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holly #ravingfangirl
Advanced Tweets doesn't want you to know, but I met my Goodreads challenge goal last night! \o/
Grats! - Stephen Mack
i am also bumping up my goal next year because i am going to start including all the cookbooks I read. Artificial inflation FTW! ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
Walt Crawford
Irrelevant since I'm an old straight white guy who tries his best to treat women as people (and has seen possible sexual harassment at conferences), but re #teamharpy: Did sign (eventually), did donate (earlier), do support (from the start). And have no intention ever, EVER, of rejoining ALATT. Feh.
You're a good egg, Walt. - Meg VMeg
I guess I've been doing a good job of ignoring the alatt. - Joe
I was raised right. My mother and father both taught me that people were people. It stuck. (Clarification: the possible sexual harassment I've seen has been of the awkward compliment or the unwanted arm around the waist variety. When I've seen the "casually cornering the woman" variety, and knew the woman, I've casually intervened at least once. This is, you know, being human, and I'll buy "good egg.") - Walt Crawford
Joe: Unless you made the mistake of joining the group on FB, you would never normally encounter them. I made that mistake. Several trolling incidents later, I learned my lesson. - Walt Crawford
A little bird has told me that the III no longer has a Director of Library Futures. "Too much investment for too little return", I am told.
The future is PLASTICS. - Julian
Right-o, Julian - ellbeecee
I'm bemused by the idea of Library Futures. Where can I buy them? And what is the timeframe to go long on? - Cameron Neylon
Cameron, at the Chicago board of profession, just across the street from the CBOT. - DJF from Android
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ win. - RepoRat
of course now we need to rewrite Trading Places. - Pete
Exactly, Julian - maʀtha from Android
Who wants to lay money on who the next DoLF will be? - maʀtha from Android
I'd last money on the position being eliminated - DJF from Android
that would be my guess too. I can say from experience that getting a position created for you has a way of not working out real well -- at least, where obvious nepotism isn't involved (it's never been for me). - RepoRat
yeah, it didn't last long - maʀtha
Which law suit? - Joe
Innnnnnteresting. - Jason Griffey
Holly's favorite Anna
I just earned the 'Pucker Up (Level 3)' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Pucker Up (Level 3)' badge on @untappd!
holly #ravingfangirl
holly #ravingfangirl
Ruining AC/DC songs for people is my superpower. #talented
We're going to have a virtual conference this year. If you want to participate, let us know!
I DO - jönαthaη from iPhone
Have just finalized the panel for the ACRL Leadership Discussion Group in Vegas. Moving from leader to manager -- how to make it happen, and how to succeed." The panel is great -- LSW's own Jonathan Smith, , Jessica Olin, Nathaniel King, and Beth Dupuis. A good balance of library sizes (to and from) a long-time hiring manager.
June 28 3-4. Please consider attending -- we'll have about half the hour for discussion and questions. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
(I think it's Dupuis. Almost no one uses the DuPuis orthography.) - John Dupuis
(I've been spelling her name wrong for years now! Thanks John!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm sticking this on my calendar. - kaijsa
LISTENING BUT NOT GIGGLING - jönαthaη from iPhone
how do you like my melodica skillz? - kendrak
That needs to stay. - Zamms
Bumping for the morning crowd! JONATHAN ARE YOU GIGGLING YET? - Zamms
LibPunk needs a theme song on Melodica. Although I totally thought it was a harmonica at first. - jönαthaη
I'm on a good show buzz. And a beer buzz. - Zamms
We know one thing... Mess with #friendfeed and the librarians will fuck your shit up. I pray for the souls of those responsible ;) [I'm not a librarian. I would LOVE to be one but I'm not. The fact I'm being referred to as one proves Poly is batshit insane and incapable of deduction]
p01y: that bible room has THIRTY TWO Admins (15 for IA libraries). How can you possibly expect that room to stay the way it was intended? It's likely some of those admin accounts have been hacked, or at the very least, are controlled by people not aligned with the room interests. There are *much* simpler and more likely explanations than conspiracy theories. - Tinfoil 2.0
Take a knee son and I'll catch you up. Most of those "2000 subscribers" in that account you shared are spam accounts. No non-imported comments. No likes. Just pulling in feeds and subscribed to each other. The only way the content could have disappeared is if the content creators of that room a) Deleted the content b) Deleted their accounts c) Were deleted for ToS violations like… wait... more... - Johnny
