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Cameron Neylon
Data Capture for the Real World - http://cameronneylon.net/blog...
Many efforts at building data infrastructures for the “average researcher” have been funded, designed and in some cases even built. Most of them have limited success. Part of the problem has always been building systems that solve problems that the “average researcher” doesn’t know that they have. Issues of curation and metadata are so far beyond the day to day issues that an experimental researcher is focussed on as to be incomprehensible. We clearly need better tools, but they need to be built to deal with the problems that researchers face. ... - Cameron Neylon
There's one more known trick for getting people to improve metadata -- believe it or not, it's putting in *wrong* metadata. Do this right, and it itches people enough that they correct it. FWIW. ;) - RepoRat
Also, I think you and David Rosenthal share a hive mind: http://blog.dshr.org/2014... - RepoRat
Yep, wrong metadata is a good strategy but it needs to be in the context of "mostly right" and "wow, that just appeared of its own accord?". In this system "wrong" can also be "not quite right enough to drive functionality" which is a great place to be. - Cameron Neylon
The sense of "capture metadata at source" and then add to it as appropriate/necessary seems to be gathering some steam (per Rosenthal piece). Maybe I'll stop being heretic on this sometime ;-) - Cameron Neylon
Cameron Neylon
If were fined $10 every time someone mis-used the term gold #openaccess I think we could fund all of scholarly comms..
If that included every time somebody looks at a journal's page misdefining gold OA, I think you might be right. - walt crawford
It's true - but I'm getting much more irritable with stuff coming out of institutions on this (or from "experts") - Cameron Neylon
welcome to my so-called (prior professional) life. I had to swallow that BS from sooooooooooooo many people... - RepoRat
And another $10 for every time someone says, "But what about the poor publishers?" - John Dupuis
and another $10 for "it's not sustaaaaaaaaaaaaaainable" - RepoRat
And $1 for every time Sandy Thatcher brings up university press monographs. So low cause otherwise it would bring down the world financial system. - John Dupuis
Ugh, we gotta stop this, because I am thinking THINGS I SHOULD NOT BE THINKING about the opportunities for mayhem in the NASIG/SSP co-day (I am going to NASIG).* - RepoRat
* disclaimer: things I would not ever actually do, but are still fun to think about, in a wistfully evil sort of way - RepoRat
Because you never know what's going to just slip out by accident ;-) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014... - John Dupuis
Yeah, it might be a knife.* - RepoRat
* disclaimer: I never carry a knife when traveling. Like the TSA would even let me, sheesh. - RepoRat
Christina Pikas
I'm trying to pull the entry content out of blog post pages (typically wordpress anymore) in R or Perl or Python - preferably R.... I figure xpath should do it, but I just can't wrap my head around it. So then I was going to regex to sort of stop when i got to the next tag? but sigh... any help? I tried firebug and a couple of other things
get the xpath, but it doesn't look like the ones in the examples - Christina Pikas
in any one of the programming languages i shoudl just be able to say start when you see <div class="entry">, copy everything until you see <div class="sociable"> (in this case. otherwise a the class for comments. - Christina Pikas
guy at work whom I trust suggested scrapy... so trying to install it now.. holy cow, the number of prereqs for it on a windows box is crazy! - Christina Pikas
Do you not want to use a plugin that would export Wordpress to PDF or something? - Meg VMeg
then i'd have to export the text from the pdf? I can use any of the three things (r, perl, python) to grab the html of the whole page, and images, too, but i want to get just these three fields - Christina Pikas
and forever later, i'm still trying to install scrapy. seems like everyone has the exact same problem with vcvarsall.bat ... sigh. - Christina Pikas
Can you get to the server and pull it out of the my SQL tables? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Is this a Wordpress blog you are an admin for? https://wordpress.org/plugins... - Meg VMeg
That looks nifty! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Beautiful Soup is a good html parser Python lib that may help http://www.crummy.com/softwar... - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
It's not one I have access to the back end for. I wasted at least 2 hours that I could have spent transcribing or coding other data. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
:( - Meg VMeg
Micah - trying it now - it installed with one command the first time! trying it on my own blog and oopsie bad behavior locked me out ... will continue practicing with a locally saved page :) - Christina Pikas
Good luck, Christina. - Micah
woo-hoo! i figured out how to get the fields i want in the blog I want with css classes. now just to put it all together to make sure i only download all the posts one time and save them locally and then extract from them so I don't make anyone else's "bad behavior" list - Christina Pikas
Yoy. Decided to just go ahead and get the files with r and then parse in py. So r can't getURL their html even when I tried to change user agent to Firefox. Will have to figure that part out in py, too - Christina Pikas from iPhone
so just for giggles, I tried applying this all to a blogspot blog that i also need to get... and it worked just fine - no issue. I'm thinking i might have pissed off some spam filter somewhere on the original wordpress blog, but i'm disappointed changing the useragent didn't make any difference - Christina Pikas
holy crap, the fact that i'm still up says why i'm not a programmer! - Christina Pikas
Up late coding? That means you *are* a programmer. :) - Micah
Were you trying to scrape specific HTML pages, or were you working with the RSS/Atom feeds? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
HTML pages - feeds generally don't go back far enough. I'm doing a few blogs all the way back vs many recent posts - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Looks like you got an answer, nice. - Micah
Nick Jones
Cameron Neylon
Belated post on the loss of @jcbradley and the importance of preservation http://cameronneylon.net/blog...
