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From to Dot.gone - Web 2.0 Start-ups That Have Vanished -
From to Dot.gone - Web 2.0 Start-ups That Have Vanished
From to Dot.gone - Web 2.0 Start-ups That Have Vanished
Would like to see a comparison from today's companies, to two years from now, and see how places like Twitter And FriendFeed stack up.... - Mike Shields
It's a pity that, while aggregating the demise of named Web 2.0 companies, the authors elected to illustrate it using static graphics, rather than making it a clickable (Web1.5?) image map, at least the second part <>.With granular links pointing to, I don't know, perhaps the TechCrunch Deadpool, or the Crunchbase? - ianf ⌘
what's odd is how many of the acquired companies are still searching for revenue. it's not just the dead companies that fail to meet the first rule of a company. be inherently profitable. - wannagot
If I understand this correctly, most prevalent post-dotcom-bust dotcom model is to build up a respectable client base assisted by press buzz and faves, then sell out to a media giant that has the financial muscle and managerial competence to turn our cottage into a true industry. - ianf ⌘
you're right, ianf, but that's not a sustainable model. the media giants will one day have to start consolidating, and then the sell it to google concept will wither on the vine, along with the venture capital lottery. - wannagot from twhirl
plus i neglected to mention the small matter of the worst recession in over half a century. that's enough to get everyone focusing on the missing piece of the web 2.0 puzzle. profit. - wannagot
No, on paper it's definitely not sustainable, but then strange things have happened in the past. First, there's P.T. Barnum's golden rule; second, there's far too much free capital in the industrialized world chasing after the same few viable business ideas. Neither of which looks like it'll become obsolete in this our life, or next. - ianf ⌘
y, there's always the barnum bandwagon effect. but as far as reponsible capital is concerned, a healthy balance sheet is likely to mean a whole lot more. that won't end frivolous investments and acquisitions based on nothing but it will certainly dent the market for them considerably, and choke off the sense of possibility of both entrepreneurs, private investors and vc's. - wannagot from twhirl
How many $$$$$$$ by the drain? - ThinkEzy
All I know is future generations will look down on us as unimaginative country bumpkins, while simultaneously investing in resurrection of dead souls on Krypton (I hear it's near break even point as we speak, wanna join?) - ianf ⌘
Most of them shouldn't have existed in the first place - LANjackal
You really can't say that. Couple of guys have this bright idea of making Blue Boxes for controlling long-distance telephone relays, sell them to friends for a while, next decide to go legit and make a "computer on a single PCB" in a garage. Fast-forward a couple of decades and next we know one of them dances with the stars on a Seqway, while the other is a brooding multibillionaire in a Xanadu-like fortress somewhere forever waiting for his Orson Welles. - ianf ⌘
Gabe Rivera
Friendfeed is irresistibly useful now. Recent features add up to a really compelling product. Really hope Twitter never chokes 'em.
Saw this immediately thanks to notifications. - MG Siegler
Saw your comment immediately. - Gabe Rivera
BTW, that was my first FF comment since August '08. - Gabe Rivera
Like a virgin. - MG Siegler
Welcome back then Gabe! - Simon Wicks
I'm tellin' ya. FF's back. Just bookmarked their iphone friendly site. - Mario Sundar
you don't say ;-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Jerome: wut? I myself will lurve saved searches AKA track AKA Gillmor's Grail - Gabe Rivera
Gillmor may spontaneously combust if track hits FF before it restarts on twitter - Adrian
I'd love to hear a list why its "irresistibly useful" for you, Gabe. I'm still quasi-resisting, although I do find it useful. - C. K. Sample III
I will repeat here: it would be great for users if Twitter and FF merged their capabilities. One completes the other. - William Mougayar
Hey Gabe - great to see you here - Hutch Carpenter
what recent features excite you - @baratunde
