tina is experiencing technical difficulties. - Robert Scoble
@Robert What about google voice dictation? I use the google search app on my iPhone 100% of the time.. and i know it's builtin to the keyboard as well? - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: voice is a wash. Google is better at some things, Apple better at others. - Robert Scoble
have you done the pull to expand thign on notifications - Kevin Marks
2-finger pull down on any one give you the same UX as the top one - Kevin Marks
Kevin: yes. That just expands groups, like Gmail, into multiple messages. All single lines. - Robert Scoble
@panel... I've been saying this forever... why dont you guys do this on a broadcasted google+ hangout? - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: we should. If I ran this I would do that. - Robert Scoble
.... and save tina that aggravation :) - Matthew Voshell
Been waiting here since 1 PM! - Francine Hardaway
Thanks, we are running! - Robert Scoble
Are you hearing OK? - Robert Scoble
Aloha! - Nir Ben Yona
What are you doing indoors, Kevin - Francine Hardaway
I just got my Basis! - Francine Hardaway
Nice Francine! I've been wanting to test that. - Mark Krynsky
I tried the street outside, but that was even noisier - Kevin Marks
also there was a lady wearing google glass having a phonecall - Kevin Marks
Mark, I can't even open the box it's packaged so tightly - Francine Hardaway
@kevin... was it as awkward as not realizing someone has a bluetooth headset on? - Matthew Voshell
I'm back on. - Robert Scoble
well, we were debating who each latte was for, so a bit odd - Kevin Marks
10 seconds for try #2. - Robert Scoble
I have a headset on too now though - Kevin Marks
That Basis is almost as good as a lie detector: heart rate, perspiration, skin temp... - Alex de Soto
@Kevin LOL - Matthew Voshell
Nexus or always behind - clive boulton
geez... thanks for hanging in there folks...all good now? - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Robert... so why didnt you get the nexus 4? - Matthew Voshell
stev face the camera - Tina Chase Gillmor
I need to give Scoble my tweet notification app. - Kevin Marks
Danny is knackered after SMX? - Kevin Marks
Robert, you should ask Danny about his multi-device activity tracking. We're both doing this right now. I'm testing 4 activity trackers simultaneously right now Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, Fitbit One and Bodymedia Armband - Mark Krynsky
talk about Google Keep. Does anybody care about that AT ALL? and the timing after killing Reader? Not good. - Laura Norvig
Laura... you talk about it and see if the gang picks it up - Tina Chase Gillmor
I just did ;-) - Laura Norvig
And will News ever go away on Google? - Alex de Soto locked up. - Mark Krynsky
Spotted Chomebook Pixel's this week, one in the wild. - clive boulton
...and it's back - Mark Krynsky
no InstaGram is a no-go for kids fo-sho - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yep daughter uses instagram now more than facebook. - Mark Krynsky
Photo apps are taking over social media! - Steven E. Streight
instagram on Android tabets is nicer than on iPads - Kevin Marks
Facebook fatigue is really setting in - clive boulton
@Laura Robert and I spoke about it earlier in this stream - Matthew Voshell
We were promised vacations on Mars...and all we got are these stupid cat photos! - Steven E. Streight
turn your ipad inot a netbook! - Kevin Marks
Ah, thanks Matthew, I was at lunch! - Laura Norvig
I pre-ordered this months ago and ti got puched back, but i think it's WAY better than the other activity trackers out there - Matthew Voshell
Mark - same. very little FB all Instagram - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm using the Logitech keyboard for the mini. They ship quickly from Logitech. It's great but can't use a protective case for the back with it. - Alex de Soto
But how does instagram pay off for young kids when they go to get a job in 10 years?!?! haha - Matthew Voshell
It's a generational thing.... - Mark Krynsky
Gen X is still pretty privacy wary...the new generation isn't...this will affect adopted technologies. - Mark Krynsky
A generational saying "So..." at the start of every sentence. - Steven E. Streight
ditto my 16 and 18 yr old neices - Instagram, not Facebook anymore - Laura Norvig
Path too. - clive boulton
mine use fb messenger a fair bit - Kevin Marks
They'll care about privacy when hit by identity theft or predators. - Steven E. Streight
So its where you friends are? growing up is all about fitting in... - Matthew Voshell
my eldest was live-tweeting a school conference this week... - Kevin Marks
Fitting in...or being a Steve Jobs. - Steven E. Streight
it never stops scoble :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
My students, year 3 and 4, don't know shit. I have taught them body monitors, sensors, 3-D printing - Francine Hardaway
Most of them have iPhones - Francine Hardaway