Daniel Spector
So true. "@CEMerriman: I got really mad and blogged a thing: http://caitlinsnark.wordpress.com/2014..."
Cameron Neylon
...with Chapter 4 of report strongly showing that very few people are reading (p52, remember distributions are *very* left skewed)
Cameron Neylon
Is there a sense in AHSS that publn in a venue "truly" validates work? My STM exp is that ppl believe need it for career but its not "real"
Cameron Neylon
..1/2 lives suggest maths 'like' AHSS but LMS study & continued existence of maths jrnls after 20 yrs of ArXiv not mentioned? [3/3]
Cameron Neylon
Much data worth digging into in British Academy #openaccess Report http://www.britac.ac.uk/templat... but odd logical leap at heart [1/2]
Cameron Neylon
Whole chapter on usage/citation half life followed by chapter saying this is least impt factor in library subscription decisions. [2/3]
Cameron Neylon
Trying not to construct a strawman but finding it hard to not read BA report as "the work only matters if published places no-one reads"...
Check Ian Bogost on "vampire publishing." - RepoRat
Cameron Neylon
EC releases expert group report on Text and Data Mining for research. Only skimmed so far but looks very interesting http://ec.europa.eu/researc...
Heather Piwowar
"high cost of hybrid #OA publishing, which we have found to be nearly 2x that of born-digital fully OA journals" http://blog.wellcome.ac.uk/2014...
I find it increasingly difficult to think of "hybrid" OA as not being the *true* predatory OA publishing. Esp. since I still haven't seen any demonstrations that paying up front actually lowers subscription/license costs down the line. - walt crawford
I believe there's a publisher or two who'll reduce library subscriptions proportionately to OA articles they publish. Can't remember who they are though. - Deborah Fitchett
OUP claims that it will do that for its journals, I believe. - DJF
or was it RSC? One of the British ones, I know that. - DJF
Oh, several publishers--almost every hybrid OA publisher--have said that. It's demonstrating that they actually do it that's the trick. (If a hybrid OA publisher doesn't at least claim it, it's just plain double-dipping. "Fraud" is such an actionable word...) - walt crawford
LSW: Jen
Are citations copyrighted? If I download a citation from a database, could my sharing of that citation be governed by a license? Can a publisher really tell me how many people I can send the citation to?