CK, baratunde: essentially, its capacity to extend Twitter in very useful ways. Creating small friend lists here (to track separately from your main feed) is easier here than with Twitter desktop apps, and the results come in in real time. I also turned on IM notifications for select friends. Remember Twitter had IM? They took the feature away. - Gabe Rivera
There goes the neighborhood! :-) - Robert Scoble
The last couple days on Twitter have brought me back to FF as well - Costa Walcott
Gabe - any plans to add services like FriendFeed/Backtype/Reddit etc to Link Search option in Techmeme. Tried Link Search on top headline i.e. and got zero results from Google Blog Search/Ask and IceRocket returned 5. - Atul Arora
Atul: huh, putting a URL in FF search does come up with useful results, so I think I'll add FF to the link search list. If those other services have backlink search currently available, please list sample query urls here and I'll take a look. (BTW, to see what Atul's talking about, click "Preferences" on Techmeme, then click "Show Link Search".) - Gabe Rivera
Backtype aggregates across Reddit, YCombinator and FriendFeed - See - Atul Arora
Gabe also does link search and returns FriendFeed, Twitter and Backtype results for all version of that URLs e.g. Since @TechmemeFH and @Techmeme are both using the link search is simply adding the + after the URL i.e. for the based link search. - Atul Arora
Gabe, here's a link to our connect feature which shows all the conversation around a link (digg, reddit, twitter, friendfeed, hacker news, and posts that link in): - Mike Montano
Mike - so what is using to show comments from backtype. It shows zero comments. Is it filtering comments so that it only shows comments from the blog page? - Atul Arora
Thanks Mike, Atul. I will take a close look at this later and probably add some more link search links. - Gabe Rivera
Atul, yes they're using a method that only fetches comments from the page being queried, though full connect functionality would be a nice addition imo. - Mike Montano
Hey look Gabe is back! :) - Susan Beebe
I agree, except that it should be easier to add an external feed other than through the cumbersome creation of an "Imaginary Friend". - Derek Mahar
I'm still going to say that I think links to friendfeed discussions on blog posts belong on Techmeme. ;) - Thomas Hawk
Wait, is this sarcastic Twitter Gabe or normal Gabe? What persona have you decided to adopt on FF? :) - Matt Cutts
No idea whether it's of use to TechMeme, Gabe, but FriendFeed's API will give you a list of all the entries that link to a specified URL. You can see it in action with - Ken Sheppardson
I agree I like Friendfeed simplicity. - LaShea Miller
Friendfeed just gets better every day (and is incredibly responsive to user feedback!) - Charlie Anzman
like the notifications air app ... been trying it out. - Julian Lukács
FriendFeed FTW! - (jeff)isageek
@mattcutts: hah, no I'm serious here. FF's current feature set now offers great value to me. I suspect FF still has a major challenge offering a compelling and differentiated product to the Oprah crowd, but that doesn't concern me (and FF may nail that eventually). - Gabe Rivera
@thomashawk: noted. :-) - Gabe Rivera
I have already noticed a massive increase in followers on friendfeed recently. Anecdotal evidence indicates friendfeed is growing (I find it has a higher utility as well) - Jordan Willms
Agree, great improvements! - Tim Moore
Gabe Rivera
Atul Arora aka @atul is evidently a real person, and was spotted at @harrymccracken's Tweetup. Behold:
Jeremiah Owyang
I'm LOLing at Scoble, who told several bloggesr last night during dinner "Don't break the news about me leaving" I don't want anyone to know, then he talks to Techcrunch on phone a few hours later. Ya big goof you. :)
Don't you think it was one of the people at the dinner who tipped off Arrington? - Dave Winer
Let's see what Scoble says, I have no idea, he may have done it himself. - Jeremiah Owyang
Cool. No matter what -- the info came from him originally. I knew about it a couple of weeks ago, and suggested he hold onto it as long as possible, but Scoble is Scoble, a force of nature -- and nothing can stop him, not even Scoble. :-) - Dave Winer
May be, may be not ! - Jayavasanthan J
It was not. Last night he told me Mike already knew and was getting more detail. - Louis Gray
Ah thanks Louis, so Robert is his own leak? - Jeremiah Owyang
