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Marguerite Manteau-Rao

Marguerite Manteau-Rao

my personal feed, mostly about blogging activities on meditation practice
design thinking actually more about design feeling (with user) #designthinking
human-centered design = getting out of the building, getting out one's head, getting into user's head and heart #designthinking
RT @begroupliving: @seniorliving @MindDeep @Karofsky @Seniors4Living You're experts on #seniors. Is our new website helpful?
Sitting now for 30 min, following the breath, giving the mind a chance to settle before the day begins - #wannasit w me? #mindfulness
Now sitting for 30 min before long work day as #startup entrepreneur - training mind to be present #wannasit w me?
#gratitude for opportunity to share #mindfulness wPD Forum #parkinsons members witnessing once more power of mindfulness w patients&families
RT @TeamMindjoy: So eloquent, thanks @MindDeep for this. A Few Simple Lines via @tricyclemag is wonderful. #mindfulness #kindness
RT @ucsfosher: .@MindDeep Just heard about this documentary about #dementia and #music, playing at Opera Plaza. MT @AlzNorCalNorNev:
A free gem: audio recordings of U Tejaniya's retreat last May: #minfulness
#gratitude for this moment
Love leisurely pace of Sunday am - perfect for #mindfulness practice #wannasit w me 30min ?
New post on Mind Deep blog: 5 Contemplations For Dementia Care Partners' - #Mindfulness #impermanence #wisdom #dementia #mbdc #caregivers
5 Contemplations For Dementia Care Partners -
Miss freedom of blogging . . . as opposed to writing under deadlines from publisher - do any of you other book writers feel the same way?
RT @journeyofnow: The Here and Now Weekly is out! Stories via @MindDeep @pamdodd @alwaystheself
RT @LarryRotters: @MindDeep Just found your blog & profile. Walking the journey of dementia with parent-in-law. Grateful for your wisdom for the journey!
#gratitude for prolonged time in Hawaii and bliss of working remotely in between long walks on Kailua beach
RT @dhammagirl: RT @MindDeep RT @BBwinch... Accompanying my parents on their dementia journey might become a little easier for us all now Ditto! DG
#mindfulness is not about not experiencing unpleasantness, but rather being free from the extra pain from clinging
#mindfulness alone is not enough - needs #wisdom teachings to know how to process what is 'minded'
RT @TheWomanEffect: Women's Leadership Mixer (TWE) is out! Stories via @ellenfweber @MindDeep
RT @chep2m: @MindDeep This echoes much of what we discussed today ...great to see your vision taking strong shape
#gratitude: sitting this morning with the sound of birds, and gentle Hawaii breeze:) 30 min w breath- #wannasit w me?
Love working in the plane- no interruptions. Mind can concentrate fully! #gratitude
Enjoying meeting folks @HealthTechForum event
Happy to present on #Mindfulness-Based Care at #Parkinsons #Caregiver Symposium today,in Foster City, CA-thank u Robin Riddle for the honor!
Teaching session 6 and last of formal #mindfulness based #dementia care training part of @UCSFNurse research w @BSPLSPSeniorCom #caregivers
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