Licensing madness this is! - Jen
I can't imagine that sharing a citation you grabbed from somewhere is a violation of copyright. It's a fact (like an address in a phone book), it's a tiny sliver of the work, its use can't possibly cut into the market for the original source, etc. - Stephen Francoeur
the citation no. The indexing terms, maybe. - DJF
The product in question is like a discovery system for reference books. In the license it limits a user to sending one citation "by email, print, or fax" to one person at another location for that person's personal use. - Jen
The more I look at it, the odder it seems. - Jen
different definitions of "citation"? I'm reaching here, because yeah, that seems prima facie unreasonable and I would strike it like a strikey thing. - RepoRat
I'm striking out so much of this license, there isn't much left. I'm wondering if content providers may have demanded some of this language? - Jen
guess you'll find out. - RepoRat
WTeffingF. - Deborah Fitchett
Well, given all those books that say on the copyright page some variation of "No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission," which is simply not true, this doesn't surprise me. (Oh: Technically, I guess I'm violating Penguin's claimed rights by reproducing and distributing that part of a book...) - walt crawford
...bwah? i would assert citations fall into the same category as the phonebook. it's information that's already out there, unless they don't want you to be able to find their products, and you can't put a copyright on it. also they used fax? when did they last update that thing? - Sir Shuping is just sir
i've heard this before. it's such a load of bullshit. also, IF COPYRIGHT WAS CREATED TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE GOT THEIR DUE, YOU HAVE TO LET US CITE IT, MONKEYS. - jambina
Abstracts are theoretically copyrighted. Are there any cases where a scholarly pub sued someone for posting an abstract on a website? I know of some newspaper repro cases, I think. - Joe from iPod
Contract trumps copyright most of the time (mutter mutter grumble), so pretty much anything can be governed by a license, even stuff that is blatantly ridiculous and fits no law anywhere. This is why most licenses suck. Strike out is a wise response. - Marianne
Man, I wish we actually reviewed our licenses before signing them. :/ - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
^^ AND then I wish we'd make sure users know the terms they are using a resource under. Implications can be serious - always take the chance to link to this great piece: http://crln.acrl.org/content... - Lisa Hinchliffe
for me that's just caving in to ToS disease -- nobody can read all the damn terms they're bound to. we're the negotiators; it's our job not to sign unconscionable terms. - RepoRat
All brow-raising clauses have been removed, had a nice convo with vendor about how they define content, and now have a lovely, clean license to forward on for signature. License win! - Jen
Yay Jen! - Marianne
*cabbage patches for Jen* - Marie
Woohoo! - Kirsten
Yay "license win." - Joe
FTW! - RepoRat
Rock on Jen! Woo hoo! - Galadriel C.
Well done! - Regular Amanda
Well done! - walt crawford
Fwd: Sudent came for help today and said I was a lifesaver; gave me this! @ Dewey Graduate Library http://instagram.com/p... (via http://ff.im/1goyV1)
Fwd: Sudent  came for help today and said I was a lifesaver; gave me this! @ Dewey Graduate Library http://instagram.com/p/lc6EcTtUgo/ (via http://ff.im/1goyV1)
that's thoughtful! - Marie
Holly's favorite Anna
It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America http://www.buzzfeed.com/robined...
It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America http://www.buzzfeed.com/robinedds/its-thanksgiving-so-we-asked-some-brits-to-label-the-us-stat
"Big Scotland (w/ polar bears)" *dies* - Kirsten
ROFL (almost, literally) - Julian
I loved the "OH DEAR" on the one partway down, also "Not Canada," for Montana, which is almost an alternate name for most northwestern states. - Jennifer Dittrich
I need to brush up on my eastern states :P - Ken Morley
I celebrate the newfound statehood of Philadelphia, Boston and Seattle. - walt crawford
The truly scary thing is they did much better than most Americans could do. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
^^Yup. Also? I totally wouldn't be able to get more than two or three of the English counties right. - Kirsten
I just can't do the whole thing right now. I need to save some LOLOMGLOL for later. - Julian
These are great but I bet most U.S. citizens wouldn't do well on a Canadian province test either. I should try it... - Stephen Mack
Well, here's how Americans did with a map of Europe: http://www.buzzfeed.com/summera... - April Russo (FForever!)