Well, Jeremiah, he promised me the exclusive on this, so we are all in the same boat. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
To be fair, he probably specified an embargo. - Richard Lawler
Me.. I think Calacanis should thank Scoble for making it a good day to make public that he employed a felon... now everyone is going to talk about what Scoble is going to do next :-) - Ian D. Nock
I've never really understood why Robert didn't go solo. He doesn't need to stand under the umbrella of another organization, he can make it rain on his own. - Todd Hoff
Alex - LOL :D - Susan Beebe
Good point Just CW. I meant more leveraging his own brand for his own greater reward. Work with others on the business side and video editing :-) Maybe something like ScobleCrunchOm :-) - Todd Hoff
JustCW - ooh I like the partnership Leo Laporte idea... GigaOm is good too - Susan Beebe
I think Robert should be CMO for Friendfeed :) If not Robert, then Louis ! hehehee - Susan Beebe
I don't think he could work for a particular company like FF because he has to surf the trends to stay current. An explorer always looks to the next horizon. - Todd Hoff
We will know it is the end if FF ever has a position such as CMO. - coldbrew
no all. - Rob Sellen :o)
Jeremiah: Arrington called me. He already had the news. - Robert Scoble
It's all because Arrington just got back from vacation and was hungry to scoop everyone. Granted he also has warned people in the past that Techcrunch will break embargoes ;) - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
Adam Lasnik
On my first day visiting India, I volunteered at a school for underprivileged kids. My friends and I bought the kids some educational gifts, read to 'em, and -- most of all -- even we macho guys had our hearts melt seeing how curious and excited and happy they were. Here's a sample :)
Lot of cuteness there - Hutch Carpenter
Hi Jérôme, this school is in Hyderabad. And yep, Hutch, true! - Adam Lasnik
Lovely lovely! :) - Bee
What's amazing to me is just how universal (across India) a love-of-camera has been for kids. I'm not sure if it's an issue of rarely seeing digital cameras, rarely seeing non-Indians in person, or something else... but kids in India have just gone wild (with big smiles or more) when I point my camera at them. Will share more photos later :-) - Adam Lasnik
Has nothing to do with you being white - kids were all over me when I was there and had my camera out. Something magical about being able to turn it around and show them the picture. - Rocky
Rafe Needleman
Moving back from Evernote to OneNote. I like the Evernote online/offline architecture, but OneNote is just a little faster to use.
Same here. Evernote is definitely good but slow (especially on Vista). - Amit Agarwal
Evernote great, bit also very slow on the iPhone... I am an Evernote bliever, so Iwill give it a few more months on my systems - Alexander Schek from twhirl
hmmm wow, i use OneNote occasionally and was about to jump back over to Evernote b/c of the iPhone app... - Susan Beebe
Leo Laporte
First TwitBlogs now TwitOrFit and people wonder why I'm cranky about Twitter. -sigh- TWiT and the TWiT logo are reg TM, no rights reserved.
It prevents others from suing to protect it, so you're essentially taking that copyright/trademark out of the protectionist game. That's my take on it anyhow YMMV. - Eric Rost
I actually thought about you when I saw these words trending on Twitter last evening. I feel your pain. :) - vimoh
I know that, but I was hoping the (empty) threat of a lawsuit would deter. I think any kind of a suit would have a pretty negative impact on my brand. More so than losing the trademark. In effect, Twitter has cost me my trademark. The real risk now is that someone will do a tech news roundtable podcast and call it TWiT. I guess I'd have to sue then, but I think I've weakened my defense. - Leo Laporte
At least everyone who knows TWiT will forever associate those sites more with This Week in Tech than with Twitter.. a bit of reverse karma? - Eric Rost
@Matt - Luckily (as the No Rights Reserved movement seems to be embracing as well) its a free country where we can piss and moan about whatever we wish! With no penalties even. :) - Eric Rost
We all know what the real TWiT is... accept no substitutes. ;) - John Denver
We all know but what about the uninitiated? - Bob Maltais
