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RT @twittercomms: Wow! @ESA_Rosetta Tweets ‘farewell‘ photo from space of @Philae2014 heading towards its historic #CometLanding
Thank you for yesterday's retweets, @OmarShabbi @djrosenberry @SachinKamdar @jdseidel @lexienicolas and @kcalamur
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @JournalismBuzz @gijn @katierogers
Very interesting. Reuters TV will make personalized news shows for $2 monthly
A collection of Veterans Day newspaper front pages It's nearly impossible to do this for today's news sites.
Should Twitter accounts be human-powered or automated? Observations by @kcalamur after "hosting" @NPRnews
"I have become a more well-rounded instructor," says @amara_media after @uscannenberg merges 3 #journalism classes
Newsrooms should keep mobile in mind "at the point of commission rather than at the end of the process."
Is all clickbait bad? @PandoDaily compares clickbait and sharebait against "quality journalism and garbage content"
Psst. @Parsely resaearch finds "Success in social does NOT strongly correlate with other metrics"
You can help Matter pick a writer or team of journalists to win a $10,000 grant plus travel expenses up to $5,000
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @joelcifer @kirstensalyer @ChrisJOrtiz
Pew: You don't really have to know a news outlet to trust (or distrust) it
"Most journalists, I'd wager, don't have direct experience with poverty … You're not qualified to pity anyone."
Apply now for these 9 investigative journalism fellowships
"Don't just post your stories on your own Facebook page or Twitter account" — target groups who are most interested
Journalist, you should be familiar with these 18 changes that are affecting #journalism
RT @levjoy: Wow: President Obama comes out in favor of full Title II reclass, urges FCC to play along: #NetNeutrality
IMPORTANT. RT @verge: Breaking: Obama says FCC should reclassify internet as a utility
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @minfoUKprint @ckrewson @dabeard
Former newspaper reporter @mikealdax joined Chevron-funded @RichmonStandard to cover local news better than papers do
Send @benwolford and @christielaine23 best wishes as they launch Latterly, a subscription-based longform magazine
Cool, especially for developing stories. You can use #WikiWash to watch edits on Wikipedia entries as they happen
If you follow me on Facebook, expect useless questions like this. What is the past tense of Bing?
I agree with @holmesdm. Don't devote resources to moderate comments, and your site becomes a cess pool for bile
Former editor uses Facebook, Medium to publish attack on Spanish Prime Minister after newspaper refuses to print it
.@Ladewig @jshuey @fpizarro A bit sad that it came to this.
Think more creatively about storytelling around news, says @tobyleah. "listen to what gets people talking"
Reuters has ended reader comments on news stories
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