Thanks for sharing... needed that laugh. Sad to say but I suspect that our own citizens could NOT do any better. - Me
I didn't post this to be a "'Mercans are stupid" or "Europeans are more world-aware" debate. I posted it because the names and the confusions were hilarious in that British way I find so amusing. - Holly's favorite Anna
I loved the one that labeled Kentucky as Wibbly. - Laura from iPhone
Best laugh today. Love what they came up with for names when they couldn't think of anything. - Corinne L
LOLOL! This is awesome. - Melly
Stephen King Country ftw! - Melly
now doubting my ability to place London on a blank map of England.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
North Texas. - Joe
The Europe maps are cracking me up. - Julian
Middleshire. Snort... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Of course, I probably couldn't tell you where London is on a map of England either. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I think I would have got Texas and California and that's about it. - Melly
I really want to take a test of the UK (down to the county level) but I don't think I could find a blank map like this. - Spidra Webster
I'm guessing my wife could get most counties in England (because of her genealogy work). I would draw a total blank. As for counties in the U.S.: I certainly couldn't do California, and we have relatively few counties for our size & population (only 58). Any other state? Fuhgeddaboutit. - walt crawford
Yeah, I wasn't remotely suggesting US counties. I can't do all of CA. Probably 1/3 of it. But I thought the UK needs to be down to the county level because naming the kingdoms is way too easy. - Spidra Webster
FriendFeed Resurrected: the Afterstory - http://pegasuslibrarian.com/2013...
I've now got a tidy collection of screenshots, most of which didn't make it into the post, but all of which are amusing. - lris
TYPO ALERT: "We OWN him and his network a whole lot of thanks." shouldn't that be "owe"? - Big Joe Silenced
Fixed. Thank you!! - lris
no problem. :) - Big Joe Silenced
I seriously need to know where to send this case of beer. - Eric - Final Countdown
No kidding! - lris
Because I love this quote: "There is apparently an over-representation of librarians on FriendFeed." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an from iPhone
Just updated to honor Johnny's induction into librarianship. - lris
+1 - bentley
Wowza. I would make the librarian gang sign, but i don't know what it is. Anyone? - maʀtha
TYPO ALERT/2: "Back when FF was still ITS own thing" - Roux
Awww, I was just happy to help, and find the man who could get us up and running again - Iain Baker
Dangit. Worst typo ever! Will fix when I'm near a computer later. - lris from iPod
"TYPO ALERT" is now a thing! WOOHOO! - Big Joe Silenced
Wanted to do a story on this as well! So inspiring, and it also raises FriendFeed's Alexa rank hehe. @maʀtha: Librarian Gang Sign huh? http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Zu from AOD
Zu, I'm pretty sure this is the librarian gang sign: http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Holly's favorite Anna
Allow fullscreen? DENY DENY DENY DENY DENY - Meg VMeg
à propos of nothing, you're a good writer. - Jim #teamFFrank
Wow, I hadn't seen Johnny's convo. Good on him. - Meg VMeg
no kidding - lris
Hee hee, Anna. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
\m/ - maʀtha
@Holly's favorite Anna: Hahahaha, and another wtf moment is in. 9) - Zu from AOD
*That* Iain? Jesus Jones? Really? Well, I never did. Anyway, great write-up, Iris, and hopefully no DoS :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Considering the craving for attention, I doubt a DoS will occur. Surely they're not THAT stupid :) - Johnny from iPhone
Deborah Fitchett
The Top 6 Reasons This Infographic Is Just Wrong Enough To Sound Convincing - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - http://www.smbc-comics.com/index...
The Top 6 Reasons This Infographic Is Just Wrong Enough To Sound Convincing - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
That is probably the most meaningful and useful infographic I have ever seen. Thanks! - walt crawford
I admit I thought of you when I saw it. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
Well shoot. Now I need an owl. http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Well shoot. Now I need an owl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxx0nBcwC50
ohmahgaw IN THE TREE. - RepoRat
Björn Brembs
Deep impact: Unintended consequences of journal rank - http://syndic8.scopus.com/action...
Author(s):Brembs, B. | Button, K. | Munafò, M. Publication year: 2013 Journal / Book title: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Access all results for your search in Scopus - Björn Brembs
i don't know how to begin to process the death of lou reed.
it's surprisingly surprising? - Meg VMeg
yes - Marie
Oh. Hadn't heard :( - Christina Pikas from iPhone
walt crawford
Will any journalist *ever* report on Gold & Green OA without stating as simple fact that the Gold model requires article processing fees (or "author pays")? I just commented on an LJ article (one with some York professor suggesting that libraries may be irrelevant once OA goes gold)...with the usual flatly incorrect "gold OA means author fees."