I assume asking them nicely to change to "tweet" instead of "twit" wouldn't work? - Robin
You have to sue leo, if twitter goes mainstream, you will see hundreds of 3rd party services with twit*.com names like and and you will suffer. I actually thought twit_or_fit was one of your sites for a few seconds. - David Lloyd
Yeah, twit_or_fit is a direct challenge to TwitFit. - Martin Johnson
at least a change to their logo/presence to not look so similar would be a plus - Bob Maltais
Remember too the longer you leave it, the less protection you have. Imagine if twitter sold to facebook or something, and you had ot protect your name, the courts would say "why didn't you protect it when the company was worth nothing?" - David Lloyd
I say send them a passive aggressive note too. - Robin
There is only one TWiT and long may it stand!! - Bill
I defy anyone to name a single person in tech who is loved by his fans more than Leo - David Lloyd
Steve Jobs? - MiniMage
I can't, Leo FTW! - Martin Johnson
Hey, just when I was thinking about getting all gussied up and making some new profile pics LOL - MiniMage
you mean ALL rights reserved? - Josh Haley
Me? I don't write any fanfic...and I can't for the life of me place Perfect Strangers, unless it's that Balki show (and why would anyone still be writing about that; it aint Star Trek!). - MiniMage
How do reserved rights work with a common dictionary word? I suppose one could easily go after TWiTorFit or TWiTBlogs, but those do not exist, or at least do not appear to be the issue. - MiniMage
Apple is a dictionary word. - David Lloyd
And Applebee's restaurants are still going strong? - MiniMage
To be fair, trying to build a brand around the word Twit made no sense to start with. Way too common. Further, Twit is a name of a specific show, and not very useful as a meta-brand anyway. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
A Google search seems to indicate a fair lot of businesses named "Apple Tree." - MiniMage
Robert Scoble tweeted about yet another "twit" - Robin
@dariusmdev - I agree not to use the name "Leo" in it, but essentially naming the network "this week in tech" was way, way too lomiting from the start and the term "twit" was never, ever goign to be really protectable. - Soulhuntre
But if I called my hamburger restaurant MacDonald's rather than McDonald's, I don't think I would be in business for very long. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
@Barry that comparison is way off base. You are talking about two businesses in the same biz. What does Twitblogs, TwittoFit, twitlonger have in common with TWiT on any level? None of them are in the same biz, none of them use similar graphics, phrasing, placement, or association on their site. Additionally twit is a word like water, or hat and this means it is even more difficult to have broad protections against unrelated use. - Roger Kondrat
Leo, You're getting some really bad advice on this thread. CAT and I have had some recent dealings with trademark issues but I can't go into it here on an open channel. Suffice it to say that the USPTO does not view trademarks the same as many of the good meaning people here. If you like, when you get back from France, send CAT and email (CAT at and we will forward our phone number to you so we can chat offline. - eric susch
John Furrier
valleywag heads to the Techcrunch ironic
Robert Scoble
Things I’ve learned in China so far -
Excellent commentary, thanks! (and look forward to a more detailed post-trip debriefing) - JimmyJet
I love the context that the censors are being more protectionist than nationalist (if there's a difference). - Andrew
There isn't much meat on chicken feet. In that sense, those are as bad as wings. - Morton Fox
Robert, Every time a coworker of mine travels to China, they come back a bit surprised. Was your trip what you expected? If so, how? If not, how was it different? - Steve Olson
You only know few about China, 对于中国你了解甚少。 - Chris Qie
Steve: I was in China 12 years ago, so I already was prepared. I'm always blown away by rate of change here. It makes New York seem like a country village. Makes Vegas seem minor league. - Robert Scoble
Very good entry. I especially liked #6 and #7. :) - Daynah
Robert Scoble
I wish Twitter had a "retweet button." For instance, I'd retweet @nytimes stuff a lot.
