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Benjamin Golub
We added a few features you might have missed recently: support for thumbnails ( and "Best of" for users/groups on the iPhone (
Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 3.05.19 PM.png
Rumors of FriendFeed's death are greatly exaggerated. (Thank you, Ben!) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, guys :) - Franc, a rememberer
Stephen, very happy to see new features like this, but I think the "death" part is the major users reducing their activity. I'd love to see some support from Facebook in promoting FriendFeed more to encourage those users to go back. Or maybe they don't want to? Regardless, bonus for me! Thanks Benjamin - you're awesome! - Jesse Stay
Jesse, fair enough but major users always did come and go. Some of the departees who left said they were doing so because there was no new development. Clearly not all development is halted. Last week Paul hinted that FF may receive a major new feature, and characterized his participation as "20% time" -- I'll take that. - Stephen Mack
I backed down off the all caps. The group "best of" is really useful, love it. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I agree - I'd just like some confirmation that Facebook cares about all this so I can know whether to focus my efforts on Facebook or FriendFeed or both. - Jesse Stay
I noticed the best of on the iPhone the other day, wrote it out on a cake and then ated it. - Josh Haley
Thanks for the update Ben - AJ Batac
Jesse, I think you should focus where your users are focused. What do SocialToo users want? But if they want Facebook focus, you should still keep an eye on FriendFeed, since the future Facebook will look a lot more like FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, I'm not sure we know that. - Jesse Stay
Paul Buchheit said the FB acquisition was attractive because of shared vision/direction. I would be surprised if a lot of that vision wasn't already embodied in this product right here. - Bruce Lewis
ffcode: you can do that. Here is the "Best of week" from one year ago: - Benjamin Golub
ITS ALIVE!!!!!!! MUH HA HA - Roberto Bonini
آقا دستت دردنکنه :دی - گیلداد
Bret Taylor
At the FriendFeed birthday dinner
Happy birthday FF! What a year! - Mike Doeff
hmmm where's all the all the laptops? - Brandon
I have never eaten fondue, but I dipped a graham cracker in a chocolate fountain once. - Pete D
Happy Birthday FFers (and THANKS) - Charlie Anzman
Cheers! - FFing Enigma
Congratulations on your first year! - Anne Bouey
Yeah, Melting Pot! - Eric - Let Me Know
Congratulations and Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! :) - Mona Nomura
Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, you're !!!!!!111!!!!!!ONE!!11 - Pete D
Happy Birthday... and Thank You - Johnny
프렌드피드 일주년을 축하드립니다. 더욱 더 발전하시고 더 좋은 서비스를 제공해주시기 바랍니다. 생일 축하드립니다. :D - zizukabi
Thank you for being such a huge part of my life this year! - Robert Scoble
heppy birfdeh young buck, you've had a bangin year. Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride (as the Hells Angels say) - Marko Bon from fftogo
happy birthday and many more to go! FF ftw! :) - imabonehead
happy birthday guys! congrats on a terrific first year - John Lilly
Happy Birthday and thank you for an excellent service! - Mustafa K. Isik
Happy Birthday! I love FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Awesome... I love small startups - Chris Lamprecht
Happy Birthday. Is that Ana busting open a screwcap? - Richard Chen
Happy Birthday FriendFeeders and thanks for great service. - Alexander Arsky
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! - Vista
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed!!! Love ya'! *mwah* - Lisa L. Seifert
C'mon. It's FriendFeed... They should be having Birthday Pie (Chart). Either blue or orange. Both taste yummy. - Lisa L. Seifert
happy birthday friendfeed, and jeanette.....i miss u guys - goutham
Many happy returns, FriendFeed! - Richard Walker from twhirl
Happy Birthday FriendFeed! It's been amazing, so happy to have been a tiny part of it! - Iain Baker
A belated Happy Birthday, great service! - Bo Stern
Happy birthday! Long may you continue! - Martin Bryant
Congratulations and happy first birthday, guys. FrF is awesome, you're awesome, and your achievements in this year are awe-striking as well! :) - × × ×
Happy birthday and congratulations! - Joe Dawson
FF is the best way of social communication atm - Phil Smirnov
Happy BIrthday Friendfeed crew! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Once again Ana is the only one doing any work in a FF picture. - Steve C, Team Marina
“~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDFEED!!! ~~~” Fondue! I love fondue... jealous!! Let's have many more birthdays! Best of Luck, Success FTW!!! - Susan Beebe
congrats - Alex Hammer
I see here how it's okay for you to play on your iPhone during dinner ;) - wiredgnome
Wow! Posted almost 6 years ago and there it is on my TL (after someone I follow either posted a comment or liked it). This is the kind of features only Friendfeed was able to provide. Hope everybody on that picture had the career they were hoping for back then. - Pascal le Rudulier
*.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
lan... - akaşa
anca ye iç olm bi el at şuraya - yormayinbeni
only eat drink throw a hand here sldkfjsldkfjslkdfjsdlkfjsdklf not throw ahHAHAHAHDKNsfsf - yormayinbeni
Hello, my name is Selina found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you, I do not know you very well, but through your profile. Contact me at( so that i can get back to you with more details about me with my photos. Please do not write on the site write me here in my email address ( - Selina Love
WTF BIRTHDAY - yormayinbeni
friendfeedCommentAnchor - New User script & Bookmarklet to add a permalink to each comment -
Show all
friendfeedCommentAnchor [v0.1.0] - - A user script, a bookmarklet and an alternative configuration userscript (has autoCommentAnchor turned ON). To add a permalink to each comment. The hyperlinked text default is "#" (you can change it in the Configuration section to "permalink", "linky", etc in the user script). Works in single post and stream modes. Tested on Firefox and Safari. - Micah
Special Note ~ Post image: NOT A HASH TAG :) - Micah
I started the group ffhacks to house a concise listing of user scripts: . If you have a script that works on the current version of FriendFeed, and you're its author, write a comment on with the link and I'll share the original friendfeed post to the group. - Micah
Does it only work to other users with the script enabled? - Andrew Trinh
The anchor is the comment <div> container id which has been there all along; there simply has not been a user interface to conveniently access it. So yes, a URL with the anchor will work for anyone regardless of script usage (tested in Firefox & Safari). - Micah
Wow! Great work. - Svartling from iPhone
Thank you, Svartling :) - Micah
This is awesome Micah, well done! :D It's really non-intrusive too. - Mitch
splendid work Micah! - vijay
Thanks, guys. - Micah
fantastic. precisely what I had in mind. only tested the bookmarklet so far...I'll have to check out the userscript later. - chrisofspades
chrisofspades - right on :) - Micah
i like bookmarklets. - Franc, a rememberer
everybody subscribe to Micah's ffscripts group! - Franc, a rememberer
Hi, Franc :) - Micah
Hey Micah. how's it going? ;) - Franc, a rememberer
Thank you, Micah. So you listened? <> - ianf ⌘
ianf, yep. I try anyway. I remember one or two conversations you had anchors - I've wanted access them for a while too. Cheers! - Micah
#hashanchors should have been there by default, so that you could spend your time on more creative things rather than fixing FF. In fact, absence of this key element of hypertext, granular addressability, tells me that FFeeders really do not care for comments - they're ffodder to the OPs, which are the only ones that rank anything in the hierarchy of submissions around here. I don't... more... - ianf ⌘
Great feature Micah Wittman thanks. another bookmarklets suggestion plz browse this: - Nimaa
Installed the script and like it. - Miss Elle
Thanks, Miss Elle. Take a look or even subscribe to to check out more scripts. - Micah
*BUMP* for John E. - Micah from iPhone
How did I miss this? - AJ Batac
Just don't let it happen again. :D - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Very cool! - Mitchell Tsai
If James Cromwell and Terrence Stamp had a baby.