There is the fact that the is gone, though. I assume that the p01yNONym0u5 and polymath22 accounts were created by the same individual (the writing/hashtag style is the same), and that the deletion of that account is what spurred the DDOS (if, in fact, it was a DDOS that took down the site). But there are also explanations for why that account might have... more... - Stephen Mack
In there lies your answer. Your account was deleted. Given your posting style, it's not hard to see why you may have been deleted for ToS violations or spam. Enjoy your day - Johnny
When (if) you bring down a web service because of a misunderstanding of how that site works, yes. All claims I saw were of censorship. No evidence. - Tinfoil 2.0
Still a good possibility. You proclaim to run with a group known for such things. If your account was, as you claim, "hacked and wiped", then there must remain a strong possibility that it could have arisen from a personal internal dispute rather than some mysterious outside force. - Johnny
That's some awesome fractured logic, poly. Guess that means that, the next time something breaks on my car, I should torch the nearest VW plant. - Steven Perez from Android
p01y: Friendfeed basically works like this: (1) you can do pretty much whatever you want in your own feed, and no one has to subscribe to you if they don't want to; (2) Groups/Rooms are at the complete mercy of ANY single one of the admins of that room, and Admins are just users like you and me (not at all associated with Facebook (or previously with Friendfeed corporate)). There is no management of Friendfeed any more, we're just lucky every day they don't turn the power off. - Tinfoil 2.0
FriendFeed selected a small number of trusted and respected users to regulate spam before setting it adrift on the Facebook servers. I'm a highly active user and this is the first time we have crossed paths. Seems more than plausible that it took this long to cross paths with one of those trusted few and BAM... and before you say it, no, they are good and fair people who aren't out to silence you. - Johnny
The people Johnny mentioned are again just users like us, and for the most part, they mainly respond to complaints [] of Group spam (posts irrelevant to the room, often commercial, often heavily cross-posted). What you have experienced is much more likely to be simply a rogue Group admin (just a user) or an account deletion as Johnny mentioned above. - Tinfoil 2.0
OK, so what's the problem? You have a ton of rooms. Go crazy. Post what you want. People can subscribe if they are interested. But, BTW, if you don't control ALL of the admins of any given room, anything can happen. - Tinfoil 2.0
Poly, I sympathise with your situation. By what you say, you had a lot of work invested in your feed and it was deleted. I understand how all that could be heartbreaking. I can even (slightly) see how it could compel someone to seek some form of revenge... but where we differ is you claim a conspiracy of many where Occam's razor suggests it was (maybe mistakenly) innocent spam mangement. - Johnny
For your benefit, I have highlighted something: That, my friend, is the quickest way to bring yourself to the attention of the anti-spam admins. At best it could be viewed as spam, at worst it's harassment. Given your commenting style, I'm impressed that you have lasted as long as you claim. I understand you're passionate but the ordinary user will only tolerate out-of-context blasting for so long. - Johnny
The principle of free speech is strong in this community, BUT post unrelated shit on other people's personal feeds or in unrelated rooms, and you can almost count on it getting deleted as spam. At the very least, expect unsubscribe, hide, and/or block from other users (and room admins). - Tinfoil 2.0
Plus it was unprovoked. - Johnny
There is not. It's gone. Done. Over. Trust me, this isn't my first rodeo. - Johnny
That's considered spammy behavior in polite circles. - Tinfoil 2.0
If you wish to bring others here to view this thread, I welcome it. When your information tree has solid roots, you fear not the wind of blustering fools. - Johnny
See? Do you see? Honestly, do you see where you are going wrong? - Johnny
Poly, if you can sign in, it means there wasn't any censorship. There is a bug in the server that does this. I've had several friends that have had this vanish happen, but still show up in search and friendlist even though I couldn't get to the page. - NOT THE CRICKET
Also that image shows no sign of tampering, just a visual artifact, that shows up due to high contrast variation against the rink. It also occurs on the man in the background on the rights hat where it touches the rink, and on the woman's shoulder in between them, where the contrast between her sweater and the mans is high. - NOT THE CRICKET
thanks for pissing all over the users here, btw. really classy. - Big Joe Silence