kids just want to communicate with their friends - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yea i think for events, organizations, these social networks are amazing... but for personal life? just building a case to not get a job or be trusted :/ - Matthew Voshell
Silence and Solitude will be the New Black. - Steven E. Streight
Hello GG friends. - Darren
Robert: Will kids run away from the contextual or embrace it? - Alex de Soto
Alex: for a couple of years. Why? Price. - Robert Scoble
But after the glasses get cool enough and cheap enough, we'll see kids use them too. Particularly for sports or concert videos. - Robert Scoble
@Robert so it goes the way flat screen TV's have? Please tell me we dont become the people from Wall-E :( - Matthew Voshell
My students (journalism) use Twitter, hate Facebook but still use it. Are amazingly tech illiterate and uncurious. Remember, outside SV, there's a whole other world - Francine Hardaway
Facebook made the social graph too much the past you were - clive boulton
Glad to see we aren't talking about SendGrid today. - Darren
When Google Glass tells us what to do, and Google Cars drive us contextually to where they know we should be, will thinking be obsolete? - Steven E. Streight
Kevin is at The Creamery in Sf. Oneof the loudest places in SF - Tina Chase Gillmor
If its cool... does that mean is useful? i dont think they are mutually exclusive. - Matthew Voshell
but quieter than the street outside - Kevin Marks
SendGrid are a disgrace - Kevin Marks
Twitter is for very short messages, not real conversations. What does that say about us? - Steven E. Streight
The kids of the people on this call are NOT normal - Francine Hardaway
I plan on limiting my kids tech usage growing up; kids nowadays get punish by having to go outside and turn off their xbox's; when i grew up and we were in trouble we WEREN'T aloud outside... :/ This pushes towards childhood obesity... is tech to partly blame? - Matthew Voshell
Twitter conditions us for short bursts of talk, rather than what we had in blogs, longer communications in depth. - Steven E. Streight
Patrick is not the norm - Francine Hardaway
Matthew: yes. Technology plays a big part in obesity. - Robert Scoble
Francine - not normal - true. but their friends are and it's the same - Tina Chase Gillmor
I would agree that I've gained weight due to more time on the PC and eating late at night. - Steven E. Streight
Maybe part of a bigger conversation regarding trust in cloud services is the bigger issue. - Mark Krynsky
Hi everyone, just checking in because I miss you all. Am I late? I have been traveling a lot lately :) - Charlie Isaacs
I have been experimenting with new curation and discovery tools like RebelMouse and Swayy to find stuff to read. I wonder if this type of discovery is going to replace systematic RSS reading of blogs. - Laura Norvig
Will smart phones and tablets totally replace tower PCs? I doubt it. - Steven E. Streight
Hiiiii Charlie - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hiiiiback Tina! :) - Charlie Isaacs
RSS seems to be in trouble. - Steven E. Streight
Does Google want to replace RSS with GooglePlus, Robert? - Steven E. Streight
rss is just fine - it's used as the backbone for more things than ever - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
*sigh* - Darren
Twitter not supporting RSS, XML or Atom anymore - Laura Norvig
I think Flipboard and Social Networks.. RSS will live but be like cash vs. credit cards today... it'll be the undreground - Matthew Voshell
No Tina, your kids all llive in SV. Tech is in the air - Francine Hardaway
I think RSS readers may go the way of blog rolls. - Steven E. Streight
twitter stopped supporting rss and atom because they, at the time, lacked capabilities to handle it - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Syndication is a necessity...regardless of what the technology ever iterates to. I still use RSS and will welcome whatever new technology comes to evolve it. - Mark Krynsky
Google Reader with RSS was incredible ROI for Google. Not a lot of money for a lot of geek love. - Kevin Bryan
RSS serves a very relevant B2B purpose (syndication) and there are no relevant alternatives. Until there is it isn't going anywhere. Proprietary APIs are not that. - Darren
When does "content curation" turn into plagiarism and duplicate content? - Steven E. Streight
Does google just have the balls to say No? Jobs was renowned for the ability say no. - Matthew Voshell
promoting TWIT on GG??!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
you use email and you don't know its SMTP ? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Very sad about Reader because it makes a lot of very vocal people not trust Google. - Francine Hardaway
Steven, I'm surprised that is not contested in courts more. All the tools I have seen do link back to original source - Laura Norvig