Hah! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
HA!! - AJ Batac
Computing....96% match - Mo Kargas
L to the OL - Spidra Webster
Awesome! - David Cook
Dang, Rod...did that come to you in a dream? - Josh Haley
Haha. It can't be unseen now. - Rodfather
Hey you two, "BOW before Cromwell-Zod!" - Micah
Brilliant! - Anika
Wow! - Martha
Almost forgot about this. - Rodfather
So did I. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Haha my bad - Rodfather
That is uncanny. - CarlC
Throw in a 'valley' and you're all the way there. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Did someone mention James Cromwell? - Rodfather from iPhone
Omg I forgot about this. Lol. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
This is perfect. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Now we have to get Micah to pose in a General Zod jump suit. - MoTO Boychick Devil
I imagine Micah already has the suit which he uses as pajamas - Mo Kargas
Doesn't everyone have a static-shielded jumpsuit? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I want to Like this post again. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Next week this post will be 3 years old. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Stephen- I liked it for you. =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
LOVE!! And so perfect! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Bret Taylor
Our data center (SVColo) performed an upgrade to their core network switch this evening. Something went wrong, and the operation took 30 minutes instead of 5. We apologize for the problem.
we are back - K.D.
I wondered. Glad you are back! - Rachel Lea Fox
No problem. Just don't scare us like that again ;) - Mark Krynsky
Ok otherwise it was going to be an topic on Twitter. - Madhav Tripathi
I forgive you. - Vezquex
I thought FriendFeed would have deployed mobile datacenters across the US by now. - imabonehead
Talk to Scoble about getting you guys on Rackspace :) - Jason Cronkhite from Alert Thingy
Jason: we would love to host FriendFeed but any hoster will screw up from time to time so I would rather win their business on the strength of our technology and service. Our CEO puts his personal cell phone out there (I don't know of any other hosting company CEO that does that, plus mine is +1-425-205-1921). not to mention I have some major motivation to make sure FriendFeed stays up. :-) - Robert Scoble
Compete with Wave and let people run their own Friendfeed servers. - Vezquex
Thanks! I almost sent SOS via Twitter...but u guys were fast! :D - Roshan Ramachandran
Oh, and it was nice of you guys to arrange your downtime for when I was flying and off the net! :-) - Robert Scoble
The upside is I saw the 'new and improved' twitter web interface for the first time. When do I have time to do that normally :D - Micah
@scoble, that's just it. I've only known Rackspace to screw up once and it was due to some guy driving a car into the data center. Plus, all the other perks you mentioned. - Jason Cronkhite
Andy, long time :) - Micah
Something changed with this downtime, didn't it? All images are now hosted on instead of the old - Mitch
Mitch, the friendfeed-media change was deployed yesterday and unrelated to the outage. - Paul Buchheit
siktirtmeyin datacenter'ınızı. FF gitti diye ödümüz koptu aq. - öküz
Bret Taylor
You can now get a daily or weekly email digest for anybody's feed on FriendFeed. You'll get a daily or weekly email with the most popular posts from that person's feed. To get the email, click the "Email/IM" link at the top of anyone's feed, and select the "Best of day" or "Best of week" email option.
Picture 11.png
You can see all of your email settings at - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret! :) - Matt Ruiz
Thanks to Kevin for doing a great design for what turned out to be a more complex set of UI options than we had originally anticipated, and thanks to Tudor for implementing the email backend. - Bret Taylor
Great! Thanks! Love FF! - Scott Monaco
I now get the FriendFeed Feedback posts as a Best of Day email so it doesn't fill up my feed, but I don't miss feedback. I also set up a "Best of Day" email for my "Technology people" friend list so I get a pretty good overview of tech news every day via email. - Bret Taylor
This is a really cool idea Bret, I wish you can make that an RSS feed option as well. I'd be much more likely to read summaries in RSS than in email. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Lovely. Thanks guys. - Mitchell Tsai
Casey: Thanks for the tip. What's the 7 before the "?" mean in the URL? The number of likes or replies needed to be included? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
this is killer, the random influx of email during the day was kinda getting fail-ish. I love the daily digest. - Drew Lucas
Very cool! Any way to get archives of previous months? (especially helpful for those of us who leave the internet for weeks at a time...) - Mitchell Tsai
WOW. that's really helpful! - K.D.
Looks like a great addition for those who are not embedded on the site. Nice intro. - Louis Gray
Cool! - Josh Haley
Ahsan: it is somewhat random right now when the emails are sent, but we built in the backend capability to control what time they are sent, and we plan on exposing that control to users in the future. Right now, it is kind of random - sorry! - Bret Taylor
Cool! can i get a daily or weekly email digest for the "Saved searches"? - 0M0M from email
This will be incredibly useful. Thanks to all involved in the design and execution. - Kathy Fitch
Nice addition! - Michael Fidler
But what exactly is "Best"? Is it anything that has a certain number of likes/comments? - Laura Norvig
@Bret LOL THAT WAS MY PROJECT! I will release it tomorrow. But you've also did it and killed my friendfeed application **sigh** But mine has multi-reporting weekly-daily-monthly at the same time and adjustable entry count! - Alp
@Bret please consolidate me or I won't code new apps with you api! :-) - Alp
Alp: we were not trying to withhold data. Later today the documentation will be updated to reflect the ability to obtain "Best of" for users. The feed id will be USERNAME/summary/N (similar to "Best of" for lists) - Benjamin Golub
Hi Ben, that is pretty funny, I tried that URL earlier today to see if it has been secretly released :) - Paul Kinlan
Bret: While Twitter struggle to keep their fail whale under control, you guys are developing stuff like this. Amazing - Thanks! - Jim Connolly
awesome feature, this will be highly useful for my corporate group ideas / content sharing; projects, etc.... THANK YOU :) - Susan Beebe
Great work. I especially like that it works on lists too. - Meryn Stol
my inbox might say different, but I like that :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Wow, this is really neat! And it links into the idea I expressed earlier, re: reducing signup friction / enabling limited guest privileges. Imagine if I could embed one of my FF rooms on my personal web site, and enable people to subscribe to that feed by e-mail with just a couple of clicks... rather than saying "you can get e-mail notifications but you have to sign up for Friendfeed first." "sign up" -- though admirably lightweight on FF -- is still a huge barrier. - Adam Lasnik
is there a love button cause I dont like this option I LOVE this option..great work guys - (jeff)isageek
Three options I would like (1) Can I select "top 100" instead of "top 30"? (2) Could I select both "best of day" and "best of week"? (3) How about older timeperiods? I'd love to get an e-mail with stuff from last week or Mar 2009? Start & end dates? Anything to help me read FriendFeed off-line would be great since I spend long periods off-line at festivals (especially during summer time) or overseas. - Awesome job guys! - Mitchell Tsai
So this works on groups too, cool! But we still cannot see Best of for groups on the site on friends lists. :-( I have several friends lists that include just groups and when I select to view the best of the page it's empty (even though if I got to the individual best of for those groups there are entries there). - Kol Tregaskes
does anyone know of a web service that can do this? (I'm thinking weekly email updates of my favorite feeds/people) I don't think there's anything like friendfeed .. - Franc, a rememberer
That's a cool feature - Xitong Liu
Emails no longer get sent except for Subscriptions. The last non-sub email I recieved was July 15th, 2011. - NOT THE CRICKET
I still get them. - AJ Batac
I get these every day. - Me
I still get it - AJ Batac
*jealous* I no longer get anything but subscription emails. - Bruce Lewis
Following US Politics that way ever since and the emails always went through: so happy this never went off course and kept a valuable record of these threads. - Zu from AOD
unutmadık :) - alperyz
Thanks for sharing!! - Keith Kesier
Louis Gray
New FriendFeed Logo.