For a person seeking truth in information, your inability to interpret even the most plain of situations, ie your behaviour and how it attracts detrimental attention, makes me question every piece of interpreted information you put forward. "If you want them to listen, whisper.". - Johnny
Again, nope. The awkward positioning is called "running" and actually running it through a system to highlight process artifacts that would point to tampering, they aren't there. Image is a consistent whole. - NOT THE CRICKET
And I have doctored a few photo's in my time, even going so far as to deemphasize or remove artifacts. It's not possible. There are always going to be dust and other visual artifacts in the environment and compression that can't be reproduced accurately. - NOT THE CRICKET
htl;dr - Melly
1) Image one does not represent locationality at point of explosion, only suggests it. Most reasonable and logical explanation, the crowd shifted between time t1(when image was taken) and time t2(when blast occurred). Also IED's have non-deterministic blast patterns. Being pressure based there will be focus points where primary failure occurs, and it's possible there will be blank areas... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
Anyway... Fucking librarians man. They'll fuck your shit up. - Johnny
Here is a picture of a puppy dressed as Batman Does that mean Bruce Wayne is a dog? #OpTheBatCave - Johnny
But look at this! The bread of dog is different here No one can explain WHY! #FalseBatPole #Hashtag #NaNaNaNa - Johnny
I don't work. I'm a billionaire playboy who hides a deep and dark secret. I'm Batman. - Johnny
All my young wards fight crime in bare legs and pixie boots. Except for Jason. He got smashed by a crowbar. Bad business. - Johnny
Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. - Melly
Dammit, search must be broken, clicking on my hashtags doesn't bring up anything! - Melly
I blocked Ponyboy because I just couldn't anymore, now this thread looks hilarious. - Melly
Jesus! Aircraft navigation and commercial routes! Physics of athmosphere and gases! ALL IN JUST ONE VIDEO - Craiv
ALL WITH A SINGLE IPAD, isn't that amazing - Craiv
I mean YOU CAN ZOOM WITH FINGERS, how come we're still using our keyboards! - Craiv
Now you just straight up trolling. You've had your fun. Run along. - Johnny from iPhone
The best part of the whole conspiracy is that Sandy Hook is really in NJ. #NudeBeachSchools - April Russo
Go home, Poly. #YouAreDrunk - Johnny from iPhone
I unblocked Poly to read this thread, but damn back to my plonk list he goes. - A Gunny named Slickback
Poly...I don't care! And do you know why I don't care? Because of you...that's why I don't care. I might have cared a few days ago, but I am worse than anonymous, I have been at the don't forget, don't forgive game a whole lot longer, and I am a lot better at it. - April Russo
I don't care and it's my conversation. Please remove yourself from my threads. A friendly request. Your last before I handle my business. - Johnny from iPhone
I've seen him handle his business. It's not pretty. - Melly
Wrong Answer Poly. I'm disabling comments on this thread. I will grant you the 9 hours to make whatever copies you want of the text in this thread, then I will remove your comments from my threads and block you so I am free from your tomfoolery. What was once harmless ramblings of a deluded fool is now just batshit annoying. I bid you no great ill and wish you the best of luck in your crusade... just do it on someone else's FriendFeed threads. Good day. - Johnny from iPhone
Anyway... Fucking librarians man. They'll fuck your shit up. - Johnny
\m/ - maʀtha
Hey Johnny, look what I have found today - WizMorgan ciao, coddi?
It's a fantastic piece of writing. - Johnny from iPhone
Aw, thanks. :) - lris from iPod
Holly's favorite Anna
This ignorant attack on FriendFeed has solidified my opinion that Anonymous are generally petulant children throwing temper tantrums.
AMEN. - Big Joe Silence
+18,000 subscribers to the #Justice4Jahar #FriendFeed group and ALL relevant #FreeJahar and #Justice4Jahar content is scrubbed, only #SPAM is left ==> <== this is NOT a search bug, this is censorship. wake up. #Op4Degrees #Op4Colors #AnonOps #OpFriendFeed #OpWeb #OpWeb3... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
po1y: not sure how familiar you are with FriendFeed, but individuals & groups can set things up so that data is pulled in from outside sources - Twitter accounts, RSS feeds, etc. (And you can remove those data sources at a later time. I've done that occasionally - taken out a Flickr stream and added it back in later.) It seems that the account or group you're referring to has a bunch of... more... - Laura
Laura - thanks, i had an account here at #FriendFeed that was suspended / deleted that had almost 1 millions comments, over 100,000 likes, and followed over 10,000 users/groups. this happened after #BostonTrolls, aka #FWQWtrolls #BMBtrolls whose mission it is to silence online discussion about the inconsistencies of #BostonMarathonBombing - p01yN0Nym0u5
Mary Carmen
38 weeks and looking HUGE!
