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Skål: A Celebration of Beer - Swedish American Museum - October 16th, 7-9 PM
Så mycket höjs skatterna - DN.SE :(
The Difference Between Whisky And You -
The Difference Between Whisky And You
Brutal Battle Between Great White Sharks? Not really, no. -
Are swimming zooplankton driving ocean currents? Sort of. -
A story about fish, plastic debris and sex -
Diagnosing Death with Diatoms -
ZOMG Whale shark attack!!!! Or not… -
RT @vonOberst: My hero. RT @MyTChondria: French Actor Gérard Depardieu Drinks Up To 14 Bottles Of Wine A Day
RT @_youhadonejob: Maths isn't CNNs strong point.
”Sverigedemokraterna är ett fascistiskt parti” - DN.SE
Om bara de högutbildade kommunerna fått rösta... via @metrosverige
RT @mccarthyryanj: The distribution of income inequality in America, by county by @_jeffguo
RT @mmfa: 79% of Americans want campaign finance reform, but major news networks are largely ignoring it
RT @bug_gwen: I would have gone with"scrotomancer" myself. #NutWizard. (Pro Tip: don't ask about the sorting hat) #IAm12
Plus more tax in Sweden... "@BrewStuds: Why you pay premium for #CraftBeer:"
Go forth and plunder some trash for International Coastal Cleanup Day this Saturday -
New Obligations and Continuing Challenges in Shark Conservation -
To El Niño or not to El Niño, that is the question -
The Tale of a New Phylum That Really Wasn’t -
RT @craftbeerdotcom: RT @BrewersStats: 52.9 million Americans now live in a zip code area with a brewery. That is likely the most ever.
RT @BryggFangelset: Great group at tonight's tasting! Education is such an important part of brewing. Makes us & our customers appreciate each other much more!
BP was just found grossly negligent in the Gulf oil spill disaster. Read the full ruling. via @motherjones #Booyah!
Drinking a Hoptimus Delirium by South Plains Brewing Company -
The official anthology of Rick Ross rapping about crustaceans -
Something is wrong here. Smells like onion and sweaty sox, strong onion afterta... (Belgo Pale Ale)
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