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"When the air is toxic and your lead actor is under surveillance, you make a SHORT film and you shoot it FAST."
I just backed a secret sci-fi film shot in China • 沙尘暴 starring Ai Weiwei
Etsy’s Future Depends on Redefining ‘Handmade’ | WIRED
Touch My Katamari - 13 - Hello World -
Touch My Katamari - 13 - Hello World
The Shirt On Your Back: The Human Cost of the Bangladeshi Garment Industry interactive documentary, very well done
Q: "Hointer sells jeans. So is it a retail or tech company??" A: "Hointer is a tech company that uses its own stores to test new ideas." & concept: rough around the edges, sure. But damn, what an incredibly prescient/clever line re: new models of retail:
<3 well-considered participation mechanics <-product price drops for each purchase after crowdfunding target reached
Etsy Artisans Reach Retailers
Why People Value Authentic Products HT @schellular
RT @popupcity: Music you can feel — Melbourne band Architecture in Helsinki promotes new record with a concept music retail store:
For each end-all, BigData-And-Also-Science! rule is someone, artist perhaps, clever enough to understand its assumptions & break it properly
The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post & Headline sure worth noting, though also worth noting [cont]:
The Coffee Connector only dispenses coffee when two people are there; also, nice details that help guide conversation
The Smart CEO's Guide to Social Justice "no left/right argument; instead, the basic economics of stable business"
RT @alaindebotton: As an alternative to the always loaded 'What do you do?', the more expansive; 'So what is your world?'
RT @Dan_Gould: Wolf of Buzzfeed cc @kylecameron ALWAYS BE GETTING MAD HITS
bitcoin works bc it solves Byzantine General problem; core Internet attribute is lack of ascertainable trust. Also why Apr 1st thrives here
Welcome To The Purpose Economy all true & yet: [portlandia:"put a bird on it!"::trend-journalism:"put a name on it!"]
Placebo effect has been another small obsession of mine for as long I can remember; Seth has a great little download: substanceless, messaging-based brands, todays world an only-in-underwear nightmare, oh crap our metaphors are showing
"Form is all we have to help us cope with fundamentally chaotic facts and assaults" -Gerhard Richter
Band Funds Tour by Posting Silent Album to Spotify so smart, nice point to be made, simple way to help
Increasingly obvs that any biz hoping to survive a world full of smart, empowered consumers can do so only w a strong, unique point-of-view
What the Fox Knows on FiveThirtyEight's mission, likely the most intelligently articulated vision/POV I've ever read
Which Big Brands Are Courting the Maker Movement & Why from POV of big brand marketers of course, interesting anyway
"Tools build productivity like keyboards build software -- useless w/o care, skills & actual work." - @hotdogsladies via @LoyalCX
Household objects designed to foster better habits, each focused on a particular point of behavioral "friction"
RT @johngerzema: Kickstarter creates a hub of successfully funded and produced films in the iTunes Store via @popsop
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