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Mark Krynsky

Mark Krynsky

Manage websites for X PRIZE Foundation. Drupal & Wordpress Fanboy. Info sponge on all aspects of Lifestreaming. Father, Techie & Poet to help round things out.
The tech support at @magpresswptheme is phenomenal. Check out their WordPress themes. I'm using Combomag & love it
Pet peeve of mine is when people use "via" instead of "by" when referencing the writers of blog posts. Need to distinguish curate vs create.
Slow-Market Arbitrage in Bandwidth and Finance by @iankennedy
The Cofounder Of 23andMe’s Next Project: Mining Your #QuantifiedSelf
High-frequency trading is a growing cancer that needs to be addressed by @CharlesSchwab #finance #stocks #investing
Nice App! Need stretch goal for Android: Alternate Reality Game Will Turn You Into a Fitness Maniac #quantifiedself
Ecstatic to find out that @plexapp was available for Fire TV & it's on special for $.99 so instabuy. It runs great!
Ooh. Amazon has OEM batteries that come with the Fire TV.
Testing out an Amazon Fire TV this weekend. From what I've read so far there's no need for my Roku to be jealous.
I've become addicted to the coma inducing tranquility of
Obviously pushed by pharma: Selfies Considered a Mental Disorder, According To American Psychiatric Association
Sensational headline. Good post: Lifelogging: The Most Miserable, Self-Aware 30 Days I've Ever Spent #quantifiedself
Pretty surprised I'm not getting Geritol or male enhancement ads in Gmail while viewing my 30 year high school reunion announcement email.
Having a hobby & career be one in the same is both a blessing & a curse. It's a balancing act where I try to swing the needle positively.
WTF? It's 4/2 RT @ABC7: El Chupacabra finally captured? Texas family just caught this critter
The refs are robbing the US in this game against Mexico. Terrible...
Why yes. Yes it is: Whiskey Barrel Coffee Is A Dream Come True via @manielse
Who Designed the Hamburger Icon? Mmmm burgers. #design #UI #UX
I'm pretty impressed with this recent Kickstarter for a standing desk seriously considering.
Kwasi Enin got accepted to all 8 Ivy league schools. Awesome role model & amazing parents!
Science Channel, Discovery Channel to Air Reality Competition Based on Google Lunar @XPRIZE via @Variety
This headline was phoned in. Heh RT @TechCrunch: Nokia Announces Three New Lumia Phones: Two Cheap, One Not-So-Cheap
Just ordered a Fire TV. Looking forward to comparing it to my Roku 3. Hoping that streaming local content will be possible.
RT @andysternberg: There's a simple way YouTube can use Social to change the way we discover and watch online video. My Thoughts ->
RT @iamdevloper: A diagram to help you decide whether or not you should deploy on a Friday at 5pm
The first @glxp team to land a spacecraft on the moon will be televised! @XPRIZE partners with @Discovery
RT @ndiipp: Job Posting: Digital Access and Systems Librarian, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH: @NDSA2
I need a time machine so I can go back and not watch that last SNL episode. Horrible except for Louie's monologue.
Nice presentation: How Lifelogging Transforms Us All #lifelogging #quantifiedself
Very important question. Be prepared: Who owns a person’s digital and online data when they die? #DigitalLegacy
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