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The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @kacyjayne @NiemanLabFuego @Journerdism
.@alisongow @madamadari @johncthompson Thank you for sharing my first blog post in 3 years with your followers. Much appreciated.
I'm blogging again, starting with this. Why I left newspapers
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @mjenkins @Krochmal @raulreis2001
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @bendreyfuss @BizJournalism @minfoUKprint
MT @contently: What Happens When a J-School @Cronkite_ASU Takes Over a PBS TV Station?
Samsung managers reportedly handed back $2.9 million to apologize for poor performance (sent from my Samsung GS5)
Your opinion of @SimplyMeasured ? The Twitter Engagement Megaphone graphic looks good for execs. via @socialmedia2day
Yesssss. Facebook Save Lets You Bookmark Interesting Posts for Later
"humans are better at producing human-type journalism … But is it the only thing we need[?]"
"Remember, Twitter isn't a race to get the most followers." <- Good reminder in Twitter's list of best practices
"Between the flood of [info] online and the wall-to-wall television coverage, what is left for print?" asks @carr2n
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @davidfolkenflik @MobileVideoDIY @MeganMFinnerty
Will you help me? I've updated my @aboutdotme page. How can I make it better?
Funny first comment. "Newspaper group CEO: We need to embrace all media including print"
"you really can't trick people into sharing things. They have to really like it and be proud to share it."
Very interesting use of linked quotes. RT @JosephTKelly: Very interesting read about Upworthy's extreme growth.
RT @Independent: BREAKING: Malaysian Airlines passenger plane with 295 people on board, crashes in Ukraine near Russian border
Unbelievable 15 years ago: Microsoft will one day lay off 18,000 to help compete against Apple, Google and Samsung.
Should CEOs be on Twitter? Here are some pros and cons.
"Word Crimes," a parody of "Blurred Lines" RT @MaggieMenderski: The new writer's anthem. Thanks Weird Al.
Journalism job seekers: What to bring to the interview
I hope this Comcast customer service travesty becomes a "Dell hell" type of catalyst for change.
Facebook audience growth isn't accidental. "We made a concerted effort. We posted more stories, more often …"
Newspaper reporter makes ‘endangered jobs’ list, along with travel agent and meter reader
That New York Times Lebron James cover was inspired by Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and the New York Post.
Free journalism training -> @mututemple is hosting a 5-week course on how to tell stories using an audio slideshow
Good morning, friends. I see @tim & @monteiro & @inside & @theipaper & @louisebolotin & @AngieHolan & @AndraCLim & @anndouglas & @davelee
The Journalism Daily is out! Stories via @mjenkins @kellymcb @JuliaThompson
"I had this … romanticized concept of journalism… when you're reporting on media you quickly realize it's a business"
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