Also looking beautiful! :) The glow is blinding! - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Bir seferde 8 falan dogurur. O isik var - lili from Android
Thanks, Amanda. I am not sure how I feel about how I look in this pic. It's the first time I am really seeing a difference in my face and I am sorta :/ about it. - Mary Carmen
You'll have yourself back to yourself very soon. You're still super cute <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Thanks, Mandy. - Mary Carmen
Looking awesome! - Melly
Thank you <3 - Mary Carmen
holly #ravingfangirl
Honey Badger, in progress who are the lucky ducks who will get some of this batch?
Honey Badger, in progress who are the lucky ducks who will get some of this batch?
Stephen Francoeur
I've recently become the psychology librarian at my college and am trying to get a better sense of what I should be buying and licensing. I hope to begin a series of one-on-one meetings with psychology faculty in the fall and am thinking of using this survey with them during the meeting to capture in a structured way what the overall needs of ...
the department are. This is just my first draft of this survey. Any suggestions? Feel free to take it to see how it works (when I get to doing the real thing, I'll copy over the questions to a new survey). - Stephen Francoeur
Bumping for the morning crowd. If you can kick the tires of this survey, I'd be most appreciative. - Stephen Francoeur
Aggregated results report is here: - Stephen Francoeur
I think the sliding scale doohickey is lovely. I have a suggestion (but it's admittedly geared towards my curiosity rather than your needs) : what steps of the research process would you or your graduate students like assistance or collaboration with. This was inspired by: (and other sites, I've been tracking) - copystar
That's a nice page you shared, Mita. I think I may use your question for a separate project of assessing the services that faculty expect or desire, as I really want to focus on the subjects that are of interest to them so that I can better align acquisitions with their needs. - Stephen Francoeur
do yo have any cognitive psychologists? psycholinguists? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Stephanie: not sure. I'm thinking I may try to do one-on-one meetings with a number of faculty before launching the survey. I may come up with different questions if I go that way. - Stephen Francoeur
Are psychological tests a format worth asking about? I'm thinking of things like HAPI and Mental Measurements Yearbook. (Though I can't think of other resources in that area, so if you already own those, might be a moot point.) - Regular Amanda
Also, do your subject categories come from LC classification? Which psychologists might recognize, but some of the verbiage from APA Divisions might also be useful? - Regular Amanda
The National Institute of Mental Health just announced they are going to use new, research-related categories rather than the new DSM. Those might be good categories, too. - Rebecca Hedreen
Amandadon't, I used the topics in bold from this list of PsycINFO classification codes: - Stephen Francoeur
Good suggestion also about psychological tests as a format type to ask about. Rebecca, that's interesting about the DSM and NIMH. I saw a headline this morning that the NIH regards the new DSM as unscientific. I'll have to take a closer look at the NIHM research categories to see if they might be useful. - Stephen Francoeur
I always forget about those PsycINFO codes! Those are awesome. - Regular Amanda
APA's PsychTests are another resource full of tests and other instruments. We love them, but are waiting for them to get on EBSCO, as the native interface is worse. Another one I'd love to get is the Sage Research Methods Online, which is broader and more methods than instruments, but our social sciences folks would dig it. Sorry if this is too off-topic! - kaijsa
We have Sage Research Methods Online and are wishing we had greater usage of it. - Stephen Francoeur
the PsycINFO thesaurus is the BEST!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @butterwolf: I've seen things you wouldn't believe. Movie rental stores. Payphones. I once used a paper map. All of it lost in time, like tears in rain.
Rebecca Hedreen
It actually did say "...books" when I opened it.
MOOCs. I'm tellin' ya. - RepoRat
Holly's favorite Anna
You heard it here first:
I plan to read that--tomorrow. - Joe
That sounds painful... - Aaron the Librarian
Man, they could work in libraries! "Let's appoint a committee to look into the possibility of looking into doing something." - laura x from BuddyFeed
Ed Wood is not dead, he's a headline writer. - Zamms
The Onion, reporting from Northfield. - barbara fister
Stephen Francoeur
Lance Armstrong "covers" Radiohead's "Creep" via Ophah interview.
Lance Armstrong "covers" Radiohead's "Creep" via Ophah interview.
LSW: Joe
Sneak Preview: If anyone would like to contribute a short piece to a new journal, you all would be welcome. Formal introduction of the journal will be released to various library discussion lists soon. see and for more info.
