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RT @TheOnion: This Week's Top Story: FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States
RT @SwedeMuses: Happiness is laying in bed listening to @kzelnio fiddle in the kitchen
RT @Path2Enlighten: Conservatism through the centuries [pic]:
RT @SwedeMuses: My boy is small, new and speaks with an accent, I guess it was predictable for him to get picked on.
RT @SwedeMuses: 2/2 so I told him to fist them in the stomach next time. No one messes with my kids...Yes, Im not PC. Life aint.
RT @SwedeMuses: My son has been hit and chased in school. I told him to tell the kids his big mean American daddy will come soon. He wont say that.. 1/2
RT @MatsNier: .@mucofloris @kzelnio @BryggFangelset Trevligt med en 3.5:a
What Your Sleeping Position Says About How Much You Love Your Partner via @policymic
RT @BryggFangelset: Hoppas smaka bra! RT @LivingDeadBrew: Hämta lite öl på bolaget idag... Vad tror du om detta @BryggFangelset ? :)
Our Carolina dog enjoying Swedish Spring :) "@SwedeMuses: My doggie"
We <3 huskies! "@SwedeMuses: Special visit today"
RT @SwedeMuses: I just realize we have "red days" on Fri AND monday. Meaning no school or afterschool care. Sometimes I hate holidays. Dragging 'em to work.
RT @P4Kalmar: Du vet väl att vi har två reportrar på redaktionen i #Västervik? Hör gärna av dig till dem med tips om norra delarna av Kalmar län!
RT @WhoDat35: 4 years after #BP #oilspill, oystermen struggling | WVUE #environment #news
RT @SwedeMuses: My mother sent my husband a text message "good luck with the bears Kev" @kzelnio in true #welcomeToSweden spirit. (he makes beer)
That beard is only hot because it’s not cool
RT @gifcat: @HillFarmstead probably true fact: 10% of people using "horse blanket" in a beer review have actually been near a horse
My first thoughts too lol "@Odysseyblog: @kzelnio Someone had to do a study to figure that out?"
US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study | Common Dreams
RT @Vastervik: #vvik nominerad till Årets Stadskärna 2014. Nu är det bara två kandidater kvar - Kristianstad och Västervik.
RT @Vilsjin: @kzelnio Even more funny when you consider that "kodd" means "dick" in Scanian slang.
RT @EmilNilsson: That's why it's called "kådden" in Skåne. RT @kzelnio: Fisherman finds dildo in cod's stomach via @MetroUK #plastriot
Fisherman finds dildo in cod's stomach via @MetroUK #plastriot
RT @jasonpriem: #YoManuscript is so bad the null hypothesis rejected *it*.
Biologists Confirm God Evolved From Chimpanzee Deity via @TheOnion HA!
Bought a tiny grill in preparation of moving from countryside to apartment in town. How do people grill on these??
RT @TheEconomist: Trending: Barbecuing this weekend? Remember to stay healthy by adding beer to your meat
Pie in the oven, sun is shining, temp's above freezing, kids outside, now time to sit down with the latest Engelson's catalog #lifeisgood
RT @ASellstroem: Magdalena Andersson S skapar jobb....på Skatteverket. #svpol #kd14 #val2014
RT @sweden: Then there's @DavidHasselhoff's new show in Sweden. Cringe-worthy "comeback", poorly edited and not funny at all:
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