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Re: Yahoo Tells SEC: 31% Of Our Search Revenue Comes From Microsoft -
"Yahoo looks more and more like AOL (except replace AOLs dial-up revenue with Yahoo's search revenue). Both seem to be former giants, now dependent on external factors to fund current smaller operations. Neither seem relevant to the future. At least AOL is attempting re-invention via content. As Mobile replaces desktop traffic, and search declines proportionately, one wonders whether Yahoo has any real shot at reinventing itself on anything like its current scale." - Keith Teare
Re: The Marginal Utility of Bitcoin is a Wash -
"I think the discussion shouldn't be about whether Bitcoin or Ripple (XRP) are currencies. Clearly they are stores of value. And they are also means of exchange. One real opportunity is for these intermediary stores of value (between state backed currencies) to enable friction-free cross border transfers and payments. In the case of Bitcoin, there is a flaw in the architecture that makes this hard (delayed transaction completion). XRP seems quite suited to this however." - Keith Teare
Re: Facebook is for grandparents: What we need in a next-gen social network -
"You haven't seen yet have you? It's what you described...." - Keith Teare
Re: Instagram and Youtube — Benedict Evans -
"This is an area I have been experimenting in for about 7 months now - since launched. I think one unstated truth is that the smartphone itself is becoming social in that it is able to deal with 1-1, 1-many and 1 - all interactions. It is increasingly important to dissect these sociologically too. 1-1 between friends vs strangers (same for 1-many). 1-all is almost always to strangers. Then from there to engagement between poster and reader. What the device/os does (Photostream; iMessage; email on iOS or Hangouts and email on Android) versus what an app is needed for is a key area to understand." - Keith Teare
Re: Oops, There it is! Twitter Adds Photo Previews to the Feed -
"Check out ( Does this already" - Keith Teare
Revolution and Death in Silicon Valley -
Luke teaches you how to RipStick -
Luke teaches you how to RipStick
Re: ‘Private’ Path has a ‘Repath’ option that can share your photos onto others’ profiles. Huh? -
"The words private, shared and public have been captured and warped over the past 10 years or so. Private is often a word used for sharing between you and others. Shared is often used as a synonym for Public. But what they really mean is the following: Private - just for you (not for any other person - like an EverNote post) Shared - Between you and one or more named others (like email or sms). Public - Everybody can see, even strangers (like Twitter or Facebook or G+ with constraints switched off). We all want to be able to do all 3 some of the time. is implemented this way." - Keith Teare
Fwd: GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at (via
Realtime Twitter responses to my TechCrunch article - launch at DEMO Mobile -
Social, Mobile and Global – the new human race -
Re: launches its unified social-messaging app out of private beta -
"We will only be live at 4pm Pacific today - Wednesday" - Keith Teare
Re: launches its unified social-messaging app out of private beta -
"It uses the address book on your phone to enable messaging to anybody (email and sms permitted as outbound). Also allows Facebook and Twitter. One publishing app but multiple end points. this creates a user based private cloud with everything in. It works really." - Keith Teare
Re: launches its unified social-messaging app out of private beta -
"It will be live at 4pm Pacific today" - Keith Teare
Re: launches its unified social-messaging app out of private beta -
"No we have Android, only a few weeks away. We love Android. In the mean time there is html5 at" - Keith Teare beta and European Interviews. -
Re: Hands on with’s unified messaging app for the iPhone -
"Grumpy mood this morning I see :-) "I’ve played around with the app a bit and like it, but I think it will be difficult for to get a lot of traction simply because it’s hard to stand out in the crowded messaging app market no matter how great your product and how clear your message is." But honestly, If it lets people capture their life, choose who sees that stuff, and enables them to recall key moments later from their personal cloud, it WILL get traction.... :-)" - Keith Teare
Guns and the USA: No Comment! -
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