Screenshot 2013-09-05 at 3.54.51 PM.png
Hahaha! - Stephen Mack
OMGee - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
That will turn it around! - Morton Fox
It would be awesome if the logo could actually be changed for just a little while. But, could Yahoo! sue based on the use of the exclamation mark? - Joe
I don't think I can handle two logo changes in one week. - rønin
yahoo 的新 logo 迅速成为吐槽对象。 - ashbee
yaaaaaahoooooooooooooeeeeey! - AJ Batac
So whimsical! :D - AJ Batac
FriendHoo / YaFeed - Stephen Mack from iPhone
ADD ME FRIENDS - Wahyu Cah Brosela
Thomas Hawk
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed -
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed
I wish there was a AIR client for FF though. - barl0w
Twhirl works well for FF and it's an AIR client. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Great article. I want to learn more about the dumping the RSS feeder part. You should share some tips with that. Good stuff. - Amani
Love seeing FF through the eyes of someone who's not a traditional techie =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks Bob! - barl0w
A big part of why I wrote this post and have it running in my number one photo spot on Flickr right now is because I want more of my photography friends to sign up for the service. I *love* seeing photos here on FriendFeed and there are so many talented photographers who are not here yet who need to be. If we can get more of them to sign up, you guys will love their work. Of course there are many great photographers already on here but still a lot more who could join. - Thomas Hawk
I had to re-share this with all my FB friends. :) - Kelly W.
Still trying to figure out this whole friendfeed experience. I've had the account for a while and see lots of my twitter friends posting via ff - Demetri Mouratis
great piece! - mashable
Hi Demetri =) Different people use FF different ways because they want to get different things out of it. What are you hoping to get out of it? - FFing Enigma
Thanks for the tip. I had FF but really never 'got' what it was for. This helped! - Molly Nichelson from twhirl
Nice post Thomas. - Paul Wade
TH - for those photographers that are not on here, I put their flickr id into my Flickr Imaginary friend and see their images that way. However, it would be nice to get more photographers on here with their reader shares and such... - Justin Korn
This is definitely the best "Why Friendfeed" post I've seen. - Nick in Manila
Justin, agreed. I have a bunch of imaginary friend accounts for Flickr/Zooomr users as well. But it is nicer when they actually have accounts here, their work can be liked and commented to the larger FF community, etc. It seems like a few new people signed up today based on this post so I'm happy for that. Thanks Nick! - Thomas Hawk
I have AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition as well as AlertThingy v2 - Outsanity
Well said, Thomas. :) - Josh Haley
Nice list of reasons, all well thought out. While I'm at it, I wanted to tell you that I really like your new blog design too. - Karoli
Do most folks use FF in Standard or Real-time view mode? - Scott Loftesness
Only ever real-time.. it sits nicely on the second monitor as a Chrome App. - Greg Gannicott
Realtime here... - Chris Gulker
Did you just reformatted your post, Thomas? It a lot easier to scan through now. - Alan Le
Alan, a lot of times I post first and edit later. I probably shouldn't do that, but yeah, after posting I broke up some of the paragraphs better, bolded a few things etc., to make it easier to read. - Thomas Hawk
That's great. Make sure to check out Windows Live Writer for formatting blog posts if you haven't already yet. By the way, I love the new blog design. It's much better than when I helped you with the html way back. - Alan Le
Y'know... I must've spent two months randomly Tweeting things like "Will someone PLEASE explain to me why I should be using FriendFeed?" ... And then two days ago I start using my account (I'd had one for a while)... and NOW someone finally makes a post outlining why I should be here. You're two days late, Mr. Hawk, two days late. :P - Lou
actually, there's no search for Russian word forms on Frf. For me that looks as if there's no search at all - orie
hmmm.. I didn't know that orie. It seems like there is a lot of international users on FF, that's surprising to me. - Thomas Hawk
I've been trying to make sense of FF for months now, but every time I come away confused. As it is I feel like I'm drowning under all the social networking sites available. I use Twitter, Plurk and Facebook the most, and I use so I only have to post status updates once. How can I integrate FF into this without making things even more confusing? - Chris Taylor
oooh! I found the zooomr version of this post with no formatting and I whined somewhere else in my FF feed. This one with all the formatting is better :D - Tamar Weinberg
I really liked how you did a post on Flicker - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
All good reasons but #10 is my #1 reason :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark - agreed. Also, Thomas ... very nice blog. I like. - Amani
@Tamar, the unformated text was a problem on the Zooomr image. Kristopher's fixed that bug now so text in descriptions on Zooomr photos should format correctly now. - Thomas Hawk
I wasn't using FF, but signed up after your post. Now let's see if it is really so useful ;-) - Marcel Körner
@Marcel also take into consideration who you are subscribed to. Aside from maybe four on your current sub list, they are not very active at all on FF. This will affect your experience here. - Carlos Ayala
Didn't know there was a "Porn" room on FF (see screenshot)... - David Young
how did you see that they are not active on FF? - Marcel Körner
David, the "porn" room on FriendFeed isn't all that active actually. I'm not really interested in porn per se, just thought it was a good group name to claim in the great FriendFeed land group name grab of 2008. - Thomas Hawk
@Marcel by their numbers, and the fact that i know most of them and can tell you first hand that they are not. (if you hover over people's names you will see their numbers) - Carlos Ayala
still hard to beat 5 years on for speed - Thomas Power
So true Thomas: people still can't as a majority read dynamic feeds. - Zu from AOD
it gives you an easy key to the way back machine - chaz2b
Michael McKean
RIP Michael. :( - EricaJoy
RIP. :( - iTad
RIP Michael :( My condolences to family and loved ones. - Penny
Condolences to your family. RIP. - AJ Batac
RIP Dear Michael - DanDan
Fly with the angels my friend - VALZONE#NEWHIP
condolences :( - Holden Page
OMG.. RIP, Michael. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
:( - Mil∂d
RIP. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
RIP Michael. - Mark Krynsky
Attended Michael's Trisagion Service tonight, will go to the funeral tomorrow. Family OK w photos, will post as memorial to Michael. - Norman Demetrios Fletcher
oh...we weren't ready for this - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
RIP Michael. This is so sad... I just learned about his passing yesterday. :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Miss you, Michael. - Half Pint
Wish he could have seen us tonight. He just may have. - Josh Haley from iPhone
"when tomorrow starts without me....." My heart and prayers go to you, Michael and you're family. May you're family find peace and comfort in the days ahead. <3 - Lynda Dmoch
Happy Birthday. - Mike Nencetti
no more pain. - Big Joe Silence
RIP Michael. ;( ;( ;( - rowlikeagirl
Coming on one year. I hope that his family is doing okay, and am truly saddened that we couldn't interact with him this year. - NOT THE CRICKET
Wow, I can't believe it's been that long. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPod
:( I forgot to bump this on monday. :( - NOT THE CRICKET
:-( - Ashish
I only new him for a very short time here, but I miss him. - NOT THE CRICKET
Happy Birthday Michael. - Mike Nencetti
Happy Birthday Michael. nice to see your account is still here. - Mike Nencetti
On FB he kept turning up on "People You May Know" even a few months ago. Bittersweet to see him there. Happy Birthday to Michael. - Half Pint
Alex VS Preying Mantis
See all the spine-tingling drama here: - Micah
(yeah, I should have gone to bed when I posted I would :D) - Micah
=) - Micah
Did it get started because of LCD vs plasma -talks? - Jemm
Jemm, what else could it have been, really. - Micah
31:59 for all you technicians out there. - Micah
we got a regular drunken master here - Vezquex
ROFL. - Derrick
I use to have one as a pet - VALZONE#NEWHIP
:D - Micah
were you able to STEM the GRAPE and furious attack? :-) - Morgan
ROFL...I have no idea where that rolling of my index finger thing even came from. First time I've ever noticed that I do it...and I don't think it was the only time on the video that I did that. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
It's your tell, Alex. - Micah
But perceived it not, the mantis did. - Micah
Ha! - SAM
I think he's practicing playing the skin flute. - Akiva
Invisible Flute - Jemm
*BUUUUUMP* Good times! - Micah
ha! I totally forgot about this. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Yep. - Micah
I'm dropping science like I'm Louis Gray, yo!
