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Building social learning products ( on Drupal
RT @gnat: More than usually brilliant Harper's Weekly this week: "If we do not have causality, we are buggered."
RT @njlawler: #BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall chats with @ESPN 's Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo
2.5 hours is both a very long nap and a very short nights sleep. My body is is very oddly merging the two feelings right now.
My flight was canceled last night. After 2.5 hours sleep at a provided hotel room, back up to return to catch early flight.
It's 12:30 am and I'm stuck in the airport. My flight was supposed to take off 2 hours ago but hasn't because of engine trouble.
RT @davepell: Sensing weakness, Tim Armstrong just swept in and bought the exclamation point from Yahoo! for $600 million.
RT @asmartbear: Guilty. RT @danritz It's amazing how much time is wasted by trying to be efficient.
RT @TechScruggs: Every OS has its purpose. OSX, building webapps. Linux, running web apps. Windows, testing IE.
RT @jina: My deal-with-it opinion: Sass is not the future of CSS. Sass is how CSS should be done now, today. Learn it & master it. Or be left behind.
Does LA have the worst traffic in the world?!? Been averaging 10 mph for the past hour.
LA traffic stinks
Why I still program
Plus I've come to grips with my relative lack of power. Do good when and where you can but world will stay ridiculous regardless.
I think the decline was triggered by two things. My cynicism level raised high enough so very few things surprise me anymore
My capacity for moral outrage peaked 2-3 years ago and has declined steadily since. Very much agree w/ @vgr 's latest
I'm becoming more and more a fan of small domain-specific languages/frameworks. Focused/precise. Small pieces loosely joined etc.
Backbone.js is very impressive! I've been hacking away with it for the last 2-3 days and it's making the formerly impossible trivial.
"Gamification, Behaviorism and Bullshit" -
Vim doesn't like working with 500+ MB text files that much.
RT @CrookedNumber: OH: "Maybe we need a technical debt ceiling." #technical_debt
Being hopped up on ibuprofen feels pretty weird.
Sad truth for the night: Wiio’s Law: communication usually fails, except by accident -
Great! LiveNation signed me up for a "free" year of Rolling Stone. Thanks for wasting 15 minutes of my time to make me unsubscribe.
I want to be this sort of Father. Beautiful story -
I want to be this sort of Father. Beautiful story.
Song of the day: "Those to Come" by The Shins -
Cool! Exporting my Facebook pictures to Picasa -
Jamming to LCD Soundsystems Sounds of Silver -
New Q on Stackoverflow "POST data received in node.js server returned to client as undefined"
RT @SonofBaldwin: “I don’t trust people who think of themselves as liberals. What I am saying is that I don’t trust missionaries.” - James Baldwin
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