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Yes, in a sane world the "can't make enough beer to meet demand" should be filed under #GoodProblems... but we live in monopolistic Sweden
It's coming! We promise! RT @mucofloris: @SwedeMuses Sytembolaget in Västervik was sold out on your beer earlier today :-(
Brilliant! Let's hire this guy RT @spongepaddy: @SwedeMuses Sell empty bottles with a "beer credit" slip in them?
RT @SwedeMuses: Oh lordy, just got 3 store orders in from the State alcohol store and it request more of our beer than we actually have in storage. Catch22
Rocker Tom Petty: ‘No one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians’
Jag tror att vi behöver prata om Systembolaget
RT @psychmesu: #ThxSTEMMen @kzelnio and @drskyskull for being great Allies in supporting women in science.
RT @BryggFangelset: Tjust Ale has been selling well at Ica Maxi! We well be doing a new batch this week and looking forward towards...
Wonderful! Cc @tjustbo "@fujifilmshooter: Photo blog: Västervik and Tjust Archipelago (my second week of vacation)"
RT @StephenMcGann: Just beautiful > "@BCHistoryDept Well-preserved 16thc warship found at the bottom of Baltic"
"Nya regler oroar bryggerier" via @svtnyheter
Haha "@friendsofdarwin: .@ramage My general advice re. swans is to try to avoid them at any cost:… @kzelnio"
Lol "@friendsofdarwin: .@kzelnio Charles Darwin on how to get a cow into a boat:"
RT @jbarro: So much enthusiasm in my feed for great bold space projects and their unforeseen dividends. Yet you all laughed at Newt's moon base idea.
RT @jkfecke: I was a libertarian once. Then I turned 24, and realized I was a narcissistic fool.
I think I read this book when I was a kid... "@ShipsInPics:"
RT @27andaphd: Thanks to @kzelnio @SFriedScientist @AlistairDove for raising awareness and being keepers of our oceans
The predictions of this model kills my love of models. -
RT @NeilYoungLyric: I was adrift on a river of pride, it seemed like such a long easy ride. -- Neil Young
RT @Yuengling_Beer: Retweet if you agree with Jack that #beer is the best drink in the world. #quote
Tracking the cold wake of a super typhoon -
The Ocean Cleanup responds to our technical review -
Outta-sight jelly babies discovered under black light -
Manker Lackar, igen – Or “What is a brewer/y – really?”
Check out “Neil Young” Performs ‘Fancy’ With Crosby, Stills & Nash [VIDEO] @popcrush
Mantas to Reef Fishes: I Drink Your Miltshake -
RT @sweden: This view beats a lot of views. #Västervik #Sweden
RT @elvis717: *Gulp*! “@qikipedia: Why you shouldn’t turn your flash on in a bat cave…”
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