Apple updates Podcasts app with new features and design changes Read more: - Charlie Isaacs
Google Reader was the Velvet Underground of Google services. Not many people used it, but everyone who did started a blog. - Kevin Bryan
Tina: I need to keep up on the other shows that I'mnot on. :-) - Robert Scoble
Google doesn't say n directly, just has passive agressive arguments about traffic - Kevin Marks
Laura, Twitter si barely supporting Twitter any more - Kevin Marks
rss and other "notification" tech is important as infrastructure if only to keep things from not being silo'd - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Scob - yeah you have the time to do that! - Tina Chase Gillmor
@kevin so they are more motiviated by money and not as much be delievering a product people love? The supposed opposite of apple? - Matthew Voshell
Francine - when are you coming to SV again? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Was there this week. Mid April - Francine Hardaway
I come once a month - Francine Hardaway
not money per se, more that when they have an instinctual dislike they'll find a data-driven justification - Kevin Marks
Could they have merged Reader into "Google News?' - Alex de Soto
Danny - right. couldnt they have utilized it somehow? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google offerings last 1459 days - clive boulton
Google Plus is not solving any of my information overload problems at all. - Laura Norvig
Explore on GooglePlus has been demoted in the More tab. - Steven E. Streight
I know a Government agency that leveraged Google Reader to dynamically parse feeds/information specifically related that Govt. agency. A young innovator built the app to save taxpayers money...oh well. - Charlie Isaacs
I gain a lot more followers on G+ than on FB, but get more interactions on FB. - Steven E. Streight
Robert's right. Discovery on G+ is very difficult - Francine Hardaway
the call-out about Google Alerts failing was interesting too - Kevin Marks
Like I said, the Explore tab on G+ is hidden in More. - Steven E. Streight
I use google alerts a LOT... please dont say that is next :/ - Matthew Voshell
Why doesn't G+ have a private message feature like all other social media does??? - Steven E. Streight
I have been getting incredible value out of a "secret group" nptech community of practice on Facebook lately. The trust in the group (of about 400) ripples out into public facing parts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. - Laura Norvig
@Steven... tech it does? if you share a link with a specific person, they are the only ones that see it - Matthew Voshell
Limited on G+ gives private message - clive boulton
facebook will always be a non-starter just because all of the tech people I interact with are not on it :/ - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
it has gtalk integrated, steven - Kevin Marks
or you can just put one person in the circle field - Kevin Marks
@Francine But when you come you dont call ;-( - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does G+ support private hangout? - clive boulton
Thanks Matthew, but that's a bit clunky of a workaround for private messaging isn't it? - Steven E. Streight
yes, you can invite a circle to a hangout - Kevin Marks
so make a small circle - Kevin Marks
LinkedIn is iterating fast. I am starting to read a few things there. - Laura Norvig
Ah. cool. small circle hangout - clive boulton
It is hard to survive in business without being on LinkedIn - Charlie Isaacs
Mike: really? Nearly every tech person I've ever messaged is on Facebook. They might not post often, but almost all are there. Except for the weirdos like Dave Winer and Ryan Block. And they are on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
To private message in G+ I have to go to my Gmail page, get on GTalk and hope the user is active at that moment? - Steven E. Streight
Sounds interesting Laura. I'd be interested in that nptech group. - Mark Krynsky
I found my job at Aol through linkedin, it showed me one of my friends that works there and had them submit my resume... boom! Very powerful - Matthew Voshell
LinkedIn continues to have some usability issues. - Steven E. Streight
I'll add you, Mark! Oh. Are you going to NTC? - Laura Norvig
Why did LinkedIn get rid of the Amazon reading list? - Steven E. Streight
steven - pop up the chat window and choose the person, easy - Kevin Marks
Unfortunately not Laura. - Mark Krynsky
Long press the notification to disable it - Kevin Marks
Thanks Kevin. But I still think G+ needs a Private Message function on the G+ page itself. - Steven E. Streight
I should use Linkedin... I dont - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Steven... yea you are making this more difficult than it needs to be; if you want instant messagin, sure gchat (prop across gmail and google+) or you can post a message only to them; - Matthew Voshell
long-press the notification to get to the app setting menu to diabel that apps ones - Kevin Marks
