Re: Messaging and mobile platforms -
"Yep..." - Keith Teare
Re: Live chat was great but now it’s history -
"Brian, Check out Chat Center (new version coming soon at We do a lot of what you are describing here. Very nice analysis" - Keith Teare
Re: I got my receiver problem worked out -
"The Mac Mini will output sound via HDMI if you go into system preferences and force it to." - Keith Teare
Re: Starbucks Smacks Down Silicon Valley Again with Launch of Order-by-iPhone -
"The app from DownTown - - is using beacons to allow table-based ordering with food delivery to the table. It also takes care of bulling as you leave. Now in 9 Palo Alto establishments and growing fast." - Keith Teare
Re: Just Say No To Capped Convertible Notes! - VentureBlog -
"What about YC SAFE doc (Cap, no discount). Safe: Cap, no Discount. This is effectively a priced round but not yet closed. It is not debt. Any issues?" - Keith Teare
Re: Messaging, Notifications, and Mobile -
"Check out Chat Center - people-centric chat identities (http app service with the ID as a URL). For example if you click here and chat with me - - I will get a notification on my iphone and be chatting back. No need for you to know which app i am in." - Keith Teare
Tatiana Moroz at the Palo Alto Bitcoin Meetup -
Tatiana Moroz at the Palo Alto Bitcoin Meetup
Fwd: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at (via
Fwd: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 5pm PT participate at (via
Re: The easiest way to tweet a storm! -
"For some reason mine took the second item as the anchor and ignored the first - possibly a bug" - Keith Teare
Re: Chat Center: Universal chat for everyone on the planet -
"@jmonegro - it is now in the app store - Chat as a service...." - Keith Teare
Re: The easiest way to tweet a storm! -
"Love it Dave. One suggestion. The normal Tweet Storm methodology is for the first tweet to be replied to be all the others. That creates a thread-like experience." - Keith Teare
Fwd: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at (via
Re: Digesting WWDC: cloudy — Benedict Evans -
"Ben I wrote this on my birthday 3 years ago - smart mobile and the thin cloud - I struggled for the right words to express what Apple has done and how it differed from both the web and android. Your writing today brought it all back - Thanks" - Keith Teare
Re: The internet of things — Benedict Evans -
"Benedict. I agree with your thinking here, but I think one of your conclusions is at least cloudy.... "So half the ‘internet of things’ devices in your ‘connected home' won’t be on the internet or be connected to anything else. " The "things" will be connected to the cloud, but via a gateway and hub (yes both). The smartphone can play that role, So too can an Apple TV or other set top box, or even an access point. The key is to see the "thing" as being "marked" by a beacon and the marker having content that is probably cloud based. The gateway/hub provides the lookup and retrieval service. By this method the real world is "knowable" even though the "things" are not connected to the cloud or even to each other. It all becomes clear if you envisage a triangle (thing, gateway, cloud) rather than a dual structure (thing/cloud) or (thing/thing). Make sense?" - Keith Teare
Re: Nigel Farage and the fury of the elites | British politics | spiked -
"Brendan, I like this piece but it does have a flaw. What your really saying is that Populism is popular. That the fear of the elite is that they are not popular. And that this popularity of the populist scares them. So far so good. But the genuine popularity of populism does not render it a positive, or indeed give it some limited positives. To see populism as the potential first step on the long road to real consciousness is a little naive. It can just as easily manifest itself in the opposite. There are great historical examples of this - for example Iranian leftists belief that the anti-shah movement was positive despite its focus on Khomeini as its symbol;ic leader. What you are doing here is separating form (populism) from content (extreme nationalism and anti-foreigner sentiment or both). This separation is not real. they are tightly bound. I for one see nothing positive in this." - Keith Teare
0/ Chat Center is my new startup. Universal Chat for everybody on the Planet via a Universal Chat Address. 1/ Anybody on the planet can chat with you with one click/tap. They need no app or registration. They don’t even need a phone. 2/ People can message you from any device or app that can load a web page (all apps and...
Re: Bijan Sabet — The Nexus 5 -
"Bijan - The solution to Chat hell -" - Keith Teare
Fwd: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at (via
Fwd: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 5pm PT participate at (via
Re: The decline of the mobile web -
"Hi Chris I think this has been inevitable for a couple of years now. The simplicity of apps from a user PoV beats the openness of the web from a developer PoV. I think http as a transport and the app ecosystem as a consumer will give rise to a new "services" layer that creates value for developers. In that sense "infrastructure as a service" will allow the web to live and thrive on mobile, just not as a client delivery mechanism. As for the impact on innovation - I'm not as pessimistic as you. There is a lot we can do - with or without the gatekeepers." - Keith Teare
Re: What If Sochi Will Be Greater Than Great? A Prelude of Hope to the XXII Winter Olympiad -
"A good counterposition to the prevailing wind Phil. Well said...." - Keith Teare
Re: What does mobile scale mean? -
"Would love to contribute this essay to the debate... It focuses on funding strategies in this mobile age - http://us6.campaign-archive1.c..." - Keith Teare
The Opinionated! Essay – Number 1 – The Startup Valley of Death -
Re: Yahoo Tells SEC: 31% Of Our Search Revenue Comes From Microsoft -
"Yahoo looks more and more like AOL (except replace AOLs dial-up revenue with Yahoo's search revenue). Both seem to be former giants, now dependent on external factors to fund current smaller operations. Neither seem relevant to the future. At least AOL is attempting re-invention via content. As Mobile replaces desktop traffic, and search declines proportionately, one wonders whether Yahoo has any real shot at reinventing itself on anything like its current scale." - Keith Teare
Re: The Marginal Utility of Bitcoin is a Wash -
"I think the discussion shouldn't be about whether Bitcoin or Ripple (XRP) are currencies. Clearly they are stores of value. And they are also means of exchange. One real opportunity is for these intermediary stores of value (between state backed currencies) to enable friction-free cross border transfers and payments. In the case of Bitcoin, there is a flaw in the architecture that makes this hard (delayed transaction completion). XRP seems quite suited to this however." - Keith Teare
Re: Facebook is for grandparents: What we need in a next-gen social network -
"You haven't seen yet have you? It's what you described...." - Keith Teare
Re: Instagram and Youtube — Benedict Evans -
"This is an area I have been experimenting in for about 7 months now - since launched. I think one unstated truth is that the smartphone itself is becoming social in that it is able to deal with 1-1, 1-many and 1 - all interactions. It is increasingly important to dissect these sociologically too. 1-1 between friends vs strangers (same for 1-many). 1-all is almost always to strangers. Then from there to engagement between poster and reader. What the device/os does (Photostream; iMessage; email on iOS or Hangouts and email on Android) versus what an app is needed for is a key area to understand." - Keith Teare
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