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Marguerite Manteau-Rao

Marguerite Manteau-Rao

my personal feed, mostly about blogging activities on meditation practice
#gratitude for this string of happy moments - and the awareness of impermanence ... #mindfulness
Working from home - #gratitude for several #mindfulness breaks, like now sitting for 30 min #wannasit ?
RT @DharmaDots: The DharmaDots Daily is out! Stories via @blogbrevity @MindDeep @absolut_luna
New post on Presence Care Project blog: 'The Future of #Dementia #Care' - so much to be done!
Great first #mindfulness based #dementia #care class at U of Michigan #Alzheimers Disease Center - beautiful space, awesome people!
Sitting now for 30 min of #mindfulness- most important 30 min of the day! #wannasit ?
So moving listening to final sharing of folks in #mindfulness based #dementia #care class - lives positively changed for both in care dyad
Before MBDC class, sitting for 30 min, following breath, setting aside ordinary preoccupations #mindfulness #wannasit ?
Once 'I' steps aside, no problem ... Mindfulness
Taking time to give the mind a chance to settle- 30 min awareness of breath practice with husband #wannasit ? #mindfulness
Sitting now for 30 min of #mindfulness- giving mind what it needs before day really starts #wannasit w me?
#gratitude from joy of doing good work with awesome people...
RT @AfternoonNapper: @MindDeep Relax MP has a singing bowl & timer function.
Any suggestion for an electronic gong clock to sound in large communal space? #minfulness
Contemplating the mustard seed sutta... Unhappiness is all relative! #mindfulness
RT @ookiee: @MindDeep My practice enables me to visit my sister with compassion. Love pours out when the heart breaks. Life comes full circle.
Sitting at bedside of dying yesterday, a contemplation on impermanence and invitation to love well #mindfulness
Waiting for shuttle at SFO- cold evening, a change from warm Hawaiian breeze... Impermanence, no aversion or clinging:) mindfulness
Feeling happy -many propitious conditions in Hawaii:) aware of fragility of such state, thinking about millions less fortunate #mindfulness
RT @askpang: Thanks @eran! @ablaze it's always worth talking to @edrescherphd at SCU; @MindDeep in SV; or check out
Just swam at the Honolulu Y- counting each stroke - swimming #meditation
Off to Kailua beach - walking meditation :)
RT @CallanPark: Science of the Mind is out! Stories via @PamlSmith @MindDeep @YogaClicks
RT @wwwframeworks4c: @MindDeep #mindfulness beautiful, making space to expand awareness of love #heartfulness
New blog post, Mind Deep: 'Many Ways to Love' - seeing love when it happens . . . Do you? #mindfulness
RT @PadraigOMorain: Have been looking at the @MindDeep blog. It's really very good. Check it out if you're into mindfulness.
just finished latest version of #mindfulness based #dementia #care workbook - continuing to learn from all #MBDC students & co-teachers!
#gratitude for week in Hawaii
#gratitude for gift of working with several teams of super smart, passionate, kind people, in #dementia, #tech, #health #mindfulness,
RT @ookiee: @MindDeep A sense of self-loathing
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