Dang, that's a simple, but brilliant feature enhancement. - AJ Kohn
Yes, Twitter needs re-tweet. - Sweyn Venderbush from twhirl
Twhirl has one. But it would be nice if it was native to Twitter. For that matter, FriendFeed needs one, too. - Josh Bancroft
you should try Tweenky. it's the best feature there. and you'll like it anyway because the page refreshing itself. - Orli Yakuel
Twitter needs another button: "hide" because you want to get updates from your friends, but sometimes they don't know where to stop ;-) - Orli Yakuel
use twhirl - Ouriel Ohayon
ouriel: twhirl is nice, but I often don't want to start it for a variety of reasons not the least of which is I read Twitter on my iPhone a lot and switch back and forth between FF and Twitter a TON. - Robert Scoble
TweetDeck, dude. Makes Twitter so much better. - Jason Falls
Twitter doesn't care about their UI - their main API lead is writing a book right now so they'll get to that when he's done. - Jesse Stay
Hey guys, if you haven't already looked at it, has a retweet button. is what SHOULD be. - Rahsheen
Posty and TweetDeck both have that. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed has that too - it's called "like" :-) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Robert - Tweetdeck offers that feature, but you're wanting it on iPhone...soo that's a problem. Jesse LOL - good idea! - Susan Beebe
Don't you think the easiest way to RT is from inside FF? - Bernie Goldbach
Because when you RT from FF you get context and better meaning. - Bernie Goldbach
I asked Ev about the ability to retweet. In his usual, highly productive mindset he asked "Why can't you retweet?" thinking there was a bug. I said I meant the lazy way, like Twhirl (main reason I use it + shortening). He replied "Oh". "Well maybe" :) - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I don't like re-tweeting except when other people are re-tweeting my tweets. However, I was also going to mention Slandr. thanks to Roy Blumenthal I'll check it out online too - Cathleen Rittereiser
good sugestion Robert. - Michael McGimpsey from twhirl
Bernie, that brings up an entirely different UI issue for Twitter. They have the capability to do threads on the backend. Another UI issue they're neglecting. FF is beating them to the punch on everything. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Just use Twhirl, there is a retweet button. Comes in very handy. - Tracy Lee Carroll from twhirl
@Gregory Lent If the link is, that's someone's ff to twitter post - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I use Tweetdeck and that has a retweet button too - Ian May
It really needs one. - Vera Hannaford
Use Twhirl for your Tweeting - David Rosam from twhirl
That's another reason I love Tweetdeck. - Janet Fouts
Robert Scoble
Never underestimate Microsoft’s ability to turn a corner -
"Before Rackspace gets bought up there will be consolidation of several less-well-funded competitors. Rackspace is waiting for the economy to bash them against the rocks a little bit more before doing more acquisitions. After that happens then a bigger player like Google/Amazon/Microsoft might make a play for them." - Robert Scoble
ah, the turning the corner comment on Steve Rubel's post makes more sense. Good post on the key elements of MSFT's latest announcements. I still think "turning the corner" is all still in the potential phase, they are still in tough competition when they enter the cloud business. It is the next phase but the barrier to entry (and/or vertical power) is a lot lower in the cloud. - Lou Paglia
Louis Gray
Destroying your brand with non-stop lists -
so true, ironically related links to this post includes top 10 list :) - sean percival
Jeez, please don't show me that picture again. I'm for keeping guns few, far between, and safely locked up where most people can't get them, let alone kittens. - Paola Bonomo
Darren Rowse
anyone else noticing their feed url outranking their actual posts in google results?
anyone else noticing their feed url outranking their actual posts in google results?
And now StumbleUpon has taken that position.. - Amit Agarwal
Darren Rowse
ouch, someone just sent me a 35 question interview for their blog... umm... I'm pretty sure I'd say no to the NYT if they sent that many :-)
You could pretend they were multiple choice questions and just answer "C" for them all. - Stu Andrews from twhirl
If they ask 35 questions, they're after content, not answers. You should just respond to whichever you find the most interesting. - Ozan Onay
Judi Sohn
Finding the Perfect Keyboard - Web Worker Daily -
I am in love with the 7000 Bluetooth keyboard from MSFT. - Amit Agarwal
I actually use a wireless Apple keyboard with all of my devices: my MBP, my Vista UMPC, etc... it works well and travels great. - Kevin C. Tofel
Absolutely nothing beats a Dvorak keyboard layout, regardless of the actual brand or type of keyboard you use! I’ve gotten so used to Dvorak over the past 3.5 years that I just can’t use a Qwerty keyboard anymore without some serious hunting for the (illogically placed) keys. See also: - Siddharth Deb
Robert Scoble
The month of no startups -
This is probably the best time for start-ups to introduce their products if they are not attending the TC50 or Demo. - Amit Agarwal
I agree but most think they will get a bigger pop in September. - Robert Scoble
It's August. No one wants to do anything in August as all the money men are asleep or on vacation. You get Sept and Oct to talk about new things, but come November all the new gadgets proposed for Christmas come out and that steals all the spotlight. Then December with more vacations. So if you are a startup, you have to aim for that window. - Andrew Leyden
Leo Laporte
My wife thinks I'm having an affair. With my iPhone. Say hello to my little friend.