Tina, your job is secure ... I think - Laura Norvig
I wonder if the average non-geeky user of G+ understands how to private message someone on G+ though.... - Steven E. Streight
Must see battery life talk. Performance from the Radio up. - clive boulton
WhatsApp is a mainstream app - Kevin Marks
I'm not "making it too difficult", I'm advocating better usability and intuitive functionality for average users of G+. - Steven E. Streight
it's located directly below your "posting" section where it says "who do you want to share this with?" and you select either all people, a couple circles, or a couple people. It allows targeted "messaging" in a powerful way... just no one is on there to send it to ha :/ - Matthew Voshell
Who is using LinkedIn status updates as much as they use FB status updates or Twitter tweets? - Steven E. Streight
I autopost to LinkedIn - Francine Hardaway
WhatsApp nothing hotter - clive boulton
LOL Matthew. Thanks. I think. - Steven E. Streight
Laura ...maybe ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yea, i NEVER post on linkedin really... I just see who' changing jobs and connected to people i'd like to keep tabs on for future job searches - Matthew Voshell
Autopost using what tool? - Steven E. Streight
Facebook is HORRIBLE about explaining their UI, features. "Normals" have NO IDEA. - Laura Norvig
So LinkedIn status update tool is not used much? I am starting to use it more. - Steven E. Streight
They have a lot of controls that only appear on mouseover, too - Laura Norvig
Facebook's the new SAP, too much privacy configuration complexity - clive boulton
I aspire to be on everyone's "With Friends Like Him I don't Need Enemies" list - Charlie Isaacs
Good question, Steven. Set it up so long ago I forgot. - Francine Hardaway
Laura - -right again about FB features - Tina Chase Gillmor
Too convoluted to configure privacy on FB? - Steven E. Streight
Buffer, Steven - Francine Hardaway
I'm in my own "I wouldn't want to be part of a group that would have me as a member" group. Wait, whut? - Laura Norvig
nice one Laura :) - Charlie Isaacs
Tech people seem to be very active on LInkedIn status updates. You have to click on Home to see the updates. Notifications are not implemented on your LI profile...? - Steven E. Streight
Someone is video-bombing Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
I have a google circle of all the circles that don't contain themselves - Kevin Marks
Tech people know how to autopost - Francine Hardaway
Am I hearing this right? Scoble converted Steve to Facebook. It's cold in Hell today. - Laura Norvig
I think she's just using the bathroom - Kevin Marks
now gone - Tina Chase Gillmor
All I personally want is regex filters. - John Mann
Notifications can be a major security whole. Authentications to your phone ala google etc.. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin my head hurts now. - Laura Norvig
Autoposting can lead to duplicate content and truncation issues? - Steven E. Streight
I need to give Scoble my flowpast android app, but I need to port it to twitter API 1.1 first - Kevin Marks
Scheduling Facebook posts is an awesome feature. I do it for pages I manage - don't know if personal accounts can do it too. - Laura Norvig
only on Twitter. If it makes it past Twitter, it's good for LI - Francine Hardaway
oh curate this - Tina Chase Gillmor
Instead of autoposting, I do copy and paste, then make sure no truncation issues exist. - Steven E. Streight
A smart phone would only fetch notification when the phone is slightly moving. If it's been sitting still on the counter for 30 minutes, why update notifications. - Murray Macdonald
FBs convolutions likely due to MySQL under pinning, they really need a big graph database - clive boulton
Android apps CANNOT modify or read the notifications as this would be a major security hole. - Murray Macdonald
Im not using Foursquare that much. People dont need to know how many freaking times I'm at Home Depot - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Murray: I often set my phone on my desk for hours at a time, but still want notifications. - John Mann
No. FB privacy setting convolution is deliberate - Steven E. Streight
Then shake it. - Murray Macdonald
...I'm at Home Depot A LOT - Tina Chase Gillmor
I've never seen any reason to use FourSquare. - Steven E. Streight
here's what Android notifications can do: - Kevin Marks
Google Glass Notifications: You just ran into a wall. You just hit a pole. - Charlie Isaacs
I use foursquare to find places to go, and also to tarck where i've been - Kevin Marks
My big question is why video chat/conferencing is not popular with average public. - Steven E. Streight
That might freak me out - Francine Hardaway
Google Glass reference is the new Beatles reference - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm not excited about Google Glass either. - Steven E. Streight