I love this pic. :) - Louis Gray
double *bitchlips* - BEX
Louis is taller than me? *cries* - Derrick
No Derrick, you were just slouching. Plus Louis had on shoes with thick soles. - FFing Enigma
Tina, it's like you TOOK the picture!! - Derrick
I was standing on a Derrick's left foot. He has big feet, gentlemen... - Louis Gray
1UP Louis - Derrick
my contribution to the louis gray meme: - Adam Singer
awesome Adam! - BEX
*fist bump* Adam - Derrick
Derrick wins the Moment of Win once again - Josh Haley
I wanan meet Louissss lol - Gordon Swaby
Dropping science? Not coolz - orionstarr
bump. - mjc
Bump for the good times. - Mark Krynsky
awww, this pic was taken right after I met Derrick <3 - Tamara, #TeamMarina
What is this, memory lane? :) - Louis Gray
I took this picture. I have an uncanny method for extracting bitchlips. - Mark Krynsky
:) - edythe
*bump* - Derrick
We should retake this in Nawlins. - Louis Gray
Co-sign. - Derrick
Make it so. - Micah
I think Louis Gray has better bitchlips than Robert Scoble. - NOT THE CRICKET
This make me happy and sad. Great to see you, guys! But sad for FFundercats and FF... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
This is Derrick's oldest and most favoritest shirt. - Louis Gray
Still a MOW. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Indeed it is. I love this shirt. - Derrick
Meanwhile, I have probably never worn that shirt since. Ugh. - Louis Gray
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++! -
FriendFeed Blog: Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++!
Welcome, Ben! - Kevin Fox
Right on! Congrats, Ben. - Micah
Congrats Ben! Also, congrats to FF you are lucky to have him! - Jason Shellen
Data storage and scalability rock. :) - Louis Gray
Congrats, Ben! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah Ben!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
so i finally get my answer to this :) - MG Siegler
Yeah, sorry I couldn't respond to that one before. :-) - Kevin Fox
well i be darned .... we now can rejoice, since fast paced additions to already good product are surely fastly coming about off the feedpipe ... it'l be a hectic season of finest upgrades ... I'm sure they'l start with keyboard shortcutze. ... I mean Google Reader rules on that. Intelligent to the extreme., on the other hand - are we sleeping? .. not even "/" ??.. and that... more... - pb:
Congrats Ben! Totally agree with Jason. Our latest project wouldn't have become feasible without Ben -- I'm just so glad we managed to get a fraction of his time before he left! :) - Simon
Congratulations, Ben! You're joining an awesome team. - Anne Bouey
Woohoo! Another Googler :) - Tim Hoeck
Congrats, you are now a "big company"! ;)))) - K.D.
That's not my picture! They got the picture wrong! In fact, I didn't get the letter of hire either. :( Oh, Hi there, Ben...if that's your real name. ;) - Josh Haley
Good luck Ben! With you our preferred service will go more interesting - Roberto from fftogo
you're building a friendfeed army there :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Congrats - Özkan Altuner
Nice, any former Google Reader-er is a friend of mine. - Mike Reynolds
gratz Ben! - timepilot
Welcome Bret! - Michael_techie
So, Facebook...? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Poor Ben Darnell. The last to enter are always the first to leave in mergers. - beersage
Hiring new staff while in secret acquisition talks, not exactly classy guys. I hope Ben knew what he was getting into - Glenn Slaven
Why on earth does he use the Duck Hunt theme? - Vezquex
I don't know.. but it is awesome! :) - Tim Hoeck
Wow, looks like somebody bumped this! - Kevin Fox
I think there were a bunch of spam comments made to some 2009-era posts by FF employees. For some reason even after the spam is nuked, the post stays bumped. - Stephen Mack
Yes, I blocked a spammer that was bumping old posts about FF themes and what not. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
OH HAI! - Eric - Let Me Know
Well, let's see this as an opportunity to raise a virtual glass to Ben and FriendFeed-that-was! - Kevin Fox
It probably had something to do with the Tornado 2.2 release. I noticed Ben was the one who posted about the release on HN earlier. Edit: Or it could have just been a spammer. *shrugs* - NOT THE CRICKET
I don't think it had anything to do with the tornado release - a spammer bumped a bunch of Bret's old posts today. - Ben Darnell
Here, let me save future spammers some time: Hello my name is ____ and I am an attractive young ____ _____ and I would like to contact with you so that together you and I can ___ with ____ while _____ in a highly ____ manner. Please to be responding as soon as is practical. Without your help, the _____ in U.S. dollars will go unclaimed, and the herbal ______ remedy will wither and die. Yours in all urgent seriousness, _____. - Stephen Mack
:D, Stephen! - Anne Bouey
Awesome Photo :) - Adi Prcike
Which shows up more, this pic or the Asian gentlemen on the beach? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
bret neler oluyor dostum? kardeşi kardeşe kırdıracaksın canım ülkemde!!! işinin başına dön lütfen.. - Aynebilim Aşevi
testa di cazzo se arcasca tutto te veniamo a cercà e non saremo teneri come i musulmani - Francesco M.
kime dedin onu francesco? - Aynebilim Aşevi
Bence de Friendfeede sahip çıksın artık... - Koleksiyoner Ali
Welcome, Ben! - Kevin Fox Ya puedes canjearlos por 3 Códigos Standard y transformarlos en $90 US. - Caca Machado
Hello, my name is Selina found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you, I do not know you very well, but through your profile. Contact me at( so that i can get back to you with more details about me with my photos. Please do not write on the site write me here in my email address ( - Selina Love
Bret Taylor
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog -
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog
"As a devoted FriendFeed user, I have tried to convince all of my friends and family to join the site, but a handful of them never quite got their accounts set up properly. With our new Recommend friends feature, I can fix their FriendFeed experience by recommending subscriptions to them." Try it out at - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Excellent feature, gooood idea! - Susan Beebe
Very cool =) - FFing Enigma
Cool stuff. - Mike Bracco
Uh, it tells me that Scoble, among others, could use the recommendations. WTF? Perhaps I have too few subscriptions for this to work. - Fred Yankowski
more good stuff - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Finally a better recommendation - directeur
I'd still love an "e-mail this item" feature, similar to Google Reader. - Jesse Stay
great idea! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Cool! Beats the heck out of #followfriday!! - Larry Hawes
What am I supposed to get when I click the 'recommend friends' link on someone's pop-up? Currently, the popup just goes away and I don't get directed anywhere else. - FFing Enigma
Fred: yah, unfortunately, you can only recommend people who you are subscribed you and who are also subscribed back to you. - Bret Taylor
Mark, I didn't submit a bug report since what is supposed to happen wasn't actually spelled out on the blog post or here; this might be the intended functionality... I hope not, but it's possible. - FFing Enigma
Tina: it is supposed to pop up a dialog. Sorry for the trouble - we will look into it. - Bret Taylor
At first I did not understand this, but now that I am checking it out, it is brilliant and addresses much of what we have complained about. NOW what will we complain about? - Liza + = ?
Just to confirm Bret, the first image in the blog post is what the pop up is supposed to look like, right? Because that's nothing like what the page looks like.... - FFing Enigma
I notice that new subscriptions are automatically added to one's home feed. I consider that kind of a bug. - Meryn Stol
Tina: yes, that is correct. The page is just a list of people that we think could use some friend recommendations since they have few subscriptions. If you click on any of the "Recommend" links on that page, you will see the same, standard "Recommend friends" dialog. - Bret Taylor
User-driven...I like. - Josh Haley
Where would we find recommendations that others suggest to us? - Fred Yankowski
@Bret, who receive the recommandation see also who is the recommender? - Roberto
Fred: You will receive an email as well as a notification on the top of your feed. - Ross Miller
Roberto: yes, they see who recommended - Bret Taylor
Not getting the pop-over when I click 'recommend' on the page either... FFox 3.0.12 if it's relevant. - FFing Enigma
Bret, if I recommend friends to people who haven't signed in for a long time, will they get email? A lot of my bored friends are not active FF users I think. (quite logical) - Meryn Stol
and can I see who has accepted my recommendation? - Roberto
Roberto: You won't be notified if they accept/deny as the recommender. - Ross Miller
Ross: Ah, it just appeared on my feed. Cool. (And thanks Meryn) - Fred Yankowski
Meryn: yes, they will get an email with your recommendations - Bret Taylor from email
Bret, I accidently just received an email with previous recommendations. I had already viewed them through the web-interface. But indeed, it's there. Email looks good too, as I expected of course. :) - Meryn Stol
hey Robert Scoble....I have a trade send my name to all your friends...i send your name to all of my friends for the rest of my life.... - Bob DeMarco
I would like that deal, too, Scoble. I like this a lot. - Ben Hanten
Bob: I charge $1 per friend. :-) just kidding, but the UI makes it so hard to send you to more than a few people. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bret: You guys rock! This is so much better than FollowFriday, which I recommended just a while back. Now, I'm waiting for some recommendation emails! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
If there’s something about friends and family not having their account set up properly, I’d prefer a way to recommend them the streams they forgot to add. For example, I could tell them “You forgot to add your Digg stream and your fourth and eight blog. Here’s the link.” Then he could just click the recommendation and had it set up easily. - Natsuki Seika
Definitely better than #followfriday. - Bernie Goldbach
As I have lots of subscriptions the pop-up window is *really* slow and always has been since the new UI (same thing for amending friends lists). :-( I like the feature though, so I could make a new friends list of my most recommended users and use that each time for each user? - Kol Tregaskes
Willem (@wim66) ☠
Speedtest MEME - wat is your internet speed?