PS. We will be getting an ISSN at some point, too. - Joe
Or, you could submit a long piece, or even a medium length piece. - Joe
Morning bump. I guess posting this at 10pm my time (Midnight EST) last night was not the best timing for peeps. If you don't know, this journal was born in the LSW. Please consider a submission or three. - Joe
Professional associations are a pre-Internet way to create and foster networks of interest and share professional information. LSW, and code4lib, and other online venues are taking the place of a lot of that. Often leaving the associations with little more than publishing and conference planning.
And of course, publishing ain't what it used to be either. - John Dupuis
And maintaining at least a little toe to have slammed in the door as the large-scale decisions get made in closed rooms - Aaron the Librarian
Yep. So if you're a professional association, what do you do about that? - RepoRat
Sell your damn big offices Do *good* online communities. Have more local conferences. Stop the print magazines. - Pete
Be useful. Do (or sponsor) the research to identify the real professional gaps and weaknesses that require professional development, and offer that development. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
If we're talking sideways about the 800 pound (362.8 kg) gorilla... it sounds like you want the Washington Office (or at least their mindset) to run the mothership - Aaron the Librarian
Good question. What value do they add? Lobbying in DC; providing a contact for reporters when they want to hear from libraries en masse. Vendors could host their own trade shows if they are still of value; sharing research is being held back by societies and professional associations rather than advanced (until and unless they work out a completely different way of doing it not... more... - barbara fister
That being said, even Code4Lib sees a lot of value in face-to-face exchange of ideas and learning time. I think there are still spots open if y'all want to register and come hang out with me in Chicago for a few days. - Hedgehog
I think face to face annual conferences may end up in the same place as paper journals arriving in the mail regularly. It's hard to change habits and lose affordances, but after a while you have perfectly useful workarounds. I think people should get together, but question it being on an annual schedule and requiring the use of giant conference centers. - barbara fister
Full disclosure: I hate shopping and the exhibit halls make me squirrely. YMMV. - barbara fister
I know webinars can be boring, but I think that software industry will continue to expand, get better, and allow more interactive discussion from attendees as well as the speakers. This will dig into the in-person conference market. - Joe
I also used to get a ton of info from discussion lists, but I am finding more relevant info news here on FF than I am from my discussion lists. What I learn here, I am then sending onto the discussion list. - Joe
The best events I've been to lately have been small and local. I irrationally dread large, impersonal conferences. - John Dupuis
What I get from f2f conferences that I don't get from online communities are the in depth conversations that I can have from colleagues - that doesn't happen for me even within great and lively online communities. There are some dinners and lunches and breaks where I've had a-ha moments and worked through knotty problems that otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have. Professional... more... - Sarah
Is it possible to have conversations of similar depth online? What are the affordances that make that possible or im-? (My cards on the table: I think one such affordance is impermanence and allied privacy -- I can have convos at conferences that The Man will have a hard time calling me on the carpet over.) - RepoRat
It can be but the serendipity of surprise conversations is something I really value. I met Amy West because I was knitting in a presentation (shocking, I know) and at some of the happy hours or things like that conversations that have started have grown into something really interesting. Also fire pit in DC. Sad I won't get to do that this year. - Hedgehog
Hey, I know Amy! - maʀtha
Conferences are essential for cross pollination, but ALA, and even OLA, are too big, I think. The important thing about any type of conference is that it's a way to rationalize library funding for the trip. After all, the library is hardly likely to subsidize my vacation in Montreal, even if I do spend time with McGill's scholarly communications & eresourses librarian talking about the historical thesis digitisation project. - DJF
Full disclosure: I heard a paper at a conference over a year ago and just dug up the presented and got copies of the paper and her slides now that it actually connects to some research I'm doing. I would have no way of knowing her work existed otherwise. (Different field, still working on her dissertation, so not much yet published.) - barbara fister
Honestly, I love conferences. The small ones are good, but ALA is a nice way for me to do my ACRL stuff, though we could be more efficient. But like Barbara, I hear about stuff I wouldn't otherwise and make contacts that I really value. Online communities, especially this one, are great, but they're different. I don't see it as an either-or kind of preference. - kaijsa
I agree with Steve - I think the traditional prof. dev. activities are more legitimate to peers, especially if they are not active online in social media. I also like the smaller, more focused meetings where I can have more conversations and more details about projects. - Elizabeth Brown
See also my earlier comments about conferences being a way to legitimize giving librarians money to travel to visit people. - DJF
That's comment about going to conferences being more legitmate professional development compared to blogging is true. In my national association you get no points towards the professional development scheme (PDS) for professional blogging. But you apparently get it for being in a "reading circle" or submitting a list of 30 journal articles you read annually (I had to do that one year... more... - aaron
So I went to five conferences/workshops back in spring 2011 (it was a nutty semester). Gave three papers, heard several good ones, met interesting people (many of whom I already knew). Two of the papers I heard made enough of an impression that I still remember them. I now have the text of one so I can really study it, but not the other one, nor can I refer people to it since it's not... more... - barbara fister
~Courtney F
Hey homebrewers!...Nice online beer label generator -
~Courtney F
Jason P
Portal 2 warning sign coasters – Boing Boing -
Portal 2 warning sign coasters – Boing Boing
Is Wayne Rooney's $50,000 Hair Transplant Responsible For His Goal-Scoring Binge? (No.) -
Is Wayne Rooney's $50,000 Hair Transplant Responsible For His Goal-Scoring Binge? (No.)