kim jokes that the internet is my 'one true love'. :P - kk+
My hubby may have made similar comments about me, but he got me a tshirt that says "Wargame Widow: Time after time after time." - MiniMage
Yeah my wife is a WoW Widow and the iPhone doesn't help.... - Andy Lewandowski
In the early days of the PC, didn't we hear complaints from Computer Widows. (A back formation from football widows). Plus ça change... - Michael Markman
Gender confused. My boyfriend looks exactly like your girlfriends. - Joey Lo
Sarah Austin
How'd you come up with that name? SEO or?? :) - Mark Forman
Sarah Austin??? It's my real name :) Sarah Meyers was a stage name. - Sarah Austin
More sites with pics of hot blondes are always in demand. - James Joyner
Stage name? Oh, I thought you had gotten married! - Paul Montgomery
Judi Sohn
Trying Opera Mini on my BB again. Not bad. Much better than a beta I tried a while ago.
True, it's better than BB browser - Amit Agarwal
It's going to make me not jealous of Eric's new iPhone on Friday. The only part of the iPhone I want is the browser. - Judi Sohn
Sarah Austin
I think FriendFeed is my new favorite website.
Are you getting a little tired of twitter's down time, Sarah? - Tommy Lane
Press the F5 button a lot and the addiction gets even better LOL - Susan Beebe
how come yesterday when we had coffee you said CN was your new favorite web site? - Allen Stern
You and me both Sarah. I hope to talk to you more on this. - Dennis Jackson
@Allen Stern Ha! Right right right. - Sarah Austin
Sarah Perez
The GOOG->MSFT Exodus: Working at Google vs. Working at Microsoft -
Louis Gray
Magic moments -:) - Mark Forman
who's your daddy :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) - Mike Reynolds
My sister gave birth on the 5th and still hasn't posted pics. These make me want to see them even more! (Very cute by the way!) - David Cook
More photos on my younger sister's .Mac Gallery: - Louis Gray
Lovely. - Amit Agarwal
Thanks for sharing these. - Thomas Hawk
What is behind door number 5? - Russellreno
FAMILY PICTURES!!!!! yeah!!!! you guys look great!! :-) congrats again! - Susan Beebe
Looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing... - Mitchell Tsai
pitter-pat pitter-pat pitter-pat. : ) Gorgeous family. You guys will look absolutely fabulous when you're all at home together soon! - Carla Thompson
Louis, you look so happy! I am happy for you - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
Awesome! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Yeah!!!!! - Charlie Anzman
Double Like! Such precious little faces. - April Buchheit
Awwwww! :) - Bill Sodeman
Susan Beebe
Digital Inspiration Readers on Google Maps -
Digital Inspiration Readers on Google Maps
just added myself to Digital Inspiration mashup of Google Maps.... big brother can find me now! w00t! - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
Thank you :) - Amit Agarwal
Cool app Amit!! i like it! :*) what should we do with all that cool info? - Susan Beebe
Judi Sohn
GigaOm Analysis of the Nokia/Symbian Deal -
married, giddy & tipsy
:-) yay, and congrats! - Brendon
Congrats again. - Amit Agarwal
It's so great being a Californian today. Congrats Gina! Oh, and I'm married, giddy, and tipsy here too! - Robert Scoble
Yay! Congrats! - iTad
Congratulations again to Gina and Terra! (signed) Married, grouchy and sober - Mitch Wagner
A very exciting time. Will there be Lifehacking from the honeymoon? - Louis Gray
Congratulations, Gina!!! - David Sifry from twhirl
Aloha and congratulations! - Bill Sodeman from fftogo
Congratulations - David Worrell
Congratulations - یک پزشک
congratulations - Nedaッ
Congrats - Maryam Ardakani
Congratulations! :) - ‎‎Emad
Congratulations - joupy
Congrats! Enjoy life - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Congratulations! - Vinay | विनय
my private, soon-to-be-legal-spouse might just have her turn at internet fame today. Brace yourself, honey.