nice latency - 14ms - Kevin Johnson
Internet only would be €30,50. But I pay about €60,- for Internet + digital tv. with 160GB DVR + phone unlimited - Willem (@wim66) ☠
.My connection speed is 2Mbps ...My Uploading speed is 0.23Mbps and Downloading speed is 1.85Mbps..I have checked my internet speed at - meninwhite
Louis Gray
Congratulations Bret on achieving all you have with Google, FriendFeed and Facebook. Looking forward to the news of the next journey. We're all proud of you.
"He left the search giant to found FriendFeed, a once-popular social aggregator." ONCE POPULAR? :( :( :( - Rochelle
Makes you wonder even more what will happen to this place now that Paul and Bret are gone. - chrisofspades
Good point, Chris. - Rochelle
I hope Chris didn't point out the beginning of the end.... again. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
:( - ؛ patrick
What Rochelle said. And what Louis Gray said squared. - John Craft
Pretty interesting development. Curious to see what Bret does next. - Mark Krynsky
The startup I would like to see is a service where I can feed in all of my RSS feeds and things, and people can comment on them, and the most recent comment or like bumps it to the top. To make it marketable, maybe ads on the side of the page can be sold that matches the discussion that people are having. For example, a discussion like this would pull up adds for Google + and Facebook and Ground Coffee. Wait, that is like FriendFeed without the ads. - Joe
LOL @Joe - Harold Cabezas from Android
i got this old fake meme, and had to drag Roy Scheider into it -
i got this old fake meme, and had to drag Roy Scheider into it
Top Facebook Exec Bret Taylor Leaving To Do His Own Thing, More Departures Could Follow | TechCrunch -
Top Facebook Exec Bret Taylor Leaving To Do His Own Thing, More Departures Could Follow | TechCrunch
"And so it begins: Facebook CTO and platform guru Bret Taylor is leaving Facebook this summer, Kara Swisher is reporting, off to do a startup with Google App Engine founder Kevin Gibbs. Taylor confirmed the news in (of course) a Facebook update." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
FriendFeed did WHAT?! -
FriendFeed did WHAT?!
this picture rocks - Violet Mae Lim
Amen. - Yolanda
++ Rasheen. - NOT THE CRICKET
Totally excellent! - Warren Butler
lol, I know right - Wayne Sutton
The iconic Rahsheen face. Good for a number of occasions. - Hutch Carpenter
Yes...definitely applies for various occasions :) - Rahsheen
That's the face :) - Micah
Hahaha - Rodfather
that picture kills me LOL! :D - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
What's weird is he's wearing a shirt! - anna sauce
lollllllllllllllllllllll - Melly
If RahRah is wearing a shirt, hell must be freezing over! - imabonehead
Rah needs to do a video like I did. - Outsanity
best avatar eva!!! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Love that expression man :D - Praveen Vasudev
ahahahah :D - Sinan İŞLER
ahaha excellent expression! - Jacque
*bump* This is so perfect. - Andrew Smith
hey man this is really perfect =) - Ahmet UZUN
Retitled: 2 Social Networks and a cup, reax - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
Love it! Great face!! - Mitchell Tsai
Jejeje - Stalyn☂
They took the 50 mil and went to San Mateo without us..... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
...but I LOVE this pic!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Seriously - it makes me LOL everytime I see it! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
lets remember it, what did happen that day :) - alperyz
*sigh* - Big Joe Silence
Wait, what? LOL - Rahsheen
Will still be a classic remembered 500 years from now. - Micah
yep. :) - Abhishek
^ Yep. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
We need pictures for "Instagram did what?" also. - Morton Fox
SUrprised no one has lolcatted this for various occasions.. - Rahsheen
*gets on that* ;) - Big Joe Silence
Louis Gray
Mark Krynsky and Susan Beebe are watching SXSW...
2011-03-11 17.08.31.jpg
Mark always looks like this. - Louis Gray
I am a happy camper. - Mark Krynsky from iPhone
Yes he is! - Susan Beebe from Android
Crap. Gotta leave in 10 minutes then. - Louis Gray
Uh. - Derrick
Awesome! - AJ Batac
Sup - sofarsoShawn
Hello - E.richard
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more -
FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more
"Today we are launching version 2 of the FriendFeed API for beta testing. We focused on making the API simpler to use, and we added number of compelling new features." Documentation: - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
OAuth? Sweet. Thanks a lot for all the new good stuff in the API: can't wait to use it. - Mark Trapp
very nice. great work! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Yet another reason to like Bret. :-) - Jesse Stay
Great!!! - YungSang from FriendFoo
nice! - Daniel Rust
good job guys, I bet devs are jumping high right now - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Sweet, congrats! - Ivan Zuzak
nice, good to see OAuth support, this will enable a larger 3rd party ecosphere around FriendFeed, I hope - Jeroen De Miranda
After going through the documentation and playing around with some feeds, I love the fact that you can now see the subscriber lists of people who have their feeds set to private as long as you are subscribed to them and authenticate (mimicking the main site functionality). One thing that's absent is a discussion of Direct Messages. Do they show up in feeds if you authenticate? How do we find just direct messages? - Mark Trapp
Mark: direct messages are accessed using the feed ID "filter/direct". Read more about feed IDs at Also direct messages appear in the "home" feed. - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin: ahhh, I see it now. I missed it when skimming that list over. Thanks! - Mark Trapp
Can you post the wget version of the command line? - Gabe
Gabe: wget --user=bgolub --password=passwd --post-file=MyPhoto.jpg should work. In theory. Edit: nope. I'm not sure it's possible to do with wget. - Mark Trapp
Thanks God it is New API. - AlpB. from iPod
Nice progress here with this release! - Micah
I love it! - friday night
Why is wget questionable? - Gabe
Gabe: wget doesn't support multipart forms as a design decision. If you post a file, FriendFeed returns a 404, and if you post data, the query is too long for wget to handle. - Mark Trapp
Good work, look forward to seeing what developers can create - Joe Dawson
doublepluslike - Vezquex
curl FTW. - Jeremy Kunz
This is great, FriendFeed team. Good job. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Woowoo, bgolub's password is “passwd” ;-) - Amit Patel
Amit: I wonder how many people tested that :) - Benjamin Golub
Thanks to bgolub posting his password, I now have all of FriendFeed's secret documents about notorious users, useless metrics, Justin Timberlake's promoting FF on Oprah's show, hiring Colbert as a spokesperson, Ev Williams being just a “distraction”. TechCrunch is going to love this! ;) - Amit Patel
Yes big big thanks to the whole team for all their hard work!! - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
thank you;) waiting for the release :) loving clone - abdellah from FriendFeed API Example
Yay subscribers exposed! - EricaJoy
Finally OAuth, I had a hard time memorizing my remote key. - Hugh Isaacs II
This is indeed very cool, anybody started on a c# version? - Jesper Lind
Drunk in burka.
