Lucky for a lot of Aussies @swipeconf is on it could be the little bit of WWDC we missed out on..
Pineapple from the garden
#ipad2 line ups at jb hifi
Happy St Patricks Day I'm now enjoying this day like many other Aussies, with a Guinness
clearly Queensland is not the smart state as there are not that many IT development jobs available.
iMovie for iPad simple and good... very slick
so you make over 50 million in sales and the you get another 40 + million is funding and others cant get squat... yeah seems fair.
HP doing some Interesting things in the pc space good to see. WebOS has good things to offer
Contemplating submitting a paper for ozchi this year.
cool app i just heard about...
Wishing I could download the Lion. 2days no success - hearing its good stuff
“@appleunicons: WWDC 2011 Scholarships now available. Open to all AUC University staff and students, close 23 March.”
After all theses years still going strong
After all theses years still going strong
Mad Mimi.... highly recommend
RT @j0hnburns: best news headline ever: drunk sumos trash curry house
fitness improving resting heart rate now in the low 50's the hiit training is paying off :)
there's a roadmap.... I wonder what it is. #worksecrets
its quite difficult to come up with a domain name for a new project...
any suggestions for a low cost mail list service for approx 7500 adresses
Rotten egg is one of the most disgusting smells there is.
Two job interviews lined up for next year permanent positions as well nice
for someone living in the smart state there are very few technology jobs available...
what ever they are painting at work is full on as I've been here 15 mins and my eyes are stinging already.. it's not going to be a good day.
did Tuesday actually happen?
CLLocation API you taunt me yet again
I forgot how sleek the iPad is without a case... :-) like having a new device
In app advertising is not working for me 200K downloads 2k+ uses a day and $150 add revenue for the year. Ads you're outa here, not worth it
Apparently there's a Christmas party at work who knew
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