Some people don't try bacon for religious reasons. I won't try religion for bacon reasons.
Gifs of kids being knocked down by animals. Why? Because kids are assholes, that's why! #parenting
Skattesatsen lika viktig som procenten
RT @BrewStuds: #Women of #CraftBeer: Feature on #DesMoines chapter of Barley's Angels, beer club for gals
RT @P0TUS: Can't wait for sanctimonious GOP chickenhawks to thank veterans today while cutting their benefits tomorrow.
RT @Faux_Ma: The Kindergarten Teacher was like, "Your son has trouble listening and acts immature" so I was all, "What did you say? LOL JK."
RT @LurkAtHomeMom: My son asked what it was like to be a parent so I begged him to make me chicken nuggets and then held on to his leg so he couldn't move.
Cartoon: Low-information nation: Midterm elections edition via @dailykos
RT @abandonedpics: Wreck of the Swedish warship Mars, which exploded during a battle in the Baltic Sea. Abandoned 500 years ago.
DON'T BLINK! Our else it will disappear! "@SwedeMuses: There's mtf daylight outside. I CAN SEE THE SUN!!"
RT @ResearchMark: Sup grad nation. Good luck out there.
Marxist's apartment a microcosm of why Marxism does not work via @TheOnion Ha! Brilliant.
Nu öppnar de kafé och logi i smedjan hej #skåne followers! Check out my bro in law's new café in #Österlen!
Why do those elitist millennials hate Big Beer?
RT @mat_johnson: Privilege is born on third base, and thinks it hit a triple. Entitlement is born on third base, and thinks someone stole its home run.
RT @timoreilly: Disgraceful! RT @arrington: Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize
RT @BlackIsleBeer: Texas man offering free beer for life for just $2,000 investment in the brewery.... :) via @MailOnline
Ahh #Sweden "@MacCocktail: "The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level." ― Norman Mailer (died this day, Nov, 2007)"
Women Shaping the Business of Beer
RT @TheEconomist: Wealth of America's top 0.1% is about to exceed that of bottom 90% for first time since 1930s
'Are Swedes really more polite in English?' - Europe's News in English
"'Too Many Cooks' creator tries to explain his awesomely bizarre Adult Swim short" via @EW DAFUQ?! hahaha
Nothing runs like a Deere! "@Loddonbrewery: Look who called into the brewery today"
Notting runs like a Deere! "@Loddonbrewery: Look who called into the brewery today"
RT @kathyzyskowski: Facebook response from a Conservative woman after I posted this. Made my head explode!
RT @SwedeMuses: @HopsCanary a Norwegian dude complaining we write in English, while he complains in Norwegian, plus using "Gringo". lol
RT @SwedeMuses: Hurrah! We've met a milestone. Our first troll at our brewery Facebook page! (Bryggeri Fängelset) Squee!
RT @Independent: Hedy Lamarr was born 100 years ago today. She helped invent wifi, Bluetooth and GPS
Systemet utplånar Sveriges bryggerier
RT @EvoEcoAmy: this is dangerous: and hilarious.
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