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"the fanciest bells and whistles are just carny tricks without solid journalism and strong storytelling"
The @ocregister delivery problems prove that there's a real demand for newspapers, even among the internet crowd
Woah. RT @sfiegerman: Holy crap @alexismadrigal is leaving The Atlantic for Fusion
RT @AntDeRosa: Twitter sues US government over surveillance requests
Adblock Plus tells advertisers to label native ads clearly; call a spade a spade.
WOAH. Twitpic is shutting down Sorry to hear about this, @noaheverett
From @johnrobinson to newspapers: "If digital is your future… customer focus is more important than it has ever been"
The Science of Social Timing Part 1 -
Big data: "the truth is that most people in the industry are still trying to figure it all out"
Mobile millennials use the Snapchat app more than the Twitter app
Please retweet if you have journalism student friends. @profkrg assembles a great weekly list of media internships.
Reporters should not be evaluated on how assigned beats benefit advertisers. (scroll to my comment)
Says @talkingnewmedia: Time Inc.'s "random and pointless" method for evaluating journalists is no worse than others.
Re: How Should the Quality of a Writer’s Work Be Measured? -
"The Time Inc. spreadsheet measures a journalist's value to the company, not the "quality* of her or his work. "Quality of writing" actually appears in its own a column; it's one of eight criteria used in the evaluation. I could imagine similar sheets being used by music publishers to decide which band or singer should be kept or dropped. Artists that produce the highest quality music aren't necessarily the ones that are most valuable to the company. Successful businesses make decisions that produce a (positive) return on their investment. All that said: 1. Advertisers typically want to reach specific audiences. 2. Publishers typically build target audiences by writing about specific topics. 3. Covering those topics benefit relationships with advertisers. Time Inc. should attach "beneficial to advertiser relationship" to a spreadsheet that evaluates beats, not writers. If a writer covers a beat effectively, but it's not a topic that advertisers value, she or he should not be penalized...." - Kevin Sablan
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @MobileVideoDIY @NYCcyn @hotzington
Read. 4 tips from @Scobleizer to get your Facebook post seen by more people. by @digiphile from a @jayrosen_nyu post
Google is reportedly working on a child-safe version of YouTube, will let kids under 13 open Google accounts.
"Half of American adults now own either a tablet or an e-reader" - Pew
Time Inc. reportedly rates reporters "based on how friendly their writing is to advertisers"
What fuels a Tweet’s engagement? -
People are unhappy with Twitter experimentally adding favorites into their timelines. "the timeline is sacred"
Facebook Messenger asks for fewer permissions than Google Hangouts. "Using anything on the Internet requires … trust"
After 6 hours looking for all activity in his Facebook News Feed, reporter @TimHerrera saw only 29% of it.
"Social justice does not generate clicks" Rick Outzen: Quality journalism can’t be measured by social media clicks
"One of the bullets entered the top of Mr. Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him"
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @Zielina @kirstensalyer @MMStewartNews
Check this out, @missmollynj . My friend @gidgey made a "Who's in your Magic Mirror?" video for her Twitter followers
Is the bubble gum industry experiencing a bubble? not my usual fare, but I couldn't resist the eye-roll-inducing pun
"when the reporters leave ... #Ferguson will be left little better off for all the journalism that occurred there."
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