Where'd the hijab come from? - Katy S
Some random Japanese chick who is also at happy hour. - Derrick
is she drunk too? - Jim #teamFFrank
Japanese hijab? Does not compute. - Rochelle
Take me now! - sofarsoShawn
That's so cute it's hilarious/scary/silly/awesome. - iTad
Lookin' good! - veo
D - you look content! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
ohhh! heee! god, you're cute. :) - edythe
When I first came on to ff today, this is what I saw at the top of the feed. As I leave, it is at the top again. Thus, I both start and end the day smiling. - Katy S
It looks just like Derrick is about to say "Goo goo ga ga" - iTad
I'm just gonna go ahead and let this be my embarrassing photo meme entry. - Derrick
why, hello thar - Mark Davidson
alalalalalala! - Michael Forian
GET OFF MY LAWN! - Jack&Cleo
Is soo cute also. - Brent - Yes I am
Brent, I've been cute since I was six weeks premature. Trust. :) - Derrick
Cute!!! :D - Bee
still loving this. - edythe
Yellow becomes you. - Brent - Yes I am
Why won't this picture die? - Derrick
because you are just so darn cute! - comix aka martha
Cuz it's all kinds of hilarious? - Rahsheen
Now there is a compliment - Ya beat out a basset hound - Brent - Yes I am
*cries* - Derrick
Just goes to show, you never know what's under some of those burkas. - Katy S
I nominate this as the cutest picture of a black guy that's been posted to Friend Feed. And seconds? - iTad
Is Rah "cute"? He might prefer handsome. LOL - iTad
Bump for good times. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, you're bumping some great shots! This one always makes me smile. - Laruia Ingalls Botts
I'm crushing on D even more now - I love this pic! That day was so funny with all the drunken tweets and posts! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Lord have mercy, I don't even remember that day. - Derrick
I still love this one! - Laruia Ingalls Botts
*Sigh* - Derrick
Srsly, could D. be cuter? - Ayşe E.
Awww - good start to Monday :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I do love this! - Katy S
Y'all know I have to bump this. It makes me smile. Love you, D! - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Bumping for Derrick's birthday! This is my favorite photo. Like, of all time. - Jandy
I just tried to like this a second time! - Jonathan Hardesty
omg how hadn't I liked this?!?! - holly #ravingfangirl
Oh my. - Derrick
the past never goes away. it's just there, waiting to be *bump*ed. - Marie
bump. :D - mjc
Still love this so much. - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Does this bump at all? - Laruia Ingalls Botts
*attempted bump* - Laruia Ingalls Botts
me actually singing - warts & all - well, actually. no warts, but double chinnage and undereye circles on Vimeo -
me actually singing - warts & all - well, actually. no warts, but double chinnage and undereye circles on Vimeo
"i've wanted to do this for a while. i'm not a good singer, and it's ok. and this is how i look when i'm doing the just-ok singing. this is part of me dealing with all my faces." - edythe from Bookmarklet
I Love it. :) - Parth Awasthi
thank you. ! i was a little afraid it might scare people witless. ;) - edythe
You're great Polly...keep it up. - Mark Krynsky
I'm sorry but were you on fire went you went up the hill? - Brent - Yes I am
Edythe you are awesome and adorable. Who does this song? - Janet
So sweet <3 Go girl! - Neya
thank you, mark and nia and jlt-j. brent, the sky is supposed to be on fire, but i forgot and mumbled. :) jlt-j: it's a warron zevon song that Jill Sobule does a beautiful cover of. - edythe
I love this song :D good job! I like your faces - comix aka martha
That made me smile. :) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
You have a very nice voice!!! - Ginger Makela Riker
Wow you had me at Warren Zevon. This shy thing is in the past. Waiting for the follow up album. - Russellreno
:) - Rodfather
[applauds] BENNY THE CAB: Hey Roger, what do you call the middle of a song? ROGER RABBIT: Gee, I don't kn -- [sees that he needs to duck] A BRIDGE!!! - Karim
Sing it, girl. ;) - Derrick
so this is what the angels in heaven sound like? you were wonderful. thank you for the preview :-) (I'm optimistic) - robert holiday
you guys are all too nice. really. :) - edythe
Excellent. I think that's what it's called, right? :-D - Pete D
Very pretty! - Anne Bouey
*smile* - Michael W. May
YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! *swoons again* - MoTO Boychick Devil
:)) - Alix May
Papa needs this today. G'morning polly. - MoTO Boychick Devil
"bridge"... *grins* - MoTO Boychick Devil
I still love this so much. - Alix May from FFHound!
That's because it is polly and she is awesome. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Indeed. - Alix May
I wish I could like it again :)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I miss those Polly faces! - Derrick
*birthday bump*... One of my most favorite Polly moments ever - MoTO Boychick Devil
Awww. Heh, Barry. If they ever made this into a single, you'd push it into some platinum list. :) ;) this is the only song I have ever sung and made sound reasonably good. - edythe from iPhone
"Bridge..." JUST LIKE JAMES BROWN!... *sigh* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Hee hee, Barry. Now you're just buttering me up like a roll. ;) - edythe from iPhone
Oh Yeah Baby! Look OUT!
dudes of FF chapter one.jpg
YAY!!! Especially loved for the cheesy "take the damned picture already" smile in the lower right! - FFing Enigma
Somewhere, an angel is weeping tears of joy. - Mike Nayyar
Ok Gentlemen. Time for you to 'flesh' out the rest of the book. Post your chapters when they are ready. I'll get on the horn and alert them that they might have another Hairy Pothead book craze coming their way! - Morgan
Well played, Morg. - Josh Haley
I wish there was a way to type a comment and sound like Barry White... - Morgan
A book might require too much work perhaps a calendar is in order. - Mark Krynsky
Are those all photos of you? - Anika
Morgan, you're pretty cute. Yep, I'm subscribed to you - Shevonne
Chapter One: morgan and only morgan. yeah baby. that's right. - Morgan
I feel like this will turn into the Tek Jansen Adventures. Chapter 231: Morgan Haley, wearing scuba gear! - Mike Nayyar
I'm down with that Mike. Scuba-doobie-doo! - Morgan
Shevonne: thank you for the kind words. now let's go dancing! - Morgan
Naturally you're Chapter 1. Love this. :) - felicious
Every day, every day, every day I write the book. - Morgan
Spidra: you are making me love you more and more with the busting out of the Elvis Costello! I'm a huge EC fan, just for the record. - Morgan
A bit behind, yeah, I know a come on when I see one! :-) - Morgan
Jurrassic Bump - Morgan
Haha - Rodfather
Wow, evidence of the first FF account I had. I had no idea my comments would disappear when I deleted it... - Spidra Webster
I'd buy that for a dollar. - Melly
Josh Haley
Save Johnny's beard! Get the PSD here. You know what to do. - Josh Haley
Looks like Josh magically morphed into Johnny's clone. - Matt Ruiz
hehehehe - Jonathan Hardesty
If this becomes a meme, I can't beard it! - Jemm
Sure you can! - Josh Haley
AHAHAHAHA!! WIN! - vijay
That is some funny stuff lol - Rachael Worthington from iPhone
Nobody puts Johnny's beard in a corner! - Josh Haley
Sir, Thank you - Johnny
*beard bump* - Josh Haley
Kadir Topbaş:) - Arzu (the) Cihangir
Best remix of 'baby in a corner' evar by _the_ Josh Haley :D - Micah
OH MY GOD!!!! I about spit out my coffee!!! - Just Mrs. V
Hellooooooooo west side! - Josh Haley
[courtsies] - Josh Haley
OMG ...downright scary! The is alive! ;-P - Mathew A. Koeneker
Bump for the good times. - Mark Krynsky
This may be the scariest thing he's ever posted. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Josh Haley
My new (used) 80's hair-band guitar, hold the hair.
