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RT @TheDailyEdge: House GOP says we can't afford aid for tornado victims without offsets. They just voted to give businesses a $287B tax cut without offsets
RT @SAHFOS: Sir Alister Hardy's marine life artistry
Bra skrivit om systembolagets nya regler
Randy Mosher on Beer As a Path to Self Awareness:
RT @Fancypants8888: “@GoogleFacts: Jimmy Carter de-regulated the beer market making it possible for craft brew.” @Beerideas
Police rescue giant sea turtle from trunk of car after shootout with suspects #CostaRica #OceanHeroes
Sweden shows the Fed why not to pop any bubbles via @FinancialReview
RT @CNBC: So long, cocktails. U.S. drinkers want beer: (via @TomRotunno)
Adorable "@History_Pics: A young girl meeting a penguin for the first time."
RT @SwedeMuses: "what a strange book" my daughter said about @kzelnio American passport. lol
The Secret to a Tattoo's Permanence: The Immune System - Atlantic Mobile
The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Comic-Con Promo OMG!!'!1!! Can't wait!
RT @wine_trade: @ericssonmagnus @kzelnio @joellinderoth Ja, Bolaget är helt ute och cyklar här. De har dock i dagarna hört av sig och ska bjuda in t dialog
RT @AnnaTorndahl: Detta är tyvärr monopolet i ett nötskal!! “@kzelnio: Har Systembolaget fått solsting? - Mitt Kök”
Anpassa Systembolagets sortimentsmodeller för Sveriges småbryggerier!
Anpassa Systembolagets sortimentsmodeller för Sveriges småbryggerier! Tillägga signatur, tack!
Har Systembolaget fått solsting? - Mitt Kök
RT @philanthropizt: The guy who raped a girl at the #braavallafestival got a more lenient punishment as the rape was "short". #OMFG #swedishjusticesucks 😈😣
RT @selanna: En god och läskande Honey Ginger Pils från Bryggeri Fängelset (@BryggFangelset) och @kzelnio i Västervik. #öl #beer
RT @GertyZ: “@edyong209: Confused cats against feminism:” BAHAHAHA!!!
ISSUE 57: Ode to the Fluffiest Biscuit :: Oxford American - The Southern Magazine of Good Writing attn @DrCraigMc
I proposed naming our new kitten Fuggles. Fuggles The forest cat!
RT @SwedeMuses: It's hot, but still not as hot like when we blew a tire in Death Valley at 110F (43.3C) and had the wrong jack. But obviously, we survived.
RT @SwedeMuses: Västervik restuarants need to contemplate if seagulls or terns, might actually taste good on the grill. #noisyfuckers
In 1.5 Weeks! We need a name still "@SwedeMuses: our future family member....meow :)"
RT @TheAtlantic: The leader of the unfree world: How the U.S. prison population ranks globally
RT @mucofloris: Fantastic pic of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Severe blue green algal bloom. HT @ClimateCentral”
RT @BryggFangelset: @kptsmplstpd further proof on the "usefulness" of @systembolaget as the gatekeeper of the alcohol industry. Also we are out of BS sept ...
RT @kptsmplstpd: FUCK YOU @systembolaget! Ville ha öl fr. @BryggFangelset  till ICA-ombud men "beställningssortimentet" går inte att beställa till ombud.
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