"Wayne Rooney was stressed. He'd had a rotten World Cup. The tabloids were accusing him of cheating on his pregnant wife with a prostitute. And his hair was falling out. So he did something about the hair. Now the sports magi can speculate about whatever tonic explains Rooney's bristling performance this season (five goals in three games)." - kendrak from Bookmarklet
Jason P
We've had circulation staff participating in our chat reference service for two days now. I'm already incredibly happy about it.
Cause they know stuff right? - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Well, yes. But I'd guess at least a quarter of the questions that come through end up being circ-related, and we've had to just give them the phone number to call circ. We can transfer directly now, and circ folks can just grab questions that are obviously theirs to begin with. - Jason P
do y'all have any training documents that you use that you'd be willing to share? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Sarah S does all our VR training. I'll ask her if she's got anything. - Jason P
I think this kind of cross-training makes lots of sense. - maʀtha
We've got both reference and circ folks participating - I estimate 75% of our questions are reference questions, but there definitely are lots of circ questions too. Also IT and Moodle-related - would love to get those folks involved in monitoring (or at least being available to take transfers) too. - Deborah Fitchett
Would love to include circulation staff, my estimate for our chat questions is 90% circulation. Though easy to answer ones... - aaron
Peter Crouch gets haircut from elderly riot victim - Dirty Tackle - World Soccer Blog - Yahoo! Sports -
Peter Crouch gets haircut from elderly riot victim - Dirty Tackle - World Soccer Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Show all
"One of the most widely seen images of the London riots was 89-year-old Aaron Biber looking over the damage to his ransacked and looted barber shop on Tottenham High Street. After decades of working out of the small shop, Biber said he would have to close when he found his windows smashed, hairdryers stolen and tea kettle gone because he didn't have insurance and couldn't afford repairs. Yet, as terrible as it was, football fans couldn't help but joke about how one item the looters didn't take was the Peter Crouch autographed photo propped beside Mr. Biber's mirror. The Crouch jokes weren't the only thing to come out of the elderly barber's story, though. A "Keep Aaron Cutting" campaign was started on the Internet and quickly raised £35,000 to get the lifelong Spurs fan back up and running. And to show his support for the campaign, Peter Crouch himself even showed up at the Aaron Biber's Gentlemens Hairdressing shop for a visit..." - kendrak from Bookmarklet
nice story - Halil
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Isn't Ebsco too big to not support all modern browsers?
Ebsco is big enough to do whatever the fuck they want. - DJF
I gotcha, You mean like how Facebook can change its privacy settings on a whim? " Too big to care" - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Well, it's more likely that Ebsco is so big that their IT group mandates certain browsers internally, and the development team can't cope with the idea that people don't work the same way they do. - DJF
It seems to have issues with Chrome--that I've heard about,anyway. - Yvonne M
Which other browsers doesn't it support? Have noticed that their books (at least) don't work on Firefox on Mac (pdfs can't be opened). - Deborah Fitchett
If you upgrade Firefox to 4.01 it will work on the Mac, but not on earlier versions - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Firefox 4 doesn't completely work on a mac. If you open a journal title you can't click on the year to expand the list of volumes/issues in that year. Urgh. - lris
I've been having lots of issues with Ebsco + Chrome on both PC and Mac. It's *REALLY* annoying, since Chrome is my primary browser. - ~Courtney F
I wonder how many of us putting support tickets through will be enough to make it annoying enough for them to do something about it - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
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