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US Workers Were Once Massacred Fighting for the Protections Being Rolled Back Today via @BillMoyersHQ
RT @lyndellmbade: Watching #BBC 's #Wallander and day dreaming about visiting @kzelnio and @SwedeMuses in Sweden! :)
How can craft brewers calculate brand position? via @craftbrewingbiz
RT @JohnFugelsang: "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." #Shakespeare450th oh wait that's actually a quote from Yoda.
One Meme Perfectly Sums Up What it Means to Go to College in America via @policymic
Thanks! "@jakobfoto: @SwedeMuses @kzelnio congrats guys!"
RT @imycomic: @swedemuses I totally did not realize @kzelnio was your husband! The beer in his profile pic should have told me! Happy Anniversary!
<3 you're the best! "@SwedeMuses: Celebrating 13 years with my lifecompanion and husband today, love you tons! @kzelnio"
The NYPD Just Learned A Very Valuable Lesson About Asking The Internet To Use A Twitter Hashtag via @ryanpbroderick
RT @msbellows: .@SwedishCanary @kzelnio You hear about the hip-hop cellist? Yo Yo MaMa.
RT @SwedishCanary: If Freud was alive today he'd probably be great at, "Yo Mama" jokes.
RT @kptsmplstpd: @challdreams @kzelnio A friend of mine claim to have invented red herring burger-a hit and stayed on the menu for years. Arkösund, I think.
RT @challdreams: @kzelnio but what about fish tacos? Surely we could make some "strömmingstacos"? Talk about crossover food!
Drinking a König Ludwig Weissbier Hell by Knig Ludwig Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg -
I want to open a proper brewpub that serves only burritos. It should be called Burrito Stuga I think
RT @coffeemort: @kzelnio @SwedeMuses As a beekeeper, I say thanks for using local honey! You can taste the difference! #BeekeepersKnowHoney
And local honey! "@SwedeMuses: Adding ginger to our honey ginger pilsner"
RT @BryggFangelset: @SwedeMuses stirring the honey around in the boil for our Honey Ginger Pils. 1st batch premiers next month!
Sweden Turns Japanese how Riksbank fucked the Swedish recovery
RT @rejectedbanana: Breaking Down the Myths and Misconceptions About the Gulf Oil Spill by @hannahjwaters #deepSN
RT @artologica: @kzelnio You should have this guy as your brewery spokesman: The Most Interesting Man in Sweden
Study of Pot Smokers' Brains Shows That MRIs Cause Bad Science Reporting via @reason
Beyond the Plunder: The Misunderstood Life of Pirates via @deepseanews
RT @TheOnion: This Week's Top Story: FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States
RT @SwedeMuses: Happiness is laying in bed listening to @kzelnio fiddle in the kitchen
RT @Path2Enlighten: Conservatism through the centuries [pic]:
RT @SwedeMuses: My boy is small, new and speaks with an accent, I guess it was predictable for him to get picked on.
RT @SwedeMuses: 2/2 so I told him to fist them in the stomach next time. No one messes with my kids...Yes, Im not PC. Life aint.
RT @SwedeMuses: My son has been hit and chased in school. I told him to tell the kids his big mean American daddy will come soon. He wont say that.. 1/2
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