deliberate FB privacy setting convolution -- i'll buy it. - clive boulton
If you check in using Google Checkins, does that benefit Google Now over time? - John Mann
lost kevin... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Speaking of Roku, i got the Roku 3... The headhone port on the remote is AMAZING... my wife is much happier with me :) But it has crashed twice in 3 days :/ - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: that is cool. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: That's what the notification interface supports, but you can't create any alternative to it, nor can an app read notifications as this would be a huge security hole. - Murray Macdonald
I'm intereseted in usability testing Google Glass, but I don't go out much, so my context is limited. LOL - Steven E. Streight
Come back, Kevin - Francine Hardaway
I have an old Roku. Wondering if there is any reason to upgrade. - Laura Norvig
kevin call back in if you are able - Tina Chase Gillmor
connectio dropped for me - Kevin Marks
I got a Roku 3 too just for the Time Warner app which now enables me to return the HD Cable box I've been renting from them. - Mark Krynsky
Tina, Home Depot should give you a kickback now. - Laura Norvig
If GoogleGlass can alert you to a mugger approaching, by criminal record context, and what kind of weapon he has -- that would be useful. - Steven E. Streight
Occulus Rift is what I want to try :) - Mark Krynsky
That means it won't work in the sun, unless it is shaded like ski goggles. - Murray Macdonald
it seems like seeing through it would be distracting to the way the brain processes stuff. Harder to read. - Laura Norvig
Will Google Glass recognize facially someone you look at and link to their profile pages? - Steven E. Streight
someone tell Robert that he needs to drive 3 hours East to use thos - Charlie Isaacs
will try to get you back Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
It's called google glass. see Steve... you want one. - Murray Macdonald
@Laura not unless you want the heaphone jack to stream without bothering people; otherwise the new OS, which the new global serach is brilliant, will get pushed down to the older roku's soon enough; - Matthew Voshell
Google Glass as predator alert system. - Steven E. Streight
it was me sorry - Kevin Marks
Please augment my reality, Google Glass! - Steven E. Streight
I think Glass has a LOT of potential uses, but I don't think Glass will actually do much of what people will wish it can do. - John Mann
We want the Humachine super powers. - Steven E. Streight
Danny talk about your activity tracking devices testing. - Mark Krynsky
I Scoble wanted to go "all-in" he would use this instead: - Charlie Isaacs
Danny is keyword optimization chasing now obsolete for SEO? - Steven E. Streight
yes. Google Glass as predator alert system - I'd buy for my daughter - clive boulton
Robert looks like The Fly. - Alex de Soto
Talk about personal drones you can buy now. - Steven E. Streight
Yes. 2 factor auth. - clive boulton
just got my fitbit. Krynsky, have you written a blog post on this stuff yet? - Laura Norvig
I have those same ones on, Danny. I also have a Fitbit, and I'm currently charging my new Basis - Francine Hardaway
The iWatch. We will be James Bond or Get Smart. - Steven E. Streight
Notifications to the lock screen is a MAJOR security problem. - Murray Macdonald
What's a watch? - Murray Macdonald
shoot Kevin disappeared again - Tina Chase Gillmor
Like Danny I'm testing all of those and a Bodymedia armband simultaneously...I'll be writing a full comparison soon too. - Mark Krynsky
iWatch is a wrist worn computer. Love it. - Steven E. Streight
Google Glass lightning rod? - clive boulton
Apple just has to call it a body monitor and everyone will wear it - Francine Hardaway
I'm also providing all of my data to someone who reached out to do a data comparison. - Mark Krynsky
I will get one of the watch devices as soon as they can make it totally waterproof - Charlie Isaacs
I think the creamery is shutting me down for overuse - Kevin Marks
iWatch will mean you don't have to carry a smart phone around. You just look at your wrist. - Steven E. Streight
I might write a comparison, and I might be too bored - Francine Hardaway
A notification watch is a huge security hole... - Murray Macdonald
They all suck as truly useful devices. Very primitive - Francine Hardaway
Hopefully Apple will add additional sensors to the watch...if not, it's a missed opportunity to replace activity trackers. - Mark Krynsky
Google Glass -- send an email by twitching your cheek? - Steven E. Streight
Right Mark - Francine Hardaway
Jack in? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google Glass is the next step to internet implants in your skull. - Steven E. Streight
I can't use Microsoft office 'cos it sucks - Kevin Marks
Do you use Open Office? - Steven E. Streight
moores law doesn't work on batteries though - Kevin Marks