IIRC, that has almost the exact same electronics as the T-60. - Big Joe Silence
Dude--you're like a rainbow in the dark. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Peavey Mystic, made in USA. That's all I know so far. I dunno what a T-60 is. A buddy gave it to me for hooking him up with some gear a couple of years ago. - Josh Haley from iPhone
everything you never wanted to know: - Big Joe Silence
Sweet. Thanks, Joe. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Rob, I hope I never look like Dio (RIP). What other bands used this axe, I wonder? - Josh Haley from iPhone
wait, someone in DIO used this model? i thought DIO-era Campbell was Charvel/Jackson and Goldie was B.C. Rich? (shows how little i know.) - Big Joe Silence
I don't think anyone in DIO used this (that I know of). I was just dusting-off my '80's rock vernacular. *slams a shot of Everclear* - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Ok, but who might have used it, then? - Josh Haley from iPhone
"Trivia..the Mystic was the first guitar Brian "Head" Welch (formerly of Korn) ever owned." - Big Joe Silence
This is my first electric guitar as well, not counting bass guitars. - Josh Haley
Gonna upload some samples, Josh? :) - imabonehead
my first electric guitar was a $70 Harmony i bought from Montgomery Ward in 1983. what a canoe paddle! - Big Joe Silence
Oh my, yes, imabonehead. Gear is in disarray, but soon I shall. - Josh Haley
My 1st electric was a Peavey T-60. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
you lucky son of a gun. - Big Joe Silence
rock out with your GUITAR OUUUUUUT!!! - sofarsoShawn
She's not as pretty the morning after. - Josh Haley
O.M.G. - surf guitar
omg, barf? what? - Josh Haley
I have an aversion to pointy guitars. That is one of the pointiest I ever saw. - surf guitar
Yeah, not my first choice, but I'm not taking it out in public, aside from this online shot, really. I just need something that works. - Josh Haley
we need to see a vid of you doing this: - Justin
I kept waiting for him to drop it. - Josh Haley
Josh, we're waiting for the video! Move it, son! - imabonehead
play some Dirt-era AIC riffage on it. - Big Joe Silence
Not sure I wanna mess with down-tuning on it yet, since I am not mechanically inclined. Hard enough to get in tune with standard tuning. - Josh Haley
just drop D, that's only the low E string. c'mon, all the cool kids are doing it! - Big Joe Silence
wedge a piece of scrap wood under the back of the floating bridge plate and tighten the claw springs in back til they cry for their mommies. you'll be golden. - Big Joe Silence
I'll try it! - Josh Haley
I've kinda wanted a hair-metal funky-shaped guitar for a long long time. I was toying with getting a BC Rich bass when I was buying my bass, but the Ibanez sounded better... - Wirehead
Susan Beebe
I think the Google Chrome browser logo is a rip off copy of the 1970's "Simon" electronic game. What do you think?
simon says.jpg
its pretty close. - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
You should send this - Mike Nayyar
guitar hero is a heavy rip off of simon says too, pretty inspirational game - Yunus Tunak
Mike - I might just do that! - Susan Beebe
The device name is not "Simon Says"...just Simon. "Simon Says" was on of the modes of play on Simon. </ComicBookGuy> - Josh Haley
That's why it looked familiar - M F
@Josh Haley - Thanks! I just corrected it... much appreciated - Susan Beebe
i remember that game. god, how i hated it. - Nathan Rein
in the other news ... ;) - A. T.
and little more chrome 80s styled :) - A. T.
I bet kids today have never seen the "Simon" electronic toy... makes me feel old! - Susan Beebe
I saw my name mentioned a few times, things ok over here? - Simon Wicks
Pft, it's obviously a pokeball - Daniel Bruce
hahaha! - Susan Beebe
omg, totally!! - Sarah Perez
I knew it reminded me of something! - Mary DeSive
since you put it that way, yeah ;) - Doug Schumacher
Lots of folks saying the Google Chrome logo "makes them want to play Simon" - LOL - Susan Beebe
to me it looks like how a non-computer-using artist type would design a trackball -- either that or they are trying to get a HAL vibe without creeping everyone out - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Uh-oh, Google, you've been caught with your hand in the electronics bin! - MiniMage
I got my son a travel version of Simon, so there's at least one kid who's seen it. (He needs hand-eye coordination practice.) This does seem very, very similar. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
I remember it ! :-) - Roberto from fftogo
I get the Simon apps for my phones. WinMo and iPhone. - MiniMage
Not sure why I didn't mention that I still have my old Simon. - MiniMage
AJ Batac
Happy Birthday!! - Melly
Happy birthday, Rah! :) - Jenny from Android
Happy birthday! - Eivind
Have a great birthday, Rah. - Jack&Cleo
Happy birthday! - SAM
Happy birthday stud! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Happy Birthday!! - Georgia
Happy Birthday, man. Have a good Rahsheen-year. - Anika from Android
Happy Bday! - DJ Stevie Steve
Happy Birthday! - Shevonne
Happy birthday! - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
!....................:-) - Nispell
Happy birthday! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy Birthday, Rah! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
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I love when Apple does an event, cause then the lovers and haters all start fighting like the crips and bloods.
You need to check out @thurott. He's a hardcore Windows guy and he's sort of live tweeting both WWDC and XBoxE3. It's hilarious because, while he's snarky, he's been spot on. :) EDIT: This includes snark against Microsoft too. He was REALLY EXCITED about the new Star Wars game for the XBox 360... until he learned it's for the Kinect! - Dan: Bibrarian
It's all so silly to me, but I'm no tech guru. People like to draw their lines in the sand and go at it though. - Derrick
I am on Team Derrick. - Louis Gray
"Well Android/Windows/Ubuntu had that like two versions ago." - Derrick
I happen to think that whatever product or software works for you, is the right one, especially if you examine your needs with what's available, but that's probably too cavalier a thought to entertain. - Derrick
That's crazy talk, D. #teamderrick - Ha3rvey (on hiatus) from fftogo
I know, 3, I know. I'm just gonna sit somewhere in the library and shut up. - Derrick
Derrick, it is perfectly reasonable. I personally think that Mac desktops are easier to learn and to use than Windows desktops, but I also add sociopolitical issues to my decision process, so the next computer I buy will probably be neither windows nor mac. - DJF
Fair enough, D. I like options. - Derrick
eh. just tell me what's new in a video with a bullet list or something. I'm not going to stop working to hang on every word of their presentation. it's freakin' software/hardware, not the Presidential address. #crankyAppleWindowsUser - jbrotherlove
I've fallen in the could care less camp myself these days. I'll get whatever tickles my fancy and read aboot them all. The flame wars are a ridiculous waste of life. - Adrian
The fuglier the computer the more hardcore you are. - John Fink
Word, Mr. Fink, word. - kendrak
Adrian is a secret Canadian. - Alix May from iPhone
Steven Perez
Ok, peeps, babby is sleeping, pizza has been consumed and vodka is on standby. Got the movie queued and ready to rock. - Steven Perez
0:00:20 - BAMBI! WATCH OUT FOR GODZILLA!!! - Steven Perez
dude, take it off of X4 speed! - Jim #teamFFrank
One minute in, and we begin with a small, defenseless animal being eviscerated off-screen. Yep, this is going to be chock full of romance. - Steven Perez from IM
Wait, she's gonna miss the heat of Phoenix?!? - Steven Perez from IM
Forks?!? The town is named Forks?!? In a vampire movie?!?!? - Steven Perez from IM
5:15 - Adults using slang. My brain hurts already. - Steven Perez from IM
Nice truck, though. - Steven Perez from IM
Adults can get down with da lingo?! - Shevonne
Sadly, no, foxy lady. :D - Steven Perez from IM
I like the way this movie is setting up the various characters who are going to end up as pizza pockets. - Steven Perez from IM
8:40 - And in walk in the vamps. You can tell because they're the pretty ones. - Steven Perez from IM
9:40 - This must be the hero. He mopes most majestically. - Steven Perez from IM
"totally gorgeous, obviously" - yeah, in that whole Robert Smith all-life-is-pain kinda way. *gag* - Steven Perez from IM