Interesting. You'd think I would know the guy but I don't. - John Dupuis
Christina Pikas
Does anyone know about DeGryter: world biographical information system? we have it. i search it... not not sure what to do with the results. The help says something like look for an indicator if we have e access to fiches (??) but i haven't found a record with any such indicator. anyone familiar? TIA
Got it! Some of them have little book icons. Here's one that does: Strassmann, Paul Ferdinand - Meg VMeg
Here's a screenshot, the little books are on the right side of the entries, when they're there: https://docs.google.com/file... - Meg VMeg
Christina Pikas
PubMed Commons? First I'd heard? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedc... "a system that enables researchers to share their opinions about scientific publications. Researchers can comment on any publication indexed by PubMed, and read the comments of others"
First I've heard of it. Interesting. - RepoRat
Hmmm, I saw some other "more full text than pub med" thing last week but not sure I've seen this. - Hedgehog from Android
I think it sucks that just the NIH/Wellcome elite is allowed in - seems a bit discriminatory. Big boys club - again. - Kubke
I thought it was anyone who had an article indexed by pubmed? So I'm not eligible but I'm guessing everyone else on this thread is - Christina Pikas from iPhone
So glad they have *another* PMC acronym now...also waiting to see how long it takes Scholarly Kitchen to have a kitten about it. - Rachel Walden
@ Christina - my understanding is yes, indexed author, but if not under the NIH/Wellcome then you cannot register - someone has to invite you - too second class citizens for my taste. - Kubke
Seb Schmoller
"Open access: six myths to put to rest." A measured, constructive piece by @petersuber #openaccess - http://www.theguardian.com/higher-...
O'Reilly Media
Four short links: 18 October 2013 - http://radar.oreilly.com/2013...
1. Science Not as Self-Correcting As It Thinks (Economist) — REALLY good discussion of the shortcomings in statistical practice by scientists, peer-review failures, and the complexities of experimental procedure and fuzziness of what reproducibility might actually mean - Kubke
Eric Logan
Problems with scientific research: How science goes wrong. - The Economist - http://www.economist.com/news...
Problems with scientific research: How science goes wrong. - The Economist
A SIMPLE idea underpins science: “trust, but verify”. Results should always be subject to challenge from experiment. That simple but powerful idea has generated a vast body of knowledge. Since its birth in the 17th century, modern science has changed the world beyond recognition, and overwhelmingly for the better. But success can breed complacency. Modern scientists are doing too much trusting and not enough verifying—to the detriment of the whole of science, and of humanity. Too many of the findings that fill the academic ether are the result of shoddy experiments or poor analysis (see article). A rule of thumb among biotechnology venture-capitalists is that half of published research cannot be replicated. Even that may be optimistic. Last year researchers at one biotech firm, Amgen, found they could reproduce just six of 53 “landmark” studies in cancer research. Earlier, a group at Bayer, a drug company, managed to repeat just a quarter of 67 similarly important papers. A leading... more... - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
laura x
Wiley: QR Codes Kill Kittens: How to Alienate Customers, Dishearten Employees, and Drive Your Business into the Ground - Scott Stratten, Alison Kramer - http://www.wiley.com/WileyCD...
Wiley: QR Codes Kill Kittens: How to Alienate Customers, Dishearten Employees, and Drive Your Business into the Ground - Scott Stratten, Alison Kramer
This exists. You're welcome. - laura x from Bookmarklet
ok that is awesome. - Sir Shuping is just sir
the video is awesome... - Christina Pikas
Our Criminologists are using QR codes. The students aren't... enthusiastic. I said to the lead tutor 'I could have told you QR codes are bullshit' - Pete's Got To Go
the book is on ebl... i needed that laugh :) - Christina Pikas
This was part of the swag for the conference I attended last week (where the author, Scott Stratten, did an amazing keynote speech - seriously, it was like watching Lewis Black speak geek). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
The table of contents alone justifies the existence of this book! - Grumpator
Fantastic. - Meg VMeg
Heather Piwowar
If at first you don't succeed.... Outtakes from our YC application video. #swearing #sorrymom http://www.youtube.com/watch...
If at first you don't succeed.... Outtakes from our YC application video.  #swearing #sorrymom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d39DL4ed754
Edited by Jason. Performances by both of us, pretty equally :) - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
For sure no-one watching this will ever have any doubt of who you are :) - Kubke
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