What if the whole band for the iWatch was a solar cell? - Alex de Soto
You don't like the activity trackers Francine? Strange. I gain quite a bit of value from them. - Mark Krynsky
A watch screen should be electronic paper. It doesn't need to change that often. - Murray Macdonald
are we in a Gibson novel? - Laura Norvig
Robert is the poster boy for the Singularity :) - Mark Krynsky
Well the internet is a drug - Tina Chase Gillmor
the Gibson novel is here, just not evenly distributed - Kevin Marks
Robart: Now that you're an android guy you can just change your battery. - Murray Macdonald
Irregularity - Steven E. Streight
Hi, my name is Laura and I'm an addict. - Laura Norvig
Did i mention John Scully is invovled with - Matthew Voshell
scoble is the guy at the corner with the sign that says "The End is Near" - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I carry two Mophies an an external charger that can charge my iPad an iPhone simultaneously without a power outlet - Charlie Isaacs
Kevin sendvideo - Tina Chase Gillmor
there were so many product placements on this show. Sponsors, baby! - Laura Norvig
Each one logs a different number of steps and different functions Mark, and none of them gives you actionable intelligence other than "do more." This is data, not information - Francine Hardaway
Robert: Carry an extra battery that fits IN your phone. - Murray Macdonald
I carry a Mophie and my Ford Sync charges my phone en route - Francine Hardaway
I've been through 3 Mophie packs, the USB connector is very fragile - Charlie Isaacs
Why don't they just solar power all these devices? - Steven E. Streight
Francine, there is definitely compelling stories about people getting competitive about their steps, though. Louis Gray is a fanatic. I think he cheats, though. - Laura Norvig
Down with Batteries. Up with Solar Cells. - Steven E. Streight
But what's the end goal, Laura? Is it fitness? Burning calories? Harming your body? - Francine Hardaway
Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I was very competitive for years as a runner, and simply overdid - Francine Hardaway
Solar needs to be unrealistically large to power your phone. - Murray Macdonald
Then long distance walk instead - Steven E. Streight
Francine: I ran four marathons in high school so get that too. - Robert Scoble
Francine, I can draw some interesting correlations and value from the reporting I get but I agree it can get better and I'm seeing some aggregation services that are starting to draw more actionable information as well. - Mark Krynsky
Murray: yeah, solar doesn't work most days in half moon bay. - Robert Scoble
Solar is still so primitaive? - Steven E. Streight
Now I have to walk. Trashed back, bum hip - Francine Hardaway
Talk about the batteries: you should read the new novel "CyberStorm" by Matthew Mather. - Alex de Soto
Hilarious show - Francine Hardaway
Thanks. Just caught the tail end, looking forward to watching the show tomorrow. - Michael Roberts
that was fun. bye. - Laura Norvig
It's bizarre that solar panels still need to be huge. - Steven E. Streight
great show as always - even the parts I was yelling at the computer about :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Btw...awesome interview on Charile Rose last night with data scientist Jeffrey Hammerbacher yesterday worth watching - Mark Krynsky
solar panels need collection area - Kevin Marks
Steven: farming photons takes space. - Robert Scoble
Ok...good bye all...until next time. - Mark Krynsky
if you want more power you need to gather more flux - Kevin Marks
Thanks EVERYONE!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Solar works great. I have a 6sqft solar power charging a 12v car battery. If I run it all the way down it takes two sunny days or four not-so-sunny days to recharge it. - Murray Macdonald
Have a good weekend. Lots of fun. Chat room was rocking, too! - Robert Scoble
Solar cells could be magnified by amplifiers - Steven E. Streight
flux capacitor - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert...go get Falcon Pro (Twitter client) for Android. - Mark Krynsky
Mark that doesn't work for me. - Robert Scoble
Also Pocket Casts for podcasting...those are 2 great apps. - Mark Krynsky
Mark: it keeps saying I hit my API limit. - Robert Scoble
The Chat room is incredible - Tina Chase Gillmor
Mark: I break all non firehose-based products. - Robert Scoble
Really? Crap...I've tried many clients and loved that. - Mark Krynsky
this weeks tech crunch GG post. Jack in! - clive boulton
Everything else is being miniaturized and amplified. Why not solar panels? Someone get on this. LOL - Steven E. Streight
Slide over and jack in... definitely a keeper - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina. Is there an email address I can send you something at? - Murray Macdonald
yes Murray tina - Tina Chase Gillmor
thanks Tina, that was great - Charlie Isaacs
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