this is vintage FF right here. - Jim #teamFFrank
That look he's giving her? Wondering what blood type she is. - Steven Perez from IM
I know what he's thinking - "don'tlookatmyteeth don'tlookatmyteeth don'tlookatmyteeth don'tlookatmyteeth" - Steven Perez from IM
"OHGODSHE'SLOOKINGATMYTEETH!!!!" *runs away* - Steven Perez from IM
He mumbles so dreamily. *deep schoolgirl sigh* [/a little sarcasm] - Steven Perez from IM
No, creepy stalker guy, she doesn't remember you. - Steven Perez from IM
"Are there any cute guys?" "Well, there's this one guy who's really cute when he's all mopey ..." - Steven Perez from IM
Confront him. Right. Cuz that's what you do with someone you're not interested in. - Steven Perez from IM
Wow. He disappears. Maybe he's off killing deer. - Steven Perez from IM
Whoops. My bad. He's off killing longshoremen, instead. - Steven Perez from IM
Da union ain't gonna like that. - Steven Perez from IM
SAFE! - Steven Perez from IM
Yes, ice often happens in cold weather places, little one. It's called "winter". I know, something they don't have in Arizona. - Steven Perez from IM
16:28 - Don't these guys ever shut up? - Steven Perez from IM
Here we go ... - Steven Perez from IM
They have an eternity to shut up - Shevonne
"Hi, I'm Edward, and I'll be your mopey vampire hero in this movie ..." - Steven Perez from IM
Don't look in the microscope!!! - Steven Perez from IM
Eternal youth at his command, and his first conversational gambit is about the weather?!? - Steven Perez from IM
*wondering if the microscope is supposed to be some kind of phallic symbol* - Steven Perez from IM
*pout pout* I'm a emo girl with permanent worried eyebrows. My lab partner is really hot but looks really pale and he can stop suvs with his hand. *pout pout* - Josh Haley
Yep, definitely a phallic symbol. - Steven Perez from IM
Did these kids go to the Anakin Skywalker School of Not Really Emoting?!? - Steven Perez from IM
"Did your eyes just change?" "Errrrrrr ..." *runs away* - Steven Perez from IM
21:15 - "OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH SUPERBOY!!!" - Steven Perez from IM
And he totally saved her truck, too. What a dreamboat. - Steven Perez from IM
And here comes smarmy vampire doctor. Must have been an off-week on the soaps. - Steven Perez from IM
"Your vitals look good. Mind if I check by biting your neck and draining your blood?" - Steven Perez from IM
Wow. Mopey and a bad liar. He's definitely the hero. - Steven Perez from IM
25 minutes in, and I'm wondering when Blade is going to show up and start offing the cast. - Steven Perez from IM
OK, I need a brain break from all this emotional turmoil. Back in ten. - Steven Perez from IM
Ah, the things you guys miss when I go make me some tea. I came up with this awesome alternate timeline where Blade and Buffy show up and start killing off the town, just like AVP2. Actually, that movie sucked worse, but hey, I'm only half an hour into TWILIGHT. C'mon, mopey emo kids, don't let me down!!! Suck harder than AVP2!!! - Steven Perez from IM
aaaaaaaand, picking it up from the hospital ... - Steven Perez from IM
In the greenhouse now. They're having a fight. I think. I can't tell cuz they still have the same expressions on their faces all the time. - Steven Perez from IM
hahaha - Shevonne
I can't wait until you get to the "THIS IS THE SKIN OF A MONSTER!" scene. :D It's my favorite. - Hookuh Tinypants
Seriously, so far, this is the slowest vampire movie I've ever seen. And that includes the 1931 version of DRACULA. - Steven Perez from IM
This may save me from having to watch the movie. - Just Mrs. V
I'm beginning to wonder if I accidentally got a SMALLVILLE episode by mistake ... oh, wait, there's the Superman reference. - Steven Perez from IM
Don't feel bad, the books move even MORE slowly. Honestly, someone needs to buy Stephenie Meyer some classes on pacing and plot-building. - Hookuh Tinypants
It is slow until, for just a few minutes, it's not. Then it's over. The visuals were pretty neat, though, and I enjoyed the music. Definitely wasn't worth $22.99 for a two-disc set. - Ordinarybug Heather
Holy cow. I'm starting to feel that dull buzzing that indicates brain damage. Usually happens when I find myself watching some teen soap opera by mistake. - Steven Perez from IM
Heather: soooooooo, ... you're telling me that the one fight scene from the trailer is pretty much all the action?!? Cuz if that's true, I'm gonna reach for the KILL BILL set and review that instead. :D - Steven Perez from IM
rofl I KNEW IT! - Erin @queenofspain
Erin: It was the booze! I swear!!! :D - Steven Perez from IM
35:00 - FINALLY! Creepy stalker guy (I think) buys it - off-screen. WTF?!? Did Nickelodeon fund this movie?!? - Steven Perez from IM
I just watched the movie earlier today. I could have saved myself 2 hours and some change by just waiting and reading this. Oh well, live and learn. :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
O. M. G. They're trying on dresses?!? Did I pick up the E! network by mistake?!? - Steven Perez from IM
Of course, the local tribe knows all about the vampires. Duh. Why do you think there are no vampires in Native American lore? CUZ THEY KILLED THEM ALL. - Steven Perez from IM
Lessee: doesn't like sunlight, eyes change colors, mopey whiney emo mood swings, lousy driver, ... and now telepathy. It's so obvious. Mopey Dude is a mutant. He probably blew in from the Xavier School. - Steven Perez from IM
SPECIAL DIET?!?!? - Steven Perez from IM
Right, "special diet" - the Adkins diet from hell. Fill up on all the A-negative you want, but stay away from the bread! - Steven Perez from IM
(Steven, have you read the books? Who would be the mortal enemies of vampires?) - Ordinarybug Heather
OK, now he's a stalker. - Steven Perez from IM
(Nope.) - Steven Perez from IM
(Wait ... books?!? Plural?!?!?!?) - Steven Perez from IM
(Four of 'em, and a fifth online somewhere.) - Ordinarybug Heather
GEEZ! FINALLY! Almost an hour into the film and she finally figures it out. She's a regular Lois Lane, this one. - Steven Perez from IM
(FOUR?!? Are they plotted as slowly as this movie?!?) - Steven Perez from IM
OK, pop quiz: you've just found out that the dreamy mope in your class is a vampire. Do you (a) stock up on silver and garlic and wait to ambush him and his clan or (b) go off into the woods to interrogate him all alone? If you chose (b), then this movie is for you! - Steven Perez from IM
(c) Ask him to turn me into a vampire - Shevonne
(d) wait for the Daywalker to show and save this movie. - Steven Perez from IM
(e) Go Buffy the Vampire Slayer on him and wait for Angel, a real vampire. haha - Shevonne
Great. Now he's the Flash. - Steven Perez from IM
Wait, so now he's a sparkly unicorn?!? - Steven Perez from IM
He's the world's most dangerous predator?!? Now I wish that an actual Predator would show up and school his mopey ass. - Steven Perez from IM
OK, that's it. I give up. No mas. - Steven Perez from IM
Seriously, this movie hurt my brain. The dialogue must have been written by the same 7th-grade lunch table thespians that George Lucas used to write the "romantic" scenes in ATTACK OF THE CLONES. I wasn't expecting anything Whedonesque, but geez, watching this movie was like watching a CW teen drama on Ritalin. - Steven Perez from IM
Oy. I'm gonna go crack open that bottle of 120 proof vodka and watch a pre-1999 John Woo movie to cleanse the palate. Congratulations, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN; you're still the best vampire movie from the last 18 months. - Steven Perez from IM
Oh, and Leather Donut? You were right, dude: ASS. - Steven Perez from IM
You really reviewed this? Give me another Shiner Bock... - Joel Robert Perez
As you can see, I only made it half-way through, but that's because I couldn't breathe because I was laughing too much. :D - Steven Perez
Yep...that baseball scene was.......was.........WAS...................KKKKKKKHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! - Joel Robert Perez
I am so copying this down for posterity once they burn this joint down. :) This is the thread that kicked off the Tex-Mex Movie Reviews with Haggis. - Steven Perez
This is a great idea >> you should hold weekly movie reviews :P - Angelo Rodrigues
I TOTALLY SHOULD! Maybe I can find someone to do them with me! :D - Steven Perez
Every time a new Twilight movie comes out, I get the urge to finish the review. Then I sober up. - Steven Perez
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