Tell her it could be worse, Gina. I dragged my better half into an NBC news interview on podcasting back in 2005. Not sure that she's forgiven me yet thanks to the web replays... and they say love forgives all... ;) - Kevin C. Tofel
zomg hi Terra! - Chris Hollander
Show Us Your Desktop and Workspace on Flickr [Announcements] -
my marriage will finally get legalized on June 17th at 3PM, barring any disastrous outbreaks of homophobia in the meantime
yay! congratulations to you and your family!!! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Congrads Gina. - Shawn L. Morrissey
oy, congratulations! - Martin Liechti
Congratulations to ya! - Marcel Weiß
Congrats Gina! - Sean Alexander
Congratulations! - Cyndy
Congrats Gina! Here's to many more years of happiness for you both! - Kevin C. Tofel
congratulations! - edythe
Best wishes for a wonderful life. - Jack&Cleo
this makes me smile. - Robert Scoble
Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! - Rick Powell
Well, thankfully it's not the government's job to prevent its citizens from being disgusted, it's merely its job to ensure equal protection under the law. In which case, you need to think about your use of the word "legitimate." - Rick Powell
All the best! - Chris Nixon
Congratulations! - David Worrell
Congratulations Gina. - Amit Agarwal
With 1.3B people,China wants to top the Olympic medal table. With 1B people, India would love to get at least 1 medal
1B = 1 Bronze :) - Amit Agarwal
Robert Scoble
Just doing a test from Google Talk following the directions here:
Oh, this is cool. Now I can post things to FF from Google Talk. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I know you have an iPhone so FF while mobile works well for you but have you tried: yet? I love feedback - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin: I have now. I still like the regular interface on the iPhone. This would work better for my Nokia, though. - Robert Scoble
anyone have imified API beta invites? - Tyler Gillies
My firewall prevents me of doing it at work. But just wait until I get home... - Håkan Dahlström
Robert, this is what I was talking about when I said my Google Talk and FF are integrated before few days!! - Jigar Mehta from bTT
great stuff...thanks for this one. My Twitter IM has been down for ages. - Tim Wright
I have lost all hopes to use Twitter over IM again.. just LOST hopes! - Jigar Mehta from bTT
Hakan - you could also do this via Google Flash gadget - Amit Agarwal
jaiku has IM support - Tyler Gillies
it works. that was cool. - Palin Ningthoujam
Everything is connected now....and I am confused which one to follow :-/ - LyteByte
@Joel, FriendFeed is the superset right now.. If you follow FF, everything will be aggregated.. Just wondering will somebody create a service that aggregates FF as well and adds something on top of it!! ?? ;) - Jigar Mehta
@Jigar, you can add FF to MBL now...I think I am doing a full conversion to FF - LyteByte
"Sorry, error 403 Forbidden! Looks like the bot is being rate limited, we're trying to fix the problem. Try back in a bit." - Lizunlong
whats MBL? - Tyler Gillies
just trying FFtogo on my iPhone and its working well for me so far - Peter Cattell from fftogo
@Tyler MBL is - Stephen B from Alert Thingy
@stephen, gotcha, thnx - Tyler Gillies
coool! fftogo makes me happy! just one thing: Links should open in a new window! THX!!!...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
@Dieter: you can now set where links open: added it just for you :) - Benjamin Golub
It would be better if you could do this through the official FriendFeed bot. - Tanath
@Benjamin; thx a lot!! amazing!! - Dieter Schwarz
Robert, I just got Error 403: bot is being limited. - Francine Hardaway
That's the goal right? Aggregation from every social technology. - Jeremiah Owyang
Also got the 403 error ;-( - Aad 't Hart
I also received an error (rate limited)...dang! - Susan Beebe
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