'Tis time for kiwifoo again - this time with the wonderful prescence of Alex Holcombe (@ceptional). It would be great to get an idea of what things might be useful for us to try to explore. Here are some things I have been thinking about, but I would love to hear what y'all think might be worth trying to get done.
1. With Leonie Hayes (repositories at U of AKL) and @nickdjones (Centre for eResearch U AKL and involved in eresarch infrastcture for NZ) we want to run a session called 'Is New Zealand ready for Open Science'. We are Hoping Alex will join us. Both NZ and Oz have an 'open access mandate' (NZGOAL in NZ and I think it is called AUGOAL or something in Australia) whereby govt agencies are encouraged to deposit their data under creative commons. One of the people involved in NZGOAL will be there, and I would love to see Universities (or at least research funding bodies) listed in the NZGOAL (so far only crown research institutes are) One of the topics of converstaion in the planning with Nick and Leonie was to think a bit about what 'open science' is worth fighting for given the NZ (and OZ) contexts (which may be somewhat different from US and Euriope) - Kubke
2. Daniel Mietchen's project: what are the next steps to see it forward. There will be people from enspiral (who looked at the code demands to get the 'github for science' platform - so I hope to have a serious sitdown to disccuss more specific things and next steps, funding, etc - Kubke
3. Google funding - what kind of projects related to open science would google be happy to fund? If I manage to get a googler with enough information it might be worth thinking about targeting that kitty for some projects - Kubke
That all sounds great, and I do wish I had real "prescence" which sounds like a great combination of presence and prescience :) Seriously, this will be a real education for me, I had never heard of AU/NZGOAL. My efforts lately have been more directed at open access for journals, simply because we got to ride the wave of the current anti-RWA uprising. But it'll be good to get my eye back on the longer-term goal of open science, thanks. We do have some momentum currently with www.psychfiledrawer.org, which is open science in a small way. - Alex Holcombe
Link to the 'github for science' project: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki... . - Daniel Mietchen
thanks Daniel for adding the link. Can you think of any specific questions you would like to have answered? - Kubke
re GitHub for science, have been wondering about this sort of workflow, with things like SparkleShare (http://sparkleshare.org/) to support the humdrum of hiding the environment. - Nick Jones
i'm equally interested in the ideas around how to support such projects, not just from the infrastructure. but what would funders need to do to support open science - we have soft compulsion in the form of the "where feasible" like clauses in recent MSI funding notes. What is needed for feasibility? Just infrastructure? what else? - Nick Jones
Quick report back from #kiwifoo. Just got home with melted brain and the need to review a few documents for a meeting tomorrow. The short version:- 1. We did have a session on open science (well 2 really) and got wonderful feedback. I think that we can get good things going, and this is always good news.2. I got a good outline from Josh from enspiral regarding daniel's project, and now a better idea of the steps and the money needed for each step to get to a full prototype. 3. Not a lot there - except that it is possible that Daniel's project could be something they'd be interested. But still need a bit of thinking around that, and probably a good contact in google that can give us some guidelines around that. The deadline is April 15 http://research.